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UCD EdTECx in action Workshops - Available to book now 26.06.19

This is a series of workshops focusing on Module & Assessment Design and Feedback in Brightspace. Following on from the UCD EdTECx talks which took place in March the EdTECx in action workshops are hands-on demonstrations which address the use of Brightspace from both pedagogical and technical perspectives. All workshops take place at lunch time and are open to all UCD faculty and teaching staff.

Workshops in the series include;

27 August 2019: How to design/redesign your module in Brightspace

4 September 2019: How to setup assignments in Brightspace

2 October 2019: Using Brightspace effectively to provide feedback to students

13 November 2019: Using Rubrics to efficiently provide feedback to large classes.

Visit the UCD Booking Centre for further information on all upcoming workshops and to book your place.

The EdTECx series is jointly hosted by UCD Teaching & Learning and UCD IT Services in conjunction with UCD’s Vice Principals of Teaching and Learning and the Educational Technology Advisory Network (ETAN). 

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