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Planetary Urbanisation: New Shared Online Course 10.03.17

Registration is now open to all UCD students for a new free Shared Online Course (SOC) called: “Planetary Urbanisation: Global Challenges in a Changing World”.   The lead educator is Associate Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry, University College Dublin.  UCD is one of 25 universities in the Universitas 21 Network through which the course is being offered to 1.3 million students across the globe.

This is an amazing opportunity to share ideas and solutions with other students across the world whilst developing skills in critical thinking in the context of major global challenges.  The course begins on 3rd April 2017

About the Course
The nature and form of urbanisation is rapidly changing. New cities form while others decline; urban development increases economic opportunities for some but challenges quality of life for others. This course focuses on planetary urbanisation, the idea that whether living in cities or not, most of the world’s 7 billion people are impacted by the processes of urbanisation. The core question addressed during this five-week course is:

What challenges does planetary urbanisation present for cities in different geographical settings?

To address the core question the following will be explored:

• What is urbanisation?
• What is planetary urbanisation?
• What are some of the challenges facing cities around the world today?
• What might future cities look like?

In the course students will be asked to consider how contemporary planetary urbanisation is different? How are we responding to global urban challenges? Will future cities be more liveable?

Learning outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to:

• Discuss important urban challenges facing societies globally;
• Explain ‘planetary urbanisation’ and how it differs from historic forms of urbanisation;
• Discuss whether planetary urbanisation is in action in their “home city”;
• Articulate how urban experiences are differentiated across space and time;
• Demonstrate the value, and appreciate the importance, of intercultural learning.

Course structure
This course is delivered over 5 weeks and should take approximately 2-3 hours per week to complete. You will be asked to watch videos, complete readings, engage in discussion, and apply the ideas introduced to your own city and others. No prior knowledge of geography, sociology or urban studies is required.
For more information consult the detailed syllabus.
Assessment is on the basis of participation and completion of all learning tasks. There are no gradable assessments.
Successful completion of the course will be recorded on your UCD Diploma Supplement.

For more information and to book go to the U21 website.

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