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Fellowships Scheme Review and 2018-20 Call Imminent 11.06.18

Established in 2007, the Fellowships in Teaching and Academic Development are part of UCD’s institutional development structure to encourage a greater number of faculty to focus on advancing university-wide enhancement in teaching and learning. The Fellowship aims to identify and develop faculty with both the pedagogic expertise and the leadership capacity to effect transformational change in teaching, learning and assessment practices both in discipline-specific areas and thematically, across the institution. To date, four cohorts of fellows have been appointed, comprising of 25 members of faculty drawn from 16 different schools. Earlier this year a review of the Fellowship Scheme was commissioned by UCD Teaching and Learning and conducted by an independent researcher. The review explored key stakeholders’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the Fellowship Scheme in achieving its key objectives, and their views on how the Scheme could be further enhanced.  The main findings of the review are available in: Summary Review Report Fellowships in Teaching & Academic Development 2018 and these findings have informed the next round of Fellowships which will be launched in September 2018.

Two strategic themes have been identified for the 2018-2020 Fellowships:

Teaching and learning across cultures – a practice-based research project on this theme will explore the impact of cultural diversity on the teaching and learning environment and examine inclusive approaches to pedagogy and curriculum design that support all learners in UCDs global university.

Designing for learning in the VLE - an action research project on this theme will focus on the transition to Brightspace from a pedagogical perspective, exploring key questions around how the VLE can be leveraged to support the achievement of priority actions in UCD Education Strategy and an enhanced digital experience for both students and teachers.

Up to eight fellowships are available and the call for applications will be issued in September 2018 at which point full details of the new scheme will be communicated. Key dates are as follows:

3rd September 2018 Call for fellowship applications will be issued

26th October 2018 Closing date for applications

1st December 2018 Notification of results


To find out more about the Fellowships, previous themes, projects and the UCD Fellows go to the Fellowships.

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