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UCD Digital/Open Badges Pilot: Call 09.03.16

Now seeking expressions of interest for semester 1 & 2- 2016/17

As part of our involvement in the All Aboard Digital Skills in Higher Education national project, we are continuing this academic year with the UCD Digital Badges Pilot Project which will contribute to the exploration and evaluation of the use of digital badges as a means of recording attainment of skills and knowledge by staff and students in Higher Education. Within UCD it is envisaged that the pilot will align with any current or ongoing appropriate implementation activities under UCD’s strategic initiative of Defining Educational Excellence. 

Introduction to Digital Badges:
A digital badge is a visual representation of a skill, achievement or knowledge gained which can be displayed and/or shared online via a variety of platforms. Digital badges have metadata embedded which outline information about the badge i.e. the badge issuer, criteria for earning the badge, evidence of achievement, expiration of the badge etc. Those who earn badges can use display platforms such as Open Badge Passport (which will be used for this pilot), amongst others to display their badges online making them available to potential employers, voluntary organisations and other interested parties.

Digital badges are commonly used to recognise learning that occurs outside of the classroom e.g. extra/co-curricular activities such as volunteering, mentoring, tutoring, participation in societies and entrepreneurial schemes. Badges can also be integrated academic programmes and modules where they are linked to a specific skill or seen as a type of ‘micro-credential’ or milestone intended to motivate and encourage learners.

UCD Digital/Open Badges Pilot:
The aim of the pilot is to leverage digital badges to complement the existing learning, training and professional development environments by recognising achievement, engagement and knowledge acquired through both formal and informal learning opportunities. This initiative will provide those who participate in the pilot, with support and training on the use and deployment of digital and open badges for specific learning contexts. This pilot has been underway since January 2016 and will extend to the end of the 2016/2017 academic year. Dependent on context, both Blackboard & Open Badge Factory platforms will be used to issue and manage badges during this pilot.

How can you Get Involved:
If you choose to participate, you can expect training on the use and deployment of digital and open badges to include direct support for the duration of the pilot in : (i) understanding pedagogical best practice in relation to badging, (ii) developing a badge taxonomy specific to your context, (iii) designing and issuing badges.  Essentially anyone interested in how digital badges can be implemented in their current provision can get involved in this pilot, however it may be of particular interest to the following:

  • Those involved in providing extra and co-curricular opportunities and activities for students (contact us directly).
  • Centres/Units that provide professional development/training for staff that is currently non-accredited (contact us directly).
  • Faculty who are interested in embedding badges in a programme or module should  complete the short expression of interest form below.

Further Information:

Should you require further information or if you would like to discuss your context please contact:
Leone Gately - Educational Technology Coordinator, Tel: 8498, E: at UCD Teaching & Learning.


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