Training in European Asset Management

Research Clusters

The TEAM project seeks to train a new generation of PhD researchers that will have the required skills needed to deliver the advances needed for Europe’s transport infrastructure. Three critical transport research clusters have been identified and a stream of 14 focussed research projects designed. A network of partners with significant track records of research excellence in both academia and industry has been assembled and these partners will guide the PhD researchers as they strive to deliver innovative solutions to key transport challenges. The researchers will be further aided by the significant number of specialist and complementary training that will be made available throughout the project.

The project is comprised of 5 work-packages (WP 1-WP 5), with each WP addressing a key component. WP 1 relates to all management related activities, including dissemination. WP 2 governs the provision of appropriate structured PhD training modules for the early stage researchers. The remaining work-packages relate to conducting the scientific research required for the three Research Clusters.

More accurate models of pavement behaviour and deterioration will be developed, incorporating new data from the sensor measurements. More accurate calculations of bridge and structure safety will be developed using sensors to monitor the structure's load carrying capacity and to monitor the applied traffic loading. This TEAM project proposes 14 interlinked PhD projects, all with the goal of extending the lives of transport assets through improved methods of assessment and monitoring of their health leading to improving traffic safety. The research is arranged in three Research Clusters as follows:

→ Pavement Service Life Optimisation

→ Enhancing Structural Capacity

→ Traffic Loading Impacts

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Pavement service live optimisation