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Seminar Series for Post-doctoral Research Fellows

UCD Teaching & Learning provides a dedicated seminar series for post-doctoral and research fellows.  The aim of these seminars is to introduce participants to the key concepts underpinning good practice in third-level teaching and learning, and to enable them to review and prepare to undertake some basic teaching activities.

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The structure of the programme offers a number of opportunities for the individual to engage in core aspects of academic practice and to begin to build a professional teaching portfolio.

The seminars will take place across two full days, followed by a peer-review session.  At the core of these sessions is the opportunity for participants to engage, negotiate and participate, where possible in a range of teaching and learning activities. For more information consult the Seminar Series for Post-doctoral Research Fellows Handbook 2019/20

Learning Outcomes

On completion of these seminars one should be able to:

  • Appraise a range of teaching, learning and assessment methods
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of some of the basic principles and practices of third level teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate the use of universal design in the course of teaching
  • Develop a teaching practice portfolio.


Seminar Series Overview
Series One Dates
Series Two Dates 
One Critical Reflection & The Review and Design of Classes



Two Developing a Teaching Portfolio & The Review and Design of Teaching Materials
Three Presentation, Communication and Facilitation 12.12.19 13.05.20
Four The Design of Effective Student Assessment
Five Peer Review and Portfolio Preparation  21.01.20 25.05.20

Venues and times are available in the calendar.

More Information

Any questions relating to Seminar registration should be directed to:

Alanna O'Sullivan
Researcher Development Specialist
UCD HR Strategy & Development 
Telephone: 01-716-4913

Any questions relating to Seminar materials may be first directed to:

David Jennings
UCD Teaching and Learning
Telephone: 01-716-8552

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