UCD Taekwondo Club
The Fightingest Martial Arts Club in UCD


All classes are two hours long. All you need is a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. Beginners are welcome to come and join in any class. All classes are held in the UCD Sports Centre (Belfield).

We train in the Belfield Sports Centre, which is located beside the Student Union Centre, between the grass and astro-turf pitches, and across the road from the tennis courts (beside the water tower).

Monday (6-8pm) - Sparring/Fitness Class, Hall B

This is a tougher class than the others, and focuses on sparring techniques, as well as strength and endurance. Beginners are welcome to attend, but be aware that the tempo is higher than the regular classes. You'll be amazed at how quickly the body can adapt though! We do have some sparring equipment that people can borrow, but please bring your own gumshield.
This class is instructed by Mr. Gavin Nugent (II).

Tuesday (6-8pm) - General Class, Hall A

This is a general class where we cover patterns, breaking, sparring, fitness, as well as some sparring. We do a short sharp warm-up, dynamic stretching, combinations, pad-work, movements up and down the floor, patterns, breaking, self-defence, and a cool down and stretch out - but not everything in the one class!
This class is instructed by Mr. Ciaran Brennan (I).

Thursday (7-9pm) - Traditional Class, Studio 1

The Thursday class is very similar in style to the Tuesday class, but is focused on the more traditional side of Taekwondo.
This class is instructed by Mr. Tony Pierce (I).