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Vice-principals for Teaching & Learning

Vice-principals for Teaching & Learning play a high-level role in:

Enhancing university education quality and supporting student learning

Developing educational strategies and structures.

Guiding college and school based Teaching & Learning initiatives
• Chairing Teaching and Learning Committees in their respective colleges
• Reviewing new and ongoing educational trends and developments
• Highlighting teaching excellence and promoting innovation with a range of awards and grants
• Linking all aspects of student education by focusing on learning outcomes and developing transferable skills in line with best practice

Shaping university policy & strategy – by collaborating closely with each other and at
• University level through the University Teaching and Learning Committee, chaired by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies 
• College and school level with College Principals, Deans/Programme Deans, Directors of Graduate Schools, Heads of Schools and School Heads of Teaching and Learning  

Developing & implementing the Teaching & Learning annual work programme 
• Working  together with the Registrar and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in collaboration with UCD Teaching and Learning 

Representing UCD at a range of Teaching & Learning fora both nationally (HEA, DRHEA, UCD-TCD alliance), and internationally (U21 and international conferences)


‌‌teaching_kellys.jpg  ‌‌amanda gibney vptl

 Sue Rackard

carmel hensey  Niamh Moore Cherry


College of Arts and Humanities Dr Naomi McAreavey
College of Business Professor Séamas Kelly 01-7164728
College of Engineering and Architecture                   Assoc Prof Amanda Gibney 01-7163217
College of Health and Agricultural Sciences Dr Susan Rackard 01-7166223
College of Science Assoc Prof Carmel Hensey 01-7166739
College of Social Sciences and Law Assoc Prof Niamh Moore-Cherry 01-7168222


ailish o halloran    


Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC) is a joint international institution directly overseen by University College Dublin (UCD) and Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). It is situated in Beijing, China’s capital city.



Dr Ailish O'Halloran       01-7161815