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Programme Design and Development

UCD Teaching & Learning offers a range of support and services in programme design and development, for example, related workshops, new self-help guides, resources and customised supports. 

This webpage is a resource for those involved in the design, delivery, implementation and evaluation of a full programme of study (i.e. a curriculum). The resources include both a) best educational practice advice from the literature and b) links to the relevant UCD, national, international polices/procedures related to programme design and development.

The first page in the section: Programme Educational Philosophy/Models  explores curriculum practices from the early stage, where a team is considering the establishment of a new, or revising an existing, curriculum.  Toohey (1999) describes these early steps as:

-Collecting and analysing information on what should be taught (needs analysis)
-Sorting out beliefs/values on education
-Thinking about how the programme will be structured
-Identifying entry requirements/and kinds of support.

The next section, Coherent Programme Design, focuses on advice around the more practical aspects of designing coherent new or existing programmes. This includes areas such as Writing Programme Learning Outcomes, Graduate Attributes Mapping, Design of Programme Teaching/Learning and Assessment Strategies, Programme Sequence and Coherence.

Programme Implementation and Evaluation includes ideas for the on-going management, implementation and evaluation of programme(s). This section includes advice on current challenges in programme implementation, i.e. Flexibility, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Evaluation.

Curriculum Design Process

Printable Resources
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