UCD Taekwondo Club
The Fightingest Martial Arts Club in UCD

About the Club

This club is a member of the Republic of Ireland Taekwon-Do Association, the Presidant of which is Grand Master Robert Howard. The RITA is an ITF style practicing association and is the National Governing Body of the ITF in Ireland. The club has been in existence since 1995 and was founded by Dr Patrick Falvey, a former IUTF Leinster area representative. Membership is open to all students and staff of the university. The club is bound to follow regulations laid out by the Athletic Union Council and the RITA. The aim of the club is to promote TKD in Ireland and to ensure students in UCD have an opportunity to experience TKD. The AUC is the governing body for sport in UCD.

The Club has grown from very few members to be one of the largest martial arts clubs in the country with an official membership of about 100 students and post-graduates per year. There is a large representation of all faculties. Due to the nature of the club, it contains black belts from various other Taekwondo associations (including the WTF), bringing together a wide range of views and styles. Every year the club participates in tournaments at intervarsity, national, international and intercontentiental level, as well as various domestic and global tournaments. The club has been very successful with several members at advanced grades and several trophies collected at various competitions. Also, as the club is a college as well as a martial arts institution, there is a healthy social side to the club providing an alternative location for student interaction.