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Module Enhancement & the Academic Cycle

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Module enhancement is a short subject-based peer review of module design and delivery. It is a synoptic yet holistic process which allows schools to self-evaluate the quality and standards of modules offered. See the graphic below for the inputs and outputs.

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*see the Guide to Module Enhancement in UCD for a detailed explanation of the objectives at

Module enhancement occurs annually. The timing of the review is dictated by the availability of the module information and the opening dates of the curriculum management system.

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  • Students gain significantly from the module enhancement process. Their involvement in providing feedback helps to develop a shared responsibility for educational offerings. This in turn more generally leads to greater engagement. Students also benefit from improvements to module design and delivery.
  • Module enhancement generates greater academic discussion about modules at subject level. Integrated data allows a 360° view of the effectiveness of module delivery.
  • Existing high-quality, effective teaching is highlighted and UCD's quality assurance approach to teaching standards is demonstrated.
  • Module enhancement ties into quality review and provides useful resources for school and subject curriculum reviews.  Data required for quality reviews is more readily available thus making quality reviews easier.  For further information visit the Quality Office website.

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This resource is funded by the Strategic Innovation Fund II under the Enhancement of Learning Strand.