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Module Enhancement
Student Module Feedback Survey
Project: Student Module Feedback Survey
Project Team: Aine Galvin, Judith Archbold, Anne Bourke, Danielle Clarke, Jonathan Drennan, Roy Ferguson, Patricia Kieran, Maura McGinn, Feargal Murphy, Jim Phelan, Gary Redmond, Paul Surgenor
Collaborator(s): A number of Pilot Schools & UCD IT Services


Strategic Innovation Fund II


June 2009 – June 2010

Excellence and innovation in teaching and learning and the provision of an outstanding students experience are identified as fundamental to the success of the UCD Strategy for Education Strategy 2009-2013 (  The Strategy for Education recognises the importance of continuous improvement and enhancement of our programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  In order to promote a culture of self-improvement, the university needs to create innovative data sources and information to help broaden our understanding of the educational experience.   
This new project will support the introduction of systematic and semi-standardised form of Student Feedback on Modules at UCD.  The majority of Schools and academic staff undertake some form of evaluation of their modules, including a student feedback element, however the university as a whole has no agreed process in place to determine the quality of its educational courses and to ensure that students are given a voice in the evaluative process.


The goals of the pilot project are: 

1. The development of a system of student feedback for use across the university by the academic session 2010/2011, using the module as the basis of evaluation and incorporating an agreed minimum number of standard questions for the evaluation of all modules. 

2. To make recommendation on an appropriate suite of evaluation mechanisms for teaching development, including overall programme evaluation and/or formative mid-semester student focus groups.

3. To make recommendation on how the university addresses the support requirements of Schools who may wish to revise the design and delivery of modules as a result of feedback from students and/or any other evaluation process.


The first phase of the pilot project will focus on the development and trial of an online survey to gather feedback on modules from students in the 10 pilot schools. Consideration will be given to the nature and format of the survey tool; the design and functionality of the online system; communications requirements to support staff and student engagement; presentation and follow-up on survey results.  The second phase of the project will address wider policy and practice issues relating to student evaluation at module, stage and programme levels.


The Student Feedback on Modules Pilot Project Interim Report gives comprehensive details of the semester one pilot.  The Student Feedback on Modules Final Report was completed in June 2010 and contains the recommendations of the Project Advisory Group.

Next Steps:

The recommendations contained in the Student Feedback on Modules Final Report will be implemented in 2010-11.  For more information on the new standardised online student feedback system visit the Staff Frequently Asked Questions page in the Module Enhancement section of this site.