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Seminar Series for Post-doctoral Research Fellows 16.01.17

For the last three years UCD Teaching and Learning in conjunction with UCD HR People & Organisation Development has provided a Seminar Series designed to fit the needs of post-doctoral research fellows in UCD. Over 50 participants have so far undertaken the programme.

Its aim is to introduce key concepts underpinning good practice in third-level teaching and learning and to enable the participants to prepare to undertake basic teaching activities.  There are four bespoke workshops which cover areas including; Teaching Design, Portfolio Development, Communication and Facilitation and Effective Assessment.

The structure of the series has evolved over the years to accommodate the cohort’s learning and developmental requirements. The 2016/17 series was undertaken as a two-day block followed by a review session at a later date.

The programme is non-credit (ECTS) bearing however participants may choose how to receive certification for the series, this may be for attendance alone or for attendance and presentation of a small piece of portfolio evidence. Most participants opt to submit the latter for review. The result of this is the creation of the beginnings of their own practice portfolio, which will provide them with a sound basis for future development within Teaching and Learning.

More information is available on the Post-doctoral Researchers page.

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