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Vice-principals for Teaching & Learning

Vice-principals for Teaching & Learning play a high-level role in:

Enhancing university education quality and supporting student learning

Developing educational strategies and structures.

Guiding college and school based Teaching & Learning initiatives
• Chairing Teaching and Learning Committees in their respective colleges
• Reviewing new and ongoing educational trends and developments
• Highlighting teaching excellence and promoting innovation with a range of awards and grants
• Linking all aspects of student education by focusing on learning outcomes and developing transferable skills in line with best practice

Shaping university policy & strategy – by collaborating closely with each other and at
• University level with the Registrar, Deputy Registrar for Teaching and Learning, the Senior Management Team, Career Development Centre, the International Office, Quality Assurance office and UCD Teaching & Learning and
• College and school level with College Principals, Deans/Programme Deans, Directors of Graduate Schools, Heads of Schools and School Heads of Teaching and Learning  

Developing & implementing the Teaching & Learning annual work programme 
• Working together and with the Registrar & Deputy Registrar for Teaching & Learning in collaboration with UCD Teaching & Learning and a various individuals/groups across the university

Representing UCD at a range of Teaching & Learning fora both nationally (HEA, DRHEA, UCD-TCD alliance), and internationally (U21 and international conferences)

Rosario Hernandez

eilish hennessy  carmel hensey

Maeve Houlihan VPTL 22nd Oct

amanda gibney vptl ailish o halloran


College of Arts and Humanities Dr Rosario Hernández 01-7168283
College of Business Dr Maeve Houlihan 01-7164725
College of Engineering and Architecture                   Dr Amanda Gibney 01-7163217
College of Social Sciences and Law Dr Eilis Hennessy 01-7168362
College of Science Dr Carmel Hensey 01-7166739
Beijing Dublin International College Dr Ailish O'Halloran 01-7161815

Associate Deans for Teaching and Learning

The Associate Deans for Teaching and Learning provide teaching leadership and carry out many duties similar to those of the VPTLs at School level. They work closely with the Head of School and other Associate Deans and support the strategic academic development, enhancement, planning and delivery of undergraduate and taught graduate programmes. 

They also provide innovation in teaching and assessment at School level and encourage module and curriculum development in response to changing student needs.

School of Agriculture and Food Science


School of Veterinary Medicine

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Dr Eileen Gibney 


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Dr Susan Rackard


School of Medicine


School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science

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Dr Jason Last


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Dr Tara Magdalinski