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Dr Karl Maton Visits UCD 01.07.11

Dr Karl Maton, principal author of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT), visited the UCD School of Nursing Midwifery & Health Systems on the 31st June and 1st July, 2011. The visit was supported by the UCD Fellowships in Teaching and Academic Development.

Karl presented two masterclass seminars addressing the LCT dimensions of Specialisation and Semantics and their application in a range of educational research projects.  The first seminar, entitled Sociology of education beyond Bourdieu and Bernstein: Legitimation Code Theory , was presented on Thursday, 30th June 2011.  The second seminar, entitled The heartbeat of knowledge-building: How the semantic wave is fundamental to just about everything we do in education , was presented on Friday, 1st July.  The audiovisual recordings of both seminars will be available to view on the UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems website in Autumn 2011.

These seminars brought together individuals from a broad range of disciplinary areas, including linguistics, education, nursing, economics and sociology, and provided a forum for students, research and academic staff to meet and discuss the potential of LCT in their own area of work. In addition to the seminars Karl met with a number PhD students for one-to-one PhD workshops.

Karl Maton is based at University of Sydney, having previously taught at the University of Cambridge, the Open University (UK), Keele University and Wollongong University. Karl has published in sociology, cultural studies, education, linguistics and philosophy and his Legitimation Code Theory is now being widely used by researchers in Australia, France, South Africa, China, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere for studies in sociology, education, linguistics and philosophy. Karl recently co-edited Social Realism, Knowledge and the Sociology of Education (with Rob Moore, 2010, Continuum) and Disciplinarity (with Fran Christie, 2011, Continuum). Karl’s book, Knowledge and Knowers, and a multi-disciplinary collection of studies using LCT, Knowledge-building (edited with Sue Hood and Suellen Shay) are being published by Routledge. For more information on LCT please visit: >> Back to news