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UCD Teaching & Learning offers a range of pedagogical and practical support to faculty and staff who wish to expand the use of educational technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment practices.


Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Consultations 


UCD strategy 2015-2020 highlights the institution's commitment to educational excellence through a strong student-focused, research-led, educational experience. Strategic initiative two establishes an institution-wide commitment to defining and achieving educational excellence as part of a multi-layered approach encompassing student experience of the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular experience.

The recent Curriculum Review and Enhancement process identified the expansion of the use of technology to enhance learning as one of the key programme enhancement themes and subsequently puts forward recommendations for proposed action in this regard.

The potential of technology to support the enhancement of learning and assessment was documented by many programme areas however the lack of access to an educational technologist at local level was cited as a barrier to progress.  As a pragmatic initial step UCD Teaching and Learning would like to offer educational technology support by providing Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Consultations to those who currently do not have access to an educational technologist at school level.

About the TEL Consultations

TEL Consultations are offered to assist faculty consider both pedagogical and practical aspects associated with expanding the use of technologies to enhance learning, teaching and assessment practices.
These initial sessions with an educational technologist from UCD Teaching and Learning are designed to provide programme teams, disciplinary groups or individual module coordinators with advice and follow-on support on the expansion of the use of technology to enhance learning and assessment. Consultations will provide opportunities for faculty to discuss with an educational technologist their teaching and assessment needs and dilemmas and seek advice and support to identify appropriate TEL solutions. Examples of topics that could be covered during the consultations may include but is not restricted to:

Programme Design/Module Enhancement

  • Review existing programmes/modules or design a new programmes/module to include effective use of TEL
  • Advice on teaching approaches and techniques for delivering blended and online learning. 
  • Using online learning activities/assessed tasks supported by the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Blackboard.

Assessment and Feedback

  • Peer & Self Assessment (technology supported). 
  • Technology Enhanced Feedback 
  • Technology supported group work
  • Online assessment and submission (supported by VLE; Blackboard)
  • Deploying tools effectively for a specific purpose e.g. designing/implementing rubrics, setting up a test/MCQ, e-Portfolios


How to book a TEL Consultation

Before booking it is important to note the following;

  • TEL consultations must be booked in advance via the below form, once booked an educational technologist will follow-up directly to arrange a suitable time and place. 
  • Consultations will be offered locally in the school of the programme team/disciplinary group or individual coordinator. 
  • Initial consultations session of 1-2hours in duration will be offered to programme teams/disciplinary groups while 1 hour 1-2-1 consultations will be offered to individual module coordinators. 
  • Follow-on support will be determined and agreed with the team/group/module coordinator by the educational technologist on a case by case basis. 
  • Consultations are available to those who currently do not have access to a school based educational technologist.

Please complete the following booking form and an educational technologist will be in touch with you directly to arrange your initial consultation.


TEL Quick Guides and Resources

To assist in enhancing your teaching with technology the following resources have been prepared by UCD Teaching & Learning: 

  1. TEL Quick Guides - providing information on various educational technologies and their use in teaching and learning (below) 
  2. A-Z downloadable resources: see eLearning Design Resources and those available under Technology Enhanced Learning 
  3. Showcase section - Showing examples of approaches taken by UCD colleagues in their teaching and includes examples of technology enhanced learning

 Select the images below to access TEL Quick Guides. 

Virtual Classroom Student Response Systems Screencasting
Virtual Classroom Student Response System ‌‌Screencasting


EdTECx talks/EdTECx in action series

UCD Teaching & Learning jointly coordinates and delivers the EdTECx series with UCD IT Services. The annual UCD EdTECx talks provide a platform for faculty and staff across UCD to share practice and experience of integrating educational technologies in teaching, learning and assessment. It is an opportunity to raise the profile of effective and innovative practices which are happening locally at school level and an accessible platform for colleagues to share experience and network.

The EdTECx in action is a series of hands-on workshops and demonstrations featuring UCD educational technologies, providing UCD faculty and staff with both pedagogical and technical support. The workshop series is delivered jointly by UCD Teaching & Learning and UCD IT Services in conjunction with the UCD network of education technologists and takes place annually prior to the start of the academic year.
Further information on the EdTECx series and upcoming events is available via #ucdedtecx


UCD Teaching & Learning Google+ Community

Why not check out the Educational Technology category in the UCD Teaching & Learning Google+ Community?  If you are thinking of trying something, you can use the community to ask colleagues across the university for their advice.  This community is for UCD faculty and staff.  The UCD Teaching and Learning Community has been set up for sharing and discussing any information relating to Teaching and Learning.  You must log into UCD Connect prior to accessing the community.


Request Help

You can submit a request for support and training on a variety of topics related to blended learning or online learning for groups of staff, such as: academic staff, senior managers, programme administrators, and/or programme teams. We can deliver a tailored session to meet your group’s needs. Previous examples of workshops include: blended learning design, online programme design, running effective virtual classrooms, Google apps for Education, MCQ design etc. Contact directly to arrange a session.