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Module Enhancement
Curriculum Review & Enhancement
Project: Curriculum Review & Enhancement
Project Team: Prof Mark Rogers, Project Sponsor, Assoc Prof Amanda Gibney, Chair CRE Steering Committee, Ms Aine Galvin, Director of Teaching & Learning, CRE Steering Committee, IT Services MSU, UCD Teaching & Learning, project champions, programme directors, programme teams, programme boards.
Collaborator(s): Students, alumni, employers & industry partners


October 2015 - February 2017

The Curriculum Review and Enhancement project was established to address the opportunities and the challenges presented by the maturing modular curriculum, within the strategic context set by the Vision for UCD Graduates in 2020:

“Through a holistic, student-focused and research-led education experience that has both breadth and depth, they (our graduates) will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes that they need to flourish in Irish and global societies” UCD Vision for 2020, UCD Strategic Plan 2015-20

Curriculum Review and Enhancement is a key part of strategic initiative two of the UCD Strategy.


Specific enhancement themes were:

•    Embedding research in the curriculum
•    Development of discipline-specific and a wider set of attributes and capabilities
•    Effective and efficient definition and assessment of outcomes
•    An expansion in the use of technology to enhance learning

For more information, watch the video outlining the goals and process for UCD's Curriculum Review and Enhancement project.


Drawing on best international practice, the Curriculum Review and Enhancement Process was devised in consultation with deans and graduate school directors. The process was led locally by nominated Project Champions, who worked closely with programme directors and teams, with oversight from programme boards.

Curriculum Review & Enhancement Guide was designed to inform and steer programme teams through the four stages of the curriculum review and enhancement process. Each section maps to a stage in the process and includes a series of exercises and resources to support local dialogue and activity. 


Stage one - Progamme Vision and Values

Curriculum Review and Enhancement data capture and reporting tool was developed in InfoHub to record vision/values statements and programme outcomes. The system facilitates the categorisation of programme outcomes with respect to student achievement of knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes. Throughout January 2016 programme directors across the institution recorded programme statements and outcomes, developed in consultation with their review teams. 

Stage two - Programme Outcomes

During the month of February 2016 consultation continued with a range of stakeholders within UCD and externally around the programme outcomes.   The vision/values statement and programme outcomes were reviewed by the relevant project champion and programme board/graduate school board, and then by members of the Curriculum Review and Enhancement Steering Committee (on behalf of the Registrar).  Detailed feedback on their findings and recommendations were provided to the programme teams, through the project champions.


Stage three - Curriculum Mapping & Alignment 

The mapping process took place from March to June 2016.   During the curriculum mapping process, programme teams reviewed how, and the extent to which, programme outcomes are addressed and assessed by modules.  Programme directors consulted sections three and four from the Curriculum Review & Enhancement Guide


Stage 4 – Action Plan & Implementation

The Action and Implementation Planning process took from July to October.  In this final stage of the curriculum review and enhancement process programme teams brought together the review findings and supporting information gathered during the review process.  Programme teams discussed and agreed opportunities for programme enhancement and developed an action plan, along with an agreed timeline for implementation.

Programme teams kept in mind the programme enhancement themes informing the process:
I. Embedding research in the undergraduate experience
II. The development of discipline-specific as well as a wider set of attributes and capabilities
III. Effective and efficient definition and assessment of outcomes
IV. An expansion of the use of technology to enhance learning.



Programme boards and graduate school boards will oversee all actions being implemented within taught programmes, and relevant university boards and committees will take responsibility for implementation of recommendations in the Curriculum Review and Enhancement Report report.  These will lead to a refreshed and enhanced educational offering for students from 2018-19 onwards. 


Next Steps:

As a result of the Curriculum Review, specific programme enhancements will be piloted in 2017/18 and from September 2018 all incoming students will begin their educational experience within this new enhanced curriculum and programme design.

An external review of the curriculum review and enhancement process is being carried out by the Head of Academic Affairs at the Irish Universities Association, Lewis Purser.