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Customise Blackboard

UCD has a recommended structure for organising content in Blackboard modules providing:

  1. an easy and effective way to use Blackboard
  2. a format based on lecturer and student experience
  3. a level of consistency of navigation across modules and
  4. some simple strategies for enhancing student learning.

This Blackboard Structure has three distinct sections in the left hand menu:


Module Information

The first section has two functions

(i) it draws students attention to any new ‘Announcements’, tasks to do and any other updates and

 ii) it provides an overview of the module information (static information)

Learning Materials


The second section is focused on the teaching, learning and assessment of the module (dynamic information).

The ‘Learning Materials’ button is the most commonly used button and it should include all the content, teaching activities and related resources.

The ‘Assessment’ button now should include all assignments, examinations and other advice, information and procedures around the module’s assessment. If you regularly use a particular teaching approach, you may wish to create a separate button here.

Module Tools The third section contains the Tools button functionality. This is called ‘Module Tools’. Any additional buttons that you have or want to create, not related to the above two sections, are best placed here, i.e. ‘Student Queries’, ‘E-mail’.

The UCD Recommended Structure and Good Practice in Blackboard guide contains step by step instructions on how to oragnise your content into each section in Blackboard.

Technical Assistance with Blackboard

IT Services has created a screencast showing how to reorganise content in Blackboard modules so that they are in compliance with the UCD recommended structure. 

If you would like to attend a Blackboard workshop, check the Teaching & Learning Calendar for upcoming events. Additional technical assistance with Blackboard is available on the IT Services web page.

UCD staff may send Blackboard technical queries by email to: or telephone: 01-716-2700