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Tutor, Demonstrator, & Coordinator Development at UCD

As with good teaching, being a good demonstrator/tutor is more than possessing expert disciplinary knowledge. Due to the vast array of subject-specific requirements, however, there is no single pre-defined role and many demonstrators/tutors might themselves also be graduate students (or Graduate Teaching Assistants - GTAs).

In general, tutorials and practical sessions provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to explore and apply the concepts, skills, and competencies introduced in class, in a manner that is not usually possible in larger classroom environments.

Due to the need to offer the highest quality support to undergraduate students, both lecturers and demonstrators and tutors should be aware of the issues and professional training opportunities associated with tutor and demonstrator development.

This page provides information for tutors, demonstrators and lecturers on the roles, resources, and training opportunities available at UCD.





Roles & Expectation


Have to be negotiated with module coordinators responsible for tutorials/demonstrating

Lecturers should ensure the coherent design of the sequence of the tutorials/or experiments with the lectures

Should involve training and support networks as well as procedural, subject and School-specific information Lecturers need to communicate to the Tutor/Demonstrator how their teaching fits in with the broader student learning experience



GTA Modules

UCD runs a series of School-based accredited modules for GTA. An overview of this module is outlined in the GTA Module resource below

Supporting GTA Module

This accredited module offers an opportunity to develop the knowledge lecturers need to effectively support GTAs

Tutorial Training Sessions 

This resource (Tutorial training Sessions - see below) lists the half-day training workshops provided in conjunction with schools across UCD

Tutor Coordinators’ Session

Session facilitated by T&L to discuss the training needs and expectations of tutors. More informaiton is provided in the Tutor Coordinators' Session resource below


Teaching Toolkit

Contains introductory information on issues relevant to small group teaching and student engagement

GTA Support Documents

These are resources created and used by lecturers running the accredited GTA module and can be found in the Resource section below


Contains activities and resources on session planning, engagement, and assessment

Design & Delivery of a school based GTA Module

Provides guidance on developing an accredited graduate teaching assistant module (5ECTS)