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Throughout the year the club participates in various competitions (some more formal than others). When we get into the competition session this will be your number one page for all the info you need to know. This page will have all the times for extra training, the routines you'll be doing and all the info on travail, accommodation etc.

Some of the competitions lined up for this year are:

  • Warwick
  • Intervarsities - details, results
  • Colours (UCD vs Trinity for all you freshers...bless) - details, results
  • Scottish Student Trampolining Open - details, results, report
  • Dublin Championships - details
  • Regional Championships
  • National Championships
  • ISTO - Irish Student Trampolining Open

Competing for those who fancy a chance at the medals goes as follows:

  1. Controlled warmup
  2. Waiting
  3. Set routine (you gotta do a routine they give you and do it as well as you can...duh)
  4. More Waiting
  5. Vol routine (you choose this one so it can be a bit crazy if needs be)
  6. Wait some more...
  7. Results (Hopefully you've won but if you havent we still love you and its the taking part that counts right?)

Alternative experience:

  1. Lurch into hall
  2. Stumble upon nearest trampoline
  3. Barely do your routine startling judges and spectators alike then finishing with a sumi to face.
  4. Fall off bed to rapturous applause.
  5. Get ready for Saturday night.