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Funky Leotard Girl
clare :: :: 28.11.2003, 14:18  
good luck everyone at the weekend!! wish i culd come :-( all bitter and jealous and twisted.

:: #1 Darron :: Vote Yes on Resolution #1: Free Money for all. :: 28.11.2003, 14:01  
Cool! Radio promotions! Mention meeeeeeeeee! I have to get some notice around town, because I'm in danger of losing my frickin seat to one of the SDLP reps. Stupid politics.

Vote Darron #1:
Darron: "Doesnt know what Hostel we stayed in, but at least hes honest about it".

Andrew :: Belfield 97.3fm :: 28.11.2003, 13:08  
If for any strange reason any of you find yourselves up and about at 8am on Monday or Wednesday next please tune in to me on the radio. I promise to do my best not to play really shit music although Im kinda restricted. Anyway I will defently shamelessly(most likely spelt wrong) premote the club and tell everyone how much fun they miss out on by not being a tramp!!!

jen :: been ignoring people for a few days :: :: 28.11.2003, 10:27  
hey everyone have been absent from the board for a few days so one of the hopefully many stupid people who don't get the whole fighting nun phenomenon!! would appreciate a brief summary of the situation because as u have probably noticed I am a bit slow!!!!

Gar :: :: 28.11.2003, 10:11  
tickets are 59 at the moment. we are going to glasgow right??? does anyone remember the last Glasgow, it was bleedin deadly and we got brill hostels. i'll try find out where they were. DC do you know?

Ruth:: :: :: 28.11.2003, 09:14  
The poem that is.

Ruth:: :: :: 28.11.2003, 09:14  
Beautiful just Beautiful.

:: DC :: :: 28.11.2003, 06:15  
When all is grey and college seems passe,
When projects mount and effort doesnt count,
When studying is hard and you'd rather be jarred,
Think of me, on my own,
With my work, home alone.

Outside it gets light,
But there's no end in sight,
And I wish for a note:
Dear Miss; Its alright,
He is sick, he has flu,
His toes have turned blue,
Please excuse this boy
For a night...
Maybe two.

Eugene :: yes, its me again :: 28.11.2003, 01:17  
and you can juuuust about see the second of my many chins. euuughh. awful.

Eugene :: My pockets hurt 2 :: 28.11.2003, 01:15  
Sorry, sent that last post half way through. got sidetracked. It was meant to go 'Photo was well done, altered nicely. Not that 'I look ok in it'. I look like what I am - a freak. The look on my face is 1 part surprise, 1 part bewilderment, 1 part constipation. Eyebrows are at different levels and are different shapes.

Eugene :: My pockets hurt :: 28.11.2003, 00:56  
I think I look ok in the photo (but that's probably cause I've got Keanu's body (not that his body is particularly nice, just that it's a big step up)). I love the grand prix too!

:: DC :: Who else's are you gonna buy? Bo-Selecta? Gimme a break. :: 27.11.2003, 22:20  
Eugene and myself saw Roisin today! Shes off the crutches, but still is hobbling around, so the way I figure it is if you want to topple her you'd need to administer a swift chop-kick to her good (right) leg. This should have the desired results.
Also, ironically, a crutch blow to the neck could work.

aisling; i like eugenes foto :: :: 27.11.2003, 21:39  
okey cokey every body, plan for tomo is meet at half 4/quarter to 5 outside the sports center. there will b a few cars going out and if anyboy else feels like driving come then and let uz know, once the cars r full ppl will b getting th bus together- preferably we'l hav someone in each group who knows where theyr going!!! then drinkys after and we'l sort out saturday- think mostly ppl making there own way out but if ppl want we can arrange something. also if ppl rnt competing and just wanto come out and watch on saturday u can. also we r putting tramps on trucks so if anyone is free tomo at eleven come over to th sports centre, we cud use th help! any probs my # 0876251843 and eugenes is here somewhere- c uz then!!!

Gar :: speaking of rolls :: 27.11.2003, 18:26  
our litttle swiss roll is on crutches after an op. so if you see her around colloge push the cripple over. then point and laugh.. come on you know she would do it to you!!

Gar :: :: 27.11.2003, 18:25  
classic with the photos, bleedin helarious. i think i may have just wet myself. no no i'm ok. what time does the comp start at on sat, or more appropriately what time does the advanced start at so i can roll in dying of a hangover?? maybe not roll but probably

:: DC :: This Christmas Give someone the gift of my new Single (Title TBC) :: 27.11.2003, 14:01  
HAHAHA! Infinity!
Well, about the directions mix up, Im just bitter that noone took my night swimming idea aboard.

Michael :: Sad maths joke alert :: 27.11.2003, 13:17  
Hmm bob Nassau St. and Pearse are parallel, so they meet at infinity, grand see you there! Might be a bit late though

julie :: :: 27.11.2003, 11:04  
oh ye photos are class!!

julie :: :: 27.11.2003, 11:03  
driving to town?????????? you wanta be a brave person to get in a car wit me on those roads.... bowling sounds great fun.. well gota go do the college thing, c u al tonight...

bob :: Heres the real info about friday night :: 27.11.2003, 10:26  
The get together on Friday is in Kennedys from 8 on. Since Nassau street and Pearse street are parallel, they don't have a corner. But do not fear. Kennedys is actually on the corner of Lincoln place and Westland row.
Loving the wacky pics, but are you perchance making fun of our Neil?!?! Plus DC v. Maria the fighting nun. What a difficult choice!

Ruth::still doin bloody college work!!?!! :: :: 27.11.2003, 01:09  
Fotos r Brilliant! me, im up 4 the bowling,quazar - whatever really!!ah varsities on sat n i've still not got a clue about the routine.just watch me go on sat got funny feeling i may go head first over the side!

:: Darrcepticon :: Christmas No 1! :: 26.11.2003, 23:58  
Cool... They're sooo funny! Did you do them Michael?

Michael :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:55  
Ok photos are up, links are from the site front page.

:: Darr(ceptic)on :: (Get it? From Transformers?) :: 26.11.2003, 23:55  
Oh Scotland will rock so hard! Thats just going to be deadly!
On Friday the offical after training get-together point is a pub(?) on Pearse street, just beside the entrance to Trinity (the one at the corner of Nassau St. and Pearse St.)
Again I would like to point out that I suggested night swimming in Sandycove, but I wasnt even graced with a reply email...

nicola :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:47  
yeah, it sounds like it will be a good laugh. is there anything on friday nite after d warm up thingy or is it just sat,think julie said something bout going for drinks or something somewhere. She booked our flights for glasgow anyways that sounds like it will be good fun too

:: DC :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:45  
Quick Nicola! Get MSN Messenger! Then we can all boycott this board! Its at www.msn.com somewhere.

:: DC :: I need the money for my sick mother... :: 26.11.2003, 23:44  
I am Mike: darroncostello@hotmail.com

nicola :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:43  
what wacky photos?

:: Darronius :: Seriously, buy my single. :: 26.11.2003, 23:43  
Hahaha! Whatever...
Janey it gets busy this time of night! Hey Nicola! Whats up? Im getting a much better response then I thought; theres LOADS of people who read all this stuff! All set for the intervars? No? Neither am I! Hahaha!
Anyway, Trinity are all mad into their competition training at the moment. Its funny, because we arent! Uh-oh!
Oh well, its going to be a fun weekend anyway. Although the party location for Saturday has yet to be confirmed!

Michael :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:40  
Anyone on msn/aim??

Michael :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:40  
Hey nicola, dermot, julie etc. good to see you posting! Screw Darron for president, I say Maria The Fighting Nun is the best candidate around. Remember! She has a habit - fighting for whats right. Sounds like a poll to me....putting up those wacky photos now.

:: DARRON! :: FECKIN O!!! :: 26.11.2003, 23:37  

nicola :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:27  
hey, just thought i wud say hello cos i woz readin d board n read darrens message bout ppl readin n not sendin messages!

ais- th less short one :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:14  
oh cool, did u see my sister? did she fall alot? it wudnt suprise me!!!!! i'm gonna go now, laters- i'l b in the sci canteen tomo 12.30-1.30 i rekon if ur round

ais :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:12  

jo :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:07  
ais?? nooooo dont tell me your gone

joanne- im a bit behind on the whole fighting nun phenomenon :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:06  
yep this board moves too fast for me. I especially like her 'spring mounted head which moves realistically' creates great potential for head butting..........yeh ice skating today fun, my ankles are killing me though it was definitely worth it, plus extra fun to remain standing while everyone else is crashing down around you

ais- today i crashed and buuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnd :: :: 26.11.2003, 23:00  
thanx for th txt by th by- iv no cred, also darron- no one has actualy sed there defo drivng out yet- just some ppl mite b.

:: DC :: My only competition is The Darkness... :: 26.11.2003, 22:34  
Would anyone be up for a big game of bowling some day? And maybe Quazar too. The club did this alot last year, so we should start again, cause its "GR8" fun! So who would like to? Once we know whos in we can organise times and stuff.

:: Darron :: Seriously. Im all about the Christmas No. 1 :: 26.11.2003, 22:13  
Sure it is! You win the prize... of... a.... hmmm... a signed copy of my single!
You lucky fan!
And I hear you volunteered your car for Friday to get out to DCU? Thats brilliant, I personally appreciate it. Just make sure that you get to DCU too; those buses are very unreliable.

ju :: :: 26.11.2003, 22:06  
right i'l remember dat in future.. wel my lil problem is sorted now anyway so i'm all calmed down... i'd have been selling my soal to pay for the tickets if it had messed up, but its ok so i can hold on to it now,
by the way is this enough "contributing".....

:: Darron :: Buy my Single :: 26.11.2003, 21:59  
(Oh, no wait... what I meant was its "Darron"! I'm all about the "O")

:: DC ? (As yet unnamed running Partner) :: For Pesidents ' 03 :: 26.11.2003, 21:56  
I thought it was all sorted! Ok, whats the problem exactly?
(If you have MSN Messeger by the way, we can talk in real time. Seriously though, Msn Messenger... its the way the wind is turning apparently)

someone wit a bag over their head :: :: 26.11.2003, 21:54  
dats not very nice... u gota be nice to ur new comers!!

julie :: :: 26.11.2003, 21:51  
ok.... DC... anyone who is comp literate could u please lend ur services to someone with limited knowledge in the area of technology...

:: #1D :: Calling all voters... vote for me! Again. :: 26.11.2003, 21:49  
I think all you need to get a Ryanair flight is a token off a happy meal. Thats what Im going to try anyway. (Oh and Michael probably knows more about comps then me).

:: DC :: Hey Mike, this site needs more "Pictures"! *Wink Wink*... :: 26.11.2003, 21:45  
No "darren"s around here Julie...

julie :: :: 26.11.2003, 21:40  
cheers dermott, well it was ur ticket so if it don't.... anyway i stopped having a canary now.. sori..

Dermot :: :: 26.11.2003, 20:55  
Yes the email they send you will do. They only look for your passport but the extra details are handy to have just in case...

julie :: :: 26.11.2003, 20:54  
i got a conversation topic..PET HATES...
COMPUTERS the vain of my life... everytime i touch em the brake........

julie :: need help :: 26.11.2003, 20:48  
hey darren your a comp wizz, aren't u??? well u can turn on a tv so dats more than i kno.. jus booked my seat on the solid gold plane but the stupid machine froze as i was trying to print off the info that u have to bring with u to get ur boarding pass.. so i've lost it... but have the email they send u with all the same info... does anyone kno does that suufice?????? and any hints on how to get this stupid printer to work... arrgghh gona scream!!!!!!!!!!!

Eugene :: uh oh :: 26.11.2003, 19:57  
Yes, unfortunately the offer we got seems to have expired! Similar dates/times with aerlingus have also gone up (to 71). However, if last year is anything to go by, they will go down again just after xmas. (let's hope)

Michael :: Trying to type report for tomorrow but failing :: 26.11.2003, 16:41  
Havent been talking about diving for a while

:: DC :: :: 26.11.2003, 16:19  
69!! Holy Moly Julie. Thats no good. We paid 30-ish. And that was about the price of it in both bookings... Are you using Ryanair? (and must you insist on a plane made entirly of gold?!)

Also, remember peeps: Intervarsities this weekend.
That means Friday in DCU 6pm to 9pm is open "training" with like 6 trampolines or so. We'll probably all meet up at the UCD sports centre (aka. home), and arrange lifts and stuff. Sure we can have a chin-waggle (chat) about it on Thursday.
Then Saturday will be the competition. Even more fun. And of course the nights out will also be there, which is where we all get to talk about something other then bouncing! Like Diving... the gymnastics... trampolining... diving... me... diving... ah... the Simpsons... football.... the weather....
Hmmm, any other submissions for conversation topics?

Michael :: :: 26.11.2003, 16:09  
Well said gareth!!

Gar :: wetting yourself??? :: 26.11.2003, 14:22  
Ash, the insibibiality of your verbulance is merely procrastinated by the occulance of your vocularity.

Also fighting nun good. me liketh

julie :: making my contribution :: 26.11.2003, 14:12  
hey jus wondering if eugene is on later could u let me kno how much u guys payed for the flight to scotland.. i was checking it out and to go on the same flights its costing 69.94euro all in... yuck...

bob :: I wrote my name backwards today for a change :: 26.11.2003, 11:54  
What's this about not contributing! I feel my contribution to this message board has been invaluable.
I'm liking the whole fighting nun vibe.

Ais :: not Asi :: 26.11.2003, 09:29  
Eugene, im sitting in a lecture and your sound of music has me almost wetting myself!! Ha Ha

Im so gonna kill all UCD administrators over this whole subject choice bullshit - why did it have to be first-come first-served? computers crashing and systems dying all around us. If maria the fighting nun had anything to do with this shell not be singing about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens for much longer.
I'll show her real fighting

clare :: eugene really did have a good idea!! :: 26.11.2003, 08:59  
haha! i like it. ice skating 2day!! hope to see some more of you trampy pharmheads there.

Eugene :: I have a great idea :: 26.11.2003, 01:30  
Sing along sound of music meets maria the fighting nun.

It'd probably go something like this:

"The hills are alive with the sound of fisticuffs"

"Do - a a noise you make when i hit you
Re - i'll shove this where the sun don't shine
Me - a nun who fights for what's right
Fa - where you'll want to be when I'm around
So - a needle pulling thread (through your wounds)
La - what you say when you have a concussion
Ti - you'll have to drink it through a straw
That will bring us back to do!"

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad,
I simply beat someone right into a pulp and then I dont feel so baaaaaad."

"I am 17 going on 18, I'll take care of you" (That one doesn't need altering)

"So long, farewell, auf wiedersein, HASTA LA VISTA BABY!"

:: DC :: Introducing the Maria the Nun Dancers... :: 26.11.2003, 00:56  
You're becomeing a regular late poster Asi (Asi? Hmmm I think I've finally found a way to distinguish between them), and I know the feeling of counting down the hours. Good luck! Muhahaha...
Anyway... from much detective work I have discovered that we have many watchers in here, reading everything we post without contributing! What does this look like? A library? Name yourselves this instance! Bob, Julie, Andrew Im e-looking at yous guys!

ais; nun, tres funny micheal- good work :: :: 26.11.2003, 00:16  
i wud like to direct ppls attention to th following excerpt;Massive demonstrations in front of the Parliament included "a lot of drunks from a trampoline club who couldn't control their behavior," he told CNN in a half-hour, wide-ranging interview. Apparently some demonstrators were seen pounding their Nokia phones on lamp posts in protest. "There was no other decision I could make."
for anyone who doesnt find this funny, ask eugene bout saturday night- it'l even worth staying awake for th conversation!!!

ais; i hav an exam in 9 hours. :: :: 25.11.2003, 23:45  
ruth!!! take credit for ur onw dam humour...cos round here ppl will just steal it!!!!! i miss micheal, where hav u been hiding? all coming on saturday night, yes???? i'd hav to agree with ais, lenght of time to exams and activity on th msg board does hav a strong negative correlation...umm stats. aaaahhhhhhh neuropharm.

Eugene :: I love Maria! :: 25.11.2003, 19:55  
The fighting nun/Georgia story is a gem. I'm chuckling away in the Daedalus building.

Im here because of a serious lack of free computers across campus due to the fact that I and other final year comm/intercomm/bbls students (including Ais Ni M) are registering for 2nd semester choices at 8 on a 1st come 1st served basis. Rumour has it that the system wil crash spectacularly at 20:00:01. Watch this space.

Kudos to Michael our roving reporter on the story and on the exciting proof of its humourousness.

Gracias para todos los memorias. Y super gracias a Goya!

Michael :: :: 25.11.2003, 18:41  
Obviously absurity = absurdity and my future as an editorial writer is not very rosy...

Michael :: No hope for Aisling Ni M :: 25.11.2003, 18:39  
Aisling what can I say, im so disappointed...cant you see the humour in it its a NUN that FIGHTS. Here follows the slow dissection of the Fighting nun joke:

Refer to the dictionary.com definition of incongruity:
1. Lack of congruence.
2. The state or quality of being incongruous.
3. Something incongruous.

Therefore we can glean from this that the idea of a nun fighting is INCONGROUS. The reason for this is the general lack of experience of boxing glove clad nuns.

Therefore by juxapositioning the idea of a nun and a boxer humour arises due to the absurity of the situation that one could find itself in the position of the other.

This in turn leads it to be marketed as novelty merchandise in Visuals on Liffey St. for the princely sum of 15 euro.


mind in the sewer :: :: 25.11.2003, 18:35  
Yes, i am insane & let me reiterate i need some sleep!!!

Mind in the sewer:: I need some sleep :: :: 25.11.2003, 18:33  
The fighting nun - Ha!...old news all u need now is...The farting nun! r to be more specific the farting nun organ.World famous and apparently you can Play, record, create a chorus of ecclesiastical flatulence. What more could you possibly need????

:: DC :: :: 25.11.2003, 18:25  
Ah, I see the confusion. I neglected to say that you should uninstall the current version, and delete anything attacted to it first, then download the latest one.
And if I sould patronising, its just that regarding technogy and people Im just used to getting distressed calls in college and work from my aunt telling me that the television has gone off. Usually turns out she changed the channel to the video station or is getting the TV and microwave/cat mixed up again.

:: !!skcor gniviD :: norraD :: 25.11.2003, 18:01  
Hahaha! Those crazy nuns! They used to beat up kids, now they take over countries!

Whats wrong with MSN then Ais? Is it the comp in college or a home comp? If you really want it, I can stick a working copy of it on a cd and give it to you (I think).
E-z pea-z!
And diving rocked? Yeah it did! 7.5 metres BABY!

Ais n m :: i dont get the joke with the fighting nun :: 25.11.2003, 17:46  
this board has been busy....we have obviously reached the 'i have exams soon and will do anything rather than study' stage of the year.

Michael :: :: 25.11.2003, 15:03  
Maria the fighting nun has seized power in Georgia check out the link from the home page

aisling @#$* :: :: 25.11.2003, 13:49  
i know that darron- do i look like a retard? u also get msgs that giv u a direct link to do it but it just doesnt work. and only 2 ppl actualy ever call/hav called me daisy. didnt we give someone that fighting nun as a collective present last year? r maybe that was with some other ppl...but it is fun.

Eugene :: my cat's breath smells like cat food :: 25.11.2003, 13:43  
The fighting nun : She has a habit - for fighting for what's right!

Michael :: :: 25.11.2003, 09:46  
Go Maria the fighting nun, we need more nuns like that

Michael :: She has a habit, fighting for whats right :: 25.11.2003, 09:44  
Stuck for a xmas present for the religious person who has everything???

Well fret no longer, check out the Fighting Nun at


Myself and Eugene saw it the other day in town, it is hilarious! We did a killer diving session yesterday you should have seen us!

Bob :: Michael should try harder :: 24.11.2003, 17:36  
Re Warwick quotes - you forgot:
I'm Annie Gatling
You feckin eejit!
Barani like it's christmas, pike like it's someone elses birthday.

clare :: i hate typing essays. :: 24.11.2003, 17:07  
wow! this mesg board really is the place to be! so many posts but no time to read :-(

Michael :: Bonsai killer extrordinaire :: 24.11.2003, 14:54  
Some warwick quotes:
(about our routines) We are flailing, we are flailing!
No-one ever suspects the BUTTERFLY!
Barani like its your birthday!
Cant remember any more cos I think I am still drunk from saturday

Bob :: I'm Annie Gatling :: 24.11.2003, 11:53  
Are you suggesting I'm not fun?!?! I'll have you know that there was this one time........... not wait, that was someone else. But just you wait til I think of a time I was fun, then you'll be sorry. And that's a guarantee*!!!

*this guarantee is not a guarantee

:: The DoCtor :: :: 23.11.2003, 22:22  
Whos concerned? I'll concern you!
Fixing MSN is easy Ais, just download the new version from the site. Its a small file, so its quick.

:: DC :: Crying make baby Juses lie :: 23.11.2003, 22:11  
Anagram for Anagram: Grananam! Hahaha!
I was just reading through the board, and all the old messages. Theres some pretty funny stuff down there! Heres a recap:

"The Judge said 500 metres Joanne" - Michael
"Good idea: Diving - 'cos it rocks!!!!! Bad idea: Diving onto rocks." - Eugene
"id just like to point out to the freshers that i promise i wont try and kiss any of you at training later" - Clare
"sorry to anyone i spilled drinks on last nite... would appreciate it if someone could tell me what happened" - Emily
"the whole committee looks tres retared" - Ais Smite
"evil Ais's pet name is Daisy" - Jenny

a concerned onlooker :: :: 23.11.2003, 22:08  
way to scare people off darron

:: DC :: Stupid handle... :: 23.11.2003, 21:33  
Dodge the devil? No Julie, a deal with Satan is your only chance of surviving! Quick! To the Weegie-board-mobile!

julie :: :: 23.11.2003, 21:20  
cheers ais, i'll remember that... must make a mental note to dodge the devil...

:: DC :: Alice in Chains or Faith No More? :: 23.11.2003, 21:13  
darroncostello@hotmail.com is my very original e-address Joanne.
Hey Julie! Yes the site is great, we have a specialist team of crack Ninja programmers locked in the club locker who constantly undate and monitor it.
And you know crack-ninjas are the best kind.
The Saturday thing was a gruling 14 hours of blood, sweat and tears (also of blood). Trinity were there, and some DCUians too. So it wasnt all fun. Especially Bob (dont think I cant see you, Cootel) But we emerged from it better people. And more beautiful.

.... :: :: 23.11.2003, 21:00  
dam- god

ais- guess which one :: :: 23.11.2003, 20:59  
yes i hav that problem with leaving everything til th last minute but it always seems to work out ok...r at least thats what i keep telling myself, i promise i'l giv u money on tues!!! i will remember, my msn doesnt work any more and i cant get it to...thank gog i hear u say- well piss off. i'm up for killing a few ppl alright but dont worry julie- ur not on my list...tee hee, only joking. ur top of it.

joanne :: :: 23.11.2003, 20:51  
thanks eugene will text tomorrow about meeting up for the transferral of moneys. i now have msn messenger darron but i dont know peoples e-mails to put into it, so send them to me! oh the joys of having a computer that works again!

eugene :: :: 23.11.2003, 20:30
I booked a second set of flights for the following people: Joanne Feeney Sinead Egan Ciara Dawson Paul Grainger Neil Reid Aonghus Short Siobhan O Donoghue Ruth Williams Clare Twomey The cost is 28.25 each all inc! Anyone else who intends coming should book their own flights. The flights the majority of people are on are: OUT: Thursday 5th Feb 04 @ 08:30 on FR 772 RET: Sunday 8th Feb 04 @ 20:55 on FR 777 they can be booked at http://www.bookryanair.com/skylights/cgi-bin/skylights.cgi?language=EN&fr=ry Anyone for whom I've booked a flight should pay me at training on Tuesday or meet me tomorrow on campus (send me a text - I have a new phone now!). Thanks. See y'all.
julie :: message board virgin :: 23.11.2003, 18:22  
jus a note to say think the site is gr8, hrs of endless fun!! cavan pics r wicked.. well hope al ye coaches had a good days training on saturday and are in fighting form to kill all us freshers on tuesday night... wel c u der..

mind in the sewer :: :: 23.11.2003, 12:58  
Help! i've 3months of work to fit into two days...why do i always leave things to the last minute?????

:: DC :: Decaf, eh? :: 23.11.2003, 04:47  
Anyone up for a game of cards?
Juses, wheres the sun gone?

:: DC:: Hook, line and Sinker! (No, I dont fish) :: 23.11.2003, 00:03  
Get MSN Messenger Joanne, its what all the cool kids have nowadays.
Even Gareth has it apparently!

Of course, you'll have to put up with me and Eugene keeping you awake all night with rambling conversations...

Oh, hiding the Photo Folder was a great idea Michael! It took me ages to find, but it was a great way to hide it! Right in front of my nose in the Cavan Folder! Damn it! Hahaha. But the photos in it are so funny. Worth the time.

joanne :: :: 22.11.2003, 23:19  
anyone online im bored

eugene :: :: 22.11.2003, 20:03
Hi all, The following people are booked on the following flights: OUT: Thurs 5 Feb '04 08:30 RETURN: Sun 8 Feb '04 20:55 Darron Costello Emily Egan Rachel Toomey Andrew Nolan Eoin Reilly Sorcha Monaghan Kathrin Pflueger Aisling Smith Bronagh Mullen OUT: Fri 6 Feb 08:30 RET: Sun 8 Feb 20:55 Michael Dooley Eugene Lynch Jennifer Darmstadter Aisling Ni Mhaonais The cost for all flights is the same (i.e 0.01 each way + tax). However the total cost per person varies slightly because of the credit card handling fee. For the first 8 people on the thursday flight (ie all except Bronagh), the cost is 28.33 all inc (because the 6 was split between 8). For Bronagh, it's 33.58 (because the 6 fee is for 1) (sorry, but you were literally 2 mins too late with your text. For all others it's 30.58 (as the other flights were booked in 2s). Anyone else who wants a cheap flight should book now (or let me know by e-mail or text by tomorrow evening that they want a flight and I'll book them in bulk). My number is 0863042961 Thanks, Eugene
Eugene :: I win I win! :: 22.11.2003, 05:56  
Im up the latest tonight!

Eugene :: ALERT! ALERT! :: 22.11.2003, 00:43  

Flights to Glasgow around the time of the SSTO (6-8 Feb) Are only 0.01 each way ?(that's about 27 return including tax!!!) Anyone who hasn't given me a deposit or specifically asked me to book flights should book their own or contact me asap!!!!

Jen :: everyone is stupid ( except me obviously!) :: :: 21.11.2003, 19:21  
where are these photos u all speak of???? theres no frisbee one and no fire juggling and none of me and kev....... which I need to check out ASAP!

mind like a sewer :: :: 21.11.2003, 15:42  
cavan fotos look brilliant- just wish i'd been there :( Thanx ais now if i could only find where i left my trousers...

clare :: my neighbours put their xmas tree up yesterday!! :: 21.11.2003, 14:20  
photos are brill! it was worth stealing 15 minutes of your time michael!

Michael :: :: 21.11.2003, 14:02  
Ok that gallery should be ok now. That took me a whole 15min of my time you timeburglars!!

:: Mojahb with the Horoscopes! :: 21.11.2003, 12:21  
Libra, the presence of Mars this month has had unfortunate reparcutions for your life. For instance, although not technically illegal, your constant dabbling in lewd acts have resulted in you becoming ass-pregnant. This condition will get worse before it gets better.

:: DC :: You are dumb. :: 21.11.2003, 12:10  
The photos are working form me now, and I'm in college. Just keep trying I think.
HAHAHA!! Just looked ot the one with the frisbee again. Thats disgraceful!!!

emily :: :: 21.11.2003, 11:44  
its true.i pulled my nail off but there was no gore. i was bored and seeing how far i could pull it back without pullin it off.so i pulled it off.my advice -dont tug g too hard....

Ais :: I know an Italian bloke who's a real shithead :: 21.11.2003, 11:37  
Why wont the cavan 2003 photos show up for me? gettin this page cannot be displayed bullshit. what were kev and jenny up to? will it make derek angry?

:: Chalie Charlington :: Ace Reporter, WTF News :: 21.11.2003, 04:44  
Charlie "DC" Charlington, WTF News

:: D-to-the-C-O :: MY cat just puked all over the kichen floor. Sick! :: 21.11.2003, 04:29  
Michael, that link to the Cavan Photos is wierd. I cant open most of the photo folders on the laptop at home, and the college computer ealier wouldn't load half of the images in them. Its the Cavan Folder link thats the prob, it only opens like every tenth time you click it! Would it have something to do with other people opening it at the same time? (I presume everyone is DLing the images like mad...)

:: DC :: The Game Remains, we're all just very bad at it. :: 21.11.2003, 04:19  
Wow! The Cavan pics are BRILLIANT!
Who took them all? I remember some people had disposable cameras and you can spot those pics easy, but the professional looking ones at the end are Deadly, esp the one of Kev Dodd and Jenny (I think its them). Also you should totally put the first pro one on the main page of the site Michael, its perfect! Who gave them all to you?
(And I totally forgot about the Fire-spinning!!! They came out cool!)

ais; compaired to some ppl around here ur mind is probly closer to a rose bed :: :: 20.11.2003, 20:12  
in other news, yes ruth i do- i shall return it to u next time i see u- say hello to ruth everybody!!!

Ais :: :: 20.11.2003, 19:53  
I saw it happen.....he almost did kill her! maybe we have a murderer on our hands. Michael, this may require a poll. Is the llama out of control?

jen :: Gareth tried to kill me today :: :: 20.11.2003, 18:53  
just wan't to put that out there!

Ais :: not evil :: 20.11.2003, 17:07  
whos the smelly sewer person and who is they asking bout a jumper? me or evil? me thinks i knows nothing about no jumper

mind like a swewer :: :: 20.11.2003, 10:18  
Ais do you have the jumper i left at training?

ais- it wud appear so as what 'ere darron does is law :: :: 20.11.2003, 09:14  
yuck yuck yuck, lab rports- am still writng mine- 15 mins left

Ais :: Have we finished the write stuff after your name game? :: 20.11.2003, 09:11  
i is getting no photos either gar!!! :)

Ais :: Have we finished the write stuff after your name game? :: 20.11.2003, 09:10  
i is getting no photos either gar!!! :)

:: :: :: Darron :: 19.11.2003, 08:38  
Well, now I do!

:: Darron :: :: 19.11.2003, 08:22  
Fiona if you ever read this... I think I win the game. Forever!

michael :: :: 18.11.2003, 19:09
Hey all, Hope you havent been broken yet by our new coaches Jenny, Eugene, Aisling, Joanne, Bronagh and Rachel! Just a quick note to tell you that we have booked the diving pool of the National Aquatic Centre for this Friday. Cost per person will be around 10 euro but will be worth it as we have two hours and an instructor. Obviously you dont have to jump off the 10m board if you dont want to but twill be a good laugh in any case. Just give Eugene your name at training... The inters are on on the weekend after next so download and print out the routines from the website: http://www.ucd.ie/tramp Eugene again is collecting money for the night out and meal. The club will cover for entry to the competition. Talk to yall at training. Michael
Gar :: glad to hear of the nakedness :: 18.11.2003, 15:42  
is there supposed to be photos in the cavan 2003 folder, is it just me who can't get it??

Eugene :: I fell rather spectacularly in Warwick :: 18.11.2003, 12:23  
The diving pool at the National Aquatic Centre is booked for this Friday 8-10pm. Anyone interested in going please contact me either at training or by e-mail (eugene_lynch@o2.ie). The cost (if we get enough people) will be approx 10, so it's well worth it.

Michael :: Haha but no-one ever suspects the BUTTERFLY!!! :: 17.11.2003, 23:32  
Funny couple of days guys, lot of nakedness on my part. Walked out onto the side of pool in Warwick naked cos thought it the door went to the showers. Dived in head first off 3m board in NAC and had trunks around my knees (was 2m underwater at the time so no exposure) Other than that had a great weekend in Warwick...tired now going to sleep

Bronagh :: Having only just about recovered from Friday night!!! :: 16.11.2003, 20:52  
Hey Guys!! Just got a text from Jason(Trinners) asking me to spread the word about his bday in Sosume on Sat 22nd (next Sat I presume)!! So now I've done my job and don't let anyone say they didn't hear about it!!!

:: DC :: Im in Edinburgh right..... Now! :: 16.11.2003, 11:16  
Get this, I was just in the hostal we all stayed in when the Scotland competition was in Edinburgh last. Remember the kitchen? Remember walking out on the balcony/windowsil? Remember hanging out the flag? Remember going into the shop next door on the last day and tormenting the staff with questions? (A bottle of your finest unleaded please. A Yardbrush please. Something from the comedy section please. A short back and sides please.) Oh the memories! (Anyone remember "YO! Sushi!"?) This place officially rocks!

And in other news, Eugene came 20th and Michael came 6th in Warwick! Cool!

Andy :: Steve,(fresher) is Danial O'Donnels nephew!!! :: 14.11.2003, 20:24  
I sware its true.

Michael :: The judge said 500m Joanne :: 14.11.2003, 17:08  
Oh my god joanne is going to break into all our houses later on tonight!! This sort of activity has to stop jo.

joanne - i feel the need to put something after my name cos everyone else does :: :: 14.11.2003, 14:28  
an now ais i dont know, given past history, wink wink... i also will be seeing u all later, whether you like it or not

ais- darron is never getting another lift off me! :: :: 14.11.2003, 13:54  
hummm...i'm glad i pulled your trousers down now b*atch!!!!!!!!!! see u all later...and i wudnt call it a 'pet' name as such

Gar :: this one time at bang camp i met a mute and his hussy :: 14.11.2003, 11:27  
i'll tell you all the whole story later. bye bye for now

Jen : : evil Ais's pet name is Daisy ( as in cow or flower... u choose!) :: :: 14.11.2003, 10:20  
thanks for outing me Darron...... for anyone who was fortunate enough to miss the show i'm sure it will be appearing on you've been framed sometime in the future ( I would just like to curse the person who invented cctv.....)
and on a final note...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARETH ......... u are now officially old!!!! but shaving your hair to hide the grey was definately a good move :-)

Bob :: Darron knows too much. He'll have to go if my plans for world domination are to succeed! :: 14.11.2003, 10:20  
Velly good. But I did make it rather easy. Here's a more difficult question for you - if one train leaves dublin travelling at 50mph and another.......only kidding. My work here is done.

:: DC :: Jenny's pants fell down during a somersault on the Newry Course :: 13.11.2003, 21:48  
Well, since I am that klevor, and since Christ Dude is taked Im going to go with a reference to the one and only Jack McGlynn!

(And What happened to the Game? Are Eugene and myself the only ones playing?!? See the posts below for the rules! AND THEY ARE RULES! OBEY THEM! "OBEY MY DOG!"*)

*Anyone know the movie?

Bob :: From Trinity :: 13.11.2003, 13:07  
Allright DC, it's a fair cop! But if you're so clever then who's JC (apart from the obvious christ dude fella).

:: DC :: I'm late for college. Often. :: 13.11.2003, 10:41  
Bobs from Trinity!

Bob :: Not Michael :: 13.11.2003, 10:15  
Nice deduction there DC. Not just a pretty face eh. Depsite the prettiness of your face I have decided to switch alleigances and become Tipsys No. 1 fan as she seems to be lacking any support (that is of the moral rather than Charlie Dimmock variety). Clearly she is not in fact dirrtier then Xtina (although she is definitely tipsier). Vote Christina!

Eugene :: Gareth is 23 now! :: 13.11.2003, 02:42  
I added u, but it says you're offline. add me: jon_peartree@hotmail.com

:: DC :: Gareth's Tuxedo Shirt is for a 14 - 16 year old! :: 13.11.2003, 02:34  
Yup. darroncostello@hotmail.com is the name

Eugene :: Eugene is also a bit of a trekkie (just a bit) :: 13.11.2003, 02:27  
Yes, truce sounds good. Are you on msn?

:: DC :: Michael named his computer "Penguin"! :: 13.11.2003, 02:22  
Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!!!
(Crap! Geneo; a truce if you will!)

Eugene :: Darron likes BUFFY!!!! :: 13.11.2003, 02:10  
Oh my god! I'm outed!

:: DC :: Eugene LOVES Dr. Who! :: 13.11.2003, 01:58  
This one is just to get the ball rolling! Hahaha!

:: DC :: Darron is a big Trekkie :: 13.11.2003, 01:57  
Who's Bob?! Who's Bob!? Oooh I hate a good mystery! (And before you all say Michael, I'm taking the referance to Michael in "Bob"'s post to be an exclaimation! As in "Michael! Fix the Site!")

Also, I propose that the "mail (optional)" box beside where you write your name on a post should from now on be used as a "Random Person Fact" box.
The rules are that for every post, a fact about some person personally know to us all, should be placed in the box. This includes yourself!
Heh heh heh... I'll start. And to be fair, I'll use myself first time round... (And I'm going to start clean, because this could get very, very ugly, very, very quickly!)

Eugene :: :: 13.11.2003, 01:13  
Anagrams for Gareth Martin:

Nightmare art
Nightmare rat
Harming treat
Might tan rear
At near Mr. Right

Anagram for UCD Trampoline Club:
Rump cell abduction!

:: DC :: 13.11.2003, 01:10  
Ah Jaysus... I cant believe I missed the freekin' day! I started that post with plenty of time to spare... seriously. Feckin.... Feekin....Jaypers... AGHH!

:: DC :: 13.11.2003, 00:19  

G is for GRIN as Gareth always does.
A is for ALCOHOL; Gareth's breakfast of choice.
R is for ROWDY, as his parties tent to get (Ref: "Ironing-Board Stair Surfing", "Bloody Walls", "Inverted Pictures", et al)
E is for EMERGENCY ESCAPE EXIT, and Gareth has the coolest.
T is for TRAMPOLINING and also TABLOIDS! Who would have guessed the one he ended up in?
H is for HEART ATTACK. His Baby Fliffus should be illegal.

M is for "MEEEE?!", as Gareth often cries when accused of scandalous acts (Note: that is not a denial...).
A is for ABLAZE, which Gareth's flat was one day as I drove by. How we all laughed.
R is for RESPONSIBLE, as Gareth seems to be (Responsible for all the gossip).
T is for TOAST; To Gareth, Happy Birthday, You're Great!
I is for INSOUCIANT, but in a good way. (Oh read a book, you philistines)
...and N.... N is for Narcissistic Nymphomaniac...

Happy Birthday Gareth!

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:50  
even worse backwards!!!!

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:50  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:50  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:49  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:49  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:49  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:49  

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:49  
by the way i will sooooo be king of bling soon
i saw these pvc like shoes today which i am gonna buy and be sooooo bling bling!!!

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:48  
hey michael could you update the isto headed notepaper for me..??? i will e-mail you what i want on it thanks

neil :: :: 12.11.2003, 23:47  
happy birthday you smelly fucker gareth
sorry i was a bit of a drunken fool last night!!!

Michael :: :: 12.11.2003, 20:24  
Happy bday gareth, looking forward to friday!

dee :: :: 12.11.2003, 16:48  
happy birhtday gar, X
love u lots, see you tomorrow, hope u have a great day.lots of kisses and birthday wishes :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

eugene :: :: 12.11.2003, 13:14
Hello again everyone! It's intervarsity time again. The timetable is as follows: Friday: 6-9pm - Warm up and registration at DCU 9-late - Cool down at city centre watering hole Saturday: 9-10am - General warm up for all competitors 10am - Start of competition (2 panels concurrently) 6pm - Food (for those who want it) 8pm - Party starts 9pm - Presentation of medals At some point on Sunday there will also be some kind of synchronised competition (and/or fun synchro). Routines are on the website at www.ucd.ie/tramp The cost to enter the competition will be paid for by the club. If you want an intervarsity t-shirt, they will be available as follows: Loose S,M,L,XL 10euro Fitted: S,M,L,XL 12euro. Dinner will be served at DCU after the competition on Saturday. Cost is 6euro. There are 2 options: Southern Fried Chicken and Chips or Vegetarian Quiche. Tickets for the night out (which is the focal point of the weekend) cost 5euro per person. We would like as many people as possible to enter, particularly the newer members of the club. If you wish to enter, send me an e-mail (you can reply to this one) with your name, category, and whether you want a t-shirt, dinner, and/or party ticket asap. I will also be taking names (and any money necessary) at training on Thursday. In unrelated news, we've been enquiring about the possibility of renting the National Aquatic Centre diving pool for an hour and apparently it is feasible. Anybody who might be interested (it's great fun, really), please e-mail me. You don't have to give a definite answer, I'm just looking to see if there would be a demand for such an event. Other than that, see you all soon at training. Eugene.
Bob :: :: 12.11.2003, 13:11  
Calm yourself DC (if that is your real name). After the whole "Boob" incident I am officially no longer your number 1 fan. Plus you have risen from 423 to 12 on my list of people to scowl at.

:: I cant put this one out under my name... :: 12.11.2003, 01:41  
Actually, Clare....
The only household cleaning agent I've seen you use is Mr. Muscle.
You hate the 'jobs he loves.

:: DC :: The Cream of Extreme :: 12.11.2003, 01:37  
That's why I love Aisling Smite's company actually.

:: DC :: The Evolution of Innovation :: 12.11.2003, 01:21  
Wait a sec... You're MY number one fan? Sorry Boob... BOB! I JUST DONT TAKE COMPLIMENTS VERY WELL! AAAGGGH!

:: DC :: The Ayatolla of Rock And Roll-A :: 12.11.2003, 01:07  
Oh how Im touched, and laughing!
But listen "Boob"... you obviously wouldn't know Bling from Blong (Right from Wrong?) if it slapped you that mixed metaphore you call a face.

michael :: :: 11.11.2003, 20:14  
regarding point four clare,
In order to use house hold cleaning agents you would want to have very thick skin and have to do a lot of scrubbing afterward. as for the other three we have only your word to go on...

re no 4 :: :: 11.11.2003, 19:52  
u cetrainly do...

clare :: :: 11.11.2003, 18:36  
i may be many things, but im not dirrty people!!

reasons why "tipsy" is not as dirty as christina:
1. i had a shower this morning so im squeaky clean and smell like rose petals,
2. i dont have piercings in suggestive places like christina, which clearly makes her dirtier.
3. im not dirty minded, ive a head full of all things bright and beautiful compared to michael and emily in particular!
4. i use household cleaning agents!

ive argued my case so come on! i wanna see the pole results change.

Gar :: :: 11.11.2003, 17:22  
who's this Christ everyone keeps talking about? he is brought up in the strangest situations. people call me christ sometimes, does he look like me. its usually in tense situations like 'Christ will you piss off' or 'Christ you are stupid' or 'Christ you really have no friends do you?' . so he is some unpopular stupid dude, not like me at all!!

randomer :: :: 11.11.2003, 16:19  
I'm guessing JC is that Christ dude fella???

Dugg :: :: 11.11.2003, 14:09  
Hello Martini

Gar :: :: 11.11.2003, 13:49  
who is JC?

Gar :: :: 11.11.2003, 13:49  
hi duggan

Bob :: DC's no.1fan :: 11.11.2003, 13:17  
I'm begging to differ once again randomer (who appears to be in league with the one they call Gareth). I speak only the truth. Gareth is most certainly NOT the king of kings, that would be the one and only JC (allright McGlynn!). With the sparkly eyes and "like that" hair DC is most certainly king of something, but not of bling. No, that title must belong to the owner of the bling bling shorts. Let me hear no more on this subject.

Random Darron Supporter :: :: 11.11.2003, 12:21  
on an unrelated note there is a party in Gareths flat on friday, all are welcome so long as they realise that Bob is the king of ming and darron is the king of bling, neil can be the king of rings (yuk) but gareth is the king of kings!!

Random Darron Supporter :: :: 11.11.2003, 12:18  
DC is the king of bling!!
with hair like that and the eyes that s[arkle like diamonds, and by s[arkle i mean sparkle! bob your heart is cold and your blood black with hate, your brain full of that goo that clogs public bathroom sinks and your speach slurred by the jays fluid you drank insead of using to clear the sink of the public toilet you are paid to clean. wrong you are you public servant and utterer of mistruths!

Random Darron Supporter :: :: 11.11.2003, 12:15  
DC is the king of bling!!
with hair like that and the eyes that s[arkle like diamonds, and by s[arkle i mean sparkle! bob your heart is cold and your blood black with hate, your brain full of that goo that clogs public bathroom sinks and your speach slurred by the jays fluid you drank insead of using to clear the sink of the public toilet you are paid to clean. wrong you are you public servant and utterer of mistruths!

Bob again :: :: 11.11.2003, 11:12  
that ≠ should have been a not equal to sign but it turned into ≠ for some unknown reason. Michael!

Bob :: Your no.1 fan :: 11.11.2003, 11:10  
How is what DC? I believe my statement was self explanatory. Neil + most bling bling shorts ever = king of bling. DC - anything bling bling ≠ king of bling. QED.

:: DC :: Highlight of the Night :: 11.11.2003, 01:11  
Ok "Bob", if that is your real name, how is that?

Bob :: :: 10.11.2003, 16:59  
I beg to differ DC. I believe that Neil is official King of Bling. He after all has the most bling bling shorts ever

:: DC :: King of Bling :: 10.11.2003, 14:38  
We now have 7 new and (partially) qualified coaches on the roster!
Well done to BRONAGH, EMILY, RACHEL, JOANNE, EUGENE, AISLING SMITH, and JENNY who put up with a tough three days of trampoline theory, tight time-tables, terrible injuries, terrible singing, untimely trains, tea-bag shortages, trouble-causing pink shirt thick-os, teachers talking too much, three tramps for thrity-three trampers, Trinity, television tuning, temper tantrums, temper time-outs, tormented wandering loonatics, and of course, torn toes.

They shall now be testing their new found knowledge on all your fragile, fragile bodies.

Also well done to AISLING N-SOMETHING for putting up with none of these problems as she lazed around on the Level 2 course, and relaxed by night in her private cottage. She will now laugh as the other coaches attempt to teach with their limited understanding of bouncing, and indeed, language. "HA!", she will say, "HA HA HA!"

Gar :: :: 10.11.2003, 14:15  
And you have a hand! Handbag!!
you gonna try get a hall or the good old edinbourgh hostel??
go team committee!

:: DC :: 10.11.2003, 13:57  
Not in an undermining way though. Just in a fingers-crossed expectingling kind of way.

:: DC :: 7.11.2003, 01:41  
80?!!? You're nuts! Nutbag!
I expect it to be slighty cheaper... very slightly cheaper.
Well, no... a good bit cheaper. SEriously.

eugene :: :: 6.11.2003, 00:27
Due to the fact that many of the coaches in the club are going to a coaching course in Newry this weekend, there will be no training this Saturday 8th November. Normal training will resume on Tuesday 11th at 8pm. In other news, the trampolining intervarsities (a competition against all other Irish uni clubs including TCD, DCU, UCC, UL, NUIMaynooth, and possibly Queens, Belfast) will take place in DCU sports hall on the weekend of the 29th November. We will start learning the routines (which the very organised Trinity Club has just sent to us) from tonight (Thursday). Obviously we want as many people as possible to compete and it's great fun. This year there are 5 categories - Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. There is also a team competition, which we really really want to win this year!! We will also be holding a Simpsons quiz in the next few weeks - watch this space. The Scottish Student Trampoline Open will take place from the 6th-8th February 2004 in Glasgow. The competition itself will be in Glasgow Caledonian University. The social events will probably take place in Glasgow University. It's always been the best weekend of the year (or at least until ISTO came along, but that's another story) and it usually works out very cheap. In order to get the cheapest flights possible, we have already begun to take names. As soon as the flights are really cheap, we will book them for people who have paid a deposit (of 30). We'll sort out accomodation and other issues at a later date, but we dont expect the whole thing to cost any more than 80 (excluding spending money of course!). There will also be many other events during the year including Colours (UCDvsTCD), (The infamous) ISTO and parties throughout the year as well as some possible invitationals (including the University of Limerick invitational). We'll keep you informed!!!!! Eugene.
To Aisling :: :: 5.11.2003, 23:58  
-"Hey you! Let's fight!"
-"Them's fightin' words"

aisling :: :: 5.11.2003, 22:53  
hey gareth i'm hurt...my revenge is always subtle and underhanded...u want a bad idea, i'l give u a bad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pot :: :: 5.11.2003, 16:32  

Ais :: :: 5.11.2003, 15:54  
You're all crazy! Crazy I tell ya!

:: DC :: 4.11.2003, 11:34  
Good Idea: Thinking up a good joke before launching into it.
Bad Idea: Going ahead with this joke.

Michael :: :: 4.11.2003, 10:59  
Good idea: jumping in off the 5m board
Bad idea: doing it to nads

Gar :: :: 4.11.2003, 10:40  
and another:

Good idea: getting angry and gettin even

Bad idea: lettin aisling smith get angry and get even on our behalf

Gar :: :: 4.11.2003, 10:38  
time for another good idea bad idea.

Good idea: lending our equipment to other clubs who ask nicely

Bad idea: the bouldering club

Eugene :: :: 4.11.2003, 08:03  
It's time for another good idea bad idea.

Good idea: Diving - 'cos it rocks!!!!!

Bad idea: Diving onto rocks.

Michael :: :: 3.11.2003, 16:49  
Whehay I am going diving, my pikes will be even more folded in future

Trish :: :: 3.11.2003, 13:59  
Darron, give us a call, will ye.
Please? ;)

:: DC :: 3.11.2003, 11:51  
So... TRAMPOLINING as a sport:
It has it's high points, eh?

:: DC :: 3.11.2003, 01:19  
So... Does anyone else Love TRAMPOLINING?!!
.... Anyone?...


:: DC :: 2.11.2003, 16:44  

:: DC :: 2.11.2003, 03:06  
*Cough* *Cough*....
Jeex... I think its getting a little musty in here.

:: #1DC :: 31.10.2003, 20:10  
Is there bouncing tomorrow as usual? I'm assuming there is, so I'll go down unless told otherwise.

Eugene :: :: 31.10.2003, 12:47  
Also add this to it. "How do you expect a 10 year old to do a hidden button?"

Michael :: :: 31.10.2003, 11:55  
Remembered another one: "Children ruin everything these days, just look at this stitching"

Gar :: :: 31.10.2003, 11:24  
don't forget;
'knock knock, anyone homo?'

emily :: :: 30.10.2003, 11:20  
ooh ive heard about the internet too.its that net linning in your swimming shorts.oops i think ive just logged on....

Eugene :: :: 29.10.2003, 18:50  
Another two for you Michael:

-"That's the 6th time you've gone to the toilet today!"
-"What? Are you keeping a 'logbook'?"

Also, a related one: "Doing a double-front makes you "log" on to the internet"

Michael :: :: 29.10.2003, 10:18  
I am compiling a list of cavan quotes so tell me if i forgot any:

"Cavorting to within an inch of our lives"
"Build a bridge and get under it like the troll that you are"
"Is that lust in your eyes, no its only sleep"
"2+2 is 4"

Clare :: :: 28.10.2003, 15:46  
yo yo yo!! id just like to give a big shout out to all the committee, without whom cavan and all the scandal wouldnt be possible! thanks a mill guys for all d work put in to give us all a brill weekend.

On another note id just like to point out to the freshers that i promise i wont try and kiss any of you at training later, so dont be scared of me!! im a nice respectable girl reallly.

Eugene :: :: 27.10.2003, 21:48  
Hi all.

Well, Cavan is over for another year. Or as we are going to call it from now on TRAMPCAMP.

I think we can safely say that this year was even more eventful than most. From serious training to cavorting to within an inch of our lives, I hope fun was had by all.
There were of course, many eventful and memorable moments (and embarrassing ones too), and the full Cavan report should hopefully appear on the site some time over the next week or two.

Oh, and the winner of Temptation Cavan (now to be known as TRAMPCAMPCHAMP was, of course, the inimitable Claire (Tipsy "Haggis" Mc Stagger) Twomey. More will follow soon.....


:: #1 Darron :: 23.10.2003, 22:41  
I did inform him of such!
Anyway... Mike the new password doesnt work! It still gives me the same wierdness as the old one. Wierd! I keep telling you a lovely handcoded site will work just fine. One picture and some fancy text, like <h1> #FF0000. Beautiful.

eugene :: :: 23.10.2003, 16:11
Hi, Slight change of plan. Darron informs me we have to be at the buses at 4.30pm tomorrow apparently! Try to make it for then. The trinity people are meeting in Trinity at the buttery. If you don't know where that is, don't panic. We will assemble at the Nassau St. entrance to Trinity shortly after that and go down to where the bus will be parked (opposite Read's of Nassau Street). You can't miss us. Eugene
eugene :: :: 23.10.2003, 16:00
Hi everybody, The Cavan weekend starts tomorrow and we've had such a big response that we've had to get a second bus! The buses leave from outside trinity (where the coaches park opposite reads of nassau st) at 5pm. Don't be late!!! Anyone who hasn't paid in full will need to pay either tonight at training, or if you absolutely can't make it to training, then before getting on the bus tomorrow. The weekend promises to be better than ever! We will be getting a hot meal (along the lines of sausages and chips) soon after arrival, but wont be able to set up the trampolines until after bingo finishes at 10.30. Don't forget to bring a sleeping bag or something to keep the cold out! (If you forget, you'll have to be very charming and ask someone to share, which might be fun, but I wouldn't recommend that strategy). Some food and drink will be provided, but we don't have an unlimited stock, so don't be afraid to bring your own drink. We will have beer, spirits and cocktail ingredients at the very least. We will probably order in food on Saturday, so you will need some money to pay for that. There is also a bar in the hall. The buses will be returning from Cavan on Sunday evening and we will have to be packed up and ready to go by about 4. Another important thing to point out is that due to the Cavan weekend away there will obviously be NO TRAINING THIS SATURDAY, 25 OCTOBER!!! Anybody with further questions can e-mail me: eugene_lynch@o2.ie See you at training tonight or at the bus tomorrow!
dee :: :: 23.10.2003, 12:42  
hope everyone has a great time in cavan im too busy with college work and men to bother to join u all :) only joking! cant make it but take good photos like last years shockers!!!!!
besta luck, and say hi to a the triners ppl 4 me.
dee xx

Denise :: :: 23.10.2003, 07:57  
Pauric and Simon came 14th in their synchro competition!!!!!!!!
Both Trish and Simon came 41st in their individual comp and Pauric came 50th. Full details to follow on www.irishgymnastics.ie

:: #1 Darron :: 22.10.2003, 22:45  
Me again, sorry. Ok, slight change of plans on the bus. The bus will arrive at 4.30 to Nassau Street, and leave when it is full. We have 2 buses though so if you are going to be late it shouldnt be a problem waiting for you with one, once you let me know. I know that the second bus will be waiting till about 5pm anyway because we have to wait for some people already. So let me know!

Ais - not quite 5'9 but i could be if i wanted :: :: 22.10.2003, 18:15  
that was really all i wanted to say

ais...5'9" :: :: 22.10.2003, 16:12  
3 of potentialy the best parties of th year r this friday...thats sucks. of course one of these being in cavan and as some of u may b aware i cant make it friday nite...but i'l b up bright and early saturday morning banging pots and pans together to cure those hang overs!!! r i'l b home in bed nursing my own in which case expect me mid afternoon. so darron- take note of all that happens on friday cos i'l need someone who's actualy going to remember it to fill me in!!!!!!!!!

:: #1 DARRON :: 22.10.2003, 14:53  

:: #1 Darron :: 22.10.2003, 14:51  
You should bring a mug, a bowl, and a knife/fork/spork to Cavan. Last year we bought LOADS of paper and polystyrene gear and it was an ecological disaster. Bring your own and save the enviroment! (We'll bring a very limited supply of paper gear anyway, so if you're stuck dont worry!)

:: #1D :: 22.10.2003, 14:26  
Michael, funny funny (in a totally non-humourous way) things are happening now when I try to log into the committee section... is it just me or is the section down? Wait.... what was that? Is this line secure?! Operator! I need an exit!!!!

:: #1 Darron :: 22.10.2003, 14:24  
Yeah, Trininity are meeting in their Buttery at 4.30pm on Friday. (Just go in to Trinininity and ask someone for directions, its super easy to find). So either go in there or if you cant find it wait at the Nassau Street entrance and we'll all head over there on the way to the bus. The bus will pick up from a little further down Nassau Street. Dont worry, you wont miss us; there'll be about 80 people with backpacks milling around!

:: #1 Darron :: 22.10.2003, 01:54  
The Bus to Cavan will be leaving from Nassau Street on Friday at 5pm. Be early!
We may be all meetening up with Trinity's Bouncereenos in their "Buttery" establishment before hand. I'll let you know if this turns out to be true. (Oh, that part is optional. Just come to the bus a little before 5 if you want).

If you cant make this bus for some reason, like its too early, let me know asap. There may be a smaller bus leaving shortly afterward that we can hold for a while. (But this is only a maybe. Try to make the main bus and save me the hassle!) But seriously, if you cant make that bus tell me, so I can help. (darroncostello@hotmail.com)

:: #1 Darron :: 22.10.2003, 01:40  
Hey Mike is my password fixed yet? Thanks!

anonymous.thug :: :: 20.10.2003, 14:07  
We'll make you regret it!!!!

:: #1 Darron :: :: 19.10.2003, 20:50  
This weekend in Tramp Cinema:
From the makers of "Trampnight" and "Freshers Week Display" comes...
Starring an all star cast of trampolinists from UCD, DCU, TRINITY, and MAYNOOTH, this Action Epic promises intrigue, romance, comedy and scandal!
Don't miss your chance to catch this extravaganza; book your tickets today!
Or you'll regret it!

clare :: :: 19.10.2003, 20:46  
hehe! just saw my trousers on ebay, sold for 67 squids. Darron u better not pocket all the earnings urself or you'll have an angry clare on your hands!!

I also say well done and thanks to those who organised trampnite. bobs was a brill place to have it!

dee :: :: 18.10.2003, 00:05  
last night seem great, lotsa people showing up ,only sorry i left early, well done the ents comitee!
c yee all soon.
dee :)

emily :: :: 17.10.2003, 18:52  
just wanted to say sorry to anyone i spilled drinks on last nite.i know there was a few.karma got me tho cuz my arm is killing me and would appreciate it if someone could tell me what happened(i think i fell...in the middle of the dance floor...hazy)

Eugene :: :: 17.10.2003, 16:06  
By the way, for anyone who doesnt get the irishtramp spam, you can watch the World Championships on TV as follows:

18 Oct: Eurosport 11.30-12.30
19 Oct: Eurosport 16.45-17.30
20 Oct: Eurosport 11.30-13.00
and British Eurosport
26 Oct: BBC2 17.05-17.15
Highlights from the Championships

Eugene :: :: 17.10.2003, 16:01  
It's me again. I was going to e-mail all of the members with this, but I thought I'd be straddling the fine line between useful information and spam (and also the one between information and harassment).

Anyway, Trampnite seemed to be a success by all accounts. Much fun was had by all. Several people went the whole hog and made complete fools of themselves (myself included). There were Emily's mysterious bruises (which we can only imagine came from falling on the dancefloor), Gareth sitting back in his chair only to find out that it was in fact an armrest and falling over, and the unfortunate incident where I danced so much and so......well, violently is the only word to describe it I suppose, that i split my trousers.

Anyway, we're well on the way to acheiving our objectives of getting to know everyone and I hope that last night will compel everyone to come to Cavan. It will be similarly crazy and will involve the drinking games we were supposed to play last night,but didnt get around to (or need to as everyone was having so much fun).

Anyhoo, that's enough of me rambling on. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night and anyone who missed out should get their ass in gear and come to Cavan to catch up!


Remember - Cavan weekend - Next weekend - Places going fast - Contact us @ training during the week.

Eugene :: :: 16.10.2003, 14:59  
Hi everybody! (No, it's not doctor nick). Anyone interested in diving lessons in the National Aquatic Centre? Apply your trampolining skills to water (and learn how to avoid black eyes - probably the hard way). Monday nights @ 7pm from 3rd Nov for 6 weeks. 54. Anyone interested contact me.


See y'all tonight at either training or trampnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moi aris :: :: 15.10.2003, 22:21  
oooo...that gets filtered as junk mail

aiss :: :: 15.10.2003, 22:16  
dam...y didnt my spacing come out? ifeel cheated, my layout is ruined!!!!!! curses on u micheal!!!! curses!!!

aislings :: :: 15.10.2003, 22:15
ola all, aisling here- u may remember from such training sesions as last tuesday, r last saturday- i'm th tall aisling, anyway thats highly irellavent...r some similar word spelt properly...just a quick reminder bout tramp nite (this thurs)- its going to be fantastic!!! u can still get a ticket at training on thursday and just hav enough time to go home and de-smell b4hand! in case anyone is a bit iffy here are a few FAQs where? Bobs in temple bar, yes its th one your thinking off up past th turkshead and by th chineese. we hav the whole of th upstairs floor! how much? 4 eypos!!!!! what a bargin what time? doors at 8 but breeze by when ever, we'l b tres happy to c u who'l be there? everybody!!! it'l b loadsa our club and lots of hot ppl from trinity, DCU and Maynooth(i'v been told thats how its spelt but i still feel tricked) why should i go? well its the only night out with th sole pupose of getting to kno ppl! if ur going to cavan its great to c a few friendly faces when u get there and if ur not then its the best chance u'l get to know some names and faces... but isnt bobs a pub? no no no, its so much more- there is a late bar, dim lights, a dj and a nice spacious dance floor where we can shake our little asses!!!! what should i wear? what 'ere u like, ur so hot u'd look good in anything! (unless ur the sort who wears tracksuits to clubs in which case we think u should ask urself some serious quetions) non-tramp friend wants to come? okey cokey, just 5 eypos!! id? yes pls! thanxs for your time, see ya'll there! ais&bro social secertary
:: Heres Darron with the News :: 15.10.2003, 20:43  
Wow, Clare's trousers were just voted "Hot" by a panel of leading trampolinist/designers, and have debuted in Irish Trampoline Weekly at number 5 in the "Top Trampoline Autumn Wear List, sponcered by Top Shop".
As a result, within the last 30 minutes the price on eBay for Clare's trousers has sky-rocketed by a factor of 3!
Anyone with an interest in placing a bid should head on over to eBay quickly, as the bidding will be closed in just under 21 hours (just have your credit cards ready!)

Heres the address:


clare :: :: 15.10.2003, 11:50  
yep i walked home in my underwear, i felt a cool breeze, looked down and there they were....gone!! my mother was disgraced when i arrived home. what price do you have on them on ebay, hope i can afford to buy them back :-(

I love Coca Cola :: :: 15.10.2003, 11:16  
Banned!!! Sob!!! Nooooooooooo!!!! Higher prices and reduced choice for all!

Michael :: :: 15.10.2003, 10:59  
yeah should be able to buy tickets at the door. Good luck Trish and Pauric in the worlds.

dee :: :: 15.10.2003, 10:55  
besta luck trish and paraic!!!!

dee :: :: 15.10.2003, 10:54  
can u buy tickets at the door ??

Michael :: :: 15.10.2003, 00:32  
Forgot to mention, you have to buy them off us on Ebay

Michael :: :: 15.10.2003, 00:32  
Tis ok relax clare, we have your combats. Just one question, did you walk home in your underwear?? If you have, dont worry Ive been there ;P

clare :: :: 14.10.2003, 23:38  
oh my god!! im such a big fat idiot!! i left my trousers at training. they're green combatty pinko ones & i love them so someone please, please PLEASE tell me you saw them after training and put them in the locker r something & that my poor trousers are safe :-(

dee :: :: 14.10.2003, 19:32  
gar :
ro told me she saw the video of south america and that it fuc*ing hillarious!
c u thurs babe, sorry dint make it to the party sat for janes thing, how did it go?

michael :: :: 14.10.2003, 16:07
Hey all, Hope you are getting some trainin' in. Just a quick email to tell ya that Trampnite is on this THURS in Bobs, Temple Bar from 8pm onward. Eugene and Aisling Smith are selling tickets tonight at training, if ya dont know who they are just ask anyone who looks as if they might know! Tickets are 4 euro for members and 5 for non members so dont be afraid to bring your friends along... Cavan is next week and so we need your dosh soon enough so you can reserve your place. 30 euro all in for the weekend. Hope to see ya at training, Michael
Gar :: :: 14.10.2003, 14:34  
how do i get access to this folder of evilness.
i am an admirer of its creators.
is it linked to the druglies

emily :: :: 14.10.2003, 12:41  
your just jealous darron cuz we voted you livestock!

Ais :: :: 14.10.2003, 01:54  
Whats the hot or not thing? let me in on the fun...oh please

Eugene :: :: 14.10.2003, 00:12  
Yes yes. Good times. Hot or not list is fun.

DONT FORGET TRAMPNITE!!!! 4 for members. Very good time guaranteed*. Come one, come all. Actually, forget come one. COME ALL!

Bob's in Temple Bar
From 8 (i think)

*not a guarantee

:: :: #1D :: :: 13.10.2003, 21:19  
Please Emily.... no swearing till you turn 18.

Oh, I have the diffinative Club "Hot or Not" list in my possesion, curtesy of Evil Ais, Emily and exectively produced by Eugene. Contact me to see where you place!
(Be warned, no-one is actually "Hot", so dont start crying on me. The best anyone actually got was "Do-able. Ish". Terrible stuff. Just terrible. Actually, I would like to distance myself from this abominable behaviour right now)

emily :: :: 13.10.2003, 20:38  
you can all fuck off to the country(or maybe just you gareth).i quit

evil :: :: 13.10.2003, 12:55  
i feel th love in this room...its beautiful

Gar :: :: 13.10.2003, 11:03  
good scumbag michael.
so the grant application is in and soon we will be rich again. rich beyond our wildest dreams. any one up for hawaii this year?
except you emily. you can stay and teahc the freshers....how to smoke

michael :: :: 12.10.2003, 15:29  
Emily shouldnt that be *insert wide crack here* ??

emily :: :: 10.10.2003, 19:17  
hey gar ,youre very rude these days.but whats new.i was just tryin to be friendly so you can fuck right off.not much news.am sick today-throat is fucked-cant swallow anythin*insert wise crack here*

:: :: #1D :: 10.10.2003, 12:52  
Hey Emily, when was the last time I said anything crazy? I rule! And I dont think there are any freshers in here. We dont tell peeps about it. Oh, now I have to go for lunch.

damn :: :: 10.10.2003, 11:10  
see i also clever. i meant shit eatin

gar :: :: 10.10.2003, 11:09  
emily you are clever as a shut eatin ding rabbit on coke. the word is write. you fuck head. so any news?

emily :: :: 9.10.2003, 16:27  
To all freshers:do not be afraid to contribute to the intelectual discussions that often occur here.or just right any old shite like most....darron(the spamof the mb.)

Gar :: :: 8.10.2003, 14:47  
so the llama dooley, ot the half i control woul like to let anyone who remembers Jane, Debs' friend know that there be her 21st on sat in the corner stone on camden street. it will be fun. its a pretty broad invite so come who may!!!
the llama would also like to know if amy1 is going out tonight?? give me a shout

michael :: :: 6.10.2003, 13:19
Hey ya, We have got lots in store for you over the next few weeks! First up is Trampnite which will be on in Bobs in Temple Bar on Thursday 16th October (www.dublinpubs.net/map.htm). We have got the whole of upstairs booked and dj till close. We will be joining up with Trinity and DCU trampoline clubs for the event so will be jammers with crazy bouncers! Tickets are a fundraiser for cavan (see next event) and cost 4 euro for members and 5 euro for non-members. Tickets can be got from Aisling Smith or Eugene at training. Twill be a brilliant night if last year is anything to go by! Next event is the biggie. Our weekend away in Kilinkere Co. Cavan on Oct 24,25,26 is probably the best weekend you will have this year. We get all the equipment and go to the middle of nowhere in cavan and then the fun and games begin. Make sure you get time off work as those who didnt last year regretted it. Cost this year is the same as last year at 30 euro which covers the cost of the bus there and back, food and drink and getting all the stuff up there and back. All in all good value. We will be taking names for cavan at training over the next two weeks, you can also reply to this email to register your interest. Places may be limited so get in early! Next up is a new one for the club. We are teaming up with the Simon Community and having a bounceathon in Temple Bar square on Saturday 1st November. It promises to be a great day in town, get to see Temple Bar from a new angle! We will need lots of help in moving equipment and helping out on th e day, more details will follow. If you are interested you can reply to this email with your name and member no (if you can remember it!) Thats about all for now, Remember polls, photos, information and lots of other stuff are at http://www.ucd.ie/tramp Eugene
ais(evil) :: :: 5.10.2003, 23:41  
mmm cavan...tastey

aislingging :: :: 5.10.2003, 23:41  
well the whole committee lookks tres retared so its not just u n.i.p. yes tramp nite, fun!!! buy ticket...4 eypos...cheap...come...16th...bobs!!!! c me at trainig re sed tickets

michael :: :: 5.10.2003, 17:32  
Maybe we should have a poll on the photos to put on the committee page. Believe me the one that Eugene took of nobody in particular when resized to fit the photos size on committee page looked bit strange :P

nobody in particular :: :: 4.10.2003, 18:44  
i think the commitee photos are really unatractive and should be changed to nicer ones that you know you have michael!!!!!

Eugene :: :: 3.10.2003, 14:44  
Cavan is booked!

24/25/26th October

Bus to the middle of nowhere

Stay in a community hall



Cocktails (Mmmm......Tasty Special)

Details to follow at training sessions

Michael :: :: 3.10.2003, 11:39  
Hey trampnite will be on the 16th so clear your diary cos its gonna be great. Aisling S has all the details

clare :: :: 3.10.2003, 09:11  
hiya, what night is trampnite do you know yeat??

Ais n m :: :: 2.10.2003, 11:43  
Sorry the date for that bounceathon i just spoke of should be Sunday the 2nd of November, not the 1st.

Ais n m :: :: 1.10.2003, 18:17  
Hey everyone
Just wanna make sure that everyone knows about our upcoming events so you can vlear a space in your diaries for them.
1st is "Trampnite"....a night out with everyone from our own club, and also everyone from Trinity Trampoline Club and DCU Gymnastics and Trampolining Club. It's always a great night...gets everyone introduced to the "Worsky" and the "Tasty Special" - some trampoline cocktails - and is almost a training might for what goes on in Cavan...get everyone in the drinking game frame of mind. :) Trampnite will cost no more than a fiver I'm told and hopefully ther'ell be a bit of free booze going a begging!
Then there's Cavan! Friday October 24th to Sunday 26th - one of the most memorable weekends you'll ever have. We dont leave till about 5 on friday so you dont have to miss college.... and as for those of you with weekend jobs.....ask for the time off now....everyone who didn't last year really regretted it! You'll hear plenty more about the trip in the coming weeks...just make sure you have the time off!
Nov 1st - we are getting involved with the Simon Community....having a bounceathon in Temple Bar for the day! 75% of the money raised will go to the charity and the other 25% will be fundraising for the club....ie. money to make your weekends away even cheaper again. please everybody come along and join in the action...beginner or not! more details to follow.

Sorry that was such a long message!

dee :: :: 1.10.2003, 00:12  
gar i think its about time we got back to our old ways and let the slagging begin! try and beat our library days ......back when u used do do nething in ur power to brush up against ROBO-COP .

Gar :: :: 30.9.2003, 13:11  
won't be able to coach tonight cuse i going back down to wicklow to have dinner wit me bro cause he back from afghanistan. maybe thurs, i'll let y'all know.
yours in enlightenment
the llama, of dooley llama fame

Eugene :: :: 28.9.2003, 23:35  
Hey everybody.

Thanks again to all who helped out during freshers week and welcome to all our new members (bless!).

Also a special thank you to Michael for all of the work he puts in on the technical side - the website, the database, etc. Without him we wouldn't have a website (or we may still have the one from 1997/1998)!

Remember, if you need to send any e-mails to the committee, you can e-mail ucdtramp@hotmail.com. Alternatively, you can contact me directly (details on the contacts page of the site).

See you all at training!


:: :: Darron :: :: 28.9.2003, 14:48  

Ah, Im only messing.
Welcome, weclome!
I'm going to send out a group mail as soon as all the emails are compiled. It'll let everyone know whats in store for the year, what to expect from the classes, and what we have planned in general.
In the meantime, just know that the classes are always really, really busy this time of year, and that it will settle down in the next few weeks. So if you like bouncing, just hang in there! Any questions or praise, just ask anyone, post here on the board, or mail me. Address is on the site somewhere. Oh wait here it is: darroncostello@hotmail.com
Later! (Especially praise).

:: :: Darron :: :: 28.9.2003, 14:27  
Dear Freshers:

Now that we have your money;
I'd just like to say...
Trampolining is cancelled.
Please go away.

Ais n m :: :: 26.9.2003, 12:27  
A big thank you to all who helped out during the week. I think we have surpassed ourselves yet again!! more members than ever before!!
And to all new members....welcome to the club...and welcome to the site. Hope you all enjoy being in the club.
See you all tomorrow at one!

dee :: :: 26.9.2003, 11:49  
gar im hangin today, got record breakinly shit-faced while out last night!!! let me know if ur up to nething.
luv dee xxxxxx

fred :: :: 24.9.2003, 11:52  
by ouncey he meant bouncey

gar :: :: 24.9.2003, 11:51  
sorry could no makey it to the ouncey ut will dfo my best to get in to the display on thurs and scare some freshers. haven't done syphilis in 5 months, i think the crowd situation is the perfect time for a revival!!!

ais(evil) :: :: 23.9.2003, 23:31  
hey peeps think first training sesion went well- yay all

James :: :: 22.9.2003, 20:14  
Hello. I came to the trampolining club to find out more information about carpet tax. I left confused and hungry. However, the pictures pleased me. It is a good site, maybe average, at best. Overall, I rate it C+.

clare :: :: 21.9.2003, 23:09  
hey. ive no lectures 2m so ill be over to the stand lots, cant wait to c all the posters & stuff & ill hav my tenner in hand to join! (again!)

ps proboards is great fun!

Hello :: :: 21.9.2003, 14:28  

The great people of the Student's Union have set up a new UCD MESSAGE BOARD on the internet and it can be accessed at the above address! Not only does it host boards for every single class in the college, but it is also home to message boards for all clubs and societies of the college, including the L&H! So don't delay, check it out today!

Come and interact with your fellow students already online!
The UCD Web Message Board:


Eugene :: :: 20.9.2003, 01:48  
Hey everyone. Just a little update on the progress for freshers week preparations.

We've been able to get 120 posters printed (for free!) to date (both black and white and colour) and are getting some more done today (Saturday). People came up with the slogans after training on Thursday (in the bar, of course). Can anyone help putting them up today? (Apart from those who automatically 'volunteer by coming to training at 1pm).
We now have a laminator for monday (fingers crossed) and everything seems to be coming together nicely.
We probably have a monitor to show videos for the week (Thanks Ais Ni M and her brother!).
Michael has put up a timetable for the freshers stand on the locker, so we can all fill in when we'll be free to come to the stand during the week. There should be 2 people there at all times, but the more the merrier (hoodies at the ready!). We have some fliers to hand out when there are loads of people there, so we can take the fight to them and badger and harass people who arent interested into joining, as well as enthusiastically encourage those who are interested.
Details of the displays are in Ais's post below. Don't forget, we'll need loads of people to do the displays, ranging from seat-drop wars to whatever fancy stuff you can do. Also, we'll need to be recruiting new members while doing the displays. It should be great fun! (No, that wasn't sarcasm)

See y'all later

dee :: :: 19.9.2003, 15:08  
hey gar, give me a txt over the weekend , we'll meet up.

Ais n m :: :: 19.9.2003, 10:14  
Cheers to everyone who attended the agm the other night...a successful days work i reckon. Everyone get ready for nest week cos we wanna get more members than ever before. Wash your hoodies over the weekend and try to wear them as often as poss over the next week. Plenty of help will be needed at the stand so if you have an hour or two off at any point...join us. Oh and dont forget...displays at 1.00pm on both monday and thursday. will need loads of help at bout 12.15 cos have to bring trampolines from sports centre to carpark for set up...please everyone show up. Anyone who needs to know anything give me a call or a txt.

emily :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:57  
road,i meant road

emily :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:57  
hey gar,ali lives down the foad from me so il ask her

gar :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:46  
we are looking for the number for ciara clarkes dad for the hallin cavan. do you guys remember her. well if you do you might remember her friend ali who came with us too. she is still in ucd so if anyone sees her ask her for ciaras dads phone number. cheers dudes. see you all next week.

Ais n m :: :: 17.9.2003, 09:37  
dunno what the deal is with this thing lookin all funny...but it looks nice with the blue background michael...keep it that way!
see everyone tonight at 6.30...meeting rooms 3 and 4 upstairs in the student centre.

Emily and Michael :: :: 15.9.2003, 20:06  
Hey ems is back on the net. Expect a lot of ranting on the board any minute now...!

Bronagh :: :: 13.9.2003, 17:18  
Yeah I feel the same way too, I would if it weren't for the lack of funds!! Think I may just text Ronald and tell him to wish Devin a belated birthday for me coz I texted but the msg didn't deliver. Don't think he ever got a new phone after the night in your apt!! By the way have started taking out my last wages from the TD account and they'll only allow me to withdraw a poxy amount every day!!!

ais; for th attention of my personal secretary :: :: 13.9.2003, 14:55  
i know, i left ronald a birthday msg for devin cos i wasnt sure if he was getting them...a la rouge, i feel like drinking myself into a coma in his honor...

Bronagh :: :: 13.9.2003, 01:27  
Hey Ais, Ronald said to tell you he got your message!!! Have to say I love that I appear to have been promoted from general dogs body to your personal secretary!! This post definitely gives me a greater sense of meaning in life!!!! Dunno if the other guy is still pissed off though but I'm sure I'll soon find out!!! They're goin to La Rouge tomorrow night for Devin's birthday-Aaaw Damn it!!!

Michael :: :: 11.9.2003, 22:22  
Hey yall, Barry is having his 21st birthday party this sat in doyles from 8. All tramps are invited!

dee :: :: 11.9.2003, 20:08  
gar if u can remember to get me copies of ur photos nf ill sort u out with cash 4 it. thanks babe x

moi :: :: 11.9.2003, 00:37  
sleepless nite anyone? dam time zones...thats cool- im going to mail ppl tomo anyway.

Bro :: :: 10.9.2003, 03:25  
Hey Ais (Tall, Evil one) Just got an email from Jen Tavares!!! She was lookin for your address so I forwarded it on to her!!! Hope you don't mind...well I suppose it's not like I gave it to Brad or someone so its hardly a problem!!!! See you Fri!

gar :: :: 9.9.2003, 11:08  
sorry ash, wasn't tryin to be smart, just sarcastic!
darron is an important player this year, and i think the agm should be scheduled on a date that suits him. the date wasnt set last year until we were all back and knew the craic. sorting freshers week can happen separately. i around this week if you need help but the phone is fucked so i'll get a new one tomorrow

Ais ní m :: :: 8.9.2003, 23:44  
Sorry not meaning to get snappy.up to my eyeballs without help and cant keep everyone happy. know abut darron...if anyone else has major problem with agm can thy call or text me. michael and eye are working on freshers week from here on in..as he said...so any ideas will be welcomed. see you all real soon

Michael :: :: 8.9.2003, 21:54  
Got back today from the big smoke...to the not so big smoke. Will get crackin' on the whole freshers week thing etc. so want to see y'all over the next week etc. Know youve all been avoiding me: Thailand America, Canada etc. I can take a hint ya know. Give me a text if u r home and want to meet up

Ais ní m :: :: 8.9.2003, 14:14  
can someone else sort out the bloody agm then if nobody's happy.

anomomomonously :: :: 8.9.2003, 04:35  
cudnt sleep , this bloody jet lag crap!! might not see u guys wednesday heading to killarney with my dad for some family stuff. dont worry another few days wont kill u!!! actually gar ross, liam and jade could probably do with break from me ;) talk to u all soon.
emily.... hows things, u home ??? jane u back yet too ???

Ais n m :: :: 26.9.2003, 12:27  
A big thank you to all who helped out during the week. I think we have surpassed ourselves yet again!! more members than ever before!!
And to all new members....welcome to the club...and welcome to the site. Hope you all enjoy being in the club.
See you all tomorrow at one!

dee :: :: 26.9.2003, 11:49  
gar im hangin today, got record breakinly shit-faced while out last night!!! let me know if ur up to nething.
luv dee xxxxxx

fred :: :: 24.9.2003, 11:52  
by ouncey he meant bouncey

gar :: :: 24.9.2003, 11:51  
sorry could no makey it to the ouncey ut will dfo my best to get in to the display on thurs and scare some freshers. haven't done syphilis in 5 months, i think the crowd situation is the perfect time for a revival!!!

ais(evil) :: :: 23.9.2003, 23:31  
hey peeps think first training sesion went well- yay all

James :: :: 22.9.2003, 20:14  
Hello. I came to the trampolining club to find out more information about carpet tax. I left confused and hungry. However, the pictures pleased me. It is a good site, maybe average, at best. Overall, I rate it C+.

clare :: :: 21.9.2003, 23:09  
hey. ive no lectures 2m so ill be over to the stand lots, cant wait to c all the posters & stuff & ill hav my tenner in hand to join! (again!)

ps proboards is great fun!

Hello :: :: 21.9.2003, 14:28  

The great people of the Student's Union have set up a new UCD MESSAGE BOARD on the internet and it can be accessed at the above address! Not only does it host boards for every single class in the college, but it is also home to message boards for all clubs and societies of the college, including the L&H! So don't delay, check it out today!

Come and interact with your fellow students already online!
The UCD Web Message Board:


Eugene :: :: 20.9.2003, 01:48  
Hey everyone. Just a little update on the progress for freshers week preparations.

We've been able to get 120 posters printed (for free!) to date (both black and white and colour) and are getting some more done today (Saturday). People came up with the slogans after training on Thursday (in the bar, of course). Can anyone help putting them up today? (Apart from those who automatically 'volunteer by coming to training at 1pm).
We now have a laminator for monday (fingers crossed) and everything seems to be coming together nicely.
We probably have a monitor to show videos for the week (Thanks Ais Ni M and her brother!).
Michael has put up a timetable for the freshers stand on the locker, so we can all fill in when we'll be free to come to the stand during the week. There should be 2 people there at all times, but the more the merrier (hoodies at the ready!). We have some fliers to hand out when there are loads of people there, so we can take the fight to them and badger and harass people who arent interested into joining, as well as enthusiastically encourage those who are interested.
Details of the displays are in Ais's post below. Don't forget, we'll need loads of people to do the displays, ranging from seat-drop wars to whatever fancy stuff you can do. Also, we'll need to be recruiting new members while doing the displays. It should be great fun! (No, that wasn't sarcasm)

See y'all later

dee :: :: 19.9.2003, 15:08  
hey gar, give me a txt over the weekend , we'll meet up.

Ais n m :: :: 19.9.2003, 10:14  
Cheers to everyone who attended the agm the other night...a successful days work i reckon. Everyone get ready for nest week cos we wanna get more members than ever before. Wash your hoodies over the weekend and try to wear them as often as poss over the next week. Plenty of help will be needed at the stand so if you have an hour or two off at any point...join us. Oh and dont forget...displays at 1.00pm on both monday and thursday. will need loads of help at bout 12.15 cos have to bring trampolines from sports centre to carpark for set up...please everyone show up. Anyone who needs to know anything give me a call or a txt.

emily :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:57  
road,i meant road

emily :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:57  
hey gar,ali lives down the foad from me so il ask her

gar :: :: 17.9.2003, 12:46  
we are looking for the number for ciara clarkes dad for the hallin cavan. do you guys remember her. well if you do you might remember her friend ali who came with us too. she is still in ucd so if anyone sees her ask her for ciaras dads phone number. cheers dudes. see you all next week.

Ais n m :: :: 17.9.2003, 09:37  
dunno what the deal is with this thing lookin all funny...but it looks nice with the blue background michael...keep it that way!
see everyone tonight at 6.30...meeting rooms 3 and 4 upstairs in the student centre.

Emily and Michael :: :: 15.9.2003, 20:06  
Hey ems is back on the net. Expect a lot of ranting on the board any minute now...!

Bronagh :: :: 13.9.2003, 17:18  
Yeah I feel the same way too, I would if it weren't for the lack of funds!! Think I may just text Ronald and tell him to wish Devin a belated birthday for me coz I texted but the msg didn't deliver. Don't think he ever got a new phone after the night in your apt!! By the way have started taking out my last wages from the TD account and they'll only allow me to withdraw a poxy amount every day!!!

ais; for th attention of my personal secretary :: :: 13.9.2003, 14:55  
i know, i left ronald a birthday msg for devin cos i wasnt sure if he was getting them...a la rouge, i feel like drinking myself into a coma in his honor...

Bronagh :: :: 13.9.2003, 01:27  
Hey Ais, Ronald said to tell you he got your message!!! Have to say I love that I appear to have been promoted from general dogs body to your personal secretary!! This post definitely gives me a greater sense of meaning in life!!!! Dunno if the other guy is still pissed off though but I'm sure I'll soon find out!!! They're goin to La Rouge tomorrow night for Devin's birthday-Aaaw Damn it!!!

Michael :: :: 11.9.2003, 22:22  
Hey yall, Barry is having his 21st birthday party this sat in doyles from 8. All tramps are invited!

dee :: :: 11.9.2003, 20:08  
gar if u can remember to get me copies of ur photos nf ill sort u out with cash 4 it. thanks babe x

moi :: :: 11.9.2003, 00:37  
sleepless nite anyone? dam time zones...thats cool- im going to mail ppl tomo anyway.

Bro :: :: 10.9.2003, 03:25  
Hey Ais (Tall, Evil one) Just got an email from Jen Tavares!!! She was lookin for your address so I forwarded it on to her!!! Hope you don't mind...well I suppose it's not like I gave it to Brad or someone so its hardly a problem!!!! See you Fri!

gar :: :: 9.9.2003, 11:08  
sorry ash, wasn't tryin to be smart, just sarcastic!
darron is an important player this year, and i think the agm should be scheduled on a date that suits him. the date wasnt set last year until we were all back and knew the craic. sorting freshers week can happen separately. i around this week if you need help but the phone is fucked so i'll get a new one tomorrow

Ais ní m :: :: 8.9.2003, 23:44  
Sorry not meaning to get snappy.up to my eyeballs without help and cant keep everyone happy. know abut darron...if anyone else has major problem with agm can thy call or text me. michael and eye are working on freshers week from here on in..as he said...so any ideas will be welcomed. see you all real soon

Michael :: :: 8.9.2003, 21:54  
Got back today from the big smoke...to the not so big smoke. Will get crackin' on the whole freshers week thing etc. so want to see y'all over the next week etc. Know youve all been avoiding me: Thailand America, Canada etc. I can take a hint ya know. Give me a text if u r home and want to meet up

Ais ní m :: :: 8.9.2003, 14:14  
can someone else sort out the bloody agm then if nobody's happy.

anomomomonously :: :: 8.9.2003, 04:35  
cudnt sleep , this bloody jet lag crap!! might not see u guys wednesday heading to killarney with my dad for some family stuff. dont worry another few days wont kill u!!! actually gar ross, liam and jade could probably do with break from me ;) talk to u all soon.
emily.... hows things, u home ??? jane u back yet too ???

aiserling :: :: 7.9.2003, 23:09  
ahhh.... im back in the country and guess what i did...left my mobile in canada...

boast :: :: 7.9.2003, 17:38  
forgot to say taht i is writing this on my very sexy, i mean s..e..x..y.. laptop. by s..e..x..y.. i really mean fwoar SEXY SEXY. which reminds me; hi ceire

Gar, you remember, the other half of the Dooley Llama :: :: 7.9.2003, 17:35  
llamas have mastered the art of giving themselves head. and we thought they had nothing to teach us. pah. the Dooley Llama will teach you all!!
OK i like the AGM date pickage method Ais but maybe talk to some more pple and actually check if pple can make it. you know quorum and all that!
have missed you all. some pple i missed very little, like Dee and Ross cause i actually never had a moment without them to be given the opportunity.
is bounce on this week? has the life been sucked out of it since i left, leaving such a vaccum?

joanne :: :: 7.9.2003, 13:30  
hey everybody, cant believe its nearly back to college time, it will be so good to see everybody. Will hopefully be at training on wednesday : )

dee :: :: 6.9.2003, 21:13  
me is home. ceire chick'n give me a buzz and we'll do coffee. cant wait for more drinkage!! o863102919 cant remeber ur number, sorrry hun. hope ur getting good use outa those nickers??? ull have to dress up 4 us all :)

:: Darron? :: 6.9.2003, 02:03  
Im going to be on set all next week and possibly all of the following week. Would it be possible to have the AGM on a weekend? Any weekend at anytime, anywhere, its all good.
I want to be there but I won't be able to if it clashes with work, which is 5am to 10pm Mon-Fri at the moment.

Céire :: :: 4.9.2003, 19:15  
Im sooo excited-everyone is coming home!
I know that it sucks for all you that have been away on fab holidays but i cant wqait to see you all. We gonna drinkie and ltsa crazy stories. Tis cool!!

dee :: :: 4.9.2003, 17:34  
guys u shoulda seen my arse!! i was worse than an anal rape victim- the bruises on me !!!! had a brill time snowboarding(trying to) but at least i excelled in falling over and making a fool of myself. drunken video footage of me is even better or so the guys had to remind me- flashbacks are the scariest thing :)
leaving for home tomoro- cant wait to see u guys ! luv u all
dee xxxxxxxxxx

Michael :: :: 4.9.2003, 11:56  
Hey looking forward to seeing y'all on Tuesday. Do people want to meet up to get stuff sorted on the freshers stand. We have to print out lots of sign up forms get photos and stuff, collages. Figure out who wants to be on the stand and stuff. I am going to do a few cosmetic changes to the site and get it all fresh and kinda new. Emily got your letter and started laughing maniacally in the office so they think i am completely cracked now. We is going to use a computer this year so we get emails etc set up really easy so if anyone has a laptop we could use that would be class. Brendan S I am looking at you! :) I have only been bungee bouncing and cant wait to get back on a eurotramp, see ya tuesday michael

Ais ní m :: :: 3.9.2003, 12:48  
just for anyone interested...when i said training on wednesday was from 2 - 4 i meant 4 - 6. Thanks to emily for pointing out my mistakes.....i never claimed to be good with numbers!!!!

aisling...justback from monteal :: :: 2.9.2003, 19:14  
hey peeps- ems, u poor pet- i left u msgs at camp cos we were going to new york- twas so cool, hav moved out of my appartment now and am living rough...micheal, we hav 9 hours to kill in heathrow nxt sunday- come and wave to us thru the glass like th caged animals we r...see yas all a it to soon...not that we dontmiss yas but tis a little sad to b goin home

me again :: :: 2.9.2003, 13:33  
forgot to mention...if there's anyone who knows that they wont be able to be there that day but wants to run for a committee position or has something that they wanted to bring up at the AGM could they get in touch with me either by the message board, by email or by phone. see contacts page for details. i'll do my best to keep everyone happy.

Ais ní m :: :: 2.9.2003, 11:58  
just so everyone knows...cos lots of people are arriving home now....training every wednesday from 2 - 4 until term time is back! Be there.
Also...the club AGM is happening the evening of Wednesday September 17th. Prob on campus...will have the where and when closer the time.
Sorry Michael...took the liberty of picking a date out of mid air without you just so everyone has notice.
thats when you can put yourselves up for positions and vote for who does what etc etc
hope to see as many people there as poss. that goes for oldies too...denise, andy and all you guys!! :)
See you all real soon.

clare :: :: 31.8.2003, 21:24  
hey eugene, im going to paris next week & since you lived there & all could you give me the names of some good places to go out at night & stuff, or nething else good for tourists. thank you!!

Eugene :: :: 31.8.2003, 18:13  
Hi everybody!

Finally finished working in the most boring place on earth (it's like a library with no books). I have free time now, so I'll be going out to UCD quite a bit. Is training still on on Wednesdays? I'd like to get back into it. Well, anyhoo, better go enjoy my freedom before i get bored.

Hope to see y'all soon

Michael :: :: 30.8.2003, 11:19  
Hey jen, my address at home in ireland is
61 Clonard Park, Sandyford, Dublin 16
Cant wait to see yall again!

Jen :: :: 28.8.2003, 20:33  
Hey Michael, just wonderin whats your address? the Irish one I mean ( just so I can send u a postcardb to the right adress this time!!!!!)

emily :: :: 26.8.2003, 18:49  
hey everyone.guess what-was only in new york foor one dayy before i landed myself in hospital...i have ciatica/syiatica.pinched nerve or somethin.good news is they injected me with morphine and gave me some pills too.comin home on thurs and i cant wait.see you all soon

clare :: :: 25.8.2003, 22:43  
yay! message board is working.
tis great to hear how everyones summer adventures r going again! enjoy ur last few weeks of freedom!

joanne :: :: 25.8.2003, 22:12  
hey everyone, i am back in dublin now, had a great summer. im surprised/annoyed by how tanned some of the people who stayed in ireland for the summer. Typical the one summer i go away we get it good, hmmpph! Ais (evil) hope your all not missin me too much, glad to here you went to wonderland, cant wait to hear all about NY, talk soon

Michael :: :: 25.8.2003, 13:35  
Hey all, I am back to the student world on sept 8th when i fly back. I finish on sept 5th so not long left before i is finished. Going to notting hill festival today , nobody should be worried about having a tan since i will be still a milk bottle when i get back

denise :: :: 24.8.2003, 22:44  
ais ni m...if you're on email can you drop me a line with your address on denise.fitzgerald@ucd.ie, or txt me with ur no. over there

ais...with th little a :: :: 21.8.2003, 18:00  
just wrote a big long post then it erarsed- short version- jane register online, me still pale, goin to new york tomo, went to wonderland yesterday, ais i ment email then we realised twas here all along. later

Ais :: :: 20.8.2003, 16:27  
hey guys....that sounds cool jen. and dont worry...i wont be browner than you...im really disappointed with the tanning....just not happening quick enough.
other aisling....thought after i got offline last time that you guys could just send me an email...im checking every few days when i can. address is on contacts page.
hope youre all having a blast in south america....sounds superb!
jane, darrons in the US at the moment so maybe he cant get online or something.
If theres anyone at home theres coaching opportunity...in ucd for the new era group on the 2nd and 4th of sept. 2 hours each time. darron is doing it and hell need one more. call him if youre interested. anyone whos done a coaching course.
what else? when you home michael?
im on santorini now....black beaches cos its a volcanic island...we're going to the crater tomorrow and doing mud baths and hot springs and all that. the sunsets are the most beautiful ive ever seen.
Goin across to turkey for a few days next week too.
See you all when i get home.

jen :: :: 18.8.2003, 23:47  
hey everyone glad to hear you're all havin a ball. prob the only one left in dublin :-( got as far as blackpool this weekend go me!!!! Ais glas to hear you're havin a good time you better not come back browner than me!!!!!! Donnie is fine right now he's runneng around the sitting room in his big pink ball ( his new toy) and he now comes out when hes called. his house also got redecorated, lots of new acessories!!!! hes havin a fab summer holiday. seems to have developed a strange attraction to Bens feet.............. follows his around all the time!!!!!!!!!! anyways enjoy the rest of your holiday loadsa news for you when you get back.

Jane :: :: 18.8.2003, 11:07  
hey everybody, in Vietnam now, my little adventure's nearly over, sob. Am very scared of having to go back to real life, I don't know how i'll handle the transition! Did anyone else hear that we have to register on the fifth of september? Is that not way too early? I just hope my dad got it wrong.
Vietnam is pretty mental but not as mad as Cambodia which should just be locked up in a big mad house, when is everybody back?
Whats happened to Darron? Is he just too famous to post?
Dee hows the snow?

Ais - not evil :: :: 18.8.2003, 09:52  
hey other ais...just read that now....my address is 115 meadow grove, dundrum, d16....but im in greece till 5th. sorry

Ais - not evil :: :: 18.8.2003, 09:48  
hi everyone....
im in greece and having a ball....very very hot here! hope youre all having a great time in your relevent worldly destinations.
michael,. not sure when youre back but we gotta load of shit to sort out....im home on sept 5th so give me a call or whatever.
jenny....hope alls well at home..hows donne? hope shes not giving you any hassle.
see you all soon anyway.

dee :: deegrant18@hotmail.com :: 18.8.2003, 04:39  
hey hey hey,........... we are in argentina, :) having a ball. how´s the land of the exotic for u jane??? ur travels any good? hope everyones well, not long to go before freshers week !
luv yas olots

dee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael :: :: 17.8.2003, 20:00  
Sorry it was down netsoc disabled it for a while...

Bronagh :: :: 14.8.2003, 16:38  
Woo-hoo we're back up and running again!!!! Hope everyone is having a brilliant summer even though it is nearly over (boo hoo)!! Plenty of stories to be told from T.O when we get home in a few weeks!!!! See ye all soon!!! Oh Jo and I saw some members of the Canadian Olympic tramp team the other day doin a demo thingy-so cool!! They were even bouncing on snowboards!!!! Anywhoo byeeee!!!

ais :: :: 24.7.2003, 07:49  
guys u all so low on scandal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we'l hav to create some here... all still good and stuff

Michael :: :: 19.7.2003, 14:47  
Hey ems address is:
Michael Dooley (that bit is obvious)
Apartment 18
Claredale House, Claredale St.
Bethnal Green, London E2 6PE
Hope to hear from ya soon

emily :: :: 19.7.2003, 01:32  
hey michael whats your address in london or are you still cardboard boxin it?

dee :: :: 16.7.2003, 21:04  
jane i sense jealousy:) !!!! still having a ball i hate to say. got shit faced last night - grat craic dancing etc. how is everyone? glasd to here work is goimng well michael
trish hope training is going good.
talk to u all soon x

Michael :: :: 13.7.2003, 12:54  
Hey all hope you are having as good a time as me, tis really sunny here today in London but am a bit hungover after last night...I am down to 21p since none of my cards work and my uk bank hasnt sent me my pin so will be livin cheap for the next while! Get paid at the end of the month so will probably blow the lot in a weeks shoppping, other than that am keeping well and should be flying home for a weekend sometime soon but dont bet on it since London is an amazing place! Talk to yall later

jane :: :: 13.7.2003, 06:03  
hey all leaving our tropical island today and heading over to another one. life is soooo hard! ;)

dee :: :: 12.7.2003, 19:08  
hey guys,
hi form sunny honduras !!
having a blast roos and gar and the others and me are all having a ball. snorkling scuaba diving, we all have ok tans not much gossip all keeping well.
see u all in sept!

joanne :: :: 11.7.2003, 17:20  
hey everybody, anyone have any news, no news here (well there is probably lots of news really but anyway...) just workin and partyin and stuff, having a party tonight for our friend fionas (whom some of you know -emilys friend too) 21st. its a bring furniture for me and bros and ais' appartments party

aisling s :: :: 7.7.2003, 09:29  
aisling ni m, cd u e-mail me r bro, r post ur adress r summit we hav a q for u

clare :: :: 5.7.2003, 18:01  
ps is bouncin on? id love a jump up and down!! it would put a little sparkle in the dreary days ahead!

clare :: :: 5.7.2003, 17:58  
hey pple, ive got all my excitement out of the way for this summer now and so ive decided to join in and mope with you fellow mopers about being stuck in this rainy land :-(
just back from italy was in lake garda and venice, (venice is amazing) and before that was workin in d phenox park prancing in the fields with the cute baby fawns!
And now its back to normal (sigh)... find job....etc etc

Michael :: :: 5.7.2003, 15:28  
Hey All,
I am settling in great here in cloudy london. All the other interns (28 of them) are really nice and my accomm. is ok. It is only around 25 mins on the tube to work and another 15 min walk. The first week was really easy as we were just introduced to our teams and will be starting the real work next week. Today myself and another of the interns are out sightseeing but my feet are really aching. Not much else to report but went on an adventure day out on wednesday and will be going paintballing etc. later on in the month along with some other organised activities. Unfortunately we cant use the email systems in work for personal use so I check my email about twice a week so dont expect a reply straight away!
I have set myself up with phone number here it is: 00447743978151
I expect a few texts people! Anyway are any of ye going to visit at all. Eugene has plans to visit later on this month so get in touch if you have plans too.

ais...ais :: :: 4.7.2003, 20:40  
not much news, clio- who i live with, did come back from the offie the other day with a couch. every1 has jobs now which is good, my voice is still croaky...i hav no money, am literaly dirt poor. get paid in 2 weeks hav $13 til then. ceire- cost about a grand in total- a little less, more if u go to vancouver. ems- all the nos are about ten posts down. anyway gotta run

Céire :: :: 4.7.2003, 16:25  
hey have become decidedly less bitter as have found job and therefore money should be somewhere in the pipelines. Now if I can just sort something out re the weather....

Jen :: :: 4.7.2003, 02:34  
hey Ais, forgot to ask how goes the not buying chocolate??????? think i've saved bout 20 euro so far, so proud of me :-)

Jen :: :: 4.7.2003, 01:47  
Hey guys, also gettin extremely jealous....... think I should just pretend I'm somewhere really cool. as soon as I think of somewhere thats cooler than thailand, canada, south america, greece, london etc....... i'll let yees know. goin to Leitrim on Sunday for 2 days which you have to admit is way cooler than where everyone else is....... well in temperature maybe . anyway Ais (not evil) was just thinkin bout trhe banner today, lemme know when ur finished O2 work and we'll go shoppin for felt an stuff. O, and regarding ISTO stuff u know I'm up for helping if u need it, right?

emily :: :: 4.7.2003, 01:37  
hey guys,happy july 4th to everyone tommorow!camp life is still fun and i am so brown for me-just one big freckle!
evil ais,whats your mobile number to ring (i.e from u.s.a).

Céire :: :: 2.7.2003, 21:27  
What I had to say was soo importtant that I sent it twice and I no longer have a friend named Ross. He has been replaced by the much cooler Roosy. Yes, Roosy is just a damn cool guy.

Céire :: :: 2.7.2003, 21:22  
Hey guys... back in Dublin!!! Its so much fun..some funny stories which Ill tell you all when you get home involving rain, no money and no sign of a job. Im not bitter I just hate you all. Seriously though good to hear that you're all having a blast. Ross I picked up my stuff from your house. Thanks a mill again to bith you and gar for bringing it home for me. Gar is roosy getting naked often enough over there? Have sent you all my new mob no via email and Ais gimme a shout on it and we'll talk ISTO stuff. Kisses to one and all. Canada people how much was your J1 btw??

Céire :: :: 2.7.2003, 21:22  
Hey guys... back in Dublin!!! Its so much fun..some funny stories which Ill tell you all when you get home involving rain, no money and no sign of a job. Im not bitter I just hate you all. Seriously though good to hear that you're all having a blast. Ross I picked up my stuff from your house. Thanks a mill again to bith you and gar for bringing it home for me. Gar is roosy getting naked often enough over there? Have sent you all my new mob no via email and Ais gimme a shout on it and we'll talk ISTO stuff. Kisses to one and all. Canada people how much was your J1 btw??

Sinead :: :: 2.7.2003, 17:15  
hey guys in South America!....wow sounds mega...tell dee i want emails and she's to take photos!...who's doing the scoring....let me guess!!! :)
luv ya's!

Jane :: :: 2.7.2003, 11:27  
hey all, thailand is amazing! So much better than I thought it'd be! Still in Bangkok, its mental heading down to Ko Samui tonight, Gareth why didn't you tell me about tuk-tuks? They're so much fun!! And so far no SARS!!

gar :: :: 1.7.2003, 22:06  
hello all from the land of the rum and the sun!
we is having a blast as you can imagine. a few funny stories will be recounted on our return including skinny dipping and peeing in the sea, lots of rum drinkage, some peoples failure to score and others success. jade got burted a bit today. guys you gotta see these beaches, they is incredible. we in belize now and its amazin.
will keep you updated

Ais again :: :: 1.7.2003, 17:29  
just wondering...i remember you expressing interest in being involved with isto this year...im just trying to get the committee together at the moment and wanted to chat to ya about it. give me a shout when you get home. cheers#

Ais - not evil :: :: 1.7.2003, 15:34  
hiya guys i hate the way no ones around!!!
Céire, you comin home soon???

TCD Linda :: :: 1.7.2003, 10:51  
Is there bouncing on tomorrow 4-6? I have to come out to visit your library and thought I could combine the two. Lemme know

:: 1D :: 1.7.2003, 00:01  
Yo. Im working on King Auther, Ais. It's like a medieval America's Dumbest Criminals.
4.30am to 9.00pm. Yes I did say PM. 5 days a week.
Yes I am very, very sick...

joanne :: :: 30.6.2003, 17:40  
thanks jane, dont catch any strange diseases, and if you do, be sure to pass them on to certain individuals (ill give you on the names at a later stage......they may be watching...). In other news, i got a job, wayhay! in a yacht club havent started yet though. hope your having fun michael. on the paul and cillian score, we have taken over their house and have taken to robbing pauls clothes and bed on numerous occasions! ps heard some interesting stories about you during holidays in the loire valley... ill say no more....

Ais - not evil :: :: 30.6.2003, 09:48  
Hi everyone...every time i read this i get more jealous and i cant wait to go away. Roll on August 1st!!!!

Michael :: :: 29.6.2003, 10:15  
Hey all in London now! Was up real early cos was warm and what have you. Hey ais do you have paul or cillians no there in canada?? Might need to ask a favour of them. Will get me postcards sent to y'all today if i get the time. Bye M.

me again....arnt uz th lucky ones :: :: 28.6.2003, 16:23  
all- hav fun away and stuff... iv just woken up at this house, they hav a computor- yet another shameful nite. dont really kno y im here- at least we kno the ppl who live here, which is always pleasant. whats this about darron being famous? has he been on crimeline again? r up graded to americas most wanted? hmmm... think need more sleep. by all. ais

Jane :: :: 28.6.2003, 14:28  
I'm off tomorrow morning and am sick with overexcitement! will miss u all and I'll do
my best to live by the standards set by the trampolining comitee! (a jail in thailand here I come)
Thanks ais, i managed to get one in miss selfriges and then a ridiculously expensive one in lifestyle sports, all I have to do now is wear them in public, scary.
Micheal have a great time in england, don't take any shit, after all don't they know who you are!!!
Darron hope the fame and fortune don't become too much of a burden, will you get to meet sarah-michelle gellar?
Hope you get employed soon jo, will see you all in september! (I was going to try and write a message to everyone but i still haven't packed)

:: 1D :: 28.6.2003, 03:10  
This place is just becoming some sort of... Message Board, for people to put messages up on in different countries.
Its sort of cool though: One Group of people... spread throughout the world... united by their love of trampolines...
Maybe after I finish my HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, I'll write a book about the club.

Well, since T3 is on the way, I'll have to start the Arnie impressions:
"For Doze GO-ing A-Way. Experiance Fun Dur-ing the Trip. For Doze Cu-Ent-Ly A-Way, Con-Tin-Ue Experiencing Fun. Tranz-mizhion O-va."

joanne :: :: 27.6.2003, 20:48  
hey all in south america hope your having fun have a bast in thailand jane, ditto england, michael. having fun here but running out of money and no jobs materialising, ahh

bla bla bl;a :: :: 27.6.2003, 20:42  
what bad typing but ya get the buzz, arnotts, top shop, everyoe yatayatayata.

evil ais with little vocal ability :: :: 27.6.2003, 20:39  
hey ppls- things still buzzin here, were drinking in the same pub as mike myres on tues nite, that was cool. iv lost my voice, but its not completely gone so im managing to croke away- much to the disappointment of veyone else!! jane txt me ur no on 0868104902 and il try give ya a ring b4 u leave!!! my phone isnt even turning on so i cant get anyones number!!! i hav micheals but appart from that txt me on that no for the mo r if ppl want they can txt +14168564404, after this weekend!! i kno thats really bad giving outt fone numbers on the internat but i need to kep buisness moving. for kiddy porn call
+141645685115! so toasty and just remembering how much i had summer cloths. iv had to wear bloody shorts. jane- mite i recomend arnots, top sop and contour for the best selction and qulity of bikinis and debinims and roches for price. much love all- will fill ppl in on any sca...later

ais...not evil :: :: 27.6.2003, 13:12  
hi em...wish i was in that heat. im sitting in the office staring out the window at the rain. im going to greece with my friend for the month of august tho...cant wait.
jane...cant believe you never wore a bikini...i hate shopping for them too...they never fit!!!
jen we gotta get goin on the felt banner!! give me a buzz!!!

emily :: :: 27.6.2003, 03:20  
hey guys.today it was over 100farenheit.thought i was goin to melt.no news from here really.ive learnt to drive a van on the wrong side of the road which was too much thinkin for me!the kids in my cabin are really cool .nothin else to say,so hi to everyone!

Jen :: :: 27.6.2003, 02:37  
hey everyone and anyone who's around and/or not around...... making sense is not my thing at the moment. sitting watching endless crap on tv as per usual. really really old prodigy song on mtv at the mo, sitting watching that so thats how bored I am. anyways Michael an Jane and aanyone else lucky enough to be going away have a really great time or alternatively if you have a crap time just let me know and ill take your place no problem!!!!! and to anyone buming around Dublin........please let yourselves be known..........need entertainment.................. mtv sucks, and so does big brother this year..............

Michael :: :: 26.6.2003, 22:21  
Oh yeah did anyones summer horoscope come true?

Michael :: :: 26.6.2003, 22:18  
Me is all excited even though will only be an hour away from y'all (except gar ross etc. and everyone else on the other side of the world). I have possibly the biggest bag in the universe ready to sneak onto ryanair. Me thinks michael will be wearing 5 jumpers and ten pairs of socks/boxers to keep the weight under 15kg. If ya want a postcard leave your address on the message board and im sure ill get around to it eventually. Myself and jane are going away on the weekend, anyone up for going out before then? Friday night would suit since im off sat night also good chance for the frenchies to meet up with ppl. Any ideas.

Jane :: :: 26.6.2003, 18:10  
hey not evil ais have been spending ridiculous amounts on stuff for going away,and so have not been posting its crap being a girl, guys would only need shower-gel whereas we need shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer (face and body), plasters, suncream....... the list in endless. I think i might just go to thailand without a rucksack and see how that goes, get back to nature type thing. As for the trauma of shopping for a bikini (i've reached the ripe old age of nineteen without ever wearing one why on earth did i decide i suddenly would?!).... don't even get me started. Off on sunday, can't wait although I'll miss ya all.

Ais...not evil :: :: 26.6.2003, 17:46  
Céire, when do you get home?

Ais...me the one with the funny surname, the one who is here in dublin :: :: 26.6.2003, 17:40  
Céire its me....evil ais is having too much fun in canada to be here

Céire :: :: 26.6.2003, 16:37  
Ok which Ais was the last one? Specify people

Ais :: :: 26.6.2003, 14:22  
this is the first time ever that ive been able to look at this message board lots cos im stuck at a desk in an office...and as soon as i can read it...no one's writing anything...come on people...occupy me...evil ais/bro/joanne, emily..havnt seen you in ages and ages, the whole gang in south america, jane.......everyone!!!!

Ais :: :: 26.6.2003, 14:14  
Hey Céire...i do sorta have a job...coaching trampoline and as receptionist and as a production assistant...but they're all a bit here and there.
And life is a little boring. Im off to Greece with a friend prob on August 1st.
you can come if ya like

Céire :: :: 26.6.2003, 14:08  
Ehm excuse the surplus letters in the last message there whuich make normal words sound ridiculous. Such as "didi" and "arounfd"

Céire :: :: 26.6.2003, 14:06  
Darron. You are in Ireland right now yes? Is it really crap? Be honest wit me. Bar bouncing will lif esuck?!! Ais will be in contact when back home for sure. Where you off to at end of July and how didi ya manage to bum arounfd for so long without a job?

:: 1D :: 26.6.2003, 05:25  
Woops. Its late again.

:: 1D :: 26.6.2003, 01:25  
I meant 3 below THIS.

:: 1D :: 26.6.2003, 01:24  
(Re: The Mail 3 below this)
This is also for Gareth... I also hope you can read this where you are.
Im really worried that you left in a really good mood with me. You know I hate your gut and intend to smach your face upon your return.
If you read this please dont let me know anything or try to communicate with me at all.
Your enemy,

Sinead :: :: 25.6.2003, 16:56  
Hey all ! i hope you're all having a super duper time in South America and that Dee's not driving you all mad....thanks for taking her off my hands.....you know it really was worth paying you guys 1000$ and a 1Kg of coccaine to take her with you.....gives me a bit of respite!
no seriously have a blast Amigo's !xxxluv ya's!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aisling again..wow twice :: :: 25.6.2003, 13:05  
this is for gareth...i hope you can read this where you are.
im really worried that you left in a really bad mood with me. You know i love ya to bits.
If you read this please let me know that youre not pissed off with me
your friend

Aisling - the one you rarely hear from here :: :: 25.6.2003, 13:03  
Hi everyone....you all sound like you're having a great time guys...vermont, toronto, south america...i think i hate you all. I'm not going away till end of july. Céire, im still in dublin...and also not working....not too sure who else is left apart from us. Trish, Darron for a while and Paddy's up most weekends. jenny's about too...not too sure how well you know her. so few of us! It's tragic but we'll make it so great they'll all wish they stayed!!!!???? when you home? give me a call if you like..if you dont have my number well its on the contacts page. im bad at keeping up to date with this board cos im hardly ever at a computer but ill try.
Everyone havea brill time and we'll see ya soon.

Bronagh :: :: 24.6.2003, 17:40  
Hey to all those travelling to South America have an absolutely brilliant time!! Hope to see ye all in September in one piece!!! Canada brilliant so far, only have a tiny bit of money left but have a job so that solves that problem!! It's scorching out but am gettin kinda pissed off coz my skin refuses to tan so I'm a beautiful shade of reflective whtie-DAMN!!!! On a different issue Ais has decided to leave the midget-boy alone!! Well all midgets for that matter!!!

joanne :: :: 24.6.2003, 16:31  
strange thing happened yesterday, i logged on to the message board and this weird germanic (or something similar) version of the message board came up except there were no other messages on it, so I left a message, thoroughly confused, any explanations, or am i just going crazy from over exposure to sun over here?

correction.. :: :: 23.6.2003, 21:21  
dam- assuming

helpful advice :: :: 23.6.2003, 21:20  
brendan, go to the department cos they`l give u help- spec chem and geol...maths do past papers and same for biol- amusing they`r ur subject r if its physics find someone to help u! its not impossible and u can repeat all four in august- u dont need to repeat th year

Céire :: :: 23.6.2003, 14:49  
So.... headcount for who's still in Dublin??? Gonna be back nxt week,broke and bored!!

ais :: :: 22.6.2003, 05:23  
evil one

ais :: :: 22.6.2003, 05:22  
hey bren, no- can and has been done. at a party- things bit better now!!!!

Jen :: :: 21.6.2003, 13:05  
just agreeing with Jane bout certain final episode..... it rocked but also very sad!! :-( and Darron if you really want to see it..... don't worry I hav it on tape!

ps :: :: 20.6.2003, 20:43  
oh and dee, hope the exams went well! jane.

?? :: :: 20.6.2003, 20:41  
do you not have to repeat regardless of autumn if you fail all four?

Brendan :: :: 20.6.2003, 11:54  
hey. anyone know if its possible to come back from a flat out fail and pass in August? anyone know if its ever been done? its only 4 exams

Jane :: :: 19.6.2003, 22:24  
Emily you are the new Rolf Harris, or you could be the crocodile hunter guy Steve, but he gets way too excited about everything i suspect he has malfunctioning adrenal glands.
Ais the empathy is flowing, alcohol is evil and should have emotional health warnings not just physical ones!
Darron can't belive you haven't seen final episode! What kind of a closet fan are you?! If you're at Gareths I' going to wreck it for you by telling you all about it in minute detail until you're so bored your brain turns to mush and drips out your ears although as it was mostly great you probably won;t be bored, a member of the scooby gang gets killed, veru sad.

the freckle :: :: 19.6.2003, 20:42  
ola ppl- i wish i was at home. hav been really shit faced every time i go out and hav at leatst 20 ppl avoiding me!! havb decided not to drink for a while...alternativley i cud drink all the time then id never notice i was being a pain in the arse. started work yesterday- it wasnt to bad- am cashier in some sports shop. i do hav to wear spanish student trousers tho...we were going to ring uz last nite at gareths but then we didnt bother. much love all

bored person with job :: :: 19.6.2003, 17:42  
Don't do it Michael. Don't get a job cos its either a)hard work or b)boring, so you lose either way.

Michael :: :: 19.6.2003, 16:27  
Me thinks Emily can do some snake handling at the stand in sept. Hmm am really kinda bored at the moment. I should have got a job or something for the month of june though that sounds like a lot of hard work in fairness. Who is going chez gareth on sun?

:: 1D :: 19.6.2003, 00:06  
Guess whos back with full access to the internet?
Yes thats right... Eugene!
(And also me). So whats up? Horses, snakes and bears? That rules Emily, but I got you beat: I saw a spider in my bed last night. How cool is that?
Wait a sec... Joanne, Freckle-face, Bronagh, AND Emily? Of course theres no gossip... thers no one left over here to uncover/spread/manufacture it!!
So who will be at Gareth's Par-tay then? Jane? And uh.... Wait, is that ALL thats left over here? Wheres Jade and Fiona and Rachel and Liam and etc-face and whosits... Oh well, I hate all them anyway...
So Jane what did you think of a certain Final Episode? I, not being remotely interested in a Certain Program, have yet to see it... (but am wondering if anyone recorded it?)

emily :: :: 18.6.2003, 18:02  
hey guys,
i saw a bear today when i went horse riding-how cool is that!it was my fist time horse riding as well.i also got to pick up a snake yesterday.bye for now...

Eugene :: :: 18.6.2003, 01:27  
Spare a thought for those of us only doing exams now!! (well, I've only got three - two down, one to go). In other news, I'll be home next Tuesday (as long as there's no air traffic control strike), so I hope to see you all soon.

joanne :: :: 17.6.2003, 19:26  
hey everyone, I arrived in toronto safe and sound (to the disappointment of everyone already there!) The flight was cool, im well impressed with having my own personal tv. Anyway no other news we went out last night to this fun club, full of irish, it reminded me of the palace, ah the good old days!

Gar :: :: 17.6.2003, 12:55  
ok guys. prepare yourself for a breakdown of anguisha dn all that sort of stuff!
us guys leave the country for south america next wed so there be a party in my flat next sunday. any time from 730 i reckon. just gizza bell or whatever. all welcome as usual.

Jane again :: :: 16.6.2003, 18:17  
thanks a million for the postcard micheal! Come bouncing on wednesday if you're around.

Jane :: :: 16.6.2003, 18:14  
No gossip, have been working too much, I worked sixteen hours on saturday and eight yesterday, I'm wrecked and annoyingly not that rich! Does anyone know if bouncing is on on wednesday or have the special olympics started?

ais- aka the freckle :: :: 16.6.2003, 16:46  
well done ems! yeah for car study, yay for teqeuila!! fi got here safe &burnt- we were all shock as she seems to hav shortened her shower time- yesterday we went to the beach, dipite our best efforts we all got burnt in patches- and i am just a freckle now. last nite 9 of us slept in 4 bed- actualy 2 of us slept on the couch (ann&i) so im kinda tired today, it aint a big couch. get posting ppl- we feel there must b gos!!

emily :: :: 14.6.2003, 23:59  
high all,heres my latest update:last nite i drank two vodka+diet cokes from a beer glass all washed down with 7 tequilas....today was such a right off.felt like crap.had to ask the driver of the car to pull over for me to get sick,and was carried to my cabin when we returned to camp...vermont is fun!

Michael :: :: 14.6.2003, 19:07  
Hey all back from paris and london so :P Anyway went down and got burnt on the beach today! Thats the irish summer finished then...great dee should have lots of help on the stand this year twill be fun im sure. Other than that im really just hanging around till the end of the month when i start work. Talk to y'all later

emily :: :: 14.6.2003, 01:00  
i am dumb-a red swim suit

emily :: :: 14.6.2003, 00:59  
hey guys.vermont is cool.was in cape cod last week for a lifeguarding course-prerequisites included filling out a ed swim suit....so now im lifeguard!
oh and for anyone who doubted car studying ill be giving grinds cuz it worked :)
see you all in september or for those of you who are in canada whenever!
bye for now...

dee :: :: 12.6.2003, 22:34  
oh and michael im all up for helping freshers week, put my name down, and just let me know what i can do .

dee :: :: 12.6.2003, 22:32  
hey everyone, longtime no see, hopefully ill get the chance to pop dpwn to training next wednesday.
emily.... how u keeping in canada?? much gossip?
talk to u all soon!

joanne :: :: 12.6.2003, 12:06  
hey jane well done on your exams you obviously did really well judging by what the others put up on the message board, whats this about bribing??? : )

Bronagh :: :: 11.6.2003, 19:01  
Hey Jane!!! Be jealous no longer-I got a job!!! There goes all my fun and bein able to bum around like there's no tomorrow!!! But on the other hand... the weather is brilliant-the tan will be along any day now!!! Results were grand got what I wanted-TG!! So I'm def here for the summer!!! Congrats to you too-bribe or no bribe that's impressive!!!! Laters...

:: 1D :: 11.6.2003, 17:20  
Hello. I have no internet access at the moment, so that is why I am not present lately.
Behave while Im away, or no sweets this Christmas.

Jane :: :: 11.6.2003, 14:28  
thanks ais.(What for, being on your side or sam results? if results, i told you key to success, bribe, bribe, bribe!) Fair play with the stats! Were the others okay? how about you bro? Am unbelieveably jealous of all you unemployed bums enjoying the nice weather!

sadder person :: :: 11.6.2003, 14:03  
I'm even more sad cos your happy I'm sad :(

happy person :: :: 10.6.2003, 19:15  
I'm happy coz your sad

sad person :: :: 10.6.2003, 18:11  
I'm not enjoying myself. Work sucks!

??????? :: :: 10.6.2003, 17:17  
coz there off enjoying themselves being summer and all that

ais-y is no one posting any thing? :: :: 10.6.2003, 16:29  
gra rang- go jane!!!

oops :: :: 9.6.2003, 19:36  
sci, soz i do psy in sci- am flustered

they sprung them on me :: :: 9.6.2003, 19:35  
holy fuck- psy results r out on web already...well i didnt fail stats...

aisling :: :: 9.6.2003, 18:56  
thank u jane, its nice to kno someone believes me. that bronagh is a shit stiring wench- and its my onw fault as i suggested it as something cruel to do...that bit me on th ass, big time. anyhow...am freakin out bout results-2 days to go, dont want to come home at all- so much so that i'l take psy if i get it- am now worried i didnt pass stats, either that r am going to get 54.5% in pharm...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! anywho, wheather is gorgous now- better get a job soon as all the duty free is gone and we'r running out of drink money!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres a classy joint call the brass rail donw th way where we may apply if we getting no offers soon- failing that we r off to buy chicken fillets then down to hooters.

Bronagh :: :: 9.6.2003, 18:42  
Jane.... I'm horrified that you don't believe us!!! WHY would we make such a thing up??? Oh and Ais is standin behind me tellin me this sounds totally sarcastic which I promise it isn't!!! It DID happen and he WAS a midget!!!! 'Nuf Said!!!

? :: :: 9.6.2003, 16:25  
Did everyone pass the horrible exams?

in addition... :: :: 8.6.2003, 12:03  
ann i have received your rings safe and sound, they came with a sweet note, in an envelope addressed to 'Joanne' followed by the address!! I had obviously forgotten to include my sir name in the the text i sent your sister

joanne :: :: 8.6.2003, 11:59  
what the hell, aisling whats all this about then, tut tut tut..... Im sorry i missed the banter but im here now ann : ) forgive me !! someone better set the record straight, the way i see it aisling was with a midget knacker from bray (whoops sorry didnt mean the knacker part that slipped out because ais you always say those two words together in reference to a particular someone- but not meaning it of course- anyway im confusing all the message board readers, back to the point at hand,.... he knows Bob???!!!! You'd think you could escape such horrors by going as far away as Canada but apparently not!) Its obvious you have gone a stray in the absence of my guidance, id better get there pronto and sort things out! Of course you are exempt from all the this if the afforementioned boy is extremely rich (and this i doubt) !

clare :: :: 7.6.2003, 18:55  
hey everybody, is bouncing still on on weds, or has absolutly everyone left the country? hope you're all havin a ball! i had a brill hol in gran canaria, but i abused my liver so badly and now i can hear it crying coz i was so mean to it :-(

ps :: :: 6.6.2003, 21:39  
by the by the thought of bob being allowed kiss girls or in fact boys is a horrible one.

Jane :: :: 6.6.2003, 21:38  
Bray isn't on the north side, in fact its so far on the southside that its in wickow. Ais you kissed a miget? That sounds like something that'd be on euro-trash. In your defense i'm sure its complete fabrication!

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:51  
cut me deep on that one!!!!

a psychologist :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:49  
and y is that so important to u? r u over compensating for ur shortnes?

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:47  
woo-hoo I got the last word!!!!!

BRO :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:46  
Me thinks the lady dost protest TOO much...

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:46  
ems, jo, jane- where r uz? defend me- stop all this cos u kno its just not true!!!!

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:44  
bitter bitter!!!!! And i wouldn't quite call it ripping off his lines coz somehow I reckon you had it up to more than about "there" with him....We all know!! We had front row seats (unwanted I may add) to the little (pardon the pun) live porn show that was Satan and the Tiny Dude!!!!

Ann :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:42  
she brought it all on herself....

a lawyer :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:41  
stop trying to rip off gareths lines

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:40  
yeah we can draw a line...,somewhere across your chest which is about as far up u as he got!!!

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:40  
now look... we hav to draw line somewhere, the line is a dot to bro- there is revenge and there is pure slander...

Ann :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:39  
Worse, from bray-ais has brays! and he knows bob-didint think it could get worse-then it does! hurry up and get here joe!

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:38  
it's nearly as bad as being with BOB!!!!! Infact it practically is

concerned onlooker :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:38  

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:38  
midget was from BRAY!!!!!!

Ann :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:37  
hey joE! you can trust me-not biased at all-he was a midget fom the north side.....nuff said.

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
no shit sherlock!!! i think you're losing power over the under-world now seein as how you've indulged in a short one LITERALLY!!!!!!

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
they r all out for revenge... thats all- none of it is true

Ann :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
Complete midget-and she wasnt that drunk

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
wud i??? ask urselfs, who do u believ, the short one r me- supreme ruler of the underworld?-

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
wud i??? ask urselfs, who do u believ, the short one r me- supreme ruler of the underworld?-

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:35  
wud i??? ask urselfs, who do u believ, the short one r me- supreme ruler of the underworld?-

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:33  
ignore anything she sez she's just ion damage control now

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:33  
ignore anything she sez she's just ion damage control now

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:33  
ignore anything she sez she's just ion damage control now

ais :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:33  
we kno u r bro

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:32  
2 words complete midget!!!!!

satans little helper :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:29  
dont believe them- they r evil liers, u kno how satan hates the short ones...

Cillian :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:27  
Really small. Raelly REALLY small

Pablo :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:25  
A tiny little boy, about a foot smaller. Shame on you aisling

bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:25  
Aisling was with a really TINY little guy. Tiny

banim :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:25  
apparently he was tiny

like a foot smaller than her

pablo :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:25  
ais was with a really small guy, funnyness

pablo :: :: 6.6.2003, 18:25  
ais was with a really small guy, funnyness

Ais&Bro :: :: 6.6.2003, 17:47  
Hey Em the post code is actually M6H 2J4. congrats Gareth...so you're NOT as stoopid as we all thought you were!!!!! ppl better start putting some good scandal up here soon or we're gonna star getting upset!!!!

emily :: :: 5.6.2003, 18:05  
hey guys,hope its pissin rain at home cuz its been lovely here-ha ha.not much news to report.same ol same ol

joanne :: :: 5.6.2003, 17:51  
hey hey from Connemara, ah the lashing rain, theres nothing quite like it!!! Thanks for the e-mail Ais, keep em coming, Michael's surprise is the orgasm badge,so you have heard it before, in case you were feeling left out!!
Also hi to emily, hope you are enjoying Vermont,and not screwing too much with those little kids minds!!

aislingling :: :: 4.6.2003, 20:50  
dam...we cant view micheal suprise...its upsetting. ems if u want to reply by post write to 2 regal road, apprt 500, toronto ontario m4y 1s2, am tres busy at the mo so mite not get to rite to u in the nxt few weeks.

an excited thirteen year old. :: :: 2.6.2003, 19:55  
Darron you are the greatest!!!! Spit on me!!!!

aisling- getting ready to job hunt! :: :: 2.6.2003, 19:19  
hello all...only thing sars seems to be doing round here is discouraging irish students...no other signs of sars anywhere. havin a cool time, weather etc is good!!!!!!!

joanne :: :: 2.6.2003, 12:48  
I see very good very good, yes suddenly the 15th seems like a long way away, im never satisfied am i???!!! hope you are enjoying the bank holiday madness, ill give you a ring tonight at any rate, to say toodles

Céire- attn toronto ppl :: :: 2.6.2003, 11:32  
My Toronto friend told me to tell all you J1ers in Toronto to profit from the sars madness. She said that tickets to the theatre, hotel rooms, plane tickets, baseball games and all that stuff is really really cheap like 50 dollars to go to the theatre, out for dinner and stay in a hotel after due to the madness that is Sars. Thought it was worth a mention. Hope you're all having a laugh!

Bronagh :: :: 31.5.2003, 19:28  
Hey Joanne-Still no credit so can't text!! Thanx a mill for organising that-I'll give you the money when you come out to Toronto!!! My visa finally came through yesterday (someone in the High Commission eventually realised I don't seriously pose an international terrorist threat!!!) so I can actually go on Tuesday!! it's great my first flight isn't til 11 in the morning so I've none of this nonsense of gettin up at 4 to get to the airport!!!! Gra arrived safe and sound in Vancouver after diverting via Chicago coz their flight to London was late resulting in them missing the connecting flight to Canada Land!!!!

Michael :: :: 30.5.2003, 21:46  
Thought you would like that Jen, here is the story me is thinking of visiting/crashing at Eugene's place from 19th of June to the 24th, just wondering if anyone wants to come along for the laugh. I want to book soon before that evil ryanair site jacks the prices up to €200 each way! At the moment it will set ya back 92 including tax so thats not too bad. Drop a message on the board or email me.

:: 1D :: 30.5.2003, 17:53  
Im shocked Trish.
Shocked and tired.

Trish :: :: 30.5.2003, 17:53  
I hate message boards.
Blibble blibble... whaaaa.

:: 1D :: 30.5.2003, 17:52  
Auditions proceed smoothly.
Movie career on schedual.
Autographs can be obtained through press desk.

Bouncing may be on tomorrow... I'll go and try and book it now. Check back here tonight to see if I got a session. Or RING me, cause I have no credit to text back at the moment.

Jen :: :: 30.5.2003, 16:24  
thanks for the surprise michael!!!!

Céire ..no I wont go away :: :: 30.5.2003, 15:52  
Dee and trish what are you both up to these days and will you be around for the summer?

Céire :: :: 30.5.2003, 15:49  
Also plenty of info on Toronto please people as am hoping to go there for loooong time after finals. To work and stuff

Céire :: :: 30.5.2003, 15:46  
Rosses Birthday eh, yeah I knew that. Of course i knew that. cant believe you forgot Dee you just suck . I personally chose to celebrate his birthday by asking him to come visit me and making no mention of his ever advancing years. Thoughtful as ever;

aisling from sarsville :: :: 30.5.2003, 15:08  
hey ppls- in a hostel in toronto!! soooo much fun already, we did hav to leave bro behind tho, for those who think i'm messing i'm not wehpoe to c her tues-weather is great flight was cool, were yet to encounter any sars so screw u ...darron? also someone owes me $15, give it to joanne! i'm poor. had a really bizare nite last nite, firstly we got nice food, then told to drop our cvs in cos they mite hav work for us, then we asked for directions to the road where our appartment is and the guy was able to tell us exactly how to get there cos he used to live there! aparently its really nice, we'r headed there this aft. gotta go! bu bye ppls

jo :: :: 30.5.2003, 11:14  
also any bouncing on between now and wednesday (cos i cant go then, sob!)

joanne :: :: 30.5.2003, 11:08  
yeh good idea michael cos i dont know where im going and also safety in numbers and all that... i move that you shine your shoes up so well that the glare blinds them on the door, and they will neglect to notice that the rest of us are wearing Jesus sandals at which point we run past them in the door. how did the prancing go darron?? could we be seeing a robin hood men in tights 2 on our hands?? (except about king arthur...)

Michael :: :: 29.5.2003, 19:10  
Yeah Jane ive been there before (of course) so what ya say all the ucd heads meet up before and head in??

a trinnerhead :: :: 29.5.2003, 19:08  
Life bar is on lower abbey street. Please have your shoes ready for inspection at the door. Should they meet our high standards you will be escorted immediately to your corner.

Jane :: :: 29.5.2003, 18:04  
so is the whole of my wardrobe, i'm so unfashionable i almost meet fashionable going the other way, party is saturday, does anybody know how to get to the life bar place? i suppose i could just follow the glow from the lava-lamps which will light up the night sky. Darron, you're going to be a movie star?!!!!

:: 1D :: 29.5.2003, 15:18  
I'll get some evening sessions going soon, promise. It's just that Im auditioning for a multimillion Euro film today, so Im busy. Stay tuned for details on both fronts.

:: 1D :: 29.5.2003, 15:11  
I suppose I'll show up to the party.
Show up and help the Trinners herd you people into the corner that is!! HAHAHA!
Your Shoes are SO OLD!

party boy :: :: 29.5.2003, 10:39  
Whens taht party Jane

dee again. :: :: 28.5.2003, 23:34  
oh and michael i gave gareth cash for u that i owe, sorry its late.

dee :: :: 28.5.2003, 23:33  
emily u in vermont???
im jealous!
ross u have my coat see u during the week and happy birthday honey, sorry im late in saying so xxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael :: :: 28.5.2003, 20:42  
I will be there but you knew that already...good night last night but am wrecked today. Bouncing still on Wednesdays from 4-6 so you better show up and say bye before I go away (June 30th so got plenty of time yet)

Jane :: :: 28.5.2003, 18:41  
Oh and who apart from me and joanne are going to Neils birthday? the rumour is he has spent 800 euro on lava lamps and everyone gets to bring one home after the party(okay that bit is made up) everyone who can go please do cos we don't want to be stuck with a bunch of trinnerheads all night, our shoes will be last seasons or something of the kind and they'll make us stand in a corner facing the wall all night.

........ :: :: 28.5.2003, 18:37  
in wicklow, its been raining for the past week, could somebody who's allowed take a session organise and evening bouncing session PLEEEASE!!!!!!!

ems :: :: 28.5.2003, 14:29  
In Vermont and its raining...

(wannabe) bouncing bunny :: :: 28.5.2003, 11:05  
Is there a session on today,tomorrow,soon???What are the times for the summer sessions???

a thought for this evening..... :: :: 27.5.2003, 19:51  
it is strange about the SARS outbreak, its almost as if toronto is subconciously trying to prevent the arrival of the great evil that is aisling...or could be irresponsible containment procedures, you decide..

:: 1D :: 27.5.2003, 14:39  
If I dont make it to Q bar, Have a great time in Toronto Ais! And invite us all over for a holiday, or no coaching for you next year!

Michael :: :: 27.5.2003, 11:04  
Hey all, ive nearly got accommodation sorted out, 3 friends went to toronto the other day and immediately 8 new cases of sars were reported, dont think ill see them back. Apart from that me is just vegging at home, watching Trisha and eating toasted cheese sandwiches! Ems tell us when you get to vermont would ya so I can forward on all our junk mail to you so you have something to read.

aisling :: :: 26.5.2003, 21:44  
yeah ok- not my choice of venue but my friend maria who's coming with us is going to Q bar- shouldnt b too busy on a tuesday nite but if uz r coming i'l b there from round 8

aisling- le evil one :: :: 26.5.2003, 12:47  
i just picked up my plane tickects!!!!! 3 days an i'm outa here- in the unlikely event anyone shud wish to say bye i may b going for a few quite drinks on tues nite-i'l let u kno. new york-nice, i'm just realising now how little money i actualy hav...i'm so gonna starve by week 3- noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i' been on the net whgile waitng for a fone call and just realised i'v no signal where i'm sitting!!!!!!!!!! oh well. this msg board better get exciting to give me something to look forward too when i spend my last few dollars in an internet cafe instead of a sandwich then go back to my unfurnished appartment to starve to death on my airbed...

emily :: :: 25.5.2003, 03:38  
emily is in new york!wohoo

emily :: :: 24.5.2003, 10:16  
hey evil ais-hes still going strong with millie but maybe shes one of those fag hag types!-my four year old nephew has had a longer relationship than ive ever had.think il cry....

:: 1D :: 24.5.2003, 01:23  
Fruit cocktails I hope.
Have fun!

clare :: :: 24.5.2003, 00:54  
me and caroline are off to gran canaria 2moro to lie in the sun and drink lots of tasty cocktails!! yippee!!

:: #1D :: 24.5.2003, 00:41  
That was me, by the way.

:: :: 24.5.2003, 00:40  
Yeah, Reloaded was awesome! Cant wait for Revolutions.
I hope you all waited until the end of the credits... If you didnt you missed out!

As for bouncing tomorrow, I've been inundated with calls and messages (0 calls, 3 messages) enquiring about bouncing today (Saturday). Dont look at me, I didnt book it this time, as I aint around. Trish didnt book it either.
Ring Gareth if you want a session, he will sort one out if anybody asks him. Or Michael.
Jane, Rachel, Evil, Trish, and Frank all expressed interest in a session by the way, so you wont be alone if you go to the session.

Jane :: :: 23.5.2003, 22:27  
matrix was lethal!!! is bouncing on tomorrow?

:: #1D :: 23.5.2003, 14:52  
And by Xion, I did of course meant Darron.

:: Xion :: 23.5.2003, 14:51  
Bouncing on Saturday:
Ive got a meeting (how professional!) at 11am on Saturday. It may go on all day, so I dont know when I'll be around.
If anyone else can take it, great. Let me know.
Actually now that I think about it, I heard Frank will be around with the rig, and Trish and Pauric I think too. So there should be a session. I'll try to make it also. So go ask and nag Gareth! Make sure he books it someone!

In other news; The Matrix Reloaded.

Céire :: :: 23.5.2003, 12:26  
Cheers Eugene. You are not only a star but a star bar. Though if this poxy strike continues wont the air traffic controllers go on strike too? Spent all day yesterday bitchin bout the lazy strike-mongering gits and then realised that the protesters were giving out free food so eh....ate it. I know. I have no principles and am crap but see I also have no food so it was a survival thing. Anyways could you keep me posted re whats going on in Paris? Cheers bud. Oh and my exams ARE going ahead on Monday which is of course something to look forward to

emily :: :: 23.5.2003, 10:11  
im getting post!my 1st ever letter....cant wait to get outta london cuz ive spent about £300....but i have some baby blue buffalos the same as neils to show for it!
saw my first celeb yesterday-does anyone remember Carol Jackson from eastenders who had like a million kids all with diff dads?im pretty sure it was her or else twas some ratty old woman...

me again :: :: 23.5.2003, 09:54  
so, bouncing on saturday/monday, whats the story?

Eugene :: :: 23.5.2003, 00:48  
Ceire- heard the latest news is- public transport strikes in France probably on the 27th May, 2nd June, 3rd June. Not sure yet how serious. There will be a bus between my place and Charles de Gaulle airport whatever happens. Have a friend that could pick people up from Beauvais (which is only 1/2 hour away from chez moi) in an emergency.

aisling... :: :: 23.5.2003, 00:24  
also ems- did he break up with millie then? i hav a letter waiting for u- i shall post it mday- i had it in the pub so it includes notes from micheal, llama and bro and also some ppl u dont know- not to exciting but at least its post!!!

aisling- not dealing :: :: 23.5.2003, 00:22  
Plan Of Action...and ur absense was noted.

Jane up very late as my usual bed time is half eight what a sad life i lead.) :: :: 22.5.2003, 23:11  
nah darron, i am not in fact"me", i am however me. monday would be a good time, i will however be accompanied by huge bodyguards in dark glasses just in case the rumble doesn't quite go my way. Aisling most indecipherable message of the year, what is a pao? are you using the message board to deal drugs?

emily :: :: 22.5.2003, 19:47  
sorry i didnt reply to your email michael but im using a mac,and im lazy!and hello of course im not in vermont yet-still in london till sat

Céire :: :: 22.5.2003, 12:00  
Attention Darron, Ross, Gareth, Eugene and anyone else involved in whole "coming to see Eugene and Céire in France" fiasco. Strike STARTING in France on 3rd of June all planes,trains,buses etc off. Am praying will just be one day strike but chances that it might last longer. HELP!!!!!!! Pass message on to llama face and Woss who mightnt read this

emily :: :: 21.5.2003, 18:39  
Hey everyone,
still in london-i fly out to u.s on saturday on virgin atlantic(he hee..)am stayin with my sis and her family.my niece has a pet snail that she calls Elo!i think she thinks they are exotic animal-everyday she leaves an apple core for him in the garden.ahh!it lashin rain here so i hope its raining there too.
my first exciting news is that i bought my first foundation,which is quite an outstandin purchase for me!
bye for now
p.s evil ais-i think my nephew will be requesting the original score from oliver!!!!

:: #1D :: 21.5.2003, 14:31  
Yeah... thats great.
(Probably Jane but what if you werent? I'd look like such a fool)

Me :: :: 21.5.2003, 14:10  
I'd be around!

:: #1 Dar :: 21.5.2003, 00:36  
Hmmm... training times after 7... I think that would suit people better than the Wenesday session in general.
How is Monday 7 to 9ish? Who would be around if we put that on?

And yes Jane, I do watch wrestling. Thats where I learn how to protect myself in a fight. And its ok, I know you watch it too, but I wont tell, you can come out in your own time!

an illiterate person :: :: 20.5.2003, 23:51  
wow...my comp-what-ever-way-this word ends-er is really messed up, first twas only showing jennys...then janes second one, then the others...odd, it also keeps making me reconnect every 5 mins- anyhooo-enuf bout those probs...as retarted as my tramampalining skills r now imagine how much worst they'l b after i stop 4 3 months! this will b the only conselation in coming home to repeat...tradgic

aislinginlinglinglinging :: :: 20.5.2003, 23:43  
dont forget bout star trek jane!...hows u? coming tomo nite? joanne- i'v no credit and the shop is closed! dought u'll check this but if u do garry has the pao, i shud c u bout 7 and dont eat b4!

Jane :: :: 20.5.2003, 12:09  
Do you really watch wrestling darron? The power is really out of myu hands, its evident that you've no shame!!!

Jane :: :: 20.5.2003, 12:06  
can you organise evening training sessions as the bosses of the sweat shop where i work meke me sew the nike signs on the trendy sports shoes till six o clock so i can't make wednesday and i work saturdays and sundays? week nights after seven would suit me down to the ground except not thursdays as then it would clash with the best tv show in the world!!!!

:: #1 Dar :: 20.5.2003, 02:03  
Because I had some queries: Wednesdays 4 to 6pm every week kids. Be there.

And we'll orjanize sessions for Saturday on a week by week basis, because thats the way the Sports center want it played.

Heres the story: Basically count on there being Saturday sessions every Saturday throughout the summer, it's just that its not an "official" training time, because we cant block book any day over the summer except Wednesday.

Also, try and make it to these sessions. There are not that many people at them so you have basically as much time on the trampolines as you can handle. Last Saturday, we ended up just lying on the beds towards the end because everyone had exausted themselves!
And remember, come September all you "Freshers" are going to be in for a few shocks:
1: You're gonna have like half a go each due to the massive numbers of Newbies turning up
2: You're going to be thought of as Trampoline gods and godesses due to your mad trampolining skillz compared to the Real freshers!
(And that means all my scary tricks are going to work again too! BOO-YA!)

Jen :: :: 19.5.2003, 01:55  
thanks Darron for extending your msgs to all those within throwing distance of the eiffle tower!!!!!! now back from Paris :-( so will b round for bouncing.

:: Darron :: 18.5.2003, 22:05  
What? Joanne, you ignored my "Important" message!
Whats the story people? Offer still open, say no if your not in so I know where I/we stand.

joanne :: :: 18.5.2003, 20:29  
hey hey havent heard from/been plagued by me in a while, and no im still not finished the exams, but 10 down 2 to go. I couldnt really give a shit about these last two hence im writing this instead of studying and generally arsing around. tis very unlike me, the not caring thing, but having 12 exams has just bled me dry of motivation, roll on wednesday, is everyone science related (well the 2nd and 3rd years at any rate) going to Down under... on wednesay nite, ya bloody better be!!

IMPORTANT! :: Darron :: 18.5.2003, 02:15  
Hey all.
Regarding the messege below, I'll be going over to France to visit Eugene probably on the 4th. Hey €40 return, tax included!? AND Free accomodation in sunny FRANCE! How COOL is that?!
Even if Eugene was exceptionally drunk/violent, you cant lose!
I think if a few people go it'll be even more fun, so sign up now.
If anyones doing it, ring me so we can match up flights and stuff: 087 1226693 (My phone is a little wonky, but keep trying and you'll get me!)

Eugene :: :: 17.5.2003, 15:26  
Hey everyone. Important message for anyone planning to visit Ceire and/or me in the next while: Ryanair are having a seat sale until midnight tomorrow night. 8.99 each way to Paris. (You have to fly on tues or weds in june) Everyone's welcome (particularly people I know!). We could go to Disneyland!! (Or to an all-you-can-drink party, whatever's good for you)

:: #1 Dar :: 17.5.2003, 01:16  
Bouncing today (Saturday) from 2 to 4ish. (It'll probably go till 5, cause they wont have anything on after us) Everybody is welcome to bouncing! Trinnitarians especially!

Chopper, you went and gave away the endings to the next 50 episodes of "Darron Post". Way to go. Now I have to think again. Man, this is gonna hurt.
Also, no one told me about this trip tomorrow to Cork I think. Also way to go.

Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "Hi-Tech Hi-Spec... HiunDarron"

dee :: :: 16.5.2003, 20:15  
holy cow!!! i missed my exma today :(
thought it was in the avo!! what a panic.ended up i got to sit it in the afternoon!thank god, mean while i left a msg of me balling my eyes out on the art history dept answering machine, and forgot to leave my name!!! well done dee....... jeeesus the feckin luck ive had today......and i managed to pull 3 essays outa my arse too... i ahdnt studied cuz i thought it was i the aftetnoon.god must love me(do u blame him??? ) besta luck to ppl still in exams,xxxxx

random TCD person :: :: 16.5.2003, 19:35  
can random TCD people show up too? There using our hall for sams (boooo!)

Chopper :: :: 16.5.2003, 17:28  
Dar, your sign in is shorter and i'm ooh so very lazy.

I will be around for the summer and would like training late in the evenings and at weekends.

"9 out of 10 cat owners said their cats preferred him"
"Soft, strong and very, very long"
"He's snap crackle and pop"
"You know when you've........voted for Darron"
"For mash get....Darron"
"Do you want a flake in that luv?"
"Men just can't help acting on impulse"
"He'd like to teach the world to sing"
"Darron....Australians wouldn't give a Castlemaine XXXX for anything else"
"Probably the best candidate in the world"
"Only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate tastes like....Darron"
"Darron is strong and tough and only the best is good enough. The creamiest milk, the whitest bar, the good taste that's in....erm, well, Darron"
(These slogans are getting less and less applicable and a lot less funny)
"Anytime anyplace anywhere"
"Everyones a fruit and nut case"
"A million housewives every day say Beanz Meanz Darron"
"Handbuilt by robots"
"Vorsprung durch technik"
"If you see Sid, tell him (to vote for Darron)"
"Only Darron has the Shh that other tonic waters dont have"
"Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face, with Mild Green......Darron"
"Darron.....the whole picture"
"Voting for Darron every day helps you work, rest and play"
"Don't forget the fruit gums, darron"
"You're never alone with a Darron"
"Boy in man's world"
"Top breeders at Cruft's recommend Darron"
"3 out of 4 housewifes we interviewed couldn't tell the difference between Darron and regular butter"

finished :: :: 16.5.2003, 15:53  
Yipee I is so finished ais were r u goin and what is jane and michael doing probably join you

i'v only had one drink :: :: 16.5.2003, 15:21  
hopeful, also others havnt finished exams

aisling who is so finished and hopefulky wont hav to repeat(cross all finigers now r u'l hav 2 put up with me in the summer) :: :: 16.5.2003, 15:20  
i'm finished i'm finished i'm finished finished finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 no more exam for 2& 1/2 months!!!!!!! how exciting- how ever i'm sad as hav just said by to ems! this also means there is no one left for me to drink with- i left the bar cos i'd feel like an alco by myself. am in the comp building so if anyone is around call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jane&micheal shud b joining me soon- others hav finished exams+everyone has to write to em cos she only gets to check internet once a week...

:: #1 Dar :: 16.5.2003, 14:40  
There is training on on Saturday (tomorrow) at 2 till 4ish. Be there or be... etc.

Vote etc.

:: #1 Dar :: 15.5.2003, 23:16  
Whats on in Cork on Saturday? No one told me anything! And who's going?
Do tell please... or I wont feel like #1 Dar anymore. I'll just be like #246 Dar or some other unimportant Dar. Dont make me sad.
Also, Chopper, I get the impression from your signing in as me that you are after my job. Or that Im just some Bush-like figure head to your evil schemes. If the latter is true, please do not make me disappear for knowing too much. If the former is true, Im gonna make you disappear! Please.

Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "Darron's Politics: Have you forgotten how good they taste?"

Clodagh :: :: 15.5.2003, 20:24  
Hating all you bastards who've finished exams btw! I still have two to go! Am so sick and tired of it all at this stage, just not really caring anymore! Anyway, thats my bitterness outta the way, just want to let you all know that its my 21st in Bad Bob's in templebar, just up from Fitzsimmons, on Friday 23rd. Most of you are finished your exams at that stage, so no excuses! Its free in before 9, so prob head on bout 8 or so! Hope to see most of your there!

clare :: :: 15.5.2003, 20:01  
thats brill that the club did so well in the awards thingamajiggy!!
ill be around most of the summer for bouncing sessions

gar :: :: 15.5.2003, 17:28  
who's goin to cork on saturday

Michael :: :: 15.5.2003, 17:02  
Hey all we won Event of the Year for ISTO and were runners up in the Club of the Year comp!!

#1 Dar :: :: 15.5.2003, 16:34  
I spit in the face of your non-advertised sham poll and fart in your general direction.

Céire :: :: 15.5.2003, 14:43  
me still round Gar but hating you at mo as you have finished sams and i am yet to start them.

Gar :: :: 15.5.2003, 14:00  
we still know who has voted in their mind and we will share with you who is holding you against the mud of the river bed.

Gar :: :: 15.5.2003, 13:59  
Vote Dooley Llama because even though the poll is closed and your votes are now irrelevant and we won with no campaign aginst the evil darron purely based on the fact that we are your most natural masters, i mean leaders haha

gar :: :: 15.5.2003, 13:56  
btw mick i gonna get those photos re-done and i'll give them to you then. gotta scan in that one of andrew and the other guy cause its frickin deadly. + the one of kev.

gar :: :: 15.5.2003, 13:52  
hello cd my little mcvities digestive. what up? ok you may be gone now!
i prob willno be round for the summer sessions cause i hope to be workin my sweet lil ass off till the end of june then fly away to the land of the bot fly.

Céire :: :: 15.5.2003, 13:42  
Darr Ill be round for summer sessions i reckon and probably at any time day or night as i have not yet succeeded in getting myself a job as am lazy ass

concerned :: :: 15.5.2003, 12:16  
dar a saturday session! are you not the going to cork with us

IMPORTANT! :: #1 Dar :: 15.5.2003, 00:27  
This One is Important!

If you are around for the summer, put your name up here. Id like to know how many will potentially be at summer sessions. Also, when is the best time for sessions? Weekends? Mornings? Midnight? Can you make any?
If we can sort out a few decent meet ups it would be good, I think anyway. But no pressure, I just want to keep the group going!

So get cracking!

:: Dar#1 :: 15.5.2003, 00:18  
And Yo... I return to tramping at the next session... so you can all chillax.
Would anyone be interested in a Saturday session? If you want it, post it, and lo, I shall arrange it (offer does not extend to those within throwing distance of the Eiffel Tower).
(And when are you back Emily?)

Vote Dar#1!

:: #1 Dar :: 15.5.2003, 00:12  
Bye Emily!
You'll still be able to post on here right?
(Oh and dont forget to spread the word about voting for me!)
Hope it's all fun! Dont get the kids addicted to Crack. Im serious.

And Janey Macaroni... Everyone thinks my favorite TV show is Star Trek. Or Wrestling. Which is apparently much worse. Besides I only watch "B:TVS" (wink wink!) because of the fight scenes. And apparently she doesnt wear a bra...

Vote Dar#1!

emily :: :: 14.5.2003, 22:41  
p.s.i cant stress the need for letters enough-i dont want to be the only loser on mail day(everyday) without letter.electronic mail does not count-evil ais take note!

emily :: :: 14.5.2003, 22:40  
im off on sat to the states-if any of u guys get the urge to write to me the address is

Emily Egan c/o
Camp Sangamon
382 Camp Lane
Pittsford, VT 05763

would be really grateful for any letters excepts darrons(potentially scary...)kidding kidding.
il probably be back in august,so tah tah for now.

Jane :: :: 14.5.2003, 18:46  
I think i now hold all the cards, oh the power! the whole world could learn your dirty little secret and your election campaign would go down the toilet if i only told people what your favourite tv show is!!!!! How much are you willing to pay to keep me quiet??!

Jane :: :: 14.5.2003, 18:44  
That was a cunning move darron, I admit to being out smarted for the moment plus you have to come back to trampolining, i'm now throwing my front somersaults backwards its not at all fun.by the way to anyone who doesn't know, the unamed tv show to which Dar(vote#1) has admitted his affiliation to is.......

Chopper :: :: 14.5.2003, 11:23  
The methods for promoting Darron's candidacy are threefold.

1. Subliminal (many subliminal messages)
2. Liminal (such as on this forum)
3. Superliminal (shouting at random people in the street "HEY YOU - VOTE FOR DARRON!!"

Vote Darron #1 (or else)

:: #1 Dar :: 13.5.2003, 22:55  
Vote Dar#1!

Darron: "Vote for me and I promise to change the national anthem to the following Limerick:
There was a young man with a limp,
Who lived in a house with a chimp,
He bathed with the chimp,
And shared the bed with the chimp,
So it came as little surprise when
the chimp tore his jaw off".

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 16:12  
Darron news:

Here is a few things our #1 candidate has been up to on the campaign trail:

11/01/2003 dedicates a new Emergency Warning sign

02/04/2003 gives the opening remarks at a sci-fi convention

01/02/2003 gives the opening remarks at a comic book convention

04/09/2002 Conducts a study on the feasability of a super train between Dundrum and Aruba

05/03/2003 Two bodies surface in Dublin Bay

09/12/2002 "Mr. Plow, for making it possible for people to get to where they're going without resorting to public transportation or carpooling, I give you the key to the city."

21/02/2003 "I admit I used the city treasury to fund the murder of my enemies, but as Gabbo would say, I'm a bad little boy."

Darron moves with the times: 25/03/2003:
"Very well, if that is the way the winds are blowing, let no one say I don't also blow."

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 15:58  
Campaign song:
"Without Darron Costello, our town would really stink.
we wouldn't have a tire yard or an inside roller rink.
we wouldn't have our gallows, or a shiny big foot trap.
its not Darron's fault that the stadium collapsed."

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 15:56  
Vote for Darron.
He was once called an "illiterate tax cheating, wife swapping pot smoking spend-o-crat" by Birch Barlow. His response is "Hey, I am no longer illiterate"

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 15:50  
Vote for Darron.
"He is hoping for a clean and orderly election which will eliminate the need for a mindless bloodbath"

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 15:49  
Vote for Darron.
"This time he's the LESSER of two evils"

Chopper :: :: 13.5.2003, 15:49  
Vote for Darron.
"This time he's the LESSER of two evils"

Jen :: :: 13.5.2003, 12:14  
two words...........EXAMS FINISHED!!!!!!!

:: #1 Dar :: 13.5.2003, 05:02  
You forgot to add "future life options". They're clearly finished.

And Jane, you will be saddened and vomiting to know that I have out-smarted you. By never returning to tramplining and instead embarking on a World Tour of "Certain TV Show" Conventions, I will both save my precious shinoid bones, and secure precious Foreign, Foreign National, International, Transnational and blatantly made-up votes for my Unilateral Compaign.

Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "A vote for Darron is a vote that wont get you shot, and the bill for the bullet sent to your grieving family (assuming they voted for Darron)".

a friend of the dooley llama :: :: 12.5.2003, 23:18  
By following the simple advice u too can find inner peace........

"The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started."

today I looked around to see all the things I started and hadn't finished.
So, today I finished off a bottle of vodka, a bottle of red wine, a bottle
of whisky, my Prozac, a small box of chocolates and 2 litres of Stella

..................ahhh to enlightenment

ooops :: :: 12.5.2003, 19:37  
actuall,y wait a minute, i reckon i've watched enough episodes of a certain tv show which shall remain nameless to be able to do some fancy kicks myself, i'm still kicking you in the shin.

ooops :: :: 12.5.2003, 19:31  
Just remebered about the martial arts stuff, i come in peace darron.

Jane :: :: 12.5.2003, 19:30  
Darron childish name calling will not have any effect on me but the next time i see you i'm going to kick you hard in the shin, we'll see then who is the sucker!!!!

none of the above :: :: 12.5.2003, 17:31  
vote for me (well it worked for Eddie Murphy!)

Chopper :: :: 12.5.2003, 14:53  
it was I who posted the "enlightenment shminsmitement" post.

I would also like to add that the Dooley Lama coalition sucks.

Peace and oneness can only be achieved by voting for Darron. A vote for Dooley-Llama is a vote for opening up your mind (possibly with mind altering drugs) -- true bliss can only be found with the ignorance brought by a vote for Darron. The future of your children and your children's children (and so forth) depends on your vote for Darron (and yes, that is a threat).

The Dooley-Lama coalition is against proposition #E19994500067449876234959-EYOIGHKFIINCO (Bill on Spice Girls Album Owners Rights no. 1189938985) of the European Court of Human Rights, which demands equal treatment for all people who are in posession of a CD by the Spice Girls. Don't let these weird freaks suffer alone. A vote for Dooley-Lama only continues to shun these people. Let us celebrate their difference (and their weirdness).

A vote for Dooley-Lama could mean an alliance with Tibet or some other far off place. This would erode Ireland's neutrality. Darron's policy is to unite all countries of the world under his iron fist and in his long thin eagle-like claws, therefore securing Irelands neutrality by dominating all life forms on earth.

So when you are sealed in the voting chamber, remember, VOTE FOR KAN--**$" erm, DARRON COSTELLO!!!!

End communication

:: #1 Dar :: 12.5.2003, 00:25  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "Vote for me or I will publicly question your sexuality"

:: #1 Dar :: 12.5.2003, 00:24  
Wait... I get it now... and Im guessing its you... Jane!

You still suck.

Vote Dar#1!

:: #1 Dar :: 12.5.2003, 00:22  
What? Who are you? You suck.

(And although I agree with the "Enlightenment Shminshmitement" post, I didnt post it, so it aint my post. Dont make me go postal.

Vote Dar#1!

..... :: :: 11.5.2003, 16:44  
when it comes to having an over-active imagination darron, you haven't a leg to stand on. you are the black name calling pot and also a person in a glass house.

Dar #1 :: :: 11.5.2003, 15:22  
Enlightenment Shminshmitement. Ignorance is bliss. Vote for Darron.

:: #1 Dar :: 11.5.2003, 04:13  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: " Vote for me and I'll go to bed"

:: #1 Dar :: 10.5.2003, 22:12  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "Vote for me, or I torch the trampolines"

:: #1 Dar :: 10.5.2003, 22:11  
Please stop making up names for exams.
Neuropharm... Spectroscophy... yeah... sure.

Vote Dar#1!

a message to satan... :: :: 10.5.2003, 19:28  
hey ais (evil incarnate) lack of credit is stopping me from texting you, it's not in anyway to do with certain allegations that have been made regarding your attitude towards fluffy animals and the disapperance of some of the ducklings off the lake, honestly, its lack of credit! all my informants tell me neruopharm was the biggest bitch ever, spectroscopy today wasn't the best either but at least its over! will you be in college at all next week or are you just barring yourself in your house? text me if you are. jane.

aisling...hurt by ur words :: :: 10.5.2003, 15:48  
i turn my back for five minutes and look at what happens...darron, eugeen- i'm sueing u both for slander- expect to here from my lawyer soon. curses to all those finished there exams! hav four left and due to a bastard memory blank in neuropharm the other day i'm probably going to hav to repeat all of them! oh well...we shall battle on anyhow. hands up who thinks Darron is just bitter cos he didnt get a poll in the first place?

Gar :: :: 10.5.2003, 15:00  
Do as you feel is right but do not expect to not be judged for it by others. P.S. there is a party in my house on monday (no it is not a cult meeting and the Dooley will not be there so don't come for answers to life) for anyone who is finished their sams or just wants to take a night off or whatever. from 8 or so on then into town. Emily is coming by the looks of things so you won't be the only tramp!

annon :: :: 10.5.2003, 14:57  
ok 1 minute. clearly i am not quite elevated to enlightenment. Kill Darron he is suffocating us!

annon :: :: 10.5.2003, 14:56  
does that mean we should kill Darron to rid ourselves of the dead weight? (pure coincidence this appears two minutes after gareth wrote!)

Gar :: :: 10.5.2003, 14:55  
The Dooley Llama will speak as one soon, not yet for the beligerance of some (well darron) do not make complete the understanding of the Llama such that is required for your collective elevation to enlightenment. only when you are united in acceptance will you be complete!

dee :: :: 10.5.2003, 03:12  
i must be getting bad if im still awake after darron!

:: #1 Dar :: 10.5.2003, 02:47  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "The longer you do not vote for me... the longer I will keep you alive..."

:: #1 Dar :: 10.5.2003, 02:46  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "I am your worst nightmare. Vote for me or the streets will run red with your children's blood."

:: #1 Dar :: 10.5.2003, 02:43  
Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "When I have proof that you have voted for me, I will return your father alive."

:: #1Dar :: 10.5.2003, 02:41  
I go to all the trouble of organising a campaign, a campaign team, a campaign direction... and all I get see are you fools flocking to some bunch of eejits cause they have a "clever" name and cant spell?!?! The only campaign they have going is their own KAMPaign!
Right, you want to play it like that people? Fine. We'll change the rules then. Change the game. Lets see... how to begin... how to begin....

Just wondrin :: :: 9.5.2003, 20:39  
hmmmm, my spelling has neverf been ny srong point, otherwise my question could be construed as support for the dooley llama's anti spelling policy as previously espoused by gareth, with the dooley llama in power eventually language could become a complete barrier to communication!!!!! think of the possibilities!? jfgdgejjnkjng!!

Céire :: :: 9.5.2003, 16:13  
Was the "ruining" instead of "running" intentional or freudian slip there 'Just wondrin'?

clare :: :: 9.5.2003, 12:42  
aaah....and the penny finally drops.
very clever. i didnt know you had it in you to come up with something THAT clever gareth! a lot of time and ettort obviously went into the naming of your coalition. unlike dar who just dropped off the last few letters of his name. not impressed at all with that, he probably forgot them due to lack of sleep!!
Dooley lama, you have my vote

Just wondrin :: :: 9.5.2003, 10:29  
Are you all still ruinning for the minstry of education?

:: #1 Dar :: 9.5.2003, 03:10  
In the recent past I, Darron Costello (For #1 Vote) have been accused of slander, and also gross slander against my political opponents.
I would just like to go on record as saying this is untrue. I am a Saint. As ordained by Godd himself. And would never Lye.
Why I even think that the Dooley-Llama Coalition are good people at heart. They are nice, kind and considerate. The fact that they are Evil and steal your Money is not something I can judge them for. (But you can! Stop these beligerant thieves: Dar for #1 Vote! I promise to throw them Back into jail after a quick and inexpensive Show-Trial!)

Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "The Evil Empire in Star Wars started as a "Coalition" between Senator Palpetine and Anakin Skywalker. Vote Darron #1 and I promise a Brutal Clenched Fist policy on all Political Parties"

:: #1 Dar :: 9.5.2003, 02:52  
Dooley Lama?! Oh for the love...
People, people, people... Do you know Even WHAT you are voting For?!!!
You vote for someone that will guide us...
You vote for someone that will shape us...
You vote for someone who will peer into the darkness ahead and choose a path...
You vote for someone who will take you past previous failures, and raise you to new achievements...
My People... I am Someone!

Vote Dar for #1 Vote.

dee :: :: 8.5.2003, 22:09  
hey everyone, exams are slaughter at the moment, last wednesday i went for 60 hours no sleep and another all nighter last night after day of lying bed, denying the fact i had an exam! responbility isn't for me :) but my god the flukey shit i pulled today in that exam hall!!! got all my question no bother after starting study and 1am this morning, ive wriiten note to my success if ne one wants to buy? its called " be a hot bitch like dee, in less then 1week of cramming" normal sale price of $ 200 billion , but since it's u guys :) and most of u are special( and i mean special enough to get one of those passes for the bus) ill easy settle ( not that im easy, well with gareth a handful of others i am) ,for a pint of 2 shots of my chosen alcohol post exams :)
i love u and leave u all.xx

Gar :: :: 8.5.2003, 16:59  
By vot i, of course, mean vote!but you knew that as our language transcends the physical image.

Gar :: :: 8.5.2003, 16:58  
ok clare:
my name is gareth
i have been named the Llama.
Michaels full name is michael dooley.
ok we have joined forces and instead of calling our coalition the gareth michael, or the michael martin(my surname is martin), or the michael llama or the gareth dooley, we have called it the Dooley Llama.
Ok do i need to explain who the Dalai Lama is?
He is the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, who is immortal living through successive generations through different people. Ok that's fairly simplified but ok.
Now we chose the name Dooley Llama due to its phoenetic similarity (similar sound) to Dalai Lama as we feel we have a similar gift in this side of the world.
Therefore vot Dooley Llama.

Jane :: :: 8.5.2003, 11:57  
Jade those photos from scotland are deadly! you even got one of joanne giving birth to micheal!

moo :: :: 7.5.2003, 20:21  
its true the IQ of a mob is the IQ of the thickest person divided by 2. Scientific fact. Online poll: who is the person dragging the club down or should it be who isn't dragging the club down?

baaaaa :: :: 7.5.2003, 20:16  
we are that dumb

baaa-annoyed :: :: 7.5.2003, 20:16  
okay clare got that in before me thus totally justifying gareth, DOH!!! sorry gareth

baaaaa :: :: 7.5.2003, 20:15  
Gareth that was funny but you mustn't think much of the intelligence of the club it was explained till it was clearer than a crystal clear lake than explained till it was so clear i can't think of anything comparable.

clare :: :: 7.5.2003, 20:13  
Dooley lama??
dont get it. must be huge dumb ass :-(
someone explain

clare :: (bragging!) :: 7.5.2003, 20:10  
im finished my exams 2moro!! WOOHOO!!!
just thought id brag a little...........ok, a lot!!!

Céire... again :: :: 7.5.2003, 18:33  
Have sent individual e-mails to this effect but thought Id try my luck on the message board too: does anyone fancy a holiday in Rouen/Paris between now and about the 7th june? Cheap Ryanair flights. It means that you get the pleasure of bringing back a suitcase of my stuff upon your return to Ireland. Ill give you food, drink and a place to stay! Bargain!! Come on people I know you want to. Trish, Gareth, Ross, Dee etc Im lookin at you.....

Céire :: :: 7.5.2003, 18:23  
Ah the wit, the cleverness. You've got my vote Dooley llama

Gar :: :: 7.5.2003, 16:05  
P.S. michaels surname is dooley

Gar :: :: 7.5.2003, 09:51  
The link is unrefuitable (also spelling loss is a sign of tru enlightenment as the overwhelming nature of truth renderes it meaningless)

Gar :: :: 7.5.2003, 09:49  
for you dumb asses:
The Dalai Lama - - - - - The Dooley Lama - - - - - The Dooley Llama

Gar :: :: 7.5.2003, 09:48  
togeether Michael and I are The Dooley Llama. how can you vote for anyone else? Our coalition party clearly will guide you to enlightenment!

emily :: :: 6.5.2003, 20:58  
enough of the lies darron-everyone knows shes a vegetarian.Vote aishling#1 for president of the underworld...

Dar #1 - Chopper :: :: 6.5.2003, 11:54  
Aisling smith LIKES children and cute pets such as puppies and kittens. Yes, that's correct. She LIKES them. (Especially with broccoli, cheese sauce and a good bottle of Dom Perignon '69!)

:: #1 Dar :: 6.5.2003, 01:07  
Aisling Smith is out to KILL all of your pets... using PET-BOMBS she constructed in her GARAGE! Would you vote for a person that thinks she knows how to kill your own pets better than you?
Aisling Smith is out to ruin your day. Voting for Aisling would be like punching yourself in the throat, hard.
Aisling Smith doesnt care about the Enviroment. Aishling Smith doesnt care about the Kids.
I care for both, simultaneously at the same time. Where you say "Faulty Sewage Drains", I say "Water Slide"!
Where Aisling Smith says "Tax-cuts for the Elderly", I say, "Free Gold for Everybody"!

Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "Vote Now, Ask Questions Later"

Céire :: :: 5.5.2003, 16:19  
check out www.sobleedinwha.com. its funny where i am at least

Chopper :: chopper.eugene.teamrep@darron4eduminister.minesterialcommittee.darron.net.org :: 5.5.2003, 13:03  
Did you know that NecropheliAis of the MO's is responsible for many of the evils of our society. There are rumours that she was involved in the Ghengis Kahn movement, and along with her party chief (Mr Lucifer P. Satan) was involved in such things as the temptation of Christ, the posession of a little girl in a film in 1973, random green goo, and most of the evil in the world. In fact, there is some evidence that she may be trying to inhabit 2/3 of the brain cells of George W. Bush (i.e. approx 1/6 of a cell).

She also supports a revolving-door prison system. She let Darron Costello, a man twice convicted of offences against public decency and taste, out of prison.

Vote Darron #1

In a speech today, His Excellency, Mr the Right Honorable Darron Costello, M.P.R.C.C.R, E.S.P.R.C.C.R, Esquire was quoted as saying
"I am Da-ron. When I become overlord, all will bow down before me. Your planet is doomed, DOOMED!"

"Sure, when I was a boy I dreamed of being a baseball, but now we must go forward, not backward; upward, not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom."

Remember your campaign slogans
Darron: "Let's talk better mileage"
Aisling: "Kill the bastards"

Look at these shocking headlines involving Aisling:
"Aisling Smith caught in love tryst with endangered tree owl"....NewsToday, 2 May 2003

"Aisling Smith proclaims hatred for all children, cute and cuddly puppies and kittens." ...... The Daily Examinmail, 29 Feb 2003

:: :: 5.5.2003, 04:10  
* All messeges paid for by the Friends of Darron Costello for #1 Vote.

:: Dar #1 :: 5.5.2003, 04:07  
Remember: Vote Dar#1!
Darron: "I dont know but I been told...
Votin' Darron Never Gets Old..."

:: #1 Dar :: 5.5.2003, 04:03  
Eugene, you're in the Party (The Party for Reform Change and Change of Realignment).
From now on your name is changed to Chopper, and "The Party" will be changed to "The Team".
First thing we do Chopper, is take out the competition, hereby changed to "The Misrepresentitised Oppositionilists", fronted by Aisling Smith, hereby changed to NecropheliAis.
The first stage will be to Slanderitise her bad name.

Vote Dar#1:
Darrron: "With the Student of Today's notorious lack of concentration, if you dont vote for Dar... something... something..."

Vote Dar #1 :: darron.for.eduminister@darron4edumin.ministerialcommitee.darron.net.org :: 5.5.2003, 02:43  
Darron Costello believes in people. And things. And change. Particularly in the field of education. In fact, he won the first annual Montgomery Burns award for outstanding achievement in the field of educational change. He promises he didn't start the Gareth fire, or the one in the tyre yard. It's not his fault that the stadium collapsed. If you vote for him, you will be voting for radical and mind-altering change. You will not believe how much change is going to take place. And it will be real change, not just change tickets. In fact, he may try to reinstate the change on buses, although as Minister for Education, he will have an extremely limited influence in this field. Yes, change is on the menu. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. And snacks. Lots of change snacks in between. He promises to eliminate 20% of students by 2017. And 30% of waste in the field of studying. He also promises to increase educational change knowledge by 178.92% over the next 2.5 days. Learning aids, such as asbestos, radiation and toxic gases will be provided to all students.

Yes, vote #1 Darron.

Campaign slogans:
"if you were running for minister for education he'd vote for you"

"9 out of 10 cat owners said their cats preferred him"

When asked for a quote relating to Dar, leading educational change expert Dr. Ophelia Wendlechilders-Huntingsboth said "get the hell away from my car".

"Atrocious" - Evening Herald

"Abysmal" - Irish Times

"Stupefying" - Irish Independent

"Look at these boobs" - The Sun

Here's a leading expert - "um" - He'll tell you that Dar is tops.

Yes, that's right folks. "Our Darron is #1 for Education. He may be a liar, a pig a communist, but he is NOT a pornstar"

... :: :: 4.5.2003, 23:18  
sorry..spelling yatta yatta yatta

aisling...satan herself apparently :: :: 4.5.2003, 23:17  
just to clarify jennys bowel movements ais is not me...also joanne is sujuct to a much greater evil...zoology, also i'm not a huge prodigy fan- good live but i didnt do it! you know we put a bottle of mr.musle behind the till at work one day and it did fuck all so sorry darron but i wont vote for u...i'v lost all faith in that slogan after 'th incident'

jen................. joining the I hate biochemistry club :: :: 4.5.2003, 22:41  
ok, jane joanne and anyone else stuck doing biochem exams.......I feel your pain! 1 day left till the exam and still havn't brought myself to open one of those evil books.
also.....to gareth and ais... thanks for all your help with the live version of bowel movements :-)

jane :: :: 4.5.2003, 13:40  
O crazy power tripping darron, are you planning any other training sessions next week?

:: Dar :: 4.5.2003, 04:05  
Remember: Vote Dar #1
Darron: "Loves the jobs you hate!"

:: Darronic :: 4.5.2003, 04:03  
Notice to the current browser:

GET BACK TO WORK YOU SLACKER! You complain about fees and this is how you then spend your time! Why, the arrogance! I tell you... when I become Minister for Education it'll be a whole different story. No computers first off. You can then find out what real research is like. And books? You're spoiled rotten in there with such a large library. Im going to streamline it, burn the excess material, and relocate it to occupy the current 911 shop.
This will also make it more wheelchair accessible.

Vote Dar #1.

dee again. :: :: 3.5.2003, 02:46  
and just because im the only one who smokes and collect lighters doesnt make me anyomore suspect. got that!! joking

dee :: :: 3.5.2003, 02:44  
im on the cramming train now a full 60 hours and no sleep!!! explains the whole rough looking appearence im trying to pull-off :) h well ive managed the last 21 years whats another 2 weeks lol.
jade and fi if ur around sat night give me a 'Buzz' and gareth, ill ring u when im in town, exam finishes at 12.30 but im an exception so shud be in before 11 .joking.
good luck everyone, keep up the nerding, and gar neone would think u actually owned them specs!! nerding suits u :)
might make it to bouncing ,
love u all

:: Darronic :: 2.5.2003, 23:35  
And training tomorrow 2 to 5pm people. Be there, or be... absent. Trinity people Even! (But just... not too many) One is good.

:: Darronic :: 2.5.2003, 23:13  
Aisling eh? It appears EVERYONE is a suspect!
Its like "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", the trampoline version.
"Who Set Fire to Gareth's House?"
- Dee: Because of there emotional and turbulant past...
- Aisling: Because it just feels right...
- Gareth himself: For the aformentioned reasons raised by Dee...
Why it could even be...
- Darron: For being suspisiously present at the actual fire [Seriously! I was driving by on my way home, stopped and texted Gar: "Dude, your home is buring. :*( Call me." ]
Eugene: Because there is always room for an Evil French Guy in any plot (Ref: "Leon", "Ronin", "Kiss of the Dragon", et al...)

I think this calls for a poll! MICHAEL!!!

- Michael: Because he needs new polls to win that Website of the Hoosits thing...

So anymore nominations/volunteers for the arsenist?
This is a big event in the club, possibly the biggest since "Who hid the treasurer?"...

Hmm :: :: 2.5.2003, 18:58  
Yes Aisling...fire and brimstone and all that. It makes so much sense

Yes :: :: 2.5.2003, 15:06  
Jesus!!! Gareth you poor bugger. So now you not only stink of lama, BO and Dee(ya send alot of time aroung her and shes stinks to hell ) but smoke too. By the way why has no-one considered Aisling for this crime? they dont call her evil for nothing you know and Im almost sure that I heard her humming ''burn,baby burn'' every time Gareth entered the room when I was at home last. And not in an 'I like 70s disco' kinda way if you know what I mean wink wink

dee :: :: 2.5.2003, 02:57  
hem.....! gareth u went slightly over board this time! setting a fire just to see a sexy fireman in uniform. some ppl will go to such lengths, oly joking babe. last night was hillarious ,me sitting by the phone not knowing if u were all right.... actually i lie!, i couldn't find the remote so i had to pretend i ws doing something worthwhile to my folks.
JEEZUS! i can't believe i have at least another 4 hours study to do:( and there feck all on tv.
good to know ur alive, i was shiting it there for a minute gareth, thought id have to pack less for soouth america if there was one less man to carry my bags:) and (i'm serious :) . i had never expierenced such aguish in my life till last night..... all better now though :)
k, back to the books, good luck yall!
love,dee x

sky news would love this; :: :: 1.5.2003, 17:00  
do you think that it was a deliberate act of sabotage? Maybe the dee-gareth situation rocketed from amusing comments on the message board to all out acts of aggression in one foul swoop? if so watch out dee you could soon find yourself declared a rogue student and the b-52 bombers will pay you a visit................. maybe, this is entirely speculation and has no basis in reality.

bronagh :: :: 1.5.2003, 16:14  
Hey Gareth Don't worry You don't smell too bad!! I could only barely get the smokey smell that was wafting around the second floor of science this morning during the exam!! Jury is still out though on whether the stench...SORRY I mean scent...was of Lama or smoke!! Although I'd like to say thanx for the mild distraction provided when you moved, whatever way the wind was blowing I got a nosefull!!!
Seriosly though after 15mins of staring blankly into space any distraction was a welcome one!!

Gar :: :: 1.5.2003, 14:19  
hello everybody. i and everything i own now smells of smoke so please when you see me tell me i smell lovely or i smell of body odour, either way i will be glad cause burnt paint stinkypoos!
yup offices went on fire and the place is all smokey and sooty and sweep. i not sure how bad the damage was but i going back this evenin so we'll see. fun in the middle of finals and the night before a sam.
Darron i meant to say sorry about the coaching recommendation i made last week, my bad!
later angels and angellas

eug :: :: 1.5.2003, 05:16  
hey everybody. I'm sitting drunk in an internet cafe at 06.09am in central paris. Can you believe there's nowhere to go at this hour on the eve(morn) of a bank holiday???!! I'm trying desperately to grasp the concept of the french keyboard! azerty - what a load of poop! I'm on my way back from that €16 all-u-can-drink partay (and yes, it was beside the eiffel tower). We got a taxi across the city (took a good 20-25mins) and it only cost 9.90!! (which between three is nothing)

anyhoo, good luck in the exams to one and all (mine arent until the 2nd last week in june!) :-(

DEAD lines - eurghhh! horrible. talk 2u soon i hope darron

:: Darronic :: 1.5.2003, 02:04  
Um, Ais, are you so vain to think that you are the only Ais(h)ling S. I know (and want dead)?

Um... dont answer that.

Genie, I aint dissin yo, I jez bee:
Absolutely Screwed with college work. My Final DEAD line for work is the 9th, so after that I can finally be free and talk and organise and arrange and plan!!
Darron. So good they something something.

aisling- still no h :: :: 1.5.2003, 00:08  
i mean good luck- c what these exams r doing to me!

aisling...no h :: :: 1.5.2003, 00:06  
dam...i've been distracted by these stupid exams...so much going on here!!! i had no part in the biochem catastrophy that was paper1, i promise!!!!! oh the shitness of exams-FYI darron there is no h in my god dam name, also y do u want me dead? did i miss something...well i do miss alot of things. i love the way eugene actualy gave directions casualy by the eiffel tower...they may b the actual directions but its still funny. speaking of polls...remember th tp dee? ah th endless hours of amusment...gud look one and all pour les examons

:: Dar :: ron :: 30.4.2003, 23:44  
A Poll. Please Vote.

"Gareth's house went on fire today. A fridge in the bottom office exploded. The cleaning lady was lucky to get out alive. Gareth now lives with his grandparents."

How many say I speak the truth, and how many say "Thou dos't LIE!!"

Ive cracked it :: :: 30.4.2003, 16:12  
Methinks the anti-(leo)tards doth protest too much. I vote obligatory webcams for all those that contribute to the tramp message board. I have a sneaking suspicion that if this cunning (highly expensive) plan were to be implemented a new breed would be discovered: The velour-wearing computer geek.

addicted :: :: 30.4.2003, 13:17  
Em. doewars is pssibly the most addictive game in the world not good when you're meant to be studying!

Denise :: :: 29.4.2003, 22:06  
I know ye're all studying like mad things for the exams ( good luck btw! ) but take a break from the all nighters in the morning to watch tv3 at 7am and 7.50am. There's a piece on gymnastics and guess who's being interviewed....none other than your local friendly coach and vice-president of Irish Gymnastics, Pauric!!! The 7am one is 40secs and the 7.50am one is 4mins!!

dee :: :: 29.4.2003, 21:50  
sorry im a bit behind on this masturbaton theme gareth is so keen on. isnt that right honey, what was it again i caught u doing over a photo of john major in a leotard?? or need i go into such detail??oh.......and that dare i say? C*M face of yours certainly doesn't need any more practice! so its about time u loosened ur grip of things literally .

Jane@biochemistry is bad for you. :: :: 29.4.2003, 20:21  
Aisling it was not so much the case of the pigeon and the statue more the snowball and the proverbial flamethrower.
oh and gareth we've decided to go ahead and go to thailand sars and all so can i still have that book you were talking about, hope the exams are going okay. :o)

my secret shame :: :: 29.4.2003, 17:03  
my dream outfit is a luminous yellow leotard with silver sequins and a luminous pink stripe a la eighties cycling shorts, I'd wear a leotard all the time if i wasn't so scared of the judging eyes!!!

dee :: :: 29.4.2003, 15:15  
just out to get the feather duster, back to my self pleasure.

dee :: :: 29.4.2003, 15:09  
i can't wait to see michael running the pole in his pink sparkly leotard. hot hot hot. wow i'm off to the bathroom now with my brush handle. see you guys later + good luck witht the exams.

a leotard :: :: 29.4.2003, 15:07  
i am philamena the leotard and i am rather upset at your plans to burn my kind. I am a beautiful pink and silver spangly valour leotard and feell that your plans to burn us are more a mirror of your own self doubts and inability to wear clothing that does not hide your truely nasty human figures. you burn because you cannot burn yourself (or are too wussy)
we leotards will rise up against you with our spangles and figure hugging and we will force ourselves upon you and you shall be shown to all the world in your full, pink leotard wearing glory. especially eugene and sinead who said burn twice and top of the list is michael who ran the poll. you'll be running the pole alright when all the boys and girls are wearing their leotards and you won't be able to hide it cause it is a leotard that you will also be wearing.

Debbie :: :: 29.4.2003, 13:11  
Michael, is there anything you can't do?!Oh yes, I remember now, you can't do double backs. Moving swiftly along. So I said to Mabel...................

Michael :: :: 28.4.2003, 19:22  
You can now see the results of the polls by going to the polls page and clicking on the results thing at the bottom. Easy isnt it?

joanne- oops :: :: 28.4.2003, 19:18  
wait, wait, biochem is tomorrow isnt it, well thats great ive lost all sense of time, thats really gonna screw me over come wednesday (my first exam). well good luck for biochem tomorrow

joanne :: :: 28.4.2003, 19:14  
hope biochem and psych went well girlies!and also all other exams for all other people not taking biochem or psych. good luck to all talk to ya soon, possibly tomorrow when its likely i will log on again out of boredom, and of course ehem love for all of you

Michael :: :: 28.4.2003, 18:53  
Had first exam today, it has begun...no went well. Hope y'all knock em dead in the exams. Will have the facility to see the progress of the polls without voting tonight.

bronagh@I hate biochem even more than jane.com :: :: 28.4.2003, 17:21  
OH MY GOD!!! Yup Jane you're SO right!!! Its not just hard it's EVIL!!! Reckon Ais Smith Infiltrated the Dept at some stage and spread her kind of "love" around!!! Right now I see a big sign in flashing neon lights over my head saying DEAD DEAD DEAD!!!!
Oh and Good Luck to Everyone in the exams!! I'm sure I'll see some of you dossing around the place at various stages!! I'm really getting quite good at that!!

leotard lover ........... :: :: 28.4.2003, 16:29  
I would just like to say that I am deeply hurt by your comments regarding velour leotards....................... personally I find them a must have piece of clothing..........honestly theres nothing better for lighting a fire on those winter nights than velour.............
I may also have inadvertantly admitted to wearing one while surfing the web............ but then again maybe it was just a really bad wedgie that made me think I was.
In conclusion I vote : velour leotards MUST stay!!!!!!!!! what would we have to laugh at otherwise!!!!!!!

Jen :: :: 28.4.2003, 16:22  
Just want to wish everyone best of luck in their exams and if I don't see you before the summer have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jane@I hate biochem.com :: :: 28.4.2003, 14:54  
Good luck everyone with the exams, to joanne and bronagh who also have to do the biochem essay paper tomorrow is it not the hardest paper on the planet! and what am i doing wasting time on the computer.....oh and evil aisling, how was psychology?

Ais :: :: 28.4.2003, 14:38  
Hi everyone...just some news.
All at Loughlinstown send their thanks for the loan of our trampoline...the easter camp went really well there...lots of kids taking up classes after it.
Also, gymfest went brilliantly yesterday...the trampoline display looked excellent with the lights and everything. And well done to the DCU Instant Gymnastics Display Team..."just add crowd". They performed a really great, thouroughly crowd - pleasing dislplay. Michael would have been pleased to see the amount of jazz hands displayed at Gymfest, one club actually performing to the song from Chicago..."All that Jazz"
If anyone want to have a look...gymfest will be on Network 2 on Sat 3rd of May at 5.30pm and then will be on the NTL channel at 10.30pm every night from monday may 5th to Sunday 11th.
And last of all........Best of luck to all of you in your exams. Hope everyone does smashingly!!!!!

sinead :: :: 28.4.2003, 14:20  
hey everyone good luck in the exams!! had physics this morning stupid sucky physics.
on the whole leotard velour thing
i must just say

Debbie :: :: 28.4.2003, 14:17  
I'm liking the velour leotard poll, but where's the "notions" option? It's conspicuous by its absence. Plus, how can I check how the polls are going without voting again?

dee :: :: 28.4.2003, 13:57  
hey guys best of luck in the exams!!! and gareth im not in today,at home studying, ill talk to u tomorrow.

eug :: :: 28.4.2003, 00:20  
you know what to do now --- burn 'em! burn 'em all!! burn the house down!!!
Velour leotards are soooooooo cut!

Michael :: :: 27.4.2003, 23:15  
Im with you on this one clare. Burning the leotards is way out in front with a two to one advantage over 'always worn by people who should know better' while one person was apparently wearing one while voting. So far the people are irate about velour leotards!! First exam is tomorrow morn!

joanne :: :: 27.4.2003, 19:00  
gareth, if you are by chance in the microbiology building/labs (trying to figure out what you did while in there for the past 4 years) keep an eye out for my lab book. my demonstrator mary stoled it-she said she would put it in the porch but she didnt-she lie! lie i tells ya! and yes my life has become this pathetic

clare :: sickened@wobbly_thighs :: 27.4.2003, 17:50  
velour leotards.......EEWWWW!!
remember all the jiggling flab from the videos in the vaults? for the sake of everyones stomachs i vote burn them.....burn them all!! (or at least let people wear shorts, wobbling thighs freak me out!)

new poll idea........ :: :: 27.4.2003, 14:13  
gareth or dee, who is sicker?????????

eug :: :: 27.4.2003, 05:04  
ah yes, le trip. Sooner the better for me. Bring people.

:: I C... :: 27.4.2003, 04:52  
Yeah yeah, eat le dúst Genie.
I gotta mail you about that trip dude. I up to my bowelees in work at the mo though, so.... bleaugh.
And trying to taunt us with your parties eh? Well... big party in the Liffey for everyone in Ireland. Free Gold for everyone who comes. And no Frenchies.

Ah de Leprechauns... They stole me Luck!

eugene :: :: 27.4.2003, 04:04  
I'm up as late as Darron!!! Well, I'm an hour ahead, so actually, I'm up an hour later than him! An idea for a poll could be: What should Darron's next hair colour be?

BTW, Ceire, huge party night in Paris next Weds (Thursday being a bank holiday). It's in "Back-Up" nightclub (on metro line 6 near the eiffel tower). There'll prob. be buses to and from the club from our college and u can of course stay with us. €16, including bus transfer, night club entry and all you can drink! Wohoo! (of course, with all the dubious activity you're getting up to in Rouen, with the strange and dodgy people you're now hanging around with, you'll probably be busy - ahem!)

:: Darron (2 L's and a Z.) :: 27.4.2003, 04:01  
All my clothes are mingin? What the funk? Since when? How do I unmong them? What the hell is mingin?

Waaaid a sec... You mean to say that because Im a fashion Monger, all my clothes are Mongin. Which is the past tense of Mingin. So its a complment. I see. Yes, I am. Thank you.

:: -------- :: 27.4.2003, 03:50  
Aw carp. That was supposed to be a sword. It looked cool when I typed it. (Believe me or I'll drop you on your head)
(You cant see me but Im shaking my fist at the screen right now to back up my threat. Its kinda, well... threatening)

:: ~==================Câ¬IlXXXXXll :: 27.4.2003, 03:44  
You guys are total freeks!

But its cool. I wont tell.

So yeah (for anyone dumb enough to care); the column. *Drumroll*
Actually, Im being rushed and harassed by Michael "Im Sooo Drunk! With Power. And Also With Alcohol" Dontley. Its stifling the creative juices.
Well, actually actually: With project deadlines/kids tramp clubs/depressing pressure all kicking me in the shin till you just wish Aishling S. was dead, Im not mentally right.
To do the column.
If I do it now you'll get:
Week One: Today you are the suckiest bunch of sucks to ever suck.
So hold up. I'll have it in a week or two. Darronic.

robocop's side-kick "CHIPS" :: :: 27.4.2003, 01:48  
just to let ppl know my stubble rash isnt as bad anymore since robocop (mon cherrie) shaved lately. thats shaved allover and i mean ALL over!i hope ur jealous gareth, his skin is soooooooo..... silky smooth. mind u i do miss sucking on his sensual hairy toes!!! Man , they were the good old days !..lol :)
Ans finally before i go , id just like to add, gareth is definitely a monkey boy.

dee :: :: 26.4.2003, 21:36  
jeeze gar u are making it very hard for me to come up with new creative material, im sick of relying on taking extracts from my dirty novels im writing! come on.....let the banter begin, exam time is here we need some amusement!!

Gar :: :: 26.4.2003, 21:34  
i am definitely a lama!!! no question about it. us lamas (a rare breed), have exquisit pit hair only found on lamas, unlike normal pubic hair it is straight.i piss u not my friends!......... check if u don't believe me, but i can;t promise i wont get turned on by ur fondling me ;)
Quote :"try me, i won't bite, ok i will but u have to ask me nicely ;)"
luv u longtime......gar & robocop xx

Michael :: :: 26.4.2003, 13:52  
No training today as there is a basketball comp. all day in both halls.

dee :: :: 26.4.2003, 12:20  
not sure

Jane :: :: 26.4.2003, 12:19  
hey, is training on today?

other security gaurd! :: baldy@ucdlib.lov'n :: 26.4.2003, 12:14  
spread the love dudes! give me some lovin' too. robocock gets all the guys!....lifes not fair! :(

Gar; the real one :: :: 25.4.2003, 19:53  
fair play dee, it'll take a lot to top that

Debbie :: debbie4dolmio@hotmail.com :: 25.4.2003, 19:32  
I see you've cottoned on to the whole poll (or pole?) idea now too. An idea stolen from TCD as usual! And the horoscope idea - also stolen. But we went one better. We didn't just steal ideas, we stole Caroline!
You're terrible Michael..............but I like you!

Gar :: :: 25.4.2003, 19:22  
that should be robocock

Gar :: :: 25.4.2003, 18:33  
seriously, that security guy is too much man for me!! :) my library days are no longer just about 'SELF- LOVIN' in the back row of the periodicals section, No No.....at least now i have something to think about........i think 'robocop' as i like to call him, pruposely brushed up against me in a vey homoerotic way today, as he passed my desk .that song "dream dream dream " rushed into my head it musta have been love at 1st touch for the both of us.he even wore a new white shirt today , i could just about work out the shape of his nipple as the crisp white cotton gentle glided over his well toned chest ..mmmmmm can wait for 'casual saturday' tomorrow may be he'll wear them tighht fitting jeans that ride up his crack.yummy! lol

........religious freak!!!!!!!!!! :: :: 25.4.2003, 18:18  
Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man, who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong,
One who's loves to listen long,

One who thinks before he speaks,
When he says he'll call, he won't wait weeks.
I pray that he is gainfully employed,
When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.

Pulls out my chair and opens my door,
Massages my back and begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,
Knows what to answer to "How big is my behind?"

I pray that this man will love me to no end,
And never attempt to hit on my friend.
And as I kneel and pray by my bed,
I look at the creep you sent me instead.


aisling...evil, not so evil- u decide :: :: 25.4.2003, 15:50  
thats more of a question...is it stupid, thats a poll (this is an example i'm not giving my personal opion- also, i am a sagatterius...so whats my horoscope- i'm not going to get myself

poll idea :: :: 25.4.2003, 12:02  
is that darron's natural hair colour?

Michael :: :: 25.4.2003, 10:32  
I put up the trampoline horoscopes so everyone now can see what the future holds for them! I need more ideas for the polls though!

Micheal is not cut. :: :: 25.4.2003, 10:30  
Love the poll! micheal you've saved your place on the team for another while! llamas are not all that unique. if you're in south america they're quite common (maybe thats why gareth's going there, to reunite with his kind) anyway in an irish context both are rare, how many monkeys do you see playing in the cherry trees on campus?