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barry::15.09.2004, 22:23
About joining the gym. Ruth has been talking to them about a club group rate. It will be €155 at the end of the month. Just give your names to her if you're interested.
Andrew::15.09.2004, 14:45
How come you can never just get good news?? U always gotta get kicked straight off your nicly high perched pedastil! Got me timetable, only 12hours. Wednesdays off (on a high) lectures from 5-6 on a thur in d second semester. The one evening you want off, I sware to god they do it just to spite me!! Im a good person...Its not like I've killed people, do I not desereve happiness. Oh you better send me to hell, cos if I get up there, asses will be kicked!!!!!
dermot::15.09.2004, 14:13
hey the gym have a special offer on until tomorrow (thursday 16th) where you can join up for 165euro for the year. Then on fri it goes up to 185. Think ill sign up now...
Ruth::13.09.2004, 20:14
Darron::13.09.2004, 17:57
Right, Ill book some time on Friday (day time) and Saturday. Ill see whos available to take Thursday. Check back here for times; Ill put them up as soon as they're booked.
confused trampoliner::13.09.2004, 17:22
im not sure if ruth told us any useful information
jen.......very pissed off!!!::13.09.2004, 10:01
wanna cry wanna cry........just got back from the states like 3 mins ago its not fair I'm already freezing!!!! havnt slept in like 72 hrs so just gonna go crawl into bed now or the nearest floor..........talk to you all soon!
Ruth ::12.09.2004, 23:36
Hey, As far as I know no. There are some training sessions on this wk not sure of days but not on the normal days. Not sure bout the wk of the 20th either as the freshers sports expo is taking place in the sports centre Hall B that wk. Yes a whole new influx of new ppl, is all good.
Andrew::12.09.2004, 19:16
Hey, so what's da story with training this week?? Are we back to the regular Tue&Thur or when is it on next?
aisis;excited bout 21 related fun :)::12.09.2004, 18:07
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joannes 21st on friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth::10.09.2004, 23:42
Can't wait the new site is gonna be sooooooo kick ass!!! Probably ,my ass!!!
Andrew::10.09.2004, 20:24
So am I so am I so am I!!!!!
nim::10.09.2004, 15:26
im so bored im so bored im so bored!!!!!
barry::10.09.2004, 13:28
oh yeah, and the old forum will probably go off line after fresher's week when netsoc update their membership details and delete Michael's account.
barry::10.09.2004, 13:26
I've just realised that the old forum went back online (all by itself) a few days ago, so for a while there, there were two forums (oops)! Sorry if there was any confusion. This is the current forum though (http://tramp.kicks-ass.net/forum/displaymemo.php), and will be for the future, so make sure to update any bookmarks. I had to move the forum off of netsoc's servers because they were having problems. The link on the main site will bring you here.
Also, I'm currently working with Aisling on updating the site. It should be ready before college starts. Overall it will be very similar, but there will be a couple of nice new additions!
nim::9.09.2004, 12:44
oops1 shit! Heres that list

€40 for these people:
Aisling S

€35 for these people:

For the guys...whites are not included so you might wanna order them from Milano or somewhere...you can do that online these days.
Any probs? ask me!!
Girls, Im thinkin about ordering shorties to go with my leo (you know the little velour shorts that match) so if anyone else wants them can they let me know in the next week! cheers
Nim::9.09.2004, 12:02
Remembered something else.....
The new leos are finished!!!! yey. Ive had the sample for about two weeks now and its great. The rest are going in the post today or tomorrow so im hoping to have them within two weeks.
You all know what that means. Its money time!
The following people owe the following amounts. Andrew already paid last term.

Nim::9.09.2004, 09:48
Legs and holes...speak to Darron...well look at that....you already have!
Hey other Ais! hows my evil namesake? cant believe youre glaad to be home! im still depressed bout it and ive been back two weeks now!
Im sure ruths been on to ya bout the AUC thing at the weekend and sure we'll fill you in on all the stuff and stuff. Sounds vague????? thats cos it is vague!
Im at work...early...and it was my graduation yesterday! The sleep was not had! gonna cry really soon! too much alcomohol!!!!!!
jane trinity::8.09.2004, 17:48
home in a week in a a half....am very sad....have a lovely boy now but have to leave him, funnily enough he also goes to lufbra but is not same guy as other lufbra guy! tee hee . ..........going to spain on the 23rd tho! by the way our freshers week is from the 5th till 9th oct so we'll be havin displays if any of u arent doing anything and wanna come visit u know ur all welcome! it shouldnt be a problem gettin ppl in coz none of the freshers will have student cards yet n stuff. so keep it in mind!

going to alton towers next week for free, the pub is paying all! then big piss up after awwwwww yeah but still not a trampoline in sight, sad!and whats this i hear bout our eurptramp being broken! can i not trust any of those trinity types not to break stuff while im away! sheesh....welcome back everyone who was away n im sure ill c u all soon, and happy bday joanne!!!!!!

id better scoot on back to work, god its horrible serving alcohol with a hangover(again)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx jane xxxxxx
dermot::7.09.2004, 22:56
yes i wish to second the motion that wexford sux. but im leaving the stinking borders of it tomorrow for a trip to dublin to check out the flat and (hopefully) some bouncing! does anyone know if trainings on tomorrow or not???
Andrew::7.09.2004, 19:44
Welcome home!! Cant belive u actually missed Ireland.Been stuck here all summer,didnt really see anything wort missing! Well except bouncing! Which i got to do none of as this poor lil county of mine doesnt have a tramp anywhere in it!
aisling::7.09.2004, 19:04
Guess what?!guess what?!??!?!?! I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep i'm just home this morn and i'v already had a nap in my most fantastical bed and watched home and away!!!!!!!!!!! so good, i love ireland, and i love being in a house bigger than a trampoline. SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! i havnt seen rain in nearly 4 months. my advise 2 u all, catch me in th next few days while i'm still on this buzz b4 i start missing cali!!!!! trampolining, fun! and joanne related 21st fun!!!!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda::7.09.2004, 10:29
Hey Darron. I'm not sure we're talking about the same legs and holes. I guess it's more of an arm than a leg, but never mind that. We did try putting the leg/arm back into the socket one day and it took us about half an hour to get it back out again. Don't wanna risk not being able to put the trampoline away. Not sure we could bend it back into shape either, it looks like pretty tough metal. We'll be bouncing this fri 8-9 if you care to come and take a look at it.
Darronic::7.09.2004, 02:49
Ah Linda... we meet again....
The only problem I remember us having on those lines was that the part of the leg that goes into the hole you are talking about got sort of bent along with the hole itself. This meant that only that one leg could go into that particular hole. It seemed to sort itself out because we were constantly using it so it seemed to naturally regain its shape. Now we can use any leg in that hole.
As for your problem, it sounds like the easiest way to fix it short of sending it back to Eurotramp for repairs (seriously, they do it), is to just bend it back into place yourself. This is a pretty tried and tested method, unless the hole is absolute smush at the moment. If you're planning a time to fix it let me know and Ill try to make it along to help if you want.
joanne::6.09.2004, 17:54
hey all, just want to let you know that im having a party for my 21st on friday the 17th of september in my house. its at bout 8.30, b.y.o.b but there will be grub. If you are coming can you let me know cos i need to get an idea of numbers, and i can give ya directions, thanks :)
Linda TCD::6.09.2004, 17:02
Hi Guys. Our Europtramp is broken at the mo - the sockets that the legs slot into have got bashed and they aren't round anymore so the legs won't fit into them. Ais nim said that the same thing happened to one of your tramps before and I was jus wonderin how you got it fixed and by who. If anyone can help we'd really appreciate it. Thanx.
barry::5.09.2004, 22:43
aisling said she'd book it in the morning. Some time about midday Tuesday.
dermot::5.09.2004, 15:19
hey all. does anyone know when training is on next week?
Ruthie::2.09.2004, 22:14
yes im aware i spelled it wrong!!!
ruthie::2.09.2004, 22:14
clare::1.09.2004, 15:07
hey, if anyone can think of any good slogans for posters would appreciate it if ya could stick them up on the board. come on guys rattle ur brains for me! cheers!
barry::31.08.2004, 21:01
If anyone has any photos for putting up on the website, can you please email them to me: barry.wardell@gmail.com. Also, I need a photo of each committee member to put up in the committee section (the more embarrassing the better!), so send them to the same address.
jen::31.08.2004, 02:45
hey all, in scorching hot Dallas now having a ball! had a crazy time so far barely any sleep catching up on some now cause it's too hot to do much else.......got my cowboy hat though! will be home on the 13th but probably won't be conscious till at least the 14th! let me know what needs to be done then!
clare::30.08.2004, 21:31
hey dudes!
bouncing 2moro tuesday 4-6
(just incase anyone other than the usual suspects are around & didnt hear)
aisis::30.08.2004, 19:23
darron is a bad mecatery- how ever with th time diff tis hard 2 ring when im sober so i'l let that slide- i'm home next monday and dont worry i'v a lota planning done and will tel everyone all about it when i get home teehee :) i'm on a road trip round cali at th mo so tis hard 2 stay in contact-am e-mailing from merced...such a random town. anyhow c uz nxt week
Ruthie::30.08.2004, 12:24
Well Hello my pretties!!I'm finally free from the constraints of work!!Yippee!! Alas there is so much to do. Freshers Week is set to be a busy one with lots of displays and fun for all.Could any one who's around, esp any committee give me a mail/txt etc; just so I know when U'll be in the country etc;) Can't wait to c u all!!!! Ph: 086 8203422 e-mail: ruwilliams@gmail.com
DC::29.08.2004, 23:57

Im going, Barry's Going, Fabian and co from Trinity are going. Probably some of Olympian will be going too and of course we'll end up with a group of UCD Tramps goiong before the end.
Its going to be amazing. Text me ASAP if you wanna go.

Tickets are 26euro per day (for the best tickets in the place) for Saturday and Sunday, and we might get free tickets to Friday Warm ups and a group discount.
I think its really well worth it. Top 8 male and female gymnasts in the World means all those you saw in the Olympics!
Let me know ASAP!
barry::28.08.2004, 13:23
The forum was offline for a few days 'cos of problems with Netsoc. Hopefully everything is fixed now.
nim::25.08.2004, 13:03
one other thing - for EVERYBODY!
with new people coming in...and people leaving...we need to keep the photo gallery up to date. Can everybody who has photos of any events from last year at all please put them on a cd (either digitally or by scanning) and get them to us. If you're away in another country email them to the club's email account (you should all know it - ucdtramp@hotmail.com). If we dont get the photos from a range of people, then we end up with all the pics of the same people...and if we dont get pics of things now...while theyre still around...people will leave and things get forgotten! Please everybody help us out with this

Another thing is that all committee members of last year need to write up a report of your year. Doesnt have to be majorly long or anything...just an account of the big things that you did or any problems you ran into...just so that we can add our chapter to the club history that andy is helping me to put together. If we dont do it now...some poor soul will be trying to locate us in 6 or 7 years the way we're trying to do now! Cheers!!

Am I getting demanding or what???? :)
nim::25.08.2004, 09:53
just posted somethin similar to Darrons message on the committee board. Freshers week is Mon Sept 20th to Thurs Sept 23rd. But theres lots to be done in the meantime and a committee meeting is priority Numero Uno. Anyone heard from Emily? is she around.....is it just the three of us of last years team...plus all this years guys? Who we waiting on? Ais. Jenny. Ruth and Claire are here. What about Adam? Is he around?
Michael::25.08.2004, 03:48
Hey yall,
Sorry havent been in touch in a while, kept busy here in NYC! Missin y'all loads so am looking forward to seein yall at xmas!
DC::24.08.2004, 23:43
Time to get this freak show on the road...

Two Important questions:
When is Fresher's Week?
When is everyone on the council back in Dublin?
Post up; we have to meet up soon.
Ruth::24.08.2004, 16:25
No, sorry I've tried but I don''t feel sorry for all you home comers - I've been stuck in my 9-5 ALL SUMMER & It's made me bitter ... ;) Cy'all soon.
joanne::23.08.2004, 20:31
leaving san diego tomorrow, boohoo! sob! see you all soon
Kathrin::22.08.2004, 23:14
Hi everybody!
Hope you are all well!
Oh, you must be, trampolining is on again :-) !
I saw the olympic trampolining competition Fri and Sat. Two Germans got medals!
I miss trampolining and all of you!
jen::20.08.2004, 17:24
hey all and welcome back ais....and bye to some sob sob ( have a fab time eugene!) just realised if I sent ais a blank email I must have sent eveyone a blank mail which is so annoying cause I spent ages typing the bloody thing out in 30 degree heat with no air conditioning!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!! anyway having a brill time... hurricane was kinda scary but no major damage here the sun is back and my tan is nicely back on track! derek will be here tomorrow and then its onto Dallas nx wk, can't wait!
ps Ais gonna try the whole email thing again, let if know if its blank again!!
::20.08.2004, 12:12
reminder for those who can make it
Training on tomorrow
1 to 3-4
Eugene::19.08.2004, 23:10
In other news, sadly, I'm moving to London for good tomorrow. Sorry it's such short notice and that I didn't see most of you to say goodbye. But I'm sure I'll be back and down to training soon.

Committee members - past and present - check your e-mail and the committee section. We have a problem!
Eugene::19.08.2004, 23:08
That's when it's on. Not sure who's broadcasting it, but BBC (1 or 2), Network 2 and Eurosport GB all show the Olympics live, and anyone who has Sky Digital will definitely see it if they press red on either BBC1 or 2 and select Olympics Interactive
Eugene::19.08.2004, 23:06
Here's the trampolining timetable:

All times are in BST

Women's individual Qualification

Women's individual Qualification - free routine

Women's individual Final


Men's individual Qualification

Men's individual Qualification free routine

Men's individual Final - Indoor Hall
dermot::19.08.2004, 20:49
hiho everyone! Was looking in the paper last week and saw listings for tramping olympics on BBC1 and 2. Said the womens is on tomorrow (fri) at 3.45 and mens is on sat at 4.30 (i think...) But then i checked d sky tv guide 2nite and theres no mention of them so not sure when its on. hmmm... odd.
asisisiis::18.08.2004, 18:11
iv been watching so much gymnastics...i really really really reeally cant wait to get back to tramping. iv decided that this year im going to learn at least one new move. something i neglected to do th entire of last year. anywho...yes that that hurricane was a bit crazy alrite. iv been looking at th carnage on every form of media over hear. lucky ur ok...well lucky for u. i'm sure ems wil b disapointed. just a little bit ;) yeah tis a little dull today but tis only ten in th morning- leaving cert results came out 2day so with 4 sets coming thru 2 our house we'v been getting calls since 5 this morning- as a result im up so decided 2 get dressed and do something productive!!!!! this will leave time for burning b4 iv 2 go 2 work. im working 6 days a week so tan time is limited :) ok so- since iv no more eciting news i'l b off!!! laters ais
Ruth::17.08.2004, 14:45
Hey I probably wont b round but I'll b in touch Ais. Can't wait to see you all at tramp!!!??If i don't see you wed i'll c u sat!!!!Woo!! ( yeah i know- a little to excited...what can I say???)
See u all soon, if n e 1's around give me a buzz/a txt.
Barry::17.08.2004, 11:50
Yeah, you should Ais. I'll be there from 6 onwards.
nim::17.08.2004, 06:11
well guys....
its actually the end!!! i cant believe i have to come home! I dont know what im going to do with myself. No more banana pancakes or pineapple shakes or 20 baht pad thai or lying on the beach, or tuk-tuk rides or palm trees or boat trips or swimming or thai massages.
Its gonna be crap! I hope you all have loads of things planned so i can regain faith in Ireland.
Barry, I cant wait to get training. If Im not completely jetlagged i might even come down on wednesday night even though ill only be home a few hours. Ill give ya a buzz!
aww man...i wanna stay here!
See you all in a day or two guys!!!
jane::15.08.2004, 15:41
oops someone else has my address then!!!!!!haha thats grand, i gotta work 11-6 monday but will be around after that, our friends from uni comin over monday eve so will be a piss up and a visit to the airport! again! but beer! yeah!!!!!!!!! give me a shout. my address is allen hall, 281 wilmslow rd, fallowfield, manchester m14 6ht!!! ill leave my fone on loud so jus ring when u get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gar::14.08.2004, 23:24
very good crazy jane but you havent mailed me!! i will be gettin in on monday now...very early they say but was delayued 4 hours comin out so not holdn my breath. i was in havana for the hurricane...it was fuckin crazy!!! Sorry for the language but it fuckin was!!! i will call ya jane when i get back...i dont mean i am goin to call everyone jane, i mean...jane, i will call you!! if you has to work dont worry, i will play with myself..i mean entertain myself... and sure if ya workin an evenin shift i will just head back to london. ok everyone, cuba is cool, go there
Gar::14.08.2004, 23:20
very good crazy jane but you havent mailed me!! i will be gettin in on monday now...very early they say but was delayued 4 hours comin out so not holdn my breath. i was in havana for the hurricane...it was fuckin crazy!!! Sorry for the language but it fuckin was!!! i will call ya jane when i get back...i dont mean i am goin to call everyone jane, i mean...jane, i will call you!! if you has to work dont worry, i will play with myself..i mean entertain myself... and sure if ya workin an evenin shift i will just head back to london. ok everyone, cuba is cool, go there
Gar::14.08.2004, 22:59
very good crazy jane but you havent mailed me!! i will be gettin in on monday now...very early they say but was delayued 4 hours comin out so not holdn my breath. i was in havana for the hurricane...it was fuckin crazy!!! Sorry for the language but it fuckin was!!! i will call ya jane when i get back...i dont mean i am goin to call everyone jane, i mean...jane, i will call you!! if you has to work dont worry, i will play with myself..i mean entertain myself... and sure if ya workin an evenin shift i will just head back to london. ok everyone, cuba is cool, go there
Gar::14.08.2004, 22:54
very good crazy jane but you havent mailed me!! i will be gettin in on monday now...very early they say but was delayued 4 hours comin out so not holdn my breath. i was in havana for the hurricane...it was fuckin crazy!!! Sorry for the language but it fuckin was!!! i will call ya jane when i get back...i dont mean i am goin to call everyone jane, i mean...jane, i will call you!! if you has to work dont worry, i will play with myself..i mean entertain myself... and sure if ya workin an evenin shift i will just head back to london. ok everyone, cuba is cool, go there
nim::14.08.2004, 04:46
hi guys! This place rules the world! Went snorkelling yesterday! Super! Got fairly burnt though.
Hope ur all well. Im so unfit and absolutely DYING to get back on a trampoline!
Oh and Jen, you sent me a blank email!
jen::13.08.2004, 20:19
Hey all! well nearly here a week and the weathers been cool but today it decided to piss rain!!!!! o well I'm spending the day watching some quality american tv :-) heading to Pennysylvania for the weekend for the renaissance fair so should be some fun. been doing nothing else really besides working on my tan. talk to everyone soon xxxx
jane trinity::13.08.2004, 18:02
gareth check ur email!!!!!!!!!!!!
nim::13.08.2004, 04:44
thats cool Eoin!
will you guys do me a favour and remind me of that after im home in case i forget! just to be sure.
im still having a blast and wish i didnt have to come home. Going snorkelling later...should be amazing!
Anyway, see you all in a few days.....sniff sniff...dont wanna come home
clare clare::12.08.2004, 16:30
so so mind numbing
clare::12.08.2004, 15:19
well i got one of those jobby wobby thingys....... involves scanning pictures into a comp mon-fri. so mind numbing, but need the money!!
clare clare::12.08.2004, 15:06
.....as a nut!!
Ruth::11.08.2004, 22:59
eoin::11.08.2004, 13:59
i booked that session on the 21st @ 1 to 3-4 .
see ya there
nim::11.08.2004, 04:14
Everybody's so quiet!!!! whats going on people? Im gonna be home real soon and I hope you're all on for heading out trampoline club style. If someone wants to try booking a training session for Saturday (Aug 21st) Ill be around for it. let me know the time!
Cant wait to get home now!
Nim::8.08.2004, 09:35
hiya everyone!
Michael I cant believe youre gone to NY and I didnt get to see you. Yeah, Im still over here. On Ko Pha Ngan at the moment.....living it up on the beach! Heading to Ko Tao in a couple of days...and im home soon...wednesday week. Cant believe its nearly all over. Im gonna enjoy these last bits so so much! Dying to see you all.....drinks when i get back...no excuses anyone! cant wait to hear everyones adventures!
Enjoy Jen!
Luv you all
x xxxxx
jen::7.08.2004, 23:03
well I'm finally leaving....in 10 hours I'll be on the plane ( well hopefully.....the packings taking longer than expected!) and the stupid strap on my suuitcase just broke!!! anyway can't wait , enjoy the rest of the summer everyone. see you in New York michael!!!
Michael::7.08.2004, 18:06
Hey all in NYC now for a week! Having a ball, they have just been feeding and watering us to the hilt and we're being paid for the privilige!! Did a lot of tourist stuff and am having a blast with all the other 40+ trainees. Have already managed to flood the bathroom in the apt which was not fun let me tell you. We start proper next week and Neil is coming over so dont think I will be very rested this time 7 days. Ais are you still in Thailand!!?? Seems as if youve been gone ages. Hope to see yall soon.
nim::7.08.2004, 10:10
La breithe shona duit Darron!
Not too sure when the big day is....but have a great time!
joanne::7.08.2004, 04:53
greetings from San Diego! Happy birthday Darron, enjoy your holiers
nim::6.08.2004, 08:12
is everyone really waiting on me?
surely theres someone around who can take a session? Eugene maybe. Ill be back but will be working so ill only be able to take evening or weekend sessions
Ill def be in the mood though....having withdrawal symptoms over here!
see you all real soon. Headin for Ko Pa Ngan and Ko Tao before i come home!
love you all
::6.08.2004, 02:05
yeah im back a while and still taking it real easy.slowly considering looking for more work , its hard getting back into the old routine.fair play for bunking the rent clare, best way to do it. sounds like you had it proper bo ! can't wait to hear about it.Nim ur right we should get together for a few pints and stories when u get back . live it up while u can but just don't piss off any thai people ,seriously.I hope ur in the mood for a bit of trampolining when u get back we're kinda waiting on u .
all the best
eoinus escobar reillioni III
Overlord of Galgamex 9
Vice Chancellor of all things cool and groov-ay .
Nine times winner of sexiest smile award by vouge magazine.
ps.the tramp olypics are on the 20+21st @4.30 probably athens time , that should worth a look.
clare::6.08.2004, 00:34
hey dudes! im home, and guess what? i left my tramp hoodie on my flea infested bed in portugal, so annoyed i forgot it, that jumpers like my seccond skin!! had an absolute ball (& saved a few quid by managing to skip the rent!), so depressing to be home.....but then went to the pub last night and its so nice to see everyone again. But they'd run out of miller in the pub so i had to have a crappy pint of hineken instead. any bouncing on atall these days, or will i just have to bounce on my bed?? & people who are around txt me! coz ive no ones nos anymore after loosing my phone.
hope everyones still enjoying their summer! xxx
Gar::5.08.2004, 17:27
i am in cuba now. been here a few days and is lovin it...you should see the beaches. unreal!! went scuba ysterday, twas so cool! goin back to havana for a day tomorrow then down to trinidad then west and sure we{ll see waht happens. gonna visit a place called fat maria...in spanish...she was a prostitute that was dumped by pirates in a remote part of cuba and turned to prostitution in exchange for food. i know a few others who have come close to doin the same!!! not naming anyone eugene! anyway thanks to jane for puttin me up and up with me for the night in manchester, i promise more fun on my return!! will be back there on the 14th, i expect you to be awake! i know my flight will bwe late though! post your address so i can get a cab to yours if its early! my email is garethmartini@hotmail.com
aisis::4.08.2004, 23:35
aaaawwwwwwwwww...i miss crazy trampoline fun. in america if u try hav fun mid week they call th police on u. so we r limited to entertaining our drunken selves! yeah joanne is arriving today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!! my plans for th time being incl work, sleep, tan and running up a a ridiculously big credit card bill in an outlet mall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!
miss u all
joanne::2.08.2004, 18:08
hey all, im off to sunny san diego on wednesday so this is probably the last time ill be posting from this side of the atlantic, continue the craziness and i will post soon
Nim::2.08.2004, 08:14
God almighty! Crazy stuff going on with everyone! Claire, youre obviously gone loopers....haha. Hows things emily and gareth? are you in london for good now gareth?
Im in Cambodia now....a real shocker of a place...barely out of war really!
Keep up the weird and wonderfulness and ill see you all soon

Eugene::1.08.2004, 21:37
As for me, I'm back from a few days in London. Had an interview. Went pretty well. Met up with Michael, Gareth and Emily and we had a blast. Way too much of a blast. I slept for 20 mins at the side of the road in a suit at 6am. Michael got no sleep that night and went straight to work. Gareth and random Welsh girl Yasmin wandered the streets asking to try police hats on and harassing the guards at Buckingham Palace. Crazy stuff.
Eugene::1.08.2004, 21:32
Oh my god Claire! That's all I can say. And Asi, you had an industrial accident in the land of enormous compensation?? Don't forget who your friends are!
clare::1.08.2004, 16:11
im fired, currently have fleas coz living in the flea pit accom for a few days b4 i go home(so itchy) the boss has rung the police on me coz i wont give him the rent money.... crazyness!!
aisisiisis::1.08.2004, 11:37
also a frigde door feel of th hinges at work- onto my head. twas quite funny buut v sore- iv a bump on mo ceann from it. ans thats all my news :)
asi::1.08.2004, 11:26
yeah, checkin mail at an americans again- lov those americans!!! fun party, fun tan work alrite, hope uz all good-laters
Gar::30.07.2004, 21:14
Trinity Jane if you read this before sunday let me know-im gonna be in manchester on then on my way to Cancun......keep ringin your fone but its always off.......my no is 079 81515123.gizz us a shout
joanne::28.07.2004, 18:25
hey michael sorry never got to meet up with you, didnt realise you were going quite that soon. well anyway have a safe trip and keep in touch
Kath again::28.07.2004, 10:00
Olympic Games, not Olympis!!
Kath::28.07.2004, 09:59
All my plans for the summer are changed!
I can't go to the Olympis Games as a Volunteer, as I wanted to, because the Greek are terribly unorganised!!! :(
Sorry Trish, can't get you a T-shirt!
I won't come to Ireland and go to Denmark with my sister instead. She passed her driving test today! Unbelievable, my little sister can drive now!
Yesterday I finally found a Trampolin!! It is a Eurotramp but smaller and old. It's better than nothing!!!
Unfortunately, next ISTO is still a long time to go, but then I'll be back (hopefully)! :-)
nim::28.07.2004, 09:12
what sorta dates are people all coming home on...we should all get together and exchange adventure stories and stuff.
August 18th for me!
clare::27.07.2004, 18:47
WOW!!! tipsy is completely my idol and i defo want an autograph! ill email you my address and you can send me the autograph on a postcard!!!

ive untill sunday to get out of the apt....boll#x, might have to come home if i cant sort myself out, oh well had loadz of fun here anyway!!
eoin::26.07.2004, 12:01
still LOADS fun over here doin all sorts of shit!
i was on a boat trip today snorteling around all the the different islands in php phi in a full on monsoon.still have a laugh ,in fact it was more intense than whitewater rafting. when half of the people just couldn't hack it any more
and the was all sorts of muntiny, people throwin up and the rest of us diving off the top of the boat when one of the staff pull a knife to some american guys throat and demanded 50 batt<=1euro> off every one that pretty much freaked the fuck out of every one.any way nuff of that
home real soon once i get my replacement passport hopefully tommorow so im lookin forward to seeing yall at training
love u long time
Michael::25.07.2004, 22:09
Hey all. Leaving for London this wednesday and then New York, New York on Sat!!!! Will miss y'all but will try to meet up with as many as I can before wed.

Watch out for Nga Trang Ais! Me and Eugene got lost for hours on our first day. Then we got drunk in the Sailing Club (correct!) and stole someones pizza! That was before these perverts started taking photos and following us into the toilets...

Guess what Clare, someone on the training course is actually called Tipsy as her/his first name!!! Will get you an autograph!

Thats all for now, will keep you all informed when I go away. If ya want a postcard send me your address to michaeledooley@yahoo.co.uk and i'll sort you out!
joanne::25.07.2004, 20:46
oh also i take it there is only sat training at the moment?
joanne::25.07.2004, 20:44
thanks thailand ais! me is muchly looking forward to my visit too, san diego ais (see what i just did there :)) by the by will i be able to get public transport to you from the airport when i arrive, or a taxi. How far away is the airport from you guys?
michael when are you heading off again, would definitely like to meet up b4 u head, maybe for lunch or something?
clare::25.07.2004, 18:09
jaysus! heat wave here till tues, 45deg..... cant stand it, give me some rain anyday! so gona get kicked out of our apartment, chairs and couch are now all on ground level (completely smashed up) and theyres pasta stuck all over the walls. the current plan is prob to come home around the middle of aug. off to work now to sing "like a prayer" and eat some cream in a can behind the bar.... mmmm cream in a can!
nim::25.07.2004, 14:12
saw the photos too! some nice ones! check out michael in picture 10 :) hehe!!!!!
im goin to get drunk now in Nha Trang Sailing Club where Im sure Michael and Eugene were drunk not so long ago!
Vietnam is super gymfantastic!!!!!!
AISISIS::25.07.2004, 04:09
ok- happy birthday 2 all, i went to sea world, it was great, appart from that all i hav 2 report on is th progress of my tan- which is coming along nicely(by my standards, i'm not exactly in th running 2 take th sun tan olympics title even th ging isnt v far behind me). other than that...i stand by my last statement and would like 2 add darron is crap. th photos r cool tho, some other ppl hav some good ones 2 if we could get them on it!!! also micheal, am tres sad i wont get 2 c u b4 u go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hav a safe jouney an all that stuff :)
aissssssssssss::25.07.2004, 04:03
b4 i even read any of th posts those photos r cool but i 100% resent th term 'darrons party' that was and end of term party which i organised 100% on my own then darron stole it with th promise of a garden th gets light in th evening and extra beds 4 ppl 2 sleep in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kath::24.07.2004, 11:37
I can see the pictures now!! They are brilliant!
nim::24.07.2004, 09:36
i cant get the pics either. im in net cafes though...dunno if that would make a difference.
The islands sound great eoin. We're still in Nam and lovin it so much we're spending longer everywhere then we planned. looks like ill only have bout 10 days down in the islands...unless i love cambodia too much. we go to cambodia next week sometime. well hope its been good...we'll have to all exchange tales when we get back to training.
Barry....i booked those flights so let me know if theres any other developments!
talk to you all soon!
Kath::23.07.2004, 08:23
The summer is really great now, but I have the flu and have to stay in bed!!!:-(
Sunday in a week I will head off to Ireland again!
I can't open the pictures from our BBQ. Is it just my slow computer?
dermot::22.07.2004, 23:31
Happy Birthday Ruth and Jenny! Have a good one! Id love to go up to dub but got work and stuff.
Cant believe the summers going by so fast. Seems like only yesterday i was doing myself gross bodily harm on a trampoline...
jen::22.07.2004, 19:02
hey all, well I'm officially old now or into my THIRD decade as I was so kindly told on a birthday card! thanks for all the bday wishes and for the card Ais. also Happy Birthday Ruth!!! am planning to head out for a 'few' (ya right)drinks this Sat night so if anyone is around i'd love to see you! will be in D2 from about 10 on Sat.........please come or I'll have to get drunk all by my lonesome :-(
eoin::22.07.2004, 14:52
just got to ko phi phi and it kicks ass. Its like
hat rin in ko phang nang but much much nicer.the days
are counting down which is really sad but we're still
making the most of it . Should have come for far
longer but what can u do?I'll send more info when we
see more.there's so much stuff to describe that i'm
not even gona start,but there will be plenty of
stories to tell when i get back
best of luck ,home soon
nim::22.07.2004, 06:41
hey joanne
my dad emailed me those details bout the marquee. It was a company based in Bray called Pagoda Modular Systems. He cant remember the name of the guy but the phone number is 01-2828312. He said the one we had cost around 350 euro.
hope thats helpful!
i am shopping up a storm here in Hoi An!!!!
nim::21.07.2004, 08:46
whats up everyone?
well, im sitting here in hoi An absolutely as red as a lobster, or a tomato, or a clowns nose, or any other really red thing! will be so sore later!!!!!!!!!
::21.07.2004, 01:49
how are you.just left chang mai and are currently
sitting around in bangkok waiting to go south again to
krabi, cann't wait.Chang mai was loads of fun ,met up
with louise and paula,<2 friends from dublin> and went bungy jumping and white
water rafting which were both crazy.Jamie's back in
full health so all is well. the money is lasting
fairly ok but i think its time to start
bugeting.having a laugh
see ya soon

Michael::20.07.2004, 16:49
Hey everyone, back in rainy and boring old ireland for a few days now. Bit of a come down but whatever. Hope to be meeting all that are home over the next eight days. Beyond that you will have to travel to NYC to visit me! I have the photos from darrons party (remember that) and lots of people falling. Will post them once I get a bit of time. Glad to hear of all the people still having a good time (except those in South East Asia Im really jealous!!!)
clare::20.07.2004, 15:43
yep happy birthdays girlies! no news, same old same old here, ah but sure its great!
nim::20.07.2004, 06:27
im on it joanne. will let you know as soon as i can!! Hppy bday to ruth and to jenny!!!! wish i cud be there with you guys!
but here is pretty nifty too!! :)
Ruthie::19.07.2004, 21:23
July 11th ;D Party to follow just have to recover from Camp!!
ais ::19.07.2004, 21:04
y when were u old! and hi
asi::19.07.2004, 21:03
ola all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm tanned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actualy tanned, in as colour between th freckels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weather is non stop gorgeous here! and now ppl r settling in there r lotsa random partys- most of which end up in th police sending u home. our neighbour wants to hav us evicted- so new house rule- no one is aloud outside our front door after 12, and we sit on th beach at nite instead of in th graden- tis a tough old life! visitors start arriving next week but jo we r muchly looking forward to ur arrival!!!!! my bed seems to hav a whole in it so i pump it up every nite and by th time i wake up its flat, thats usualy round 8 in th morn- when its starts to really get uncomfortable, so than i just roll over and im in marias bed (our floor is one big row of inflatable beds). she is usualy on morning shifts so often not there!!!!!!!!!!!! k i otta run- must continue my tanning :)
good to here ya'll havin fun in crazy places
Ruthie::19.07.2004, 21:00
little details..i'm still first ;p Do be do be do. I'm old now!!!All legal in the U.S.
joanne ::19.07.2004, 16:24
hey aisling, its not too urgent but im going away for pretty much all of august so we are trying to kinda get organised before i go, so if you could ask them when you e-mail them that would be great if its possible :)
DC::19.07.2004, 01:53
If anyone knows any kids (8-18) (or younger) who wanna do a trampoline summer camp let me know or pass on my contact details.
Date: 26th - 30th July (thats Monday Week)
Time: 10am - 1pm each day
Place: UCD Sports Centre

087 1226693

It would be really cool if anyone could get people for this... even one or two could make a huge difference. (Cos if it doesnt go well Ill be pretty screwed... eep!)
Domo arigato gozimas.
barry::19.07.2004, 00:40
yeah, but I get the capital letter!
Ruth::18.07.2004, 23:10
That's fine with me hon as long as I'm first in the name game!! ;)
jen::18.07.2004, 21:51
sorry just realised who I missed.....Joanne!!
jen::18.07.2004, 21:50
hey all who are still in the country or have returned i.e eugene, michael, ruth Barry (that will now be your official name :-)julie, dermot and anyone I missed out. I will be officially old next wednesday and may head out for a couple of cheering up birthday drinks on fri or sat night. so if anyone is around would be great to see you!!!! will keep u posted. michael and eugene glad u had a brill time and michael hope we can meet up in new york (will be there from sept 5th to 12th). talk to everyone soon xxxxxx
nim::17.07.2004, 06:42
Joanne, dunno bout the tent thing(just as eloquently put). do you need to know soon or could it wait till i get home. i can ask my folks but i still wont know for a few days cos im only in touch with them by email.
Im in Hanoi at the moment...northern Vietnam. this place is INSANE...if i never see another moped for the rest of my life it wont be a problem. going to Halong bay tomorrow to swim off boats and play with monkeys and other such exciting ideas!!
must be shit to be home michael and eugene. am i gonna miss all these birthday parties or are they in september.....make them be in september so i can come!!!!
luv ya all!!!!
Kath::17.07.2004, 00:04
The summer is back here in Germany!! It's really nice now!
Eugene and Michael, sounds like you enjoyed your holiday!
I still hope that I can go to the Olympic Games in Athens as
a volunteer, but I still don't have any information!!!
I have to wait and see, but I can't wait long! There won't be any flights any more!
In ten days I will call them for the last time. If they still can't tell me anything, I will come to Ireland with my parents! :-)
Maybe see you in August!
joanne::16.07.2004, 15:14
eugene you there? im around :)
joanne::16.07.2004, 15:13
hey everyone, no im not dead, just being workin and stuff, nothing too exciting, some shameful nights out have been had, some peoples houses i can never return to etc, you know, nothing out of the ordinary for our club! Anyway ais ni, glad to hear you are enjoying your trip, i have a question for ya: you know that tent thing(so eloquently put)that was attached to your house for your 21st last year, well did you hire it and if so where from? cos im looking to get a similar sort of thing for my 21st.
by the way darron saw you outside eddie rockets in stillorgan yesterday, but before i could go over to ya you sped off into the night (or late afternoon as it was) on your motorbike, sniff!
Eugene::16.07.2004, 15:07
We're back! Sob! Missing Bangkok already! Who's around? Thinking about having a partay for my birthday.
dermot::13.07.2004, 17:57
yeah i know exactly how you feel barry. id luv 2 go away somewhere but after oxegen and an expensive car crash im down quite a bit of money... and ais its the rainy season over here too. u shld see the state of the place...
dermot::13.07.2004, 17:44
yeah i know exactly how you feel barry. id luv 2 go away somewhere but after oxegen and an expensive car crash im down quite a bit of money... and ais its the rainy season over here too. u shld see the state of the place...
barry::13.07.2004, 15:41
It's not fair. Everyone is away in places I can't even pronounce, and I'm stuck here in boring Ireland.
nim::13.07.2004, 15:14
eoin, whatever you do, dont miss out on Chiang Mai....fab place. Go to the roof top bar which is across from the Tae Pae Gate on the outside of the old town....defo do a three day trek...the one in the Mae Tang area was fab. I didnt get to Pai but heard its a savage town. Im in Vang Vieng at the mo.....this place kicks ass....the restaurants all have small tables surrounded with beds instead of chairs so you can relax good and proper! They werent half joking when they said it was the rainy season....anyway....chat later
Eoin stranded on coconut island::13.07.2004, 08:47
alright ! still on Ko Pha ngan had loads of fun doing just about everything u cant do in dublin, here with a few other people from dublin, butwe stayed a little to long, and are a bit sick of it at this stage. The plan was to leave with the others yesterday, heading up to bangkok then up to Chang Mai but Jamie woke up in a mess"delibelly pretty much" so at the moment i'm bored to death with the others gone to bangkok and Jamie in hospital and i was really to get out of here anyway. the only thing to do is watch movies at the resort. the good news is they have more movies than extra-vision.we hope to get moving tomorrow please god so hopefully my next post will be more interesting
talk to u latter
clare::12.07.2004, 20:24
sounds like it was great craic dermot! i love all the random names of where you all are in thialand, i dunno how you remember them let alone spell them!
god.. got trashed trampoline style last night, went to bed about 10 dis morn (after our regular sessiun of morning diving off the balcony into the pool!) and then i got a call saying i had to come into work at 3.... not nice.
my hoodie was returned, after word was spread that i was on the warpath over it!!
dermot!::12.07.2004, 19:11
whoa, just got back from oxegen. in the words of scary spice, "im absolutly fooked!". and the darkness, oh my god, coolest band ever. pity about the lashing rain, but i had my flambouyant pink poncho to keep me dry.
they had a trampoline with a bungee cord harness as a ride, and after 2 months of no bouncing i had 2 do it. 10euro tho for 4mins = sore wallet (and nether regions...)
highlight of d weekend was walking into the urinals and seeing a guy sitting down in a chair, beer in hand, chatting enthusiasticly to the urinal about the dress sense of 14 year old girls. fantastic!
nim::12.07.2004, 07:23
clare....you have the worst luck sometimes! im having a ball. going to see some huge waterfalls and caves today 30km outside Loung Prabang. should be a good laugh. going in a big group. have met some other irish, some aussies, a south african, some brits and a few israelis.....great craic. Actually had a hot shower last night....oh it was like a dream!!!!!!!
later peeps!
clare::11.07.2004, 15:05
and now.....ive lost my phone, isint that fantastic. on the positive side of things i am starting to get a tan, woohoo!
nim::11.07.2004, 14:03
Laos rules!!!!!
aiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss::10.07.2004, 02:35
we'l if th wear it u'l pick it out fairly quick!!! i love th beach, and get to spend lotsa time on it. bcos i may aswell b unemployed for all th shifts i'm getting :) gota run
clare::9.07.2004, 19:05
someone STOLE my trampoline hoodie!! grrrr. the culprit better give it back.
Kath::8.07.2004, 14:30
Why did I send the message three times?
Trish::8.07.2004, 11:04
hey darron, can you call me, just checked the forum, and found out you've lost your phone- thanks
Eugene::8.07.2004, 06:06
We have a winner! - This one's better http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/essex/3874417.stm
Eugene::8.07.2004, 06:01
Just getting ready to leave Bangkok to go to Phuket and, by extension, the beach! (I don't care if it's the rainy season, I'm going to the beach!). Saw this little gem of a news story http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3874819.stm
Kath::7.07.2004, 14:26
Hope u are all havin a great summer! It's raining here in Germany!!
I started gymnastics again and training is so hard! It's fun, but I miss trampolining!
Ruth, I try to send you an e-mail some time! Got your new address.
Kath::7.07.2004, 14:25
Hope u are all havin a great summer! It's raining here in Germany!!
I started gymnastics again and training is so hard! It's fun, but I miss trampolining!
Ruth, I try to send you an e-mail some time! Got your new address.
Kath::7.07.2004, 14:21
Hope u are all havin a great summer! It's raining here in Germany!!
I started gymnastics again and training is so hard! It's fun, but I miss trampolining!
Ruth, I try to send you an e-mail some time! Got your new address.
Michael::7.07.2004, 07:45
Hey everyone, im having a underwear situation aswell. Havent done laundry in ages so its getting a bit critical. today i have to go around bangkok in my pjs but hey. Having a great time here before going to the beaches for some R&R. Will post later.
ais::7.07.2004, 01:45
still no fone ? check ur mail, and call me!!!!
ais::7.07.2004, 01:45
still no fone ? check ur mail, and call me!!!!
Ruthie::7.07.2004, 00:09
That's what happens Clare when you make shoes out of them! Therre should be two left in the kitchen & sitting room. What can I say?!I'm psychic.Since I'm stuck in work ALL DAY I hope 4 many e-mails from all u travellers so that I may experiecne vicariously thru u!! New e-mail address: ruwilliams@gmail.com
Will be trying to convert all to that address! See y'all soon. ;)
DC::6.07.2004, 01:26
Im not going to be putting on weekday sessions for the next while.
Gotta take a break from trampolining for a while. I need to because once September comes there'll be alot to do, for a long period.
If anyone wants, Ill talk to Pauric because he has sessions on every week, and maybe he can put on a regular session.
Or if there are any coaches left and want to put on a session, stick a note up here.
I havent had my mobile for about a week now; left it somewhere, so I havent got any texts or calls anybody made to me.
clare::5.07.2004, 17:49
IM ALIVE!!! its ok! im really confused though coz i cant find any of my bras & ive been looking for them all day. hhmmmm. i have to get to the bottom of this one... maybe im still drunk.

Eoin::5.07.2004, 08:23
just escaped the crazy bangkok so much fun but its super hetic and smells, !BAD! Now i'm just chillin on the nicest beach resort down south on ko pha ngan its so unreal here on coconut island
jane::4.07.2004, 17:46
jeez some ppl have some major problems! i dont really give a shit if u have my number to be honest but it sounds like u have a lot of free time on ur hands hahahaha

anyways glad ur all havin good summers! i cant stay long coz im in work in 15 mins!!!!

miss u all,

love jane xxxx
nim::4.07.2004, 13:44
hiya everyone....just a quick hello.
In Chiang Mai now.....great place....way nicer than bangkok. going trekking in the morning so wont be online for a few days...will e busy on elephants and bamboo rafting.
hope everyones having a great time in all the corners of the world....what a well travelled club we are!!!
havnt seen any ecent messages from clare...worrying...you still alive girl?????
later peeps xxx
aisisisiisiiisis::3.07.2004, 10:37
hey peeps- am at an american party, dave is here cos he lives here we just walked into there house...lotsa fun :)
aisssssss::3.07.2004, 01:46
who's that feckin eegit? my phone number is 8584884898, ring it- we'l hav a chat ;) anyhow hope uz all good- i'm still poor but getting browner, wihoo! discovered th joys of mexico, were th booze is free and th clubs go all nite and also how easy it is to get americans to buy u drink- just make sure u dont take more than one off th same person r they get ideas! but this is saving me lotsa money. i miss bouncing- but bodyboarding is mucho funo. gotta run, mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
::2.07.2004, 21:49
good evening forum i thought i might highlight the stupidty of the complete idiot that gave her phone number over the internet i am a individualle who visited this site and i know possess "jane's" phone number it is quite clear that jane has the IQ of the first two numbers that she gave out. it is true that you may be writting to your friends but you nevr know who is reading you DICK
::2.07.2004, 21:39
ooh ooh, I just have to ring you right now- oh, please give me your address too!,

I'll visit. ;(
jane::2.07.2004, 14:19
yo yo!!! hope u arrived safe n sound back home kathrin!! cud u send me ur email address n address again? the bit of paper accidently got put thru the wash!!!!!!! still havin a ball, am v hungover at the mo and am workin at 3 till close which will prob be in the region of 2.30./ great. my new number is 00447981609738!!!!
anyways better go!!!
love jane xxxxxxxx
nim::2.07.2004, 10:40
michael and eugene!!1
Few things I need to know. How did you get from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City? ill need to know soon enough.
did you go trekking in Chang Mai? with who? was it good? Im going there by train tonight.
have you guys met many people along the way and stuff? let me know any tips youve picked up. Man, in bangkok they just want money money and more money!!!
good thing stuff is so dirt cheap!
either email me or post answers here!!

ais xxx
##::1.07.2004, 15:49
oh and sori i didn't get to say goodbye kath... jus read it all der now... hope its nice to be home.. enjoy the summer..
be good :)
the very jealous of ev one STRANGER.. ju..::1.07.2004, 15:48
hey al, jus checkin in, took me bout half hr to catch up on ev ones carry on.. so jealous of ev one... scuba diving in d reef, elephant back riding, dropping beer barrels... sounds al too exciting for someone stuck workin two jobs wit no hols planned.. ah wel some ppl ave to struggle!! glad to hear u actually made it den eoin!! well hope u all ave a ball and bring back loads of pics(and scandal :)
talk to u all soon..
ps. i might be pushing my luck here but ne chance der's bouncin today, i've actually made it up from the bog...!!
Nim::1.07.2004, 14:41
Im in Bangkok! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Eoin and I were on the same flight in the end...funny!
Will be in touch when there's more news!
Im so so so excited!
Kath::1.07.2004, 13:26
Hey Sorcha, have fun in France!
sorcha::29.06.2004, 11:38
hey kat, sorry wont be able to visit you am on the other side of france running out of time aaaagh
Eugene::29.06.2004, 07:39
Michael and I went to Saigon Water Park yesterday. Was cool. Not many people. Lots of slides. one freefall one which was pant-soilingly scary. But we were going down this one on mats....It was one where you can race someone else down to the bottom. 6 slides side by side. Michael and I went together. There were 3 hump things. By the third one i was taking off 2 feet into the air. then you hit the spash landing and stop........or you would if you werent me! I ended up careering onto the platform at the end and bruising my hip. Everyone around laughed. including me.
DC Style::28.06.2004, 23:04
Training Wednesday 5-7
Training Wednesday 5-7
Training Wednesday 5-7

The last one went wrong.
Darronic::28.06.2004, 23:03
Training Wednesday 5-7Training Wednesday 5-7
Training Wednesday 5-7

Its so eye catching.
clare::28.06.2004, 17:22
oh my god its so hot! im sweating like a les....y'all know the rest of that one. we decided to take out our rubbish for the first time yesterday when we found maggots crawling in from the balcony where weve been stashing all our trash... we were all screaming and standing up on the couch when the receptionist came in coz he thought someone was being killed with all the noise we were making!! well weve learned our lesson now anyway!

ais and eoin have a deadly time! keep us updated!
Nim::28.06.2004, 14:00

just like Darron does it!!!!
Nim::28.06.2004, 13:59
Ive booked training tomorrow from 12 to 2. That would be 12 high noon!!!!
Its my last day being around for a while so i thought id get in a bit of bouncing!!!
Oh and eoin, have a brill time. I'll be arriving in Bangkok the day after you and like i said, if you fancy all travelling together just give me a buzz. or an email once we get there!
Anyone I dont see tomorrow....see you all in august!
Byeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxx
Michael::28.06.2004, 03:36
Hey Kath,
Wear the hoodie with pride. hoodie has now gone international. Hope to see you in Scotland or ISTO.
Kath::28.06.2004, 01:25
Yeah, you won't get rid of me!! ;-)
I'm back home and all my friends came to my house and surprised me!! I had so much fun!
When I left Ireland in the morning I was really sad, though!
Thank you guys for a brilliant year!!!!!!
I miss you already!
As I'm almost definitely not going to the Olympic Games in Summer, I'll probably be back in Ireland with my parents in August!
Maybe I have time to come bouncing if it is on!
Got a t-shirt from my sister with Ireland and a trampolin on it, but I still like my hoody(that looks kind of weird)more!!
Dermot::26.06.2004, 00:16
I knew there was something on this friday but couldn't quite place it... Sorry Kathrin but im stuck in a bog (my home) at the mo and can't make it! Enjoyed the year I hope?! If u cant find a good club in Germany though u can found ur own one. And invite us all over to your club for bouncing & fine german beers. Or maybe not that last part.
And, as you will no doubt have gathered from my absence Ruth, I am not at your party. Sorry i couldnt make it! My crappy underpaid jobs beckon...
Oh and eoin, njoy thailand.
Nuala::25.06.2004, 20:17
Watch out guys! i may be back n Dublin before u know it.
There's absolutely no work in Mayo, unless u want to work for free at home .... which i'm doing anyways. Poor me!
Nurse Nuala::25.06.2004, 20:07
Hey Clare,
What u doing lifting beer barrels in the first place mind your back and hope the pain isn't too bad!
clare::25.06.2004, 15:49
i dropped a beer barrel on my leg yesterday...ouch!! who do they think they are making me a weakling move one of them by myself!
kath hope you had an unforgetable year, see you at bouncing events in the future!!
in relation to my feeding probs i rang home to get some motherly advice. i also had a cup of tea yesterday which made me very happy!
Michael::25.06.2004, 13:22
Hey everyone was scuba diving on coral reef today and drank from a floating bar! Eoin most hotels that you stay in keep your passport until you pay which is kinda handy. Usually I bring money with me swimming, wet money, dry money, its all money. They wont reject it!
Talk to yall later
eoin with a small question for michael and eugene::25.06.2004, 12:51
sounds like u guys are having loads of fun over there
i was just wodering what u did with ur money and passports.where did u keep them or say what did u do with them when u wanted to swim?
Darronic::25.06.2004, 02:24
Your party is THIS Friday Kath?!
But Im going to the MetallicA concert!
If I dont see you before you go, keep in touch, and really hope the new club you find is as super cool (and modest) as ours. If it isnt, you better make it so!
So guess we'll see you at all the big competitions 'n stuff?
Bye Kath!
(Enjoy the big friendly bath at the end ;])
eoin::25.06.2004, 02:19
actually i'll see yall later im off on my holiers i'll drop u a post
eoin::25.06.2004, 02:14
see you latter kath ,hope you had fun here and find club near by.best of luck
jen::24.06.2004, 20:07
sorry, I swear this is the last post (....today...) Nim this ones for you! what e-mail address so you have for Denise, had a q to ask her but she isn't replying to her Ucd address, is there any others she uses?
jen::24.06.2004, 20:05
also should apologise to Ruth,m really sorry prob won't make tomor night...........but I stil might! :-)
jen::24.06.2004, 20:03
hey Kath also want to say bye because I probably won't make Friday either. hope you had fun with us tramps and I'm sure we'll see you again :-)
Nuala::24.06.2004, 19:16
Kathrine. Hope u enjoyed your year in Dublin and i'm really sorry i can't make friday night. Keep in contact.
Kath::24.06.2004, 16:33
I'm leaving Ireland on Sunday and there'll be no training on Saturday??!!!! That's a desaster!!!
Anyway, hope everybody is coming to the Party on Friday, so I will see you all before I go!!
Hello to everybody who is not here at the moment, hope you have a great time wherever you are! :-)
Darron::23.06.2004, 23:02

No Training Saturday.
Hall's Booked up.
Jason::23.06.2004, 14:57
yoYoYO! ;o)
joanne::23.06.2004, 14:42
yep ill be around for any parties and what not that are on, my life is lacking excitement at the moment due to my working lots to save for august, cos wont be getting many hours in work after next week. Also all: im going to have a party for my 21st on the 17th of september most probably (date to be confirmed), although my actual birthday is 26th of july, confused??? Hey clare, sounds like ur havin fun,in answer to your feeding problem, try iced coffee drinks as an alternative to lunch, worked quite well for me last summer
clare::22.06.2004, 18:27
flange pie! i love it! michael you'd be proud, ive everyone saying "YA BAAAAST**D" over here.
Eugene::22.06.2004, 14:27
Sorry, In Hoi An. Will be in Nha Trang tomorrow. I'm that drunk.
Eugene::22.06.2004, 14:23
I am also in Nha Trang and drunk. We've just been shouting "flange" at some people trying to sell us stuff.

Yesterday we shouted flange at a motorbike taxi driver while smiling and waving and he smiled, waved and shouted flange back. I also asked a woman selling "meat pie" what the meat was and if she sold flange pie. Very stupid, but hilarious when drunk.

Oh yea, fell of a motorbike 2 days ago when braking on a road covered in sand. Very low-speed. Just a bit of a graze on the leg luckily.

Sorry I haven't been e-mailing people. I'm extremely lazy and can't operate properly in the 40 degree heat of the day.

See you all soon.

p.s. is anyone going to be around when we get back? (We're back on the 15th, my 21st b-day is on the 18th and I'm going to have a free house for 2 weeks.)
Michael::22.06.2004, 14:13
Hey all! Have been having a great time in Hoi An (am posting a bit drunk so bear with me) went to the beach the other day to get burnt and have had a few crazy nights out aswell. Involves a forest and a scooter! nuff said. Heading on for some serious beach time in Nga Trang and then onto whereever. Ais dont think we will be back in Bangkok then but depends on how long you are staying there etc.

Anyways great to here from everyone got to get back to going out!
Darron::22.06.2004, 13:22
Hey newcomer,
Training over summer is booked on a session by session basis, so just keep your eyes peeled here and you'll see notes for training times as they get arranged.
Next training time is this Wednesday 5-7.
After that it will prob be Saturday afternoon (yet to be arranged).
See ya then.
Nim::22.06.2004, 12:35
I have numbers for cavan. Ill try to get it sorted as soon as I get back from Thailand! By the way, Michael and Eugene. Im gonna be in Bangkok on July 1st. Will you guys be anywhere near by?????
Tramp newcomer::22.06.2004, 10:43
Hey guys,
I was asking about training, and told to check out the forum. Are there any traning times in the afternoons

jane::21.06.2004, 15:43
pizza is STILL two quid. TWO QUID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like ur havin a great time aisling!!!! oooooh yeah oh by the way, do any of u guys have the contact deatils for the hall in cavan for tramp camp??!! i know its ages away but we still shud think bout givin them a buzz!!!

anyway later!

DC Style.::20.06.2004, 23:46
Training Wednesday 5-7
Training Wednesday 5-7
Training Wednesday 5-7
th freckle::20.06.2004, 00:13
ola clare, i'v discovered th joys of oven chips and mini izza's, they r cheap and easy :) (obvious jokes need not apply) am still unemployed but hav a trail day is a resteraunt/cafe on monday but its in th bay so servers lots of smell sea food- mite b a bit doge with a hang over!!!!!!! my life most5ly consists of morning swims in th back garden (aka th pacific), washing my hair, sitting on th couch, waiting for th fone to ring, watching E! r TNT, and my nights r spent eating pizza and drinking rediclously cheap, but suprisingly nice, champagne. lack of funds and a few underage 20 year olds r inhibbiting our nite life, as is lazynessand a fear of getting a fone call 4 an interview the day after :) any unaccounted time is spent handing out more cv's, sitting on th couch, eating r working on my freckles! laters
jane::18.06.2004, 12:58
manchester rocks! weather was gorgeous there for a few days but seems a bit overcast now....sad.... we got jobs on our 2nd nite, pretty much coz we got so pissed off with job hunting that we decided to go get pissed in this irish pub, where we started complaining to the barman that we cudnt find jobs n he was like well im the manager here, do ya wanna work here! so we said bring it on! its hard work but fun, ppl are real nice

anyway id better get goin these indian guys are shaking their fists at me coz they wanna go for lunch! tee hee tlk t ya's later!

p.s. u can get a 10 inch pizza and coke here for 2 quid! TWO QUID!!!!
clare::17.06.2004, 15:18
wow! place was insane after portugal won the match yesterday. english were pissed the day they lost so there was a few street brawls! thank god i live in the building i work in!
i miss potatoes and i also miss milk. im hungry. i dont know how to feed myself!
Darronic::17.06.2004, 01:33
You come training on SATURDAY you will. It is on.
At 1pm, until the time of 4pm. In fact.
It will probably go on for a good bit longer. Longer. See you.
There. All.
ais aka the freckle::15.06.2004, 21:28
hello all, good deductions darron- i hav sucessfully avoided failing, which was actualy a real big suprise this time- next year i'm working!!!!!!!!! i swear!!!!!!!!!!!! so as some of u may kno i hav a house on th beach, fully reclining couch, and what appears to b free cable- so i dont hav a job. i better get one. i think i'l go do that now. i had pan cakes for breackfast and our neighbours hate us cos we r so loud. but our neghbour across th road, we is cut and tanned, likes us so we r happy :) ok gotta run, well cycle actualy. miss uzs laters
Darronic::13.06.2004, 23:39
Not if Plan ''Turn off all the lights and hide behind ther couch when Jane comes back'' goes into effect like we plan!
(ITs a secret plan so dont bother asking me the details).

Have fun in Manchester Janey, hope its all cool and deadly!
Jane::13.06.2004, 22:04
goodbye to u all!!!!! i am off!!!!! well ok in the morn..... know its only manchester but am still madly excited! will miss u all but will post with the gossip! my email is jbryant@eircom.net if u feel like droppin me a line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually ud better! and ur allllllll welcome to come visit me, ah go on, cheap flights.....we can EVEN go on the corrie tour! tee hee have a great summer n ill be back crashin ur sessions before u know it haha
DC.::13.06.2004, 02:07
Training Wednesday 5-7.
Training Wednesday 5-7.
Training Wednesday 5-7.
This is getting old.
just realised how many times i said \'all\'::12.06.2004, 12:48
how annoying! well, bye all!
joanne::12.06.2004, 12:46
hey all, sounds like great fun is being had by all. Just got back from a week away in germany and belgium, had great fun except for the bit at the beginning where i missed a connecting flight from stansted and had to stay a nite there, and i kept sitting in the way of people looking for wheelchairs so they had to move me, it was all very traumatic! Exams went better than expected but havent officially gone out drinking to celebrate yet, will have to remedy that v. soon!!! Well done all
Michael::12.06.2004, 07:45
Hey am still in hanoi, went out last night and ripped the place up, am feeling it today. I got what I wanted in the exams!!! Anyhoo we are finally getting out of here tonight cos we managed to get a bus seat at last. Bye to Kelly might see you in Canada or the US when I am in that part of the woods. Will post when I have more news
Darronic::12.06.2004, 02:12
Oh yeah! Training today Saturday: 1-3 or longer. Probably longer. Deffinatly longer!
Darron::11.06.2004, 04:37
Which reminds me:
Darron::11.06.2004, 04:34
Ok everybody, bad news; we've lost Kellie!!!
Shes left to travel Europe for a little while over summer, and then back to Canada for her.

She asked me to say goodbye to everyone and sorry she couldnt do it in person. She wasnt in Dublin for the last week of her stay so no bouncing for her.

So goodbye Kellie! Sorry to lose you! It was great to have you while you were here. Have a great trip round Europe and remember to keep in touch.

And hope you find a trampoline club back home (cos you know that rowing will bore you to tears!) If you dont, then set one up! Who knows, maybe someday we can have Cavan in Canada!! (Though if I have to explain that to the freshers...)

Good voyaging Kellie!
DC Style!::11.06.2004, 04:22
Ok woken up at 4am by a drunk Aisss. That means she passed. Barry did too, and Andrew you too. I'll go out on a limb and say Mike Check just may have scraped by too... Good stuff peeps! Well done! Who says trampoliners are just a bunch of boozers who make late night phone calls?
Hope the rest of you have similar success.
jane::10.06.2004, 16:45
sorry..... got a bit confused bout what day it was there.... anyone going to the chilis?!
Andrew::10.06.2004, 16:38
I got mine. Passed em all. Ha Ha Fuck you repeats!!!!!!!
clare::10.06.2004, 03:52
AAAHHHH! exam results are out but this f*****g computor wont let me see them!! aaaaaaaahhhhh
DC Style::10.06.2004, 02:13
You're confuzzling everyone Jane! Janey! Janey Mac!

Training Today THURSDAY 4-6!
Training Today THURSDAY 4-6!
Training Today THURSDAY 4-6!

Note: Myself and DCU's very own Paddy will be coaching an outside group tomorrow from 2-4. So make sure to give us space till we're finished! EG, no joining in early punks!

On the plus side that means you wont have to set up, which means you can bounce from precisly 4.01! Awwwww yeeeah.
Jane::10.06.2004, 00:50
also going to chillis! oh yes
training is 4-6 tommorrow....oh hang on, today....
aislingssss::9.06.2004, 22:55
tee hee, i live on th beach
clare::9.06.2004, 15:00
my god, this place is a mad house altogether!!

my friend eimear has had 4 jobs already and keeps on getting fired or quitting. we were homeless there for a while yesterday, and last week we were almost living in a caravan, which i was well up for (reinacting the irish jigs in father ted!!) but no one else was :-(

the bar job is still great, the things ya can get away with in there, like going to work drunk & drinking while your there... madness i tell ya!! there was a hypnotist show on last night and one poor customer ended up thinking his balls were on fire and pouring his drink on himself, while another ran out into the street shouting " stop wanking you'll go blind"!!!!!

well thats my news for now hope everyones enjoying themselves!!
Gar::9.06.2004, 13:10
oh and any1 goin to the chillies and pixies on the weekend? i got an extra ticket, sellin it for 50. great concert it will be!
Gar::9.06.2004, 13:09
hey duders. now the forum will temporarily become an advertising board. i is movin out of my flat and so are the girls...well one of them just leavin for the summer...so we is lookin for peeps to move into the most kick ass flat in the world. only 275 per month, city centre, kick ass. call me if ya interested. 0857205161 did i mention the flat kicks ass??? well it does...kick ass!
Michael::8.06.2004, 12:20
Ais- Khao San road is good where for about 5 dollars a night you can get a place with air con. Id start with air con until you get used to the heat. otherwise you wouldnt sleep at all. In hanoi now, mad place altogether!! On to halong bay tomorrow then on bus to hue. Having the time of my life
Nim::8.06.2004, 09:39
just thought id say a big hello so as nobody thinks im dead or anything!!! im not! Ive been working all the time so havnt been able to make to any training and now theres finally a late session and i still cant go cos i have to teach on wednesday night after work!!! :(
Reading the board is making me so excited about going away.Only three more weeks to wait and Ill be off doing all that same cool stuff as michael and Eugene! By the way guys, if you read this, where did you stay in Bangkok? Where's good to stay and where's not? Let me know!!! See you all soon i hope! :)
DC::8.06.2004, 01:52
Thought Id recap:
Darronic!::8.06.2004, 00:48
Absolutly! Best of Luck in Bulgaria Pauric! Kick some European Booty Big Style! Spin Well!
Tricia::7.06.2004, 22:54
By the way I meant to say there-

GO PAURIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tricia::7.06.2004, 22:53
BooHOO, won't be able to go, I'll be on my way to the european chamions of trampolining in Bulgeria, I guess I'll just have to wait until I get back...

He he he!!- I'm not sad at all- SUCKERS!!!!!
DC Style!::7.06.2004, 13:21
Training Wednesday 6-8!
Yeah its a late session!
barry::6.06.2004, 22:58
I'm still stuck in Ireland too. The only consolation is that I can go trampolining a lot.
Andrew::6.06.2004, 21:01
Hello, tis been awhile since I've had a chance to visit the forum. Seems like everyone is off having the bloddy time of their lives,while I've be stuck in smelly Ireland, working 11 hour days, 6 days a week.Not that I mind really, its my way of making money so I can spend all next summer in flordia, and make you all jealous!!! Anyway enjoy it all everyone.
Jane::5.06.2004, 01:57
god with clare singing kareoke in portugal and michael and eugene on elephants and aisling in san diego manchester seems like the most unexotic place in the world! but does portugal or vietnam or san diego have a curry mile?! its gonna be a good summer.......
aiissisisisiiissasi::4.06.2004, 18:14
ooooh...elephantes...excelent! yesterday was warm but there was a breeze and twas a bit cloudy in th middle of the day- i was wearing my o'niels and a t-shirt, that kinda weather- anyhow we were walking round looking at gorgeous houses we could never afford and at bout 5 o'clock i realised i was bright pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had sun block on my face but nothing on my arms- its still glowing this morning and i hav an awful farms tan cos of th t shirt +watch mark and a matching one on the other wrist where i had a hair bobin round it!!!!!!! in other new we r two blocks from th beach and tis absolutaly fantastic, so so nice.
laters :)
Kath::4.06.2004, 16:49
Please tell me there'll be training on tomorrow...
Michael::4.06.2004, 13:38
Hey yall. Was trekking for the last four days or so, did elephant rides, bamboo rafting, diving into huge waterfalls and sleeping in the forest with tribe people twas amazing but am burnt now! Off to vietnam hey to all all over the world and clare i think you have found your calling...
Nicola::3.06.2004, 22:08
hey everyone! Hope ye are all enjoying the summer hols and that ye are all behaving yourselves ;) to everyone on their travels hope you all have a brillant time
ais in th sun::3.06.2004, 20:18
aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! San diego is so hot! we had to stay in motel last nite (but they didnt charge by th hour and twas actually pretty cool) but we r just booked into our hostel now and goona start on th house looking!

and clare that sounds like a pretty good jod
clare::3.06.2004, 17:17
hey guys, what up?? theyres bottles of wine here tor .75 cent!!!! and nope thats not a typo!

.75c wine + sun = yep im defo havin fun in the portugal!!

working in a kareoke bar, my job includes singing "like a prayer" really bad to encourage peops to get up and sing even if they are crappy!

ais have a deadly time, post when ya can.. and that goes for the rest of u tramps too!! clare xx
barry::3.06.2004, 00:14
Darron booked it for 4-6, so as far as I know it should be on. Maybe he'll confirm it himself. He tried to get it for later, but the hall wasn't available.
dermot::2.06.2004, 21:02
enjoy it ais. did anyone hear if theres training tomorrow? so bored. need another trip to dublin to give some substance to my life...
aislingggggggg::1.06.2004, 23:12
so i'm half packed and nearly ready to go to th airport!!!!! and 12hrs b4 i fligh out...this is some kinda record anyhow
tis off to th san diego sun for me and i shall c u all in september! i'l do my best to keep in touch :)
jane (again)::1.06.2004, 21:36
if any1 is interested in buying britney tickets for thurs nite, contact neil!!
jane ::31.05.2004, 20:22
indeed it is fone city, with me...having a fone....ok sounded much better in my head....ooh scandal the pharmacy dept has been on fire loadsa guards and fire engines and nobody can study for their exams 2moro coz the library is beside it....thank god mine is on wed!
jen....again::31.05.2004, 15:41
jane, just wonderin if u have ur fone back yet?
jen::31.05.2004, 15:38
hey all just got my results........ no resits thank god!!!! celebrations will be had!
Darronic::31.05.2004, 14:51
Training Tomorrow (Tuesday): 4-6!
Training Tomorrow (Tuesday): 4-6!
Training Tomorrow (Tuesday): 4-6!
Darronic::31.05.2004, 13:36
To answer the question from Mr. Hmmm, the mystery poster:
I am known to partake in, and be cause for, fun on very rare occassions. But only on my own terms in a CONTROLLED and CALM manner. We dont want anyone getting giddy and hurting themselves now.

That reminds me:
About 10 years ago, I entered Network 2's The Den - "More Prizes Then You Can Shake a Stick At" competition.

There were many prizes.

To enter you had to complete the slogun: "I like the Den..."

The winning entrant was:
"I like The Den between 2 pieces of bread and covered in peanut-butter".

My entrant was:
"I like the Den, Yes I do, Zig and Zag, and Ray too".

My question to you is; where is the justice in the World?
jane::31.05.2004, 11:06
hahaha no ive only kissed one of them- the other one i was with i think may have been taking the foto....ok 2 if u count neil but that doesnt count really....so jus 1!
from a well bahaved me.....xx
Michael::31.05.2004, 09:25
Hey all about to head out on an elephant trekking thing through the forest for three days. Hope everyone is having a great time. Will be moving onto Vietnam after that and down toward cambodia then. Have stopped sweating as much but have lots of stories already. Are trying to avoid the malaria mosquitos but they are everywhere...no net access in forest so will post once out of there.
Tricia::31.05.2004, 08:35
whens the next training session Darron??
...::31.05.2004, 00:51
exceptions to that rule: darron
...::31.05.2004, 00:04
exceptions to that rule: darron
aises::31.05.2004, 00:03
good foto, and how many of them hav u kissed jane? i'm clocking it at 4 but i cud b wrong...i rember those two guys behind adams arm, they were nice and i think a little scared of me perhaps...
and yes...we r all lots and lots of bouncable fun :)
Hmmm....::30.05.2004, 23:16
Darron (or anyone with an opinion on the matter) are you as much fun in real life?
jane trinity::30.05.2004, 23:04
to see a drunken foto of us in luvbra taken by i have no idea taken i have no idea when and on the exact sofa i jumped off into the ceiling...as u can see it was quite possible!!!!http://www.lufbra.net/images/clubs/pages/3838/13305_53725_original.jpg
Nuala::30.05.2004, 12:47
Hey ye all. Will ye text me next week to let me know when training is on as I have no access to the internet while on my placement. Yo Michael,and Eugene hope u's r enjoying your holiday and Clare I hope u find yourself a nice trampoline.
for anyone who is missing corrie::29.05.2004, 23:34
i saw the th omnibus today and i do believe its time for quote of th day:

a croud has gathered outside th grimshaws door, norris, rita, extra etc as young david platt has graffitted it wth th letters 'QUEE'-dunno where that one was going- so todd and eilleen are about to go in, candice and jason (todds slightly dim brother) stand ring side-following much shouting and an out burst by eilleen todd asks ppl to stop being mean and except him as he is then things r all heated the following is shouted
candice: oh its real hard for u, try put urself in sarahs
jason: he already did but they didnt match his purse.

and its a good leason to guys evey where that if u cheat on ur pregnant girlfriend make sure and come out when u tell her cos that'l make her instantly forget that u had an affair
clare::29.05.2004, 16:27
yep, i is where the football feva is! (for those of you who dont give a crap about football much like myself thats portugal) just chillaxin at the mo. will get off my red ass on mon and look for a job. very sad coz i cant find any of those little trampolines they always have in holiday places :-(
::29.05.2004, 03:12
any training planed for saturday?
DC Style!::29.05.2004, 01:49
Coolness! Shear coolness. Im actually considering running over there right now. How do you get there?
Michael::28.05.2004, 09:32
Hey its me again, cool stuff going on here! Big buddhist festival with mad float etc. going on here plus of course the great humid weather. Saw some amazing temples and HUGE golden buddhas. Event got to take some of the gold surface with me!
Dermot::27.05.2004, 23:47
Hope everyone has a great time on holidays! Enjoy!

Oh and the answer to that question which got such an (un)overwhelming response is... the Vatican city. Who would've thought that priests could be the number one kleptomaniac's in the world! :/
jane trinity::27.05.2004, 22:50
im gonna add to the going away thing, im very randomly off to manchester for 3 months-ish but not till the 14th so hopefully c u for some bouncing before then! some 'friends' we made at lufbra are gonna be there 2 :) oh its gonna be fun!u guys headin to ronan's going away party on the 6th?!
aaaaaisisisisis::27.05.2004, 19:46
shit-i was in ucd but never checked th board! clare is in portugal? i think. yes darron ur staying at home. where u belong.
jen::27.05.2004, 17:23
off to the airport in like 5 mins...........unfortunately only till sunday but still hope everyone is havina brill time whereever they are
Tricia::27.05.2004, 11:54
training, 4-6. area 7.Thursday, may 27
DC Style!::27.05.2004, 01:06
Where you off to again Clare? I know you told me but I forgot! D'oh!
DC Style!::27.05.2004, 00:42
Yeah, I remember last year it became a regular postcard notice-board! Excellent!
Mike, Geneo, it totally sounds amazing! I wanna be going somewhere now! Now Now NOW!! Oh its sun-fever all of a sudden! Flee, flee the nest! Flee Ireland post-haste!
aislingasi::27.05.2004, 00:12
yeah!!! th forum is turning into 'what i'm doing in ....... and how good my tan/sunburn is'!!! i love this time of year- i'l start contributing asap!!! i cant wait!!!!!! hope uz are all haivg fun-dont get no diseases
clare::26.05.2004, 22:22
hey guys, well, i is outta here in a couple of hours... damn nighttime flights!! go forth all and have a kickass summer! i wanna cum home to lots of stories be they from foreign lands or our own irish turf!
loadz of hugs and kisses and trampolines and end decks!!
Clare xx
Eugene::26.05.2004, 16:50
Hi! We're in Bangkok. Very tired. Long flight. Short sentences. Internet cafe. 10.45pm. Jet lag. Very humid. Jaysus i'm sweatin'! (yes, even more than usual!). Saw a weird bug type thing on the street (about the size of a mouse). Freaky. Only 3Euro for a long island ice tea in a very trendy bar (similar to the Morrison). Dublin's traffic is nothing in comparison to the car park that is Bangkok. The norm seems to be to beep at least four times coming up to an intersection. Motorbikes seem to be exempt from the traffic light restrictions. Hope you are all well. Have a great summer. Hope training continues well. See you in mid-July!
Michael::26.05.2004, 16:45
Hey everyone from Bangkok!!! Tis really hot here and I am getting a better tan with every second that passes. Already have a few stories but will definitely have more by the time were back. Will be emailing to keep y'all jealous!
aislinglingssssssssss::26.05.2004, 02:49
shut it barry r th bunny gets it. i really hav to sleep-i'm still mildly homeless tho. is it texas? r how bout washington? r maybe galway?
Barry::26.05.2004, 01:33
That was very brave of you to go up and ask all by yourself Aisling!(most people won't get that)

Dermot, I know the answer but won't spoil everyone's fun by saying it here. The clue is in the independent state part.
Darronic::26.05.2004, 01:17
Dont worry Ais, I've taped this weeks episode. Its great- Picard's been captured by the Cardassians, and Riker hates the new guy; Captian Jellico! Explosive stuff!
aisssssssssss::26.05.2004, 01:13
its after 1??????? just in case some of u r thinking 'she's spending way to much time wth darron, its rubbing off' i'm not, i'm house hunting cos i'm leaving a week today!!! and just so we'r clear i'v never ever watched a full episode of star trek.
aislingling::26.05.2004, 01:07
i asked today-the evening is all booked up and there dont seem to b noone to take it earlier in th day so dermott the odds r slim.
Dermot::26.05.2004, 00:55
While we're on the topic of weird useless interesting stuff, can anyone guess the country/independant state with the highest crime rate in the world?
Answers by carrier pigeon only to... Pajo, Scratch Saterday, Rte, Donnybrook Dublin 4. Ah the nostalgia trip...

Oh and whats the odds of training being on tomorrow??? By that i mean today. Wednesday.
Darrichilles::26.05.2004, 00:39
How was training? Hate it when I miss it. Had a headache. Boo me.
Ruth Again.::25.05.2004, 23:24
A recent scientific study found that the kind of male face a woman finds attractive can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For instance, if she is ovulating she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. And if she is menstruating, she is likely to prefer a man doused in petrol and set on fire, with scissors shoved deep into his temple and a hurley jammed up his arse.
Ruth: Work vs. Prison::25.05.2004, 23:14
IN PRISON - you spend the majority of your time in an 8X10 cell
AT WORK - you spend the majority of your time in a 6X8
IN PRISON - you get three meals a day.
AT WORK - you only get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it.
IN PRISON - you get time off for good behavior.
AT WORK - you get more work for good behavior.
jane trinity::25.05.2004, 17:35
sorry didnt make it to training, sad.....i really wanted to come n show off all my new bruises! but i reckon my family needed some evidence that i still exist....and im hungry :) haha c u all soon!
jen::25.05.2004, 16:59
don't say it Nim :-) ....... but I know what ur thinkin!
nim::25.05.2004, 16:25
if only i could say whats only on the tip of my tongue!!
aisssssssssssssssssssssssss::25.05.2004, 14:44
i'v only 6 UPIs considerably less than normal...suprising considering th amount of ppl who got kicked,sat on or fell over th coarse of the night!!! maybe my lack of injuries is directly related to my lack of alcohol...i must experiment further with this concept-gradualy increasing the amount i drink and seeing if more injuries occur. hurray to bbq's same time next year :)
DC::25.05.2004, 14:25
Well... ask your mother.
DC.::25.05.2004, 14:23
Tricia::25.05.2004, 13:14
and by the way- nim- I have no idea who that is-

if no one stirs the shit it'll become stagnent and the smell; stale- someone must stir the shit regularly- it's a job- and though I do not look for a position on the committee for it- it has to be done. now I must go and wash the stirring stick- as you can imagine it gets quite smelly.

so now that we've established that everyone is calm and someone has accepted the job of shit stirrererererer- can we get past this.
Tricia::25.05.2004, 13:09
Clare you offended no one- you just proved my point for me- and I was always....'chilled'-

as was everyone else- except maybe Darron- he's never chilled... cause he has to run around organising this club- Here's to Darron!!-and indeed the rest of the committee, but to a lesser extent- because they seem more chilled than he- see I can be nice too!
Kath::25.05.2004, 12:23
Thanks for the great party!
DC::25.05.2004, 12:18
I miss all the best fights on here.
Training today 5-7!
nim::25.05.2004, 12:15
i agree with clare! chill pills all round.
maybe thats just because i didnt see it! i dunno. no need to be stirring shit though
Michael::25.05.2004, 11:00
Fair points were raised so image is gone. We appreciate all constructive feedback.
clare::25.05.2004, 10:46
oh god guys, take a chill pill, sorry if i offended anyone by commenting.
nim::25.05.2004, 10:14
why dont i see this communion girl? are you all seeing things or was she so offensive that shes already been removed?
Michael::25.05.2004, 09:58
Hey Trish havent seen you on here for ages! have a good summer
instant loss of invite-::25.05.2004, 09:51
Eugene you're a tall man- my post should not have gone over your head-

yes your jokes are funny- no this one is not- the first and only reaction I have seen so far on the forum is Clare saying that she knows how that girl(who is about 8 or 9??) made her money on the day- if it was a wedding photo and the bride to be was over 18 then yes it might well be mildly amusing- but you have put a barely dressed child on your site, and laughed-


I wait patiently for for the next funny joke- and live in hope that it will in fact be funny-

there is something truely ODD and a little SICK about a bunch of ADULTS laughing at an aparently mislead child.
Eugene::25.05.2004, 02:09
P.S. I've got so many bruises. Ow! Great party. So many classic moments.

Bye to all! See you some time in late summer I hope! Have a nice one!
Eugene::25.05.2004, 02:02
I dont have a problem with non-trampolining-related funny stuff appearing on the site. Although our main activity is Trampolining, it's also a club, a group of people coming together to practice a sport and interact socially. The main aim is to develop our sporting prowess, but the club also exists to improve our social aptitudes. So i think sharing a joke is a good idea.

However, I think the Ballymun reference is a little offensive, particularly on a public site and especially considering our colleagues in DCU go to college there! (Although for some reason I wouldn't find it offensive if it was a more general northsider joke, even though I'm from the north side) I also think the joke isnt particularly funny (but that's besides the point. One person's idea of a crap joke is another's idea of a groan-inducer.)

Executive summary of above opinion: Jokes good (as long as not offensive).
No, wait, as long as not offensive to people not in the club. Offending people inside the club could be ok. And fun. As long as they're laughing with us. (feel free to be offensive to me)
Dermot::24.05.2004, 23:20
Hey great party guys! Hope you managed to scrape together the money for the bouncy castle. Is anyone else still finding mystery bruises on themselves? Mine just keep appearing...
Tricia::24.05.2004, 22:54
Aside from giving out about this being the makings of a child soft porn site-

I'm so sorry I missed the BBQ, heard it was great- if I promise not to give out again can I be invited to the next one?
Tricia::24.05.2004, 22:49
Hey guys-

I'm wondering why the hell there's a picture of a young girl, -from ballymun,I take it- dressed pretty provocatively on your web site. Does this excite some members... I can't believe it's been posted on this site- I have a sense of humour- but what the hell does that girl have to do with trampolining- if someone found that photo funny- could they not have sent it around in an email- there's something certainly amiss here- that photo should be removed.
clare::24.05.2004, 21:18
well we all know how d ballymun communion girl made her communion money!!

ais & darron, thanks a mill, had a brill time. i actually didnt drink that much!! michael miss you in a sexual way! haha! (imagine me doing my sexy face now... blaah!)
Ruthie::24.05.2004, 18:27
Ah yes! Thanks a million guys! was brilliant!
nim::24.05.2004, 17:33
didnt i hear you say something michael about getting the photos of the bbq online today????? :)
jane trinity::24.05.2004, 16:02
i liked the message clare left on micheals fone....i miss u in a sexual way!!!! hahahaha sooooo much fun, we stayed till the mean men took away the bouncing castle!thanx again guys! if u guys are bouncing 2moro mite join u,gettin withdrawal symptoms
Michael::24.05.2004, 15:57
Had a brilliant time, last thing i heard anyone say was clare: "But I didnt even drink that much" classic
Nim::24.05.2004, 11:01
fantastic job last night smithe and butt munch man!! had a ball! talk soon :)
aissssssssssssssssss::22.05.2004, 23:50
excelent stuff ye trinity folk-i'm assuming any ucd ppl who havnt given me a good excuse r coming!!!!!!!!!!! hope everyone is ok for getting up ther if not call me 0876251843!!!!!!!!!!!! oh...tis gonna b so much FFFuuN
Jane trinity::21.05.2004, 22:24
yay!!!!! me niamh n neil n linda n ppl are also comin!!!! hurray! will be loadsa fun, thanx a mill 4 invite! ill be well up for partying coz ill have finished 5 exams in a row, incl one 2moro! yuk. c y'all on sunday!

Eugene::21.05.2004, 01:24
Was just kidding! It'll be cool. I dont think you should ban traffic cones tho. It'd eliminate the fun! Also, is the Wee Willy Winky thing catching on yet?
aissssss::21.05.2004, 00:38
hey skip never refreshed th page so didnt c that, no darrons house cos sleepys and gets th sun in th garden 4 longer- my ginorous house blocks ours out ;) yay exams over!!!!! hav a great nite

read below*****************dont just skip it**********
ais(evil)-re:end of term BBQ::21.05.2004, 00:32
thanks for th thunder stealling darron. yes so th story wth sunday- going to hav it at darrons cos then ppl can sleep there, ring me if u'v a prob getting there(tis located near sandyford-44 bus 'll do u wth a quick walk, r alternatives can b arranged), kicking things off apres 6, bring ur own booze and what ever u want to bbq-buns,salad,mixer i shall deal with but feel free to bring anything u want,going to get the bouncecastle sorted and the guestimate is $5 each so object now if u wish!!! soz if ya didnt get a txt just means i didnt hav ur number r darron has specificaly barred u from his house(probly cos u smell) and no traffc cones pls. so u better all b there!!!!! r hav a gud excuse, and not being a monica but if u cud let me kno thatd b cool so i'd hav a rough idea of numbers (and perhaps serious closet alcoholic tendencies) so i may get enough stuff!!!!! ok so c u there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay summer!!!! (ps everyones welcome-incl smelly trinners folk etc who may hav associated wth us thru th year)
Eugene::21.05.2004, 00:12
Oh no! Darron's house? What happened Ais? (Don't want to mess up your nice house and have us weirdos meet your family eh? I dig it!).

Bouncey Castle yay!

P.S. Did my last exam today! Going out tomorrow night to get raharsed!
Darronic::20.05.2004, 22:27
Jane! Tell the Trinity about the OMGWTFBBQ on Sunday. Its in my house now, and there'll be BBQs. Also, BOUNCEY CASTLE! Come one, come AAAALLLLLLLL! And it starts at 6pm. Till late. And there'll be lifts from the bus if need be, and places to stay overnight for everyone. Sure we have 6 spare beds, plus couches etc etc... Bring food for the BBQ and whatever liquid refreshment one requires at a BBQ in the sun!
jane ::20.05.2004, 19:56
p.s. i miss loughborough........
Jane trinity::20.05.2004, 19:55
hahaha im liking that link.....do u think neil n adam cudda been done 4 drunk in charge of a traffic cone??!!
another stinkie exam 2moro AND on sat what is the story with that! sux ass ah well come sat nite ive nearly 2 wks off AWW YEAH!!!
Michael::20.05.2004, 18:18
Got to try this one - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3732177.stm
Michael::20.05.2004, 18:16
Hey all I havent been around since I finished on Monday and have just gotten up an hour ago. Sunday sounds like fun like the bouncy castle idea. Will see yall around anyhoo before I leave.

Remember people the whole "going to england and getting naked TM" started in Warwick, just brought to new levels by Neil and Adam
Darronic::20.05.2004, 11:59
Training Today: 4-6!
Sorry this got posted so late! See ya then.
Oh, BBQ Party! In Fact one could call this the:
"I wholeheartedly endorse this event or product" -
D. Costello, Star of Hollywood's "King Arthur"
aisssssssssssssss::20.05.2004, 00:48
BBQ Sunday day/night: In the Stepaside area. If ppl wanna chip in we'll get a BOUNCY CASTLE! Maybe €5 each? Room for ppl to stay over, and there'll be lifts arranged from the 46a if need be. Sound good to people?
ju::19.05.2004, 21:56
any news on whethers der is training tomo, and this weekend darron?? tryin to plan my over night bag... i night or 3?!!
ju::19.05.2004, 21:50
any news on whethers der is training tomo, and this weekend darron?? tryin to plan my over night bag... i night or 3?!!
Michelle::19.05.2004, 17:33
Hey, i had a wicked time being a celtic bitch and joining in all the madness and mayhem!!! Thanx again you guys are mad!!! And yeah there was more drunken nakedness on sat nite...on the dancefloor...on the way back...except no cones this time...yep the boys just couldnt keep their clothes on!!! My email address is michellexwilson@hotmail.com, hope to hear from ya soon,
love Michelle x x x
aislingling::18.05.2004, 23:24
just so everyone knows we wil b having an end of term thing on sunday nite-most likely a bbq at my house but i'l let u kno th details asap!!!
a very sad jane from trinity::17.05.2004, 18:33
well thanx to peel-o-shee airways we managed to get home safe n sound......hilarious mad wkend i loved it! all depressed to be home now n my 1st exam was shit, but every1 thought so so wasnt jus me. damn lecturers screwing us over!!!!!
aaaanyway so much happened....i managed to possibly get myself a minor concussion fri nite after i jumped off a sofa and milled my head into the ceiling! was also quite drunk so dunno what made me really pass out....he he but was looked after very well from very nice lufbra boy :) not the one i kissed at isto tho, ha the losebag!!! ah jus kiddin......... yes the boys actually did run thru lufbra wearing nothing but traffic cones and i believe there was more nakedness on sat on the dance floor!!! aww man best ever. we hve some great video footage of neil, ill get ciaran to send it to me! n ill pass it on. oooh adam, or michelle if u check this, cud u send me ur email address???!!! we loved having u on team celtic bitches! aww yeah!!

okey doke, better go study,

jane xxx
Michelle::17.05.2004, 16:51
A big thank you to Adam, Jane and Neil for adopting me at "Luv bra" for the weekend. I had such a great time, just about recovered!! I want a copy of Neil's video when you get it from Ciaren, just in case i forget how much he loved luvbra!! Adam has my email and msn. Cant wait for the next comp!! Hope your wrist is ok Neil?! Good luck for your exams, hope you eventually got some revision done?!
Love Michelle x x x
Adam::17.05.2004, 15:04
WAT A CLASS WKEND!!!! how u all doin? Ne body die etc while i was away? oh funny story,i didnt practice or know my routine so i read it as i was doin it!!! was amusing for all priviledged enough 2 watch it! oh and we have the most hillarious video footage to show u all!!! and on a minor note, myself and Neil ran throught LUVBRA naked with traffic cone covering our nether refions!!!! best laugh ever!! OH ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE.... never ever ever ever eat a Kebab when locked!!!!(coaching course sounds good where?)
Darronic::15.05.2004, 22:24
Theres an Irish Gymnastics Coaching Course on next weekend. Its a good way to improve your own basics if nothing else. Great news is because its a pilot course, its only €20! Talk to me at training or text me if you're interested.
Darronic::15.05.2004, 21:47

AW YEAH! See ya then.
Eugene::14.05.2004, 23:41
And that you have crustacean infestations already!
Michael::14.05.2004, 18:47
Im guessing you are all drunk already...
THRUSTY, LUSTY AND BUSTy::14.05.2004, 18:22
aaaawwww yeeeeeeee were ere! screw all u piss heads doubting us!! lusty say nih!! wat a tit! our tshirts look like we selotaped colours to some form of fabric!! awwwww yeeeee. crusty got crabs .... no show how poor! i'll allow it. ya jealous are ya, are ya huh punk? i'l teach u later!!!
Ruth::14.05.2004, 13:02
Happy Birthday! Sorry i was in the thick of exams. (Not any more :D )
Darronic::14.05.2004, 02:15
Happy Birthday Adam!
May you have many more.
Only twenty max. though.
Cos seriously, life after 38 isnt pretty.
Darronic::14.05.2004, 02:12
***No Training Saturday***

Dang Hall is freakin booked out. Holy hooligan football players Batman. That sucks. Sorry peeps, will get another session asap.
To reiterate my point:

***No Training Saturday***
adam::13.05.2004, 20:51
please come to my b-day pizzle. no one has showed and im bored with myself ( i know i never thought it would happen either) so yeah cum on up
clare::13.05.2004, 19:55
yes, yes that say things like "introduction" and "lecture 1" grr!

dont go into the stu bar if your not finished your exams. theyres a horrible atmosphere of celebration in there.
emily::13.05.2004, 15:09
oh my god clare one word-handouts...if its powerpoint anyway
Andrew::13.05.2004, 14:52
"Exam" is a lovely little lay-day, who likes to share what shes got with all. Shes very understandable too, if you dont do her right the first time she lets you try again in a few months.
Michael::13.05.2004, 13:41
Yes I too want to know who this "Exam" is and why everyone is doing her, she gets around by the sounds of it too RDS Blackrock Science...
DC Style::13.05.2004, 13:33
Seriously guys, who the hell is this "Exam" you're all raging on about? Im sick of being loopless. Usually Im very loopy. Hes not after my job is he? (Im a Lawyer/Fighter Pilot in case you're wondering. Like on that show "Jag". Svetlana is my assistant)
jen::13.05.2004, 13:29
2 left... almost free!!!!!!
clare::12.05.2004, 19:56
i just spent 8euros printing notes coz couldnt figure out how to put 6 slides on one page & need them 4 2moro.... god damn it!! thats two less pints for friday.
Michael::12.05.2004, 18:20
Stop, stop it all of you! Im not finished till monday!!! Jane I bet you typed that message wearing a leotard...
Andrew::12.05.2004, 16:24
IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! No longer bound by the rules that govern college.

It feels so good, no more lectures to have to skip, labs to get sick notes for, no more worrying about the fact I'm not studying for my exams. Welcomne back my rivers of alcohol, good-bye "clean" clothes, I'm back...... I'm a pure waster again.
jane trinity::12.05.2004, 15:12
LUVBRA HERE WE COME!!!!!! oh yes. fun will be had. coz all we're going for is the trampolining * my leotard will be the 1st thing im packing!!!
hope exams arent too shitty every1, im doin major cramming at the mo, ive still mine ahead of me! but itll be ok**

luv (bra)

jane xxx

*this is a blatant lie
**this is also doubtful
Adam::12.05.2004, 12:56
oh ye luv-bra in 2 more days drunken nakedness!!!! ****SHWING!!!****
aisisisisii::12.05.2004, 11:01
i'v my last exam in 3 hrs- since its my first&last afternoon exam i decided to leave all my study til this morning...bad plan. darron- bring ur oven mitts down, u kno th pink ones u ordered off th martha stewart web site- he likes them cos they complement his hair
Darronic::12.05.2004, 02:14
Ok, Next Bouncing: Thursday 3-5.

I know these are wierd and early times, but its all we can get at the moment. Summer time means hall time is given to paying customers as a priority. Clubs are restricted to the quiet times, like before 6 on weekdays. Wednesday is Club Day, when we get priority, so if people want a late session let me know and Ill sort it out for next Wednesday.

No promises but Ill pull the rig out on Saturday. I say no promises cos training will only be on from 1-3.15 (Subject to booking). We have a coaching job on afterwards that day for an outside group, so the rest of yous can git! Scram!

The rig is very time consuming and burny sore sore. And it makes me angry for some reason. Very burny sore sore actually, but ultimatly fun and worth it. If anyone has gloves of some discription it would be welcomed by the rope pullers, and help speed up goes in it as their hands retain skin and therefore strenght.

In summery, training Thursday: 3-5 and Saturday 1-3.15
(Saturday not yet booked, so check back first)

See ya all there and continuing good luck in the Exams everyone! (Wow, I sound like I did at the start of the year! Remember that?! "Welcome everybody! Trampolines! Cavan! Trampnight! Giz ur cash! Blah Blay Baue Blah!)

Oh and go to Kath's Birthday Bash on Saturday Night in Q-bar. Thats an order people! Happy Birthday Kath!
Nim::11.05.2004, 09:08
Nicola, got ur message! i prob wont be at training today....yuckee exam in the morning! but you';; find me on the 3rd floor of the lib to the right if you have that money for the leo.
shouldnt be waiting too long for them now!

oh and by the way....some of you will have received your invitations to the sports achievement awards dinner (i could only nominate people who had won medals during the year...sorry everyone else). the night should be great craic. i didnt know a lot of your addresses so many of them are being posted to me one by one. so far i have invites for myself, adam and barry. there may be more to come! but so you know....its on the 24th of may (monday) and the reception is at 7, dinner at 8. its held in the student centre. talk to yis all later!!!
Eugene::10.05.2004, 21:00
Hi all!

Training on TOMORROW 4-6PM. See you there!
clare::10.05.2004, 17:07
i hope he gave u a tip michael!!
Kath::10.05.2004, 14:45
Hey guys, I will celebrate my birthday on Saturday night in the Q-bar. I hope some of you have time to come (it's a good way to forget your exams!!). I'll be there at 9pm.
Hope there is training on this week!
Michael::10.05.2004, 13:51
Ok you are not going to believe what happened today! I was walking down grafton st. and an envelope fell out of a guys jacket. I picked it up and ran after to give it back to him. Then he goes do you want to see what was in it and takes out a cheque made out to the Central Bank for 11 million euro!!! I nearly fell over...
Dermot::9.05.2004, 23:15
And i thought i was the only one! Dont worry, it'll only last for several excrutiatingly painful days! :)
DC::9.05.2004, 19:01
Yeah and working those ropes is sore!
clare::9.05.2004, 17:59
your not wrong there gareth, the lib water fountians have been removed due to to an uncanny relationship between drinking from them and getting the trots!!

neone else still sore from that bloody harness, both due to the physical stress and ...ehem... pressure it was putting on other areas!??
...::8.05.2004, 15:03
Judo Cross Country Swimming Hurdles and the three legged mule dressage...you know what i'm talking about
Gar::8.05.2004, 14:48
ha ha ha ha ha ha. so have you all got dysentry from the UCD library water yet?? ah how great it is to be a smurf. they give us ballygowen to keep our skin silky smooth and bright blue like the sky!!! i have decided that it is time to put agenda 5 of part B of the Tramp Code of Governance into action...i think we should call a meeting. everbody educate yourselves to that which this agenda refers to and we shall convene at svetlana's convenience. holy bible flingers batman
Darronic::8.05.2004, 11:43
Ok, training all today: 1-5pm.
See how lucky you all are? By not telling you before now Ive left it as a big fun surprise!
See ya all there, and if you find out about it tell all others you see.
::7.05.2004, 18:44
is there training tomorrow does any one know
Michael::7.05.2004, 16:21
I heard that it is for keeping elephants and giraffe belonging to the vets. Jenny said it was true!

(Dramatisation, may not have happened)
eoin::7.05.2004, 13:36
freeeeee, O riiide . it looks like a real good day to start the summer. best of luck to the rest of you.
i'm out of here but i'll leave you with this funny clip
check out this site and click on "funny cats"
...::7.05.2004, 12:06
eh...further...i must start proof reading
aisling-penned::7.05.2004, 12:05
http://www.club300.ru/public/content/media/humor/cat/cat.swf thats bronaghs game- i'm posting it cos its just so good!!
ah, every body loves cat bowling ;) stats on monday th joy!! also today i explored th pen- it reaches farter than it first appears. soon all our light will b consumed- it already ate the cherry trees. this is an outrage.
jen::7.05.2004, 11:48
that may be spelt wrong but u know what I mean!
jen::7.05.2004, 11:48
7 down and 3 to go whoo who!!!!!!!!
clare::7.05.2004, 11:27
argh! i get out of my warm cozy bed early in d morn for a cramming sessiún,then go to my exam content on what i kno (and dont kno) only to find out its not on till the bloody afternoon.
clare::6.05.2004, 14:39
while your at it you might get on to the dean of science about the penning us in situation. its official ais, limbo is no longer an option so we'll hav to make the treck to the chem block. im not a happy pig in a pen i can tell ya.
A note to the Dean on Science::6.05.2004, 12:23
Dear Dean,

As you have made it to the position you are in, it is an obvious point to make that you are an intelegent man.I do not wish to insult your intelegance by informing you of the fact that computers have no biological properties, in any way shape or form, but you do seem to have overlooked the fact. And this is why I question why computer science students have to go through the pain of such an exam?

I would therefore ask that this afternoons one and a half hour torture (exam) be cancled, as it is of no use what so ever.

Yours thankfully
A concerned bouncer!
Darronic!::6.05.2004, 01:39
Dee! On a forum of college students who are ALL doing exams you log on and wish luck to but ONE!!! Bad karma!
They'll move the trampoline next time you bounce! And theres so many of them... I dont know if I can stop them! Its a mob rule! Its taken over UCD Trampolining! Help... they're monitoring everything I say... they wont let me put this out, Im only a figurehead!... SEND HE-...
***Transmission disrupted at source***
Darronic::6.05.2004, 01:29
Yup. Training Tomorrow (Thursday) 4-6.
Dermot, that was a once off offer to book hall time cos I was coming down to book it anyway and it saved me the trip. Only coaches can book hall time as a rule, so dont go getting mad ideas on me!
Or I kill you, riot police style! And with the karate chops. And the Kung Fu grip! You wont stand a pony's chance in a Tallagh glue factory! Word to your mother.
Ruth::5.05.2004, 23:18
Briliant just brilliant - interactive-odular. Exam time fun for all! :D
dee grant::5.05.2004, 21:25
hey gar besta luck in ur exams, its been ages !! luv ya xxxxxxxxxx
Gar::5.05.2004, 19:40
i assure you its freakin helarious!!!
Michael::5.05.2004, 19:31
Poll has closed, people must have been voting twice or something cos 50 people voted. Anyhoo without further ado I can say that Adam is Aoife.
Dermot::5.05.2004, 17:58
Hey was just over at the sports centre to book training but someone bet me to it! desk guy told me its on from 4 to 6 tomorrow (thats thursday for all in exam limbo). just thought id let ya'll know in case whoever booked it isn't on the net!
Eugene::5.05.2004, 16:33
I'm finished all my bad exams. (Just 2 nicer ones left) And provided I passed the really horrible one I had yesterday, I'll probably never have to do exams in UCD again after this year. Huzzah! I saw the swimming rioter too. What a funny experience. Again, I'd just like to say, some people need to get a life. And anarchists who organise together and form little clubs - I'm no expert, but isn't that a contradiction in terms? Just like the anti-capitalists with the latest in camcorder technology and brand name imported clothing. Get a hobby.
Michael::5.05.2004, 14:12
Out of your misery eh Claire. Svetlana to the library...
antone::5.05.2004, 12:18
whos antone i hear u say...well he is any one,a representitive of th population at large
aisais::5.05.2004, 12:16
only 3 to go...i may actualy get down to training some day soon...darron make an 'intended trainging times dependent on hall availibility annoncment'! do it r i'l hurt u. and i think i may actualy allowed to stay in college nxt year!!!! fingers crossed!! and in case antone hasnt been in science in th last few days they r trying to pen us in...all th back is fenced- luckily wth good limbo skills such as those aquired from bouncing u came still get into th buliding th short way, th long way being through chemistry and adding approximately 50meters to ur journey
ju::5.05.2004, 11:21
hey. i jus emerged from under my duvet to catch up wit ev thing.. stupid exam messin me up.. so is there training tomo and this sat..?
barry::5.05.2004, 00:13
I think Darron jinxed it with his rhyme: "Hopefully in this session nobody will fall". That's just asking for trouble.
Ruthie::4.05.2004, 22:16
My foot's a nice shade of pale green n purple! Go me!
Well at least i've got something to show 4 it this time!!
clare::4.05.2004, 20:27
oh my god im so bored of studying. WONT SOMEBODY PLEAZ PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!!
they should give us drinking exams instead, coz thats the main thing we learn in college, to get more smashed than ever before. and after brainwashing us with their drinks promos, resulting in us savegely killing our brain cells by no fault of our own, they expect us to do exams... i just dont geddit... the systems corrupt!
::4.05.2004, 15:07
oh no my feelings hav crushed
::4.05.2004, 14:06
::4.05.2004, 14:06
::4.05.2004, 14:05
DC Style::4.05.2004, 14:05
Training booked 4-6, come one, come all.
Remember that thats in the big sports hall.
Hopefully in this session nobody will fall,
But if they do remind me to give the ambulance a call.
So once again, come to training, you'll have a ball,
Even if we set up beside the climbing wall.
And since people were asking, my fav Bible character: Saul.
He had gaul.
Perhaps not as much as Darth Maul...
But howenever...
See ya there y'all.
Adam::4.05.2004, 13:53
so wats the craic with today? tell me we've got trainin!! someone PLEASE txt me and let me know!
barry::4.05.2004, 12:01
I dunno who booked it, but Ruth says the hall is booked 4-6 toady.
Andrew::4.05.2004, 10:27
I actually did 6 years myself, but as i look thick enough as it is, I really didnt want to re-inforce the point!!!
Darronic::4.05.2004, 02:02
Was working all today so didnt book hall time myself. Hopefully Ill be free early enough tomorrow to book a session.
Actually if anyone is in the sports centre tomorrow, ask them is hall time available. Text me and if its cool Ill get you to book it. Save me a (long hard cold difficult pointless) trip! Cool!

But make sure that like 10 of you dont go at different times and end up booking the whole centre out till July!
Ruth::3.05.2004, 23:34
is there training tomorrow? plzx tell me there is r i'll go insane!
Eoin ::3.05.2004, 23:26
that didn't come out the way it should have ,thats pretty anoying . you'll just have to guess what it might have looked like
Eoin::3.05.2004, 23:21
| /
_ \_ | /
o |_o \o o o
_/| o------
_o | _o
\o | \ \o
| | \ |
| |
"Back Somi"

Any one else wasting precious study time?

...::3.05.2004, 17:18
not that u'd know it from my spelling
aisisis::3.05.2004, 17:17
hahaha! wel sed! but i did 6 years of secondary school, anybaody else? and darron, 9 was it?
ps exams suck ass
Andrew Andrew::3.05.2004, 12:48
P.S. Darron, saw the looper doin swimmin strokes across the front line. Pissed meself laughin too. If every1 had just a little of what she was on, the world really would be a more intersting place.
Andrew::3.05.2004, 12:45
You know you spend five years in secondary school, and you only get two propper exams. You spend only four years in college and you have an exam every year. Can anyone else see a problem with that. When your in secondary school you're young and your brain is expanding, you're full of knowledge. This is the time for exams. Not when you all old and in college. You start to get forgetful at this stage in your life. Your body still aches from when you were last on the trampoline(a whole week ago), exams at this stage in life are a travesty. If you chase an OAP down the street with a stick, theres uproar, but when we are all made to suffer with exams, no one cares.

I blame the parents!!!
DC Style!::2.05.2004, 22:46
Was anyone else at the Riots?!!
They were great. The water cannon splashed people! What a day!

Actually, get this (this has got to be the funniest thing Ive ever seen in my 22 years on Earth):
It can be seen pretty clearly in any of the news footage of the time when the riot gardai/farmers were lined up beside the water cannon tractor thing, and the crowd was getting pretty worked up.
The tractor had started blasting people, and the riot-farmers were advancing slowly in a shield wall. Some members of the crowd were throwing kicks at the shields of the riot-farmers, and the riot-farmers were waving their battons/shovel handles in the air and pushing the crowd back. It was all pretty nasty, tensions were high.

It is at this point that into the gap between the angry mob and the advancing shovel wielding riot-farmers walks a girl. She is wearing a cycling helmet, armbands, cycling pants and flippers. As I look on she very slowly "swims" down the lenght of the gap. Breaststroke.
Seemingly oblivious to THE HUGE RIOT SHE WAS AT THE EPI-CENTER OF!!!

The total absurdity of the situation... she was so relaxed in the middle of a riot... Its wierd, its so funny, I actually cant laugh. Sheer brilliance! Best anything ever.
Darronic::1.05.2004, 02:37
If we put training on everyone would fail, so I took the the moral choice and chose sparingly. Choosily done Darron, choosily done.

So yeah, no training Saturday. Hall booked up for some big intervarsity event by the Wemles or Wimbles or something. NExt time will be Tuesday hopefully, but we wont know till Monday, cos they only let us book 24 hours in advance.

See yous then, best o' luck in the exams yall.
I remain,
Yours in Sport,
Santa Bob McGarnigal-Schmitt
barry::30.04.2004, 19:48
No training Saturday, I'm afraid. The hall is booked all day. Next training will probably be Tuesday evening.
Nicola::30.04.2004, 18:19
The sooner the exams are over the better...Roll on the summer!
Nicola::30.04.2004, 18:19
The sooner the exams are over the better...Roll on the summer!
jen::30.04.2004, 16:24
2 down and only 10 to go........ god why can't it be over!
Nuala::30.04.2004, 13:43
Please say there's training on saturday?
We all need a break from the study
aisais::30.04.2004, 11:23
half way thru...so i spose now i can start on my nxt 5- oh wait, one tomo-better start!!!!
Eugene::29.04.2004, 15:48


THAT'S 6-8PM (18:00-20:00HRS) TONIGHT!

clare::29.04.2004, 14:52
wahey!! four down & dont have another one till next tues. ah d pressures off for now.
Ruth::29.04.2004, 10:33
sorry was ment to say Darn. ;D
Ruth::29.04.2004, 10:32
Damn won't b able to go!!!Ack, i hate exams!!
Da. Rron.::28.04.2004, 22:52
Hello please. I am finding site today. Is good ya!

News please! Attention now, attention. Yes.

***TRAINING TOMORROW 7-9. Yes 7pm-9pm***

You are there thanking yes. Thanking!
ruthie::28.04.2004, 21:59
brilliant!just brilliant! exactly how i feel- n e 1 else??
######::28.04.2004, 21:08
At first I was afraid, I was petrified!
kept thinking I could never pass
with no revision guide.
But then I spent so many nights,
getting all the questions wrong
And I grew strong.
And I learned I could scrape along.

I wont look back to any place
when I can swallow 15 cans
and get completely off my face,
I would have revised by the clock
I would have no spare time free
If I'd thought for just one second
my exams would bother me

So all my notes, are on the floor
Don't even matter ...
that there's no rock night anymore ...
weren't you the one,
who tried to get me to revise?
You thought I'd crumble?
You thought I'd work towards the skies?

Oh no, not I!
I wont revise!
Unless I die of beer stains,
I know I'll stay alive.
Though my money's at an end,
I've my overdraft to spend,
I wont revise
I wont revise!!

It took all the strength I had,
not to act the part.
But in the end my real revision didn't even start.
I used to sit at home at night,
feeling guilty to myself,
I used to try
but now I hold my head up high.

And you see me! Somebody new!
I'm not that mixed up kid
who wants a good 2:2
So if you feel like dropping in,
chances are that I'll be free,
coz I've done sod all revision,
and I'm failing my degree.

Oh no, not I!
I wont revise,
I think that I may scrape a third,
but I could be telling lies.
Let the lecturers all storm,
my bed's far too nice and warm,
I wont revise
I wont revise,
Oh dear!!

Money's at an end,
I've my overdraft to spend,
I wont revise,
I wont revise!!

######::28.04.2004, 20:58
At first I was afraid, I was petrified!
kept thinking I could never pass
with no revision guide.
But then I spent so many nights,
getting all the questions wrong
And I grew strong.
And I learned I could scrape along.

I wont look back to any place
when I can swallow 15 cans
and get completely off my face,
I would have revised by the clock
I would have no spare time free
If I'd thought for just one second
my exams would bother me

So all my notes, are on the floor
Don't even matter ...
that there's no rock night anymore ...
weren't you the one,
who tried to get me to revise?
You thought I'd crumble?
You thought I'd work towards the skies?

Oh no, not I!
I wont revise!
Unless I die of beer stains,
I know I'll stay alive.
Though my money's at an end,
I've my overdraft to spend,
I wont revise
I wont revise!!

It took all the strength I had,
not to act the part.
But in the end my real revision didn't even start.
I used to sit at home at night,
feeling guilty to myself,
I used to try
but now I hold my head up high.

And you see me! Somebody new!
I'm not that mixed up kid
who wants a good 2:2
So if you feel like dropping in,
chances are that I'll be free,
coz I've done sod all revision,
and I'm failing my degree.

Oh no, not I!
I wont revise,
I think that I may scrape a third,
but I could be telling lies.
Let the lecturers all storm,
my bed's far too nice and warm,
I wont revise
I wont revise,
Oh dear!!

Money's at an end,
I've my overdraft to spend,
I wont revise,
I wont revise!!

aiserling::28.04.2004, 20:48
hello all, rember me? yes i kno its been a long time, but with 4 exams down (6 ot go) i'm allowing myself a few treats tonite such as checking my e-mail...th joy| and getting am going to get over 5hrs sleep tonite. they arent actualy going as bad as i thought- in as i might actualy hav a chance of passing although i did actualy shed tears when i saw tuesdays paper. ok so hope eveyone is finding them ok&rember to just keep churning out th bullshit til they tear th paper off u...even if u kno nothing- it seems to be sorta working 4 me-my exclamation mark isnt working. and i demand to b filled in on all this scandal once i'm back in ciculation
Michael::28.04.2004, 15:15
Might try it myself.
Nim::28.04.2004, 09:39
i dint type my name twice on the last one.......SPOOKY!
Nim Nim::28.04.2004, 09:39
Guess who hates exams??? i do!!! guess who hates competition law??? i do!!! who's going crazy??? i am!!
Adam (still laughing)::27.04.2004, 23:23
has ne one noticed in that pic of Svetlana in her tank the guy on the right hand side who is ploughing some poor bastard to the side of the road just besid the "nutley lane" sign. the ammount of dumbass crazy drivers on our roads!(all of u who have been in a car with me are never allowed to hold the previous statment against me... EVER!!!!) thank you. im still pimpin my ride i saw neon fluffy dice today that i really like, and "go faster stripes" ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Crying(with laughter) Adam::27.04.2004, 23:12
I really want those damn pink alligator shoes!!! i gotta see this crackin lookin bird! oh oh does ne one reckon i could get MTV to "PIMP MY RIDE?" i would be the shizzle.
ju ::27.04.2004, 22:08
stoopid yolk dat always happens me... think ur rubbin off on me eugene..!!
a disgraced julie::27.04.2004, 22:07
hey al, thanks 4 al d bday messges & to all who graced me wit der presence on sat night... i had an absolute blast... even if u all have shunned me on this yolk... ah wel u only live once dats wat i say... and wat other night in ur life wud u get away wit doin stuff like dat... so its all good, except for the dreaded pharm exam tomo morn... aaarrrgghh.. i'l join u in dat competition adam..!! wel best of luck to ev one doin der exams, especially u poor souls doing finals.. see u al tomo... be good
a disgraced julie::27.04.2004, 21:53
hey al, thanks 4 al d bday messges & to all who graced me wit der presence on sat night... i had an absolute blast... even if u all have shunned me on this yolk... ah wel u only live once dats wat i say... and wat other night in ur life wud u get away wit doin stuff like dat... so its all good, except for the dreaded pharm exam tomo morn... aaarrrgghh.. i'l join u in dat competition adam..!! wel best of luck to ev one doin der exams, especially u poor souls doing finals.. see u al tomo... be good
nim::27.04.2004, 16:47
but just in case youd like to see it for yourselves. check out the edinburgh section in the gallery. keep adam in mind and you cant miss aoife!!!!!
Michael::27.04.2004, 13:09
Hey everyone, new poll up on the site!
Does Adam look like Aoife Patterson. Remember you dont have to know what Aoife looks like to vote!
Nuala::27.04.2004, 10:56
Hey tramps!
Good Luck in your exams!
Me isn't starting till next monday.

NIm::27.04.2004, 10:52
kept meaning to say....anyone who ordered leos! shes making one and i think i should have it this week.if its grand she makes the rest! shouldnt take long...
but i wanna get everyone to pay as soon as poss cos i have to write the cheque from the club and if people go away for the summer the club will be left out of pocket...
if youre goin away and they arrive after you go...itll be waiting for you as soon as you get back! but i need y'all to pay now....€32! okily dokily?????
Nim::27.04.2004, 10:44
Impressive Eugene!!!!! unique core competences, critical success factors, resources, bases of sustainable competitive advantage.....pity there wasnt a question on week 4...then you might have been clever!!!! :) hee hee
ruth::26.04.2004, 21:37
argh! why didn't i study today? Why??? I'm so stoopid. As for Julie Schmoolie...at least she enjoyed herself, even if she was cold.
Eugene::26.04.2004, 21:15
Yea, thanks Neem! I am rather dense. Thanks also for filling me in on the dirt from the weekend re: Julie, shenanigans, bad girl, etc. I'm on to you Julie! Mou haah haah haah! Hope y'all had fun.

Good luck to everyone in the examinatory devices department. I hope you can take the skills, core competences and unique resources you acquired during your trampolining and leverage them across your various examinatory subjects with a view to driving competitive advantage and uniqueness and also satisfying the Critical Success Factors for those subjects. In that way, hopefully, you will outperform your peers and gain both market share and profitability into the future.
eoin::26.04.2004, 18:23
good luck in your exams to every one.
the hall is booked for 4-6 on tuesday .
u know you'll be there if your just sitting in the library.
i know i will
Nim::26.04.2004, 15:38
I had the same exam as Eugene. not as much of a nightmare _ he must be just STOOPID!! only kidding.
And as for julie........we need say no more than what clare revealed! Disgraceful behaviour...for someone of such a mature age!!!!
Eugene::26.04.2004, 14:59
First exam over. Nightmare. Metaphorical nightmare, that is (not like the actual nightmare I had the other night about my exam next week). Well, Im back in the library, studying for my next exams. And I'm sick. Sob. Kill me! (just an expression, don't all line up)
Kath::26.04.2004, 10:16
Good luck to all of you!
an exponentially more scared dermot::26.04.2004, 09:38
good luck to everyone doing exams! (especially those doing their finals). hope u get what you want. in my case its a bare scrape of a pass...
oh and adam, i heard the nurse is great for relaxing people before exams. if u know what i mean...
clare::26.04.2004, 08:54
yeah best of luck everyone. history of psychology 2day..... im completely shitting a brick
scared(slightly angry) Adam!::25.04.2004, 22:40
Julie belated Happy Birthday.hope u had a good nite sorry i couldnt be there again! neway best of luck all i reckon we should have a comp 2 c who can do the worst.... nothin there??? ok well neway if theres ne spare tissues going around tomorrow please deliver them to the whimpering pile of Adam in the corner of the RDS!!! mmmmmmmmmm AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH..... whimper*
jen::25.04.2004, 22:29
good luck to all starting exams tomorrow!!!
clare::25.04.2004, 17:46
tut tut!! julie o reilly was up to no gud last night! lets just say she didnt only get a laptop for her 21st bday... ah but in fairness to her she was very giving as well as recieving.....re the love bite on someones neck!!!
sorcha::24.04.2004, 00:37
Happy belated bithday Julie. decided to pen a corny little poem, and it goes as folllows: Thinking of you on your bithday and wanting you to know - you're wished a lot more happiness than these few words can show.
Eugene::23.04.2004, 20:24
Happy birthday julie. sorry i can't be there. I'll do a live-via-satellite link!
Michael::23.04.2004, 15:58
Happy bday Julie!! Some more Svetlana shenanigans outside UCD of late, photos to prove it.
clare::23.04.2004, 14:06
happy birthday julie!! 21 kisses comin at ya..... MWAH! xx
Nuala::23.04.2004, 11:36
Hey Julie!
Just wanted to wish u a Happy 21st Birthday again!
Michael::22.04.2004, 23:53
Well said Adam!
equally angry Jenny::22.04.2004, 18:21
I hate this week, its sucks ........why can't it just be over!!! argggggggggggggg
Ruler of All Envigilators!!::22.04.2004, 00:06
ah shoot got nothin done again today! blast my bumish tendencies!!! Stoopid Exams!
Ruler of All Envigilators!!::21.04.2004, 23:52
ah shoot got nothin done again today! blast my bumish tendencies!!! Stoopid Exams!
Andrew::21.04.2004, 13:48
So what exactly is the point of exams?? If the profs did their jobs propperly(which they did), we'd all know the stuff (which we kinda do) so we really shouldn't have to waste all this time on pointless exams. Lets just move on people, life is short(well actually its the longest thing any of us will ever do) but still!!!
clare::21.04.2004, 11:12
hi everybody, hope d studys goin well. im really up for more gymnasticy fun dis sat, but im afraid ill get cramps in my hands again like last week & then i wont b able to write in my exams next wk. oh no!!
barry::20.04.2004, 23:50
don't think it's going to be on. Not sure though
Kath::20.04.2004, 23:42
Does anybody know, if there will be bouncing in DCU tomorrow?
Eugene::20.04.2004, 20:21
Training is on 8-10pm tonight, 4-6 Thursday and normal time on saturday, i just found out!
Adam::20.04.2004, 18:50
neone know if trainin is on 2nite????
Darronic::19.04.2004, 22:23
Ill put up training times for this week asap. Ill be in the sports centre tomorrow at high noon, where upon I will wrangle hall time from the no good dirty varments that run that two bit hotdog stand.
So keep your eyes peeled.
Nim::19.04.2004, 12:00
Im sitting here right now in jammies with a hoodie over them.....i know how you feel ais
barry::19.04.2004, 11:09
anyone know what times training will be on this week?
Nicola Nicola::18.04.2004, 21:47
just realised that I spelt THEY wrong.... ok I really can spell... I just dont look at what im typing!
Nicola::18.04.2004, 21:45
Hi All, hope ye are not studying too hard! Ive came to the conclusion that computers are really really stupid.... Thay have a mind of their own... well mine done anyways! It been drivin me crazy for the last half an hour
Michael::18.04.2004, 21:31
Twas just me on your roof throwing crushed ice off by your window!
DC Style::18.04.2004, 16:21
Does anyone else notice that theres been an awful lot of hailstones this year?
A little too many if you ask me. Somethings up. People know things, and they're not letting on.
But I will uncover them. Oh yes. The "Hailstone Conspiracy" is coming down.
Like Hail in a hailstorm.
aisssssssssssss::18.04.2004, 15:13
study suxs- i'm officialy in my reclosive stage of exam build up, where i dont even bother to get dressed in th mornings instead just put a hoody on over my pyjamies. i wonder what it wud feel like to sit exams i was in some small way prepared for? must try that nxt year...
clare::17.04.2004, 23:26
joanne, you'll have 2 add your breeen experience to the breen toilet wall!
Ruthie::17.04.2004, 21:59
no probs babe. ill give u a buzz nxt wk when im leaving it free. Do i have ur number?? r u can give me a buzz if u need it.
Ruthie::17.04.2004, 21:42
no probs babe. ill give u a buzz nxt wk when im leaving it free. Do i have ur number?? r u can give me a buzz if u need it.
joanne::17.04.2004, 18:55
oh by the way ruth, thanks for letting me use your library spot on wed, much appreciated, kept the seat warm for you anyway!
joanne::17.04.2004, 18:49
hey all, apologies for my absence on thurs, but i hadnt checked my e-mail in ages so only saw the e-mail that went around when i checked it yesterday. Well done everyone, sounds like a good team!
Ruth::16.04.2004, 10:16
Why yes. Yes of course. I may have had a little (LITTLE) bit of help!
barry::16.04.2004, 01:50
managed it all by yourself, did u???
Ruthie::16.04.2004, 01:12
that bloody room took me ages 2 get out of!!!
Ruthie::15.04.2004, 23:32
My first AGM I feel so...tired. Tho that could be the Eddie Rockets...
Eugene::15.04.2004, 22:30
AGM over! Results online. At least it wasn't as long as last year's. That's all I'm saying.
Gar::15.04.2004, 17:31
ah yes just realising that the meetin is already on. well we can still overturn the results and reinstate the rightful leaders in their position of power. an added bonus of having these two highly respected figures onthe committee is the fact that they will reside, once more, in the eurotramp end-deck in which they arrived to us so many years ago, and can therefore protect our valuable equipment from the gnarled hands of the evil rock climbers, the satanic judoists and the breakaway faction of the hard right blue mat stealing yoga movement in UCD. i trust you will all come to the sensible conclusion that Joey and Fred offer the club the brightest possible future.
Gar::15.04.2004, 17:22
oh and though some of you, or the majority, may not remember joey eyeball and fred the blind tamborine playing monkey boy, they are returning for the next year and wish to hold the positions of captain and head coach respectively. i hope that they will be represented at the meeting and their wishes alknowledged. go the invisible end deck inhabitants!!
De Original Andrew ::15.04.2004, 11:02
Ooh 5pm is not good for us working types up near dundalk, have fun !

Was out at DCU yesterday, and no sign of bouncers so guessed it was cancelled.
GAr aG Gar::15.04.2004, 11:00
hey guys. sorry cant get to the AGM, lotsa fun college shit to do, oh the joy. but enjoy it, and no drinking beforehand...not pointing any fingers!! Our club is the best and will always be if you just remember the wise words of Krang: "Forwards not backwards, upwards not forwards and always spinning around and around" How profound!!! And dont forget michael...iksnay on the drinkingnay
ju::14.04.2004, 19:25
hey all, have fun tomo.... sori i cant be there.. and dont kill each other too bad!!
by the way ne one see my sky writing!!
Eugene::14.04.2004, 18:07
I booked that room today. They told me 1 and 2 or the blue room.
nim::14.04.2004, 17:36
bounceathon was cancelled but theyre hoping to hold it next wednesday instead...so keep getiing excited everyone.

Dont forget....AGM tomorrow at 5.00 pm. Meeting Room 5 is booked in the students centre. its a tiny room so we will have to squish. it was all that was left. if it turns out shitty we can sort something else out at the time.
Darronic::14.04.2004, 14:24
Oh yeah, and the DCU Bouncathon was cancelled. Bad weather they said. Pissed up on booze I think.
Darronic::14.04.2004, 14:16
That history and list of captains is really cool Andrew, thanks for doing it. But is shows up how time passes and people move on. I dont wanna move on! Oh the humanity! If anyone wants me I'll be on the flyover, flying over the side.
dermot::14.04.2004, 11:25
Hiho! Im having a few ppl over to the apartment on fri so feel free to come over. Ill be drinking myself into a stupor when my lectures r finished so hope ill cya all there! Its in Belgrove Hse 10, Apt 3 (middle floor).
Michael::14.04.2004, 11:12
Hey all,
Trinity tramps are having a fundraiser screening of Intermission in the Ed Burke Theatre in Trinity Arts block at 1900. Entry is around 2 euro.
clare::14.04.2004, 10:22
hey, any chance a wallet was found after training yesterday?? cant believe ive lost it AGAIN!!
hope the bounceathon goes well today!
nim::13.04.2004, 17:00
Cheers andy! thats brill. I know theres a report hangin around somewhere that was done the year Denise was PRO (whichever one that was). After that i have nothing!

But ill get on the case. Itll be my new project when my exams are out of the way!
Michael::13.04.2004, 16:34
She gets around alright.
De Original Andy::13.04.2004, 15:40
Hey was watching X-Men2 on Video at the weekend, and there was someone who was the spitting image of svetlana innit
De Original Andrew::13.04.2004, 12:27
How did i post that twice, wheres the Edit / Delete buttons, what kind of crappy forum is this anyways ;-D
De Originial Andy::13.04.2004, 12:25

From my poor memory with help from Denise Denise.

List of Captains Past. Not sure of years, but you can look at later years, confirm that these were actually the captains and work backwards ;-)

Will get in touch with some of the earlier ones and see what info i can get.

Aoife 91/92
Andrew Cahill 92/93
Andrew Cahill 93/94
Mick O'Shea 94/95
Nicola Williams 95/96
Mary Tynan 96/97
Ciara O Driscoll 97/98
Zoe (before Christmas) 98
Denise (after Chistmas) 99
Fiona Hannon 99/00
Trish 00/01
Ross 01/02
Michael 02/03
Aisling 03/04

Michael::13.04.2004, 12:24
Claire you are such a cow not even the tide would take you out!
De Originial Andy::13.04.2004, 12:13

From my poor memory with help from Denise Denise.

List of Captains Past. Not sure of years, but you can look at later years, confirm that these were actually the captains and work backwards ;-)

Will get in touch with some of the earlier ones and see what info i can get.

Aoife 91/92
Andrew Cahill 92/93
Andrew Cahill 93/94
Mick O'Shea 94/95
Nicola Williams 95/96
Mary Tynan 96/97
Ciara O Driscoll 97/98
Zoe (before Christmas) 98
Denise (after Chistmas) 99
Fiona Hannon 99/00
Trish 00/01
Ross 01/02
Michael 02/03
Aisling 03/04

nim::13.04.2004, 11:54
yeah i cant spell...so what?
nim::13.04.2004, 11:54
i probably wont be at training later to remind everyone so im doing it now......dont forget that the bounceathon is on in dcu tomorrow all day.
You should all come cos
1. its a great chance to get to know the dcu crowd if you dont already
2. if we ever manage to get our bounceathon happening we'll need their help so we should go out and help them out nw
3. and just because if last year was anything to go by, its gonna be a brill day....oiutside if its not wet, dj and everything
4.theres a night out tomorrow night too for anyone, even if you dont make it during the day (but i know you all will). dont know where yet but ill be textable tomorrow
Please come over everyone. it'll be such a laugh!!
clare::13.04.2004, 08:53
right michael, thats the last straw. youve just bought urself a ticket to dumpsville. TAXI for michael to dumpsville! ....oh wait a seccond... no taxi will pick u up due to the spectacle you made of yourself the last time!!
Michael::11.04.2004, 20:35
Also I notice Clare you havent met Svetlana yet! You cheating hussy!
Michael::11.04.2004, 20:34
Eating chocolate and studying, theres got to be some balance in there somewhere.
Nuala::11.04.2004, 13:17
Hey all! Hope everyones enjoying their long weekend and that the easter bunny was generous.
Happy easter!
clare::11.04.2004, 13:06
happy easter all my easter bunnies!!
Eugene::10.04.2004, 14:35
Sounds brill Jane, but it's the middle of my exams, so I can't!
Jane Trinity::10.04.2004, 00:07
laura if u read this, ur a very nice paerson! but id be careful of any1 called svetlana
Jane Trinity::10.04.2004, 00:07
despite the happenings of last weekend as regards this club ive been invited to their comp on 15th of may (loughborough that is) flights are free till monday nite, cud be fun! michael, eugene, another warwick??!! wud prob be put up on someones floor. may have to bat laura shapiro out of the way tho.
Kath::9.04.2004, 22:09
Would anybody like to go to the National Aquatic Centre tomorrow, as there is no training on? Or maybe on Monday?
Eugene::9.04.2004, 02:16
Ok, I know it's a little short notice, but the AGM of the UCD Trampoline Club will take place in the Student Forum (room to be decided - meet in the couch area) next Thursday (15th April) from 5pm (it will replace next thursday's session). Officers to be elected for the 2004/2005 committee are: Head Coach, Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Entertainments Officer. Get thinking about whether you want to put yourself (or others) forward for posts. The rest of the agenda will be available on the day. Also, there will be no training this Saturday, due to the sports centre being closed (for those of you who havent been training the last week).
Michael::8.04.2004, 18:08
Try asking the sports office Ais. They should have records of all that.
Ais nim::8.04.2004, 16:52
Fair play Andy!
Im taking notes and looking forward to the next installments. Would it be a plan to send out a mail on irishtramp to see if anyone else can fill things in. We could try to put together a year by year thing and write it all down. then each committee could add a chapter at the end of each year. would be nice!!!
who could i ask in ucd who might have a list of the captains each year and their numbers??
De Original Andy::8.04.2004, 12:08
Quick Draft of history - Brace Yourselves.

Chapter 1 - PreHistory.
Yes there was a club before the the Trampoline Club ! This has been proven through major archeological excavations and examination of fossilised remains in the equipment room.

Its postulated that when sports centre was built, lots of gymnastic equipment was bought with it, this also included the beloved Nissan Trampoline which is now such a joy to setup and put away.

History talks of past members who were believed to be extinct have since proven to be still alive, Tom Dillon and Mick 'Killer' o Shea for instance.

This was called the UCD Gymnastics and Trampolining club I think. So DCU was not the first here but they have certainly done better.

There was also lots of rumours floating around about rogue army coaches, broken necks, accidents and disasters.

I asked Tom Dillon once what the story was and he shuddered and would say no more.

Chapter 2 - The Early Years
This is by no means a detailed history of UCD Trampoline club, just the vague memories of my time there. See im an old man now, my eyes are dim, my knees are weak...

I was training over in the UK in Slough and cycling about 10 miles to maidenhead on a regular basis to train there. Loved trampolining and was really into it. Oooh this was eh around * cough * 1989

Came back to Ireland and went looking for a Trampoline Club here, could not find any, contacted everybody, Sports Council, Gymnastics you name it, eventually found a Sports Acro Club out in Clondalkin and started training there on a flat bed with no holes innit, sore for front drops.

One of the guys there had heard vague rumours of UCD having a trampoline so headed out there.
What i found was a little disappointing, no regular sessions and hardly anyone in sight, a lot of the gymnastics equipment had been loaned out or sold, club was pretty much dead. But there was a trampoline, a real honest to goodness Nissen Goliath, joy, joy, happy feelings.

Met up with Rakesh Aurora and Neil Conway, and we started to get sessions going again.
Literally i went down, every session, every week, week in, week out, and sat there waiting for people to turn up, sitting in the coffee shop on the 2nd floor, no pub in those days. Most days nobody turned up and i had to head home again.

When one of the lads did arrive, we would head out and grab whoever we could find to act as a spotter for the other side, sometimes we had to hit em over the head and drag em down kicking and screaming all the way. We were very annoying creative persistant people.

We were based in the section where the rockclimbing wall is, but it just had holds on a flat wall then so there was room, we persuaded some mountainy people to bounce too and we did some rock climbing between goes, good fun.

Eventually people got the idea that there someone was there each week, and more people would turn up. The following year, we got a good crew together, Me, Rakesh, Neil, Winnie Svedson, and we got Aoife who worked on the sports centre desk to act as Captain so things would look official along with a few others to fill out commitee. )

We formed a new Club losing the gymnastics side altogether so we could focus and build on trampolining and called it the UCD Trampoline Club. * Cue Fanfare *

More to follow.....
Safety Wars..
Grant from Hell...
The Zombie Invasion...
Band Camp...
How we robbed the bank and got a New Trampoline..
...::6.04.2004, 13:00
by ppl i mean all those who did a supurb job in organising it and all those who brought shame on themselves and th club ovr th 3 days in the name of fun...i like it ;0
aisssss::6.04.2004, 12:57
gud work ppl!!! excelent weekend
...::6.04.2004, 12:37
committee...its not so hard to spell darron
Michael::6.04.2004, 11:48
Emily you will like this site:
Especially the "yfront safe"
::5.04.2004, 23:09
Darronic::5.04.2004, 19:31
Well done, pats on the back and general Biggups to the likes of Pauric, Jenny, Jane, Neil and any others of the ISTO council who might read this! Great comp, great fun. Roll on the next one. Huzzah!
jane trinity::5.04.2004, 17:59
p.s. nice work on the apology to a certain ghetto booty clare, next time could be the time to aqquaint him on his infestation! haha or not! all in favour?! not.
jane trinity::5.04.2004, 17:56
hope y'all had a great wkend im sooooooo sad its all over!!! who needs sleep anyway! jus to let u all know, we appeare to have contained the crustacean infestation (cue dance) altho graeme leslie from dundee is convinced it was passed onto him in the toilets in scholars!!! classy. thanx to u all for bein so great lookin forward to the nxt one! what, u mean i have to do some work now??!! awww man!!!!! smell u later
julie julie & clare::5.04.2004, 16:51
eoin + nicola + vodka = broken tooth
::5.04.2004, 16:43
julie got sick in pysiology!!
Michael::5.04.2004, 15:43
Well done to all on isto committee, brilliant job, had a ball. As for you Claire, time you cut the crap and came clean you big wench. Until our next taxi ride you tart
c & r::5.04.2004, 14:18
Julie.. Julie...
c & r::5.04.2004, 14:11
Julie.. Julie...
c & r::5.04.2004, 13:38
Julie.. Julie...
c & r::5.04.2004, 13:34
Julie.. Julie...
::5.04.2004, 13:33
Julie.. Julie...

::5.04.2004, 13:33
Julie.. Julie...

The Informant::5.04.2004, 13:33
u want the information, well the magnums have the information, and so does frank the landlord!! isn't that right adam!!!
clare::5.04.2004, 13:19
hehe! had a brill weekend!
clare::5.04.2004, 13:18
michael, im not through havin my domestic with you yeat! you lieing cheating manipulative bitch!
ju::5.04.2004, 13:18
yup, me thinks a big pat on the back is in order 4 those who put so much work into organinsing the weekend... it was gr8 fun & a big succes.. well done.. :)
c u al soon, be good....!!
Ruthie::5.04.2004, 12:56
I know I feel so empty & also quite hung over! Julie thanx a mill 4 the use of ur floor last night. I'm sure Frank wasn't 2 supriseed! ;) Thankx to every one who organised twas a brilliant wkend!!
Jen::5.04.2004, 12:38
ISTO is officially over ..... its weird don't know what to do now! anyway I hope that everyone had a brilliant weekend and thanks to everyone who helped out!
Eugene::2.04.2004, 11:57
Don't forget - 5.30pm today for the start of ISTO in UCD!!! Be there!!! Also, today is the last chance for everyone to change their level!
Michael::1.04.2004, 11:09
Lies Joanne always with the lies! I saw you going at 30kph for at least an hour while studying your micro notes and making a pavlova!
joanne::31.03.2004, 23:14
michael, i just want you to know that i waited in the gym for you all night, i repeat all night, and i felt so let down when you didnt show, and i would also like to inform you that after walking at a rate of two inches an hour on the treadmill i feel ready to show the world what im capable of, perhaps in the form of some sort on body building contest involving the use of miniature weights.....hmmm.....
clare::31.03.2004, 19:59
Im well up for the flashmobbing the library bit!! whatever about the bouncing bit
Michael::31.03.2004, 16:11
Gareth your wish has come true. We got permission today to do a display anywhere we want outside the student centre. We were thinking of doing it from 12-2 or so instead of the 10-12 session. We want as many people as possible to show up, help bring the stuff down, bounce. Wear your hoodies! After we can flashmob the library.
Jenny::31.03.2004, 11:02
Hey all just wanted to let you all know that friday night of Isto will be in D2 on Harcourt st., not in picturehouse as originally planned! I repeat D2 NOT picturehouse! alsotrying to get as amny people to come out as possible on Thursday night to welcome the colleges that are coming over tomorrow, so please anyone who an make it we'll be in Tribecca bar from 9!
Gar::31.03.2004, 10:25
Have you guys got an outdoor display or something?? that would be soooo cool to promote isto. good thinkin michael, you are a fuckin genius. an utdoor display where every1 gets to jump outside. wow. there is an outdoor display right?? ...Michael...???
Michael::30.03.2004, 23:43
Plus should mention that there is training on this thursday 10-12 too
Michael::30.03.2004, 23:42
For all those who dont know, everyone meeting up in front of library at 12 tomorrow (Wednesday). Wear your new hoodie!
Gar::30.03.2004, 16:54
for any around i is havin a party on fri so if ya wanna head over before the isto thing feel free. laters!!
Michael::30.03.2004, 11:00
Cough up the cash Ruth! I know that coat of yours is padded with 100 euro notes!
Ruthie::30.03.2004, 10:22
I want My hoodie!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Eugene::29.03.2004, 02:56
Hello to all. I know its short notice, but the extra training session scheduled for 10am is cancelled. Poor Darron is sick :( Wishing him a speedy recovery!
joanne::28.03.2004, 21:18
hey jane i was working yesterday and today, sorry i missed your birthday, hope it was a good one!
ais s::26.03.2004, 23:26
hey jane- am working @9 sunday morning so wont b able to come out to urs! hav a brilliant nite and happy 21!!!
Jane Trinity::26.03.2004, 18:06
hey all,

jus for any1 who's comin t my 21st 2moro nite, bus times from lower abbey st to ratoath are 19.30 or 21.30 think most ppl gettin half 7. dont 4get sleeping bag!

ring me if any probs or u need more directions or stuff, eugene or aisling or jenny have my number!!

jane xx
Eugene::24.03.2004, 17:19
Even funnier. Hahaha.

Eugene::24.03.2004, 17:18

Bullshit generator. Very useful for meetings and stuff. And if you study Business Administration in any way.
Eugene::24.03.2004, 16:29
It took me a while, but I finally got out of the room. Pretty cool. Eventually
aissssss::24.03.2004, 15:40
i'm sorry i slagged wesely...its just as good as andrew...change it back and im working on th other 3!
aissssss::23.03.2004, 23:51
u are? dam thats the 4th guy iv done that 2!!
to the new andrew:::23.03.2004, 19:19
so what was ur name b4 it was andrew?? why did u change it?
darronic::23.03.2004, 15:30
i am really really retarded and i'v been meaning to tell ppl for a while...i'm a great big homo
aissssssssss::23.03.2004, 15:28
i am studip
dlkarron hy::23.03.2004, 15:18
im sytuhdc
Darronic::23.03.2004, 15:16
Watch out everybody cos coming straight out of left field iiiittts ISTO! The weekend after next! Yee haw!

To celebrate, there is an EXTRA TRAINING SESSION on FRIDAY 11am - 1pm!

Did I mention Yee haw? Rock N' Roll. No Axe Murderers admitted.
Andrew(seemingly not the original one)::23.03.2004, 12:08
I see where your coming from but we're just going to put up with it.It took me ages to get my name changed to Andrew in the first place I dont see me changing it again anytime soon!
Anyhow your older than me so you'll most likely die first and then I'll be the only Andrew and it will all be ok again. Untill that sad day befalls us we'll just have to make do like the Aisling's do.
It'll be a hard struggle I know, and yes we may come to with-in an inch of our lives many times, but if you're as handy with a sword as I hear we'll just make it.....Well you will anyway I'll probally get hacked to pieces by some guy with an axe.Then youl will be the only Andrew and again It will all be ok!
Michael::23.03.2004, 11:35
Try to get out of the room
DC::22.03.2004, 19:41
Maybe to something beginning with Mr...
Andrew - Classic Flavour::22.03.2004, 13:01
Andrew you are going to have to change your name to avoid confusion !

Andrew (De Original One)

Andrew::20.03.2004, 22:47
hey so has anyone else been getting crap poping up on there screen about getting in touch with old class mates when trying to enter the forum page. My comp goes mad be times so is it just that or is anyone else having the same prob???????
Darronic::17.03.2004, 22:20
Michael::16.03.2004, 18:15
Not a nun? What was with the black clothes and the weapons Andrew? Werent they for punishing uruly kids! Had me fooled!
Probably the best Andrew in the world.::16.03.2004, 15:06
Yup we should organise a session sometime, last Christmas would have been good, cos a lot of the old crew met up, many of em ex-captains :D

Me,Mick O Shea, Mary Tynan, Nicola Willians, Paul Doherty, Anne O Brian, Sinead, Ian...

Reckon we should meet of a friday night for a coaches dinner / reunion type thing in our favourite eatery to discuss :D

Not this friday cos im going to wales :D
The Original Andrew::16.03.2004, 12:55
Nothing like controversy and disagreement, almost makes me feel at home :-)

I started a history of the club at one stage, will get back to it again at ISTO during lots of drinks :-)

For those who dont know me, as im up to my ears in work up in Dundalk at the moment and have been working late most nights so not round as much this year.

Im now one of the ninjutsu blackbelts who trains in the small middle hall before Trampolining on Tuesdays, i then sneak into the start of the session and train and coach for about 20 minutes or so.
So if you see someone coming in carrying weapons and stuff, thats me ! or it could be Rob the other blackbelt :-P

I can also be spotted sitting behind computers at various competitions and the DisInformation Desk at ISTO.

Rumours that im also a nun are unsubstansiated.
Denise::16.03.2004, 11:33
Guys, thank you so much for helping unload the equipment yesterday. And Gareth - you the man!!! Hope your back is recovering, you were an absolute lifesaver loading up in inchicore. Ais, you too...you're damn strong for a little one!! And to everyone else in the club - I'm really sorry you missed training yesterday. 100% my fault so don't give out to ais, we had the worst possible freight company in the world and really tried to get the equipment back on time
ju ::15.03.2004, 17:59
or maybe "kno"
ju::15.03.2004, 17:56
tomo after training suits me best, i gota work from thurs til sunday so.... does ne one no if we can use d hall?
barry::15.03.2004, 17:52
i'm still on for it.we have training 1-3 so maybe before or after that. otherwise, maybe thursday?
ju::15.03.2004, 17:34
hey al, i seem to ave missed dat mesg change, ah wel...
so is anybody up for dat bball game... maybe tomo...??
annon::15.03.2004, 16:12
i meant to sign that annon,

michael will you change it so it looks like somebody else was thanking me and not just me!!

red hoodies are good, as are red eyes

so the vodka will testify. you can say ooh i shouldn't drink anymore or my eyes will be all fucked up but the vodka will say...drink, drink like the wind (the thirsty wind)
yeah::15.03.2004, 16:10
and gareth you are the best for loading them with denise and ais.
Michael::15.03.2004, 15:47
Thanks to Dermot, Barry, Aisling S, Neil, Denise, Andrew for helping unload the trucks today.
Ruthie!!!::15.03.2004, 09:59
Arg! I forgot my wallet. i have no travel card n no student card which means im gonna have to PAY into the library!!!This Sux!!!!
revisement::14.03.2004, 20:36
oh- except gareth! long time no c, glad to kno thereally world isnt catching up on ya!
aisssssss::14.03.2004, 20:34
god, we'v all gotten awful serious in our old age havnt we? i got a new hoodie. its red.
Darronic::13.03.2004, 17:40
Woah, I go away for 5..
Ok, I should prob just clarify, to "NoNoame", I was refering to the Andrew thats currently in our club. Andrew Nolan. Reread my stuff with that in mind.
(I mean I know my jokes are pretty high brow and complicated, but that one was simple. If you are in the club, you'd know Andrew and you'd have got it. If you're not, what are doing posting here? What, are you 14? Nothing better to do? These things mean something to you? If they actually did you'd use your name, and the proper channels coward!)

Owchies! This isnt fun...

Yes, Andrew is Gr8, and we all agree
So why the wierdness? Who'd disagree,
That a Homage to Andrew is the way it should be.
By the way, up above, in this rhyme, did you see
How I skillfully rhymed Agree with Agree!
erm...::13.03.2004, 11:12
Barry, ichtsnay on the old omtay, Andyay can fill us in! ( you know the guy right?...
Jane from Trinity::12.03.2004, 19:40
hey all.....ok i know ive been pestering some of you already but its my 21st (what a granny) on sat march 27th and id love if u guys could come! its in ratoath in meath where i live but even though theres sheep its not far out and theres loadsa buses. its in a function room in the local pub jus a few mins from my house where u can all stay! SO arrive at mine and dump sleeping bags etc at whatever time....go to the party and cavort to within an inch of our lives....then back to mine!

anyway let me know who can come n stuff so i know how many members of my family i have to kick out of their bedrooms hahaha

tlk t y'all soon

jane xxx
Denise: Please help!!::12.03.2004, 17:09
anyone available tomorrow to help load trampolines onto a truck? sometime between 1.30 and 3, I'll have a definite time tomorrow
Denise: Please help!!::12.03.2004, 17:05
anyone available tomorrow to help load trampolines onto a truck? sometime between 1.30 and 3, I'll have a definite time tomorrow
Gar::12.03.2004, 15:30
Andy rocks. no really he has this balance issue where he finds it tough to stand still.
i reckon we should write a song about how much his rockin has effected us kids. we could call it "rock 'n' roll kids". original and catchy.
and DC i think you're jokes are especially funny. you should remove the sock and joke once more!!
Michael::11.03.2004, 23:15
Sounds like a plan! I old dusty science notebooks that I fished out of the locker one day which have member names etc going back years so will bring them along too. Will be in touch
barry::11.03.2004, 21:25
if anyone's interested, I know Tom Dillon and would be able to get his contact details
Denise::11.03.2004, 20:39
Sounds great, I'd love to help out too. Here's a suggestion....there's nothing like a social atmosphere to jog memories and many of the best ideas have started over a drink or 5 (ISTO for example!) so how about heading for a few drinkies some night and seeing what we can piece together? Purely in the name of research of course. We could get in touch with some of the 'less recent' members of the club and get them to come along...??
oops::11.03.2004, 20:04
Holy crap, i do know Tom dillon, Sorry tom if you ever visit the site.
Tricia::11.03.2004, 20:01
well, great!
although I'm not sure how good Andrew's head would look on the side of a mountain? maybe that's another poll,

and also now, we have a mystery, who did take andrew's name off?, Hmmmmmm, I wonder?

I can find out about the club, I know alot already, but I'd have to verify it...I'll get back to you on that one.
Eugene::11.03.2004, 19:41
I should point out, for the record, that I didnt actually change or write what was written on the front page of the site, even though my name is on it. I'd definitely be for changing it back or having a history page including a shrine to our founding father, (a bit like mount rushmore.... we could call it mount trampmore or something).
Michael::11.03.2004, 18:47

At the start of the year I was thinking of trying to piece together a list of captains and/or events down through the years, though that may be hard since we only have written records since about 1995. Im sure Andrew, Frank, Trish and a few others might be able to help out there.

I was thinking too that instead of a few lines on the front page, we should have a whole page devoted to exactly the stuff mentioned in Denise's and Trish's posts, the history of the club (as best we can piece it together). It is just that not many of us around now know enough to make such a page for the site. Anyone up for helping out with this?

Any change was not intended to be disrespectful in any way.
Tricia::11.03.2004, 17:09
here here denise, I was just going to go on the web and post all that!, I would certainly not be where I am today without Andrew, he coached me for years,from the age of 15 with the help of Mick and anyone else who had the patience!
I too had noticed that Andrews name had gone missing from the site, he still stands as honourary president, which means that in theory he should be invited to all committee meetings etc, I imagine that as busy a man that he is he wouldn't have time, but as was said before, a little respect. I couldn't agree more with you denise, we learned alot from him, so here's to the club continuing in the future, but also to the good old days!

Andrew kept the club's head above water, I imagine that if it had been left to Mick o Shea and that other guy, who I never met, it would not exist any more, the amount of work he put in far surpasses any work that anyone has put into the club since, and that is not up for debate!, believe me!

so what's the problem, maybe UCD TC should have a serious poll, and see who would like the founding members name mentioned in the history??

and then the person who took the name off might consider putting it back on.

Denise, as I\'m being quoted here\'s some info....::11.03.2004, 16:25
I don't know the exact history of the club as people involved in the start have been far too modest about their efforts so here's a sketchy history. Who I know of around the start of the club which originally was gymnastics was Tom Dillon, Andrew Cahill and Mick O' Shea. I don't know who came before who or who else was involved so apologies to those left out. As far as I know UCD sport got rid of most of the gymnastic equipment but somehow,around this time, Andrew managed to get a trampoline out of them. Andrew used come down, set up and sit on the trampoline literally waiting until people mosied in curious enough to try it out. Well, ok, that was sometimes, other times Andrew would accost members of the general public in the corridors and bring them in to teach them trampolining-another very effective method it seems:) Anyway, from little acorns...... By the time I joined, the club is was absolutely fantastic! Qualified trampoline coaches, great committee people, training 5 times a week totalling 13 hrs, a grant from the AUC, website ( which wasn't very common in those days!) ,competitions, parties, a second trampoline with an Olympic level one one the way! That was the first Eurotramp 6x4mm in the rep of ireland ever!

I wish I could give you a better history but it was before my time. If anyone can fill in more details I'd love to hear it. When us newbies of '96 joined, the club was well and truly thriving and certainly was 'the most kickass club in the country.' We learned a hell of a lot from those original people though, of whom Andrew Cahill was a central figure. Many many people have contributed so much to UCD TC down through the years that it would take far too long here to go into it here but Andrew definitely does stand out from the crowd for his tireless efforts over such a long period of time...we're talking decades here (in the nicest possible way!). It was a privilege to be in the same club as Andrew and learn so much. If you haven't seen much of him in recent times then you guys are definitely missing out.
I won't go into Andrew's involvement in setting up Irish Trampolining cos I've gone on for long enough but you guys should know that the founders of IT (now merged with IG) were all UCD TC people.

At an AGM in the 1990's, in recognition of his efforts in the club, Andrew Cahill was made Honorary President of UCD Trampoline Club....most of you probably don't know that.....

That's a great pity
Michael::11.03.2004, 11:46
With regard to the change in the greeting on the home page there were two reasons involved:
1) The secretary is no longer Aisling Ni Mhaoinis but Eugene Lynch
2) Denise mentioned that there may have been more founders than just Andrew, though Andrew was and is fundamental to the club.
On another point, the fact that we have a website to advertise training times, info on trips away and photos could hardly be called "glorifying" ourselves.
We should also remember that MANY people, including Andrew, have made the club what it is today.
Btw if you feel so strongly about the issue why not post under your real name or just talk to us at training?
In agreement::11.03.2004, 10:55
I agree
BTW::11.03.2004, 10:52
and DC, your jokes on this one aren't particularly funny, put a sock in it!
you\'re wrong.::11.03.2004, 10:50
Andrew did make the club, as in it was his idea about 15 years ago to start it so he got a trampoline put it in UCD and invited people to bounce on it,...he started it. and there are certainly people in it that would have very little to do with their time if he didn't, I don't really want to go on and on, all I am saying is that I think Andrew deserves a mention, on the site... if you go to DCU's site, Phil, the founding member is mentioned, go to UL's site, Pauric, the founding member is mentioned, you would do well to give Andrew a mention Andrew, because none of those clubs would be around (aside from DCU cause it's primarily a Gymnastics club) if Andrew Cahill didn't start the first Trampoline Club in UCD when he did. It's called respect!
Darronic::11.03.2004, 01:48
What ever happened to the Rock 'N Roll Kids? Rock 'N Roll was all they did...
DC Style!::11.03.2004, 01:46
Andrew didnt make the club, hes just joined. The only thing he invented is a strong cleaning agent. And Jesus invented people, so he should get the credit. We the Christian Bouncers from now on. Noone gets into Heaven unless they're on the list. Jesus? This ones for you Big-guy...
In agreement::10.03.2004, 23:03
I too wondered why the original greeting was changed!
Ode to Andrew, the forgotten founder::10.03.2004, 22:40
I have noticed that who ever it is that set this page up has neglected, in the history of the club, to mention anything about it's founding member... Andrew Cahill, remember people that though Andrew does not come down to training much anymore, you would not have a club with out him, the fact that you have a website to glorify yourselves and the club with no mention of his name, I find a disgrace. It used to be there, I wonder why it was removed. I know Andrew quite possibly couldn't give a crap, but it's nice to once in a while remember who made the club that you are all in now...
bored, but also dim::10.03.2004, 16:06
they all have the word "a" in them
also bored::10.03.2004, 15:57
A:tongue, B:teeth, C:eye
and another... ::10.03.2004, 03:05
which 3 boys names are anagrams of one another?
what the answer should be (but isn\'t)::10.03.2004, 03:00
they're all in the same group
bored.....::10.03.2004, 00:28
A = all 3 usually covered in shit B = lots of teeth C = can all have lots of different names ( couldn't come up with anything better... I know I suck )
ONLY if ur bored in d library...!!::9.03.2004, 21:51
wats the one thing shared by all 3 items in the same group...? GROUP A: a cow, a shoe, a baby GROUP B: a zipper, a shark, a comb GROUP C: a potatoe, a hurricane, a person
emily::9.03.2004, 17:36
no im in london darron and the coat is made from puppies ya feckin eejit
DC::9.03.2004, 16:08
And besides Emily, your the one on a Posh and Becks style shopping spree in Milan or Las Vegas or where ever you are, buying jeans made entirely of dinosaur fossils?! What an extravagance!
ais ::9.03.2004, 00:02
its ur student card jen
DC Style.::8.03.2004, 23:06
Oi. The lucrative film industry can no longer afford me, so it doesnt pay me. Combined with the recent purchase of a personal helicopter and the expensive retrofit of said vehical to resemble a moped in order to lower tax overheads, I am approaching brokesville. Also the porn industry in Ireland doesnt want me; something about showing up their stars...
Darronic::8.03.2004, 22:53
42 bottles of fruit on the wall, 42 bottles of fruit... Mmm, I do love fruit.
and yet another...::8.03.2004, 21:22
said a certain young lady named gwen, of her tally of smitten young men, "one less and three more, divided by four, together give one more than ten" how many boyfriends had she??
conundrums for the khaz.... or if ur bored in d library..::8.03.2004, 21:13
my first is in fish but not in snail my second in rabbit but not in tail my third in up but not in down my forth in tiara but not in crown my fifth in tree you plainly see my whole a food for u and me.....
Michael ::8.03.2004, 10:08
Hey Ruthie you still reading this?
Ruthie::8.03.2004, 10:07
What??? Ninja Sperm isn't good enough???
Eugene::8.03.2004, 02:09
Yes, I agree with Ruth. Lucrative....hmmmm.....you know what industry is lucrative (I heard) - that's right - porn! We should think up an appropriate porn name for him. It could be a new poll.
jenjen::7.03.2004, 23:36
sounding dumb (as per usual)but whats our library card... the one we're not supposed to put in our mouth??
Ruthie::7.03.2004, 21:44
"lucrative film industy" sounds so.....wrong. c y'all tomorrow!
emily::7.03.2004, 13:40
yud swear u werent in the lucrative film industry darron.that wallet of yours has cobwebs in it
DC::7.03.2004, 13:15
Would you classify €3.50 as in the region of €43.50?... Im hoping yes.
Eugene::6.03.2004, 22:45
Hey all. Hoodies have been ordered and will cost in the region of €43.50. They will be ready in approx 1 week. Also, anyone who wants to buy a club t-shirt should contact us soon as there are a good few left from last year.
clare::6.03.2004, 18:11
well i find library cards very tasty anyway, and you know how the law of the library goes... "anything that makes the library more bareable shalt be banned" (like mobile phones).....so joanne, your my stalker. i knew there was something shifty about you from the minute i laid eyes on you, but now that i know i shall seek my revenge! .....mwah ha ha back at ya!!
Ruthie::6.03.2004, 11:31
I too have seen the sign. It's on the bord to the right of loans.I also wondered why people would put the card in their mouth until i realised where my card was as I was reading the sign. I promptly took it out of my mouth. Why do i have to work today? What part of "I want to leave" does he not understand?? Arg!!!!
joanne::5.03.2004, 20:16
to the dellusioned one, i have seen the sign too, you are not alone ps. i know you sit on the third floor mwaahh ha ha ha !!!
Nim::5.03.2004, 12:45
Why would you put your library card in your mouth??? how bloody weird??? clare, are you sure you arent just becoming so dillusional that youre seeing things??
emily::4.03.2004, 20:06
hey ais,wont be there for ages,and i know i havnt been in ages but im not allowed bounce for another 3 weeks or so.......and im in london
clare::4.03.2004, 15:47
hehe! theyres a sign in the library saying "in the intrest of hygene please refrain from putting your library card in your mouth"!! this amuses me highly.....hmm i prob should get out of the library b4 i become completely demented...
Ruthie::4.03.2004, 10:06
Well hello all. hope ur enjoying ur time off or in some cases looking forward to ur time off. Will c u all at traing sometime soon i hope.
Michael ::3.03.2004, 14:25
I will be at training so all those hiding in the library who i havent seen in ages, i want to see you down.
aissssss::3.03.2004, 13:56
hey emily, will u b at trainging any day? i'v lost my fone and i havnt seen u in ages!!!
Nuala::3.03.2004, 00:10
Hey there! Hope every 1's enjoying their 3 weeks break. I only get 1. Poor me! But don't worry i'm making the most of my week by doing absolutely nothing and off course driving my family crazy.( that doesn't require too much work)
Adam::2.03.2004, 16:37
Eugene or ne-one else. please txt me or somethin to let me know if there's training today. thanx
dee grant::2.03.2004, 14:29
hey gar im off to galway with college tomoro and will be back on the 10th we have to meet up and go out. luv ya dee x
Opposite Gar: Dar!::2.03.2004, 13:05
This Buffy you talk of... Im no closet buffy fan! Im open about my longing for a delicious buffy of any description. Though breakfast buffys are my fav by far! Honestly, "all you can eat"; if there are 4 better words in the English language, Im too hungry to think of them.
Gar::2.03.2004, 11:26
talented like a fox!!! oh and i meant closet buffy fan ya fool!
DC Style::2.03.2004, 02:54
Gar Gar, what to say... Something better than: Oh, Hes Gay! Something good, to make him pay... Something bad, to wreck his day! He drinks alot? He eats his snot? He lives in a cot, the size of a dot? His clothes, they rot, they're all hes got? He thinks hes hot, but really hes not? No, no these insults are no good at all. From grace it seems I've taken a fall! No wait hang on... to me its now clear... Eurika! Ive got it: Its why I cant jeer! The reason it seems that I cannot win, is quite simply the fact that I do not know him! See theres no point in calling Gareth a s**t... when hes so far below you, hes just not worth it! Hes fun (like a mime), he sings without rhyme, hes boring to the point of being a crime! To sum it all up, Id just like to say, Gareth my friend, you're just not worth my time.
Gar::1.03.2004, 12:55
so darron... leaving the conversation just as i was about to destroy your textless ass. i may have to complete aforementioned destruction of your insolent self with constant mockery of the type that will make your eyes water worse than michaels flatulent issues. for tis you who fear the constant reminder that your eyes reflect your lacking of soul and imply the blackness of your heart stops not only with your heart but only with your entire being. perhaps the chance will be mine to once again ridicule you at training this week... if the holy water i sent through the water system does not burn your unearthly flesh...something i saw on buffy... but then you know that don't you!!! closet boy!
Debbie::1.03.2004, 10:44
We went on a pilgrimage to cork this weekend to spread the word of Dooley. Many converts were made to the way of the coconut and the sliced pan. But they should still try harder!
Eugene::28.02.2004, 03:34
It's me again. I'm just about to send out an e-mail about training, but just so it's here aswell, there is NO TRAINING LATER TODAY (SATURDAY) for anyone who wasnt at training the other day to hear that. Training times for next week (1st - 7th March) are as follows: Monday 3-5 Wednesday 3-5 Friday 1-3 Saturday 1-4 For the following week (March 8-15): Monday 1-3 Wednesday 1-3 Thursday 1-3 And the next week (March 16-23): Monday 1-3 Tuesday 1-3 Friday 1-3 Saturday 1-4 See you all there
Eugene::28.02.2004, 03:30
Hi all! Well it's 3.30am, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get up in the morning for diving. I've been trying to get in contact with the NAC all evening to find out for definite if it's on tomorrow. We've gone up 3 times on Saturdays in the past and it's been cancelled for some reason. Also, it's difficult to organise now being last minute. We could all go 2 weeks from now instead when there's no training and we have more time to organise it. Maybe we could do something else tomorrow if people are interested like bowling or something.?
Darronic::28.02.2004, 02:59
Im raging. The day I wanna go diving, my Dad upstages me and goes on holidays. I have to stay home and arrange things for him so. Unavoidable. Sucks. Kath; talk to Eugene tomorrow, or Julie, they'll know the score! You should all go... you'll need the practice to keep up with me when I do go... Yeah, you all heard me. Ooh... Burn!
Kath::27.02.2004, 23:36
What's going on tomorrow? Are we going to the Aquatic Centre and what time are we going?
aisssss ::26.02.2004, 18:30
cant wait til tomo! all my lab reports done and dusted...i'l b borrowing ur asda bag mr!!!!! and th thought of getting some sleep! by th by thanky ladies for for letting us invade ur home on tues, sure every1 loves drunkin' callers at half 2 in th morning!!!
Michael::26.02.2004, 15:31
Just handed in my final year project report...now where did i put that asda bag?
DC Style::25.02.2004, 21:40
(I should prob clarify, "Winner", they guy whos mouthing off, is from DramSoc, right?) (Also DramSoc is cool, we like them!) (Also Bum Disease is ficional, any resemblance to diseases anal or otherwise is purely coincidental) (Also, this Pancake Tuesday thing is a cool idea. We should have it every year!)
DC::25.02.2004, 21:35
Hey, Im just passing on what was said to me. Also, the rumour is that Bum Disease is running roughshod through DramSoc at the mo, so keep your distance.
Ruth::25.02.2004, 21:25
Darron...there are no words.....?????
DC::25.02.2004, 21:11
Jeez man, this is ridiculas. "WINNER", you sent me a transcript of you "cybering" online again, dude, you gotta stop. Get some class, man:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WINNER: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?. . . BritneySpears14: Aight. . . . WINNER: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah. . . . BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, WINNER. . . . WINNER: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat. . . . BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up. . . . WINNER: Me too baby. . . . BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest. . . . WINNER: I cast Lvl 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman. . . . BritneySpears14: Hey... . . . WINNER: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl 8 PeePee of the Infinite. . . . BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it. . . . WINNER: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty of the Beyondness. . . . BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous. . . . WINNER: Don't **** with me biznitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands. . . . WINNER: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl 2 Druid. . . . BritneySpears14: Don't ever message me again you piece of crap. . . . WINNER: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal. . . . WINNER: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republicans. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him. . . . WINNER: You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now. . . . WINNER: Baby? . . .
Ruthie::25.02.2004, 20:49
Yup,sorry Julie. But u must note that i had no part in the pancake fiasco. The state of ur living room maybe but not the pancakes. ;) Think i'll b sleeping like a baby ce soir! C y'all 2moro.
Ruth::25.02.2004, 20:45
Bit rich comming from you hon. If you've got enough time to read the message bord and comment on people who actually seem to have done something last night ( That would count as "having a life") then I think you should take your own advice and stop trying to make yourself feel important.
winner::25.02.2004, 19:57
Like,Oh My God, you guys last noight last noight last noight, like oh my god laaast Noight!! totally maaad, like I just don't believe it, and all the maaad pancakes and stuff, Oh my god, So embarrassed.Julietanna, you know what I mean!(wink wink!!), anywhoo, see you guys next bouncing session,it'll be totally mad.OK people, note the sarcasm, then make the connection, YES this is how you sound. Get lives.
Eugene::25.02.2004, 18:50
Yea, sorry about the dodgy pancake fiasco. Hope you all had fun after I left! I got to bed somewhere around 4 and got up @9 for an 11am lecture. :(
Andrew::25.02.2004, 13:10
Eugene, I got a qualifying score in the regionals so stick my name down please. Thanks
ju::25.02.2004, 10:02
hey hope all made it home safe this morn, physiology @9am sucked royally...he had to be talkin japanese...!! also i discovered many white "dodgy" pancake mixture stains down d leg of my trousers too.. :( k need sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Eugene::24.02.2004, 17:44
On a (semi-)serious note, I got the entry form for the nationals today. Anyone who achieved the qualifying score at the regionals and wants to participate at national level needs to talk to me asap. Thanks.
Darronic::24.02.2004, 13:20
Hmm, I may have crossed the line with that one. If Ive hurt anyone let me know, so the healing can begin.
Darronic::24.02.2004, 13:12
www.comingoutofthecloset.ie/Ranier Wolfcastle: "Maybe you are ALLL homosexuals!" Funny, but predictable. Overall I rate you "D-", as in less than me. Haha, cobwebs! I hear that some of the "Dramsoc" crowd are stupid! Can you believe it?! Stupid! And they have BODY ODOUR TOO! Hahhahahahahah!
Michael::24.02.2004, 12:22
Last message was to dramsoc people. I am floating around up to the eyes with paracetemol at the mo.
Michael::24.02.2004, 12:09
I would post on your site but i couldnt get through the cobwebs. Was last updated 24/10/99. Me is really annoyed not going to the sci. ball, too much work this degree. Anyhoo whats this with paul and avril, there'll be a blue moon tonight...Getting headache from computer
www.comingoutofthecloset.ie::24.02.2004, 11:07
well you know most trampolinists are gay, perhaps DC and adam should look into that.
DC Style Is the Tired Style.::24.02.2004, 02:30
The funny thing is I was taking most of those photos of Adam. There was just some feeling I had... I couldnt stop starring... it was like a car accident...
Still DC Style!::24.02.2004, 02:27
10% of the photos? Yeah baby, cos thats all yous can handle! "Tss".... "Tsss".... "Ttttsssssssssstttss".......(Thats me making the burny-burny sound when I touch myself cos Im so hot right now Im on fire!) Oooch... hot! Yeah! (Hey and I disagree with that insulting remard about me in said "10%" post. The one about me being arrogant! Clearly not EVERYBODY knows.) Now where was I?... Ah yes. "Tttsssssss".
This is the Mad Style.::24.02.2004, 02:19
"Im bored!" Hahah... yeah that is a great message! Wait a sec, are these forum n00bs DramSoc "actors"? Does this mean we'll have to counter invade their site with sarcasm and "Diss-ment"? Ive got a better idea! Mike! Their Site! Take it down! Ha har!
DC!::24.02.2004, 02:15
YEAH ban them all Ais Ná G! Unless they texted you with there "wink winks"! Did they? HAHAHA! Adam is drawn to cameras inversly disproportionatly to the way Aissssssss (sssss like serpent) is pushed away from them. Its the universe's way of balancing, although the look of Adam in those pics would make you think theres no greater force at work, cos man, the only way to describe that face is "accidental"...
DC Style!::24.02.2004, 02:06
Wooo! Oh yeha I go away for 2 nights and this happens! ROACK! HOLy Crap Im so excited right now I can t type properly.!"
barry::23.02.2004, 22:46
what we really need to know, is who was the one taking the pictures(it wasn't me anyway). Either they're obsessed with Adam (and to a lesser extent Darron) or Adam is a vain bastard. you decide (poll?)
a concerning piont.::23.02.2004, 21:40
adam appears in over 30% of th scotland, of those photos he is th main focal point in approximately 50% and took at least ten percent of th remaining photos, darron is th next highest and he only appears in 10% (and we all know what an arogant bastard he is)-please draw ur own conclustions from this data.
Ruth::23.02.2004, 16:07
ok so is anyone else completly lost now??
oh and to \'angry man\'::23.02.2004, 12:43
if you call me boring again i'll zip you and it'll be no accident if something small (and probably really small...oh who could it be??) gets caught during that zipping.and if you choose to try to escape by wearing button flies then i shall provide a zip...an industrial sized one with added spikes and soaked in vinegar!!
concerned::23.02.2004, 12:39
ais ni gogaeilge - lighten up. Pabhoe and co are postin funny shit...ok not funny but contravercial...ok just boring but it breaks the monotony. i feel it is my sworn duty to inform you all of recent tragic events sweeping the world of bounce!! But think its funnier to say nothing and watch you all squirm!
nim::23.02.2004, 12:19
guys...if pablo and angry man are club members in disguise can they text me and let me know who they are..and also stop with the bitchy messages. If not, should the messages continue like that, a new system will have to be made for the forum. The last time this sort of crap happened we had to close the forum....SO COME CLEAN OR SHUT UP!!!
angry man::23.02.2004, 11:24
I zip you...picasso!, you people are dull dull dull, science ball swing ball, why don't they just call it the easy chicks and blokes ball, you guys are crap!, stop sending such nice, 'I hope everyone remembered to give evryone else a hug today' messeges... give a bucket.
clare::22.02.2004, 22:43
just saw the ninja nuns.....at last!! i also say bring on the science ball!!
aissssssss::22.02.2004, 21:11
oh and i hope ppl did hav fun at th swing ball, go science ball!!!!
aislingssss ::22.02.2004, 21:10
hey pab- i'v lost my fone otherwise i be txting u saying 'avril? really? how the hell did u manage that?????? u big minger'.
Pablo::22.02.2004, 11:30
Whateva u little tramp! If this Nuala girl had any sense, she'd take up ur offer and leave anyway, so just zip it!
Zzzzzz::21.02.2004, 21:40
heres to pablo, you guys suck! imagine going on the internet and telling everyone you're bored, NO ONE CARES, unless you've something interesting to say, its BORING and you're BORING the rest of us, I say we ban Nuala from the Forum, how's that for the first stir! I came on here looking to cut someone, I didn't think it'd be this easy... NUALA...YOU ARE CUT!
Pablo::21.02.2004, 21:11
The Trampoline forum sucks!!! Someone, stir it up!!!
Nuala::21.02.2004, 21:08
Hey all! Hope ye r all having a good weekend! Me very bored at the moment, but that's gonna all change in a hour when I hit the pub. U know this place has got so quiet!
clare::20.02.2004, 20:11
how was the swing ball?? hope ya had fun!!
DC::20.02.2004, 01:02
Hey Mike, put in code to allow Breaks in the text! Please! I got this funnies I wanna stick up but they'll just come out as a mess because theres a lot to each. Thank!
Ruth aka \"The Fixed One\"::19.02.2004, 00:53
Well hello all! How's everyone doin? N e 1 else completly snowed under with course work they left until "after i go to Scotland"? Cause mine is comming round to bite me in the ass! If I dont c y'all @ training have good time at the Swing/ Science Balls.La la la...
ucD trampoline Club forum::18.02.2004, 22:09
Hello. This is the forum. Without your posting I have become useless and depressed. This has led me to ill-health, and an slight (large) addiction to prescription painkillers. Please, donate whatever you can; wit, comment, sarcasm or narritive. Your donation will help to feed my addiction, until a cure can be found or, failing that, help fund my cryo-freezing so that I may be stored and reawoken in a time when indescriminate, malitious addictions no longer have good people/web-boards like me cowering in fear. Thank you.
PC DC::16.02.2004, 20:19
Neil, you're ruining the internet for everyone. Everyone! Even those that have never visited this site, or know what a computer is.
Michael::16.02.2004, 15:00
Hey Neil quit posting crap
Darronic::15.02.2004, 02:34
Yeah, you should probably stop now... you're making a mess. TAXI!
addendum to the previous post::15.02.2004, 02:01
As an intelligent person, I have noticed several typographical errors to my previous post. It should, of course, read genius, rather than genuis. Likewise 'should' has an l in it. Ridiculous is the correct spelling of the word, rather than rediculous. For the record, these are errors in the execution of my typing, rather than spelling errors.
addendum to the previous post::15.02.2004, 01:44
As an intelligent person, I have noticed several typographical errors to my previous post. It should, of course, read genius, rather than genuis. Likewise 'should' has an l in it. Ridiculous is the correct spelling of the word, rather than rediculous. For the record, these are errors in the execution of my typing, rather than spelling errors.
To the \'genius\'::15.02.2004, 01:35
Firstly, you can't have a space in an e-mail address. Secondly, you really should end your quotations correctly. If you open a quotation with a single quotation mark (like this - ') you need to close it with another. Thirdly, sentences shoud end with a full stop and begin with a capital letter. Having rediculously long sentences with many different clauses seperated by commas is just plain bad grammar. Other examples of your terrible grammar include your use of better then instead of better than and 'theres more people' (with no apostrophe i might add), rather than 'there are more people'. I find it difficult to believe that a person with such flagrant disregard for correct usage should possess a sufficiently high I.Q. so as to merit describing themselves as a genuis. Also, why would a person who describes themself as a genuis bother with such trivial matters as telling people they're idiots. A wise genuis would do well to remember the old saying that 'ignorance is bliss' and leave such idiots to wallow blissfully in their stupidity. I can only conclude, therefore, that you yourself are the most idiotic to post here and respectfully request that you cease your infernal prattling forthwith. Smugness (especially unwarranted smugness) is very unattractive, as, i suspect, are you. In conclusion, p*** off you ugly, naughty, foul person.
clare::14.02.2004, 20:00
i think the randomer might b right :-( i feel like a bit of an idiot coz i completly dont get the manx cat joke.
DC::14.02.2004, 12:06
Man, even Im sick of you.
smug genius@smugland.ie::14.02.2004, 11:20
Michael, if you are insulted by the genius, please attempt to come up with a better come back then.....'oh, I wish the genius could spell...., ouch my feelings oh, I think I'll go and die, oh no wait, theres more people that I have to inform are idiots, my work is not done, and you people are all IDIOTS!!!....fools, the lot of you, fooooools....now there's a spelling error!
Ruthie! Ruthie::14.02.2004, 01:23
Y'all r strange strange little ppl!C u later.
DC Style::14.02.2004, 01:00
Thats "DC Style" Bronahag, not "DARA Style", or "DARAic". Or "Hello, My name is DARA. Please call me DARA from now on. Yours sincerly, DARA. PS: DARA wos 'ere '04".
DC Style::14.02.2004, 00:56
Ok, I cant really back that up. Anyway, heres a joke to distract you hooligans: What do you call a cat with no tail??. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A Manx Cat!!! Geddit?! A HA Hahahahah! (I just remembered that one).
Darronic::14.02.2004, 00:52
Bronster, Im never going to post here again because of your oversight. (Dont cheer).
Kath::13.02.2004, 23:11
Scotland was great! Okay, it had ups and downs, but it was really great! Thanks for organizing it (whoever was involved)! The pictures are great as well! Oh and I've seen the fighting nuns (finally) and they are great as well! I'm in a really good mood today!! See you tomorrow!
...::13.02.2004, 20:29
dara- not darron- different ppl!
Bronagh::13.02.2004, 17:33
Darron-that new Tramp game is stupid!!! It takes much more effort to actually do the moves than the other one!!!! It's like being on the beds in real life-no fun in that!!!!
joanne::13.02.2004, 15:35
down with the swing ball, the science ball is the future !! only messing, but seriously i hope all the scientists in the club are going
clare::13.02.2004, 14:08
my stupid fones not working. julie no neg marking so its all gud!
Dara::13.02.2004, 09:57
http://www.cbc.ca/kids/games/trampoline/ another legend for when you're bored studying!
....::12.02.2004, 14:08
cant actualy book a table till i hav a depsoit but i'v been checking in on ticket sales every couple of hours!
ním::12.02.2004, 11:35
Everyone come to the swing ball. it'll be such a good night! Smith, have you got the table booked? jenny and me are def going and bringing the boyfriends (i suppose) and ruth said she was coming. I want to see you all there! yey!!
Ruthie- The not so evil one.::12.02.2004, 10:01
So Darron u've got a thing 4 balls? Who knew? ;p So sad, this time last wk we were making our way to baggage claim & on to Glasgow Central. :(....i still had a whole tooth!!
Darronic::12.02.2004, 02:22
I can totally recommend balls. Where would mankind be without balls? They have always entertained me. Balls are best when your friends enjoy them with you. UCD has a thing about balls, always promoting and hyping them. So I guess wheat Im trying to say is make sure that you see plenty of balls during your time in college.
SWING BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::12.02.2004, 00:20
rite- swing ball is on th 19th in th shelbourne, 55 eypos th deposit is 20...i shall book a table, if u want to come e-mail ur name to ucdtramp@hotmail.com and get the deposit asap. kno jen and nim r going, who else?????? tis a worth while night out- i believe i wll b unable to attend but none th less ppl shud go. anyhows-ruth dont even think about it...i'm watching u. i hav a poll- how many times did micheal throw up...to th nearest 100
Michael::11.02.2004, 23:35
Happy bday Nuala!! Hope you get your wish
ním::11.02.2004, 16:48
Lads and lassies......how are we all? The photos are fab! When the hell did i have adam on my shoulders? so dont remember that!! Ais i think we should start a " Stop Ruth Making Evil Plans" club. youre evil...surely you can out-do her. Hope everyones slightly recovered. not like me. didnt go to college yesterday or today. Oh and ais...how did you ever think that emily wouldnt find out???? haha:)
clare::11.02.2004, 14:11
happy birthday (yesterday) nuala!! hope you had some nice chocolate cake and blew out all the candles so you could make a wish! xx
Andrew::11.02.2004, 12:19
Love the photos! My favourite part is the fact there are none of anyone actually on a trampoline!!!!
Nuala::11.02.2004, 12:11
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in organizing the trip to Scotland. It was really enjoyable and a great success! I'm still recovering though!
Michael::11.02.2004, 12:06
Would be good if the genius could actually spell properly
Ruthie::11.02.2004, 11:49
BTW Massive thanx to all who organised the weekend was absolutely brilliant- even if i did suffer GBH!!
Ruthie::11.02.2004, 11:45
oh dear lord! The photos...
Genuis::11.02.2004, 11:35
Michael::10.02.2004, 23:52
OMG its Carol Vorderman, i'll have a G & T please Carol. BTW I was on your "Detox" over the weekend
genius@very brainy.com::10.02.2004, 15:22
again I say idiots!!
genius::10.02.2004, 15:22
Idiots!! HA ha ha ha ha ha ah aha jhbfds,kfnsrhgh, Idiots!
ju::10.02.2004, 14:34
how dat happen....??? feckin refresh button...!!
ju::10.02.2004, 14:33
jus wanta giv a shout out to ev one who put much work into organising the weekend, it def lived up to expectations... cheers..!!
ju::10.02.2004, 14:05
jus wanta giv a shout out to ev one who put much work into organising the weekend, it def lived up to expectations... cheers..!!
Michael::10.02.2004, 11:01
Im hearing rumours that Bronagh hit me. Methinks a poll is in order
Ruthie::10.02.2004, 09:58
Aisling & Aisling my evil plans r already in the making...
Eugene::10.02.2004, 00:54
Ah yes, Scotland. So many stories. So little column space. Wait for the Scotland Report. It'll be big. So much scoring, drinking, debauchery, puking (for some), bouncing (well, some bouncing anyway), etc..... Fun fun fun. Good call. I'll allow it!
joanne::9.02.2004, 20:21
hey, dublin sucks, well no not really but i miss our hostel, and the 24 hour bar, so incredibly tired though.... also i have a sprained toe officially so cant bounce for a while, ba humbug! on the bright side, i can nearly sit squarely on both ass cheeks again (no thanks to bronagh)
Key Code For Reading What Andrew Writes::9.02.2004, 18:00
possile = possible
Andrew::9.02.2004, 17:57
Just finished a SEVEN hour day in college with NO BREAK. I miss Scotland. The lack of lectures, great ammounts of alcohol and not having to spend the evening doing projects I should have done before I left. Thanks to all who made the trip possile. So many memories........
Michael::9.02.2004, 15:45
Me got mystery bruises on my shoulder!! Also think i left my runners in the room. Anyone see them around?? Had a great weekend.
jen::9.02.2004, 14:41
glad to c all r still alive!! thanks everyone for a great weekend! c u all tomor.... recovered i'm sure
clare::9.02.2004, 12:53
ouch! i ache, but it was worth it! thanks 2 all the peops involved in organizing the trip... having a shower was nice, but i was still told i stunk 2 high heaven when i got home last night!
Ruth:The Broken One::9.02.2004, 09:53
yes yes i ache all over but i had a BRILLIANT time!!So is all good.C y'all 2moro.
Darronic::9.02.2004, 01:02
Holy crap. We're back. Many of us nearly didnt survive (Ruth: GBH, Michael: Poisoning). There are stories.
Gar::6.02.2004, 16:56
isn't it called whit lightning cider. oh michael you are so the anticlever. have a deadly time boys and girls.
Tricia::5.02.2004, 16:22
Training 5-7 Thurs.....today....is on, be there.
Emily::5.02.2004, 13:12
hope youre all havin a great time.am so upset could not join in the froliking...someone make sure clare t makes a feckin eejit of herself(clare ill leave that job all up to you!)hope you all have fun in h&m and tks.........oh and bouncing-go ucd and such and so forth...
DCotland::4.02.2004, 21:14
Just a quick reminder; Scotland has been cancelled this year. It will not exist till 2005. Agh No Im not serious, sont cry. See yall in a few hours!
clare::4.02.2004, 17:51
yay!! excited. c most of y'all in the morn!
Michael::4.02.2004, 15:13
I am so jealous of all of ye who are going tomorrow! I cant wait for the madness. Get me some Ice White Cider in advance. Will see yall at about midday fri so you should be awake by then.
joanne::4.02.2004, 12:31
hmmm can i wear shorts in the pool... seriously, my swim suit is a little the worst for wear
Eugene::3.02.2004, 18:57
Remember to bring stuff to bounce in (obviously). Plenty of white socks, etc. We'll be diving (hopefully in a pool with slides and all!), so bring something to wear in the pool (swimsuit/bikini/speedos...mmmmmm....speedos!). We'll be ice-skating, so make sure you're prepared for that. That's about it I think.
Eugene::3.02.2004, 18:48
The Aircoach is every 30 mins from 4am to 6am and every 15 mins from 6am to 8pm. It would take about 45 mins to get to the airport from UCD. You don't have to be there at 6.30. Just make sure you're there for 7am. DONT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT/DRIVING LICENCE!! And make sure to take sharp objects out of whatever you're bringing into the cabin.
Andrew::3.02.2004, 11:13
So has anyone got any idea as to times that big blue airport bus thing goes by ucd at in the morning that might just get me to the airport for 6.30am? Really whats the deal with such an early check-in. We're bouncers, not bombers!!! We should just be let strool up at 8.25 and get on. Like we'd cause any damage.....! Yeh so really, anyone know the times or where i might find out???????????????
Debbie::3.02.2004, 10:07
Resist all urges to bring padded hangers or a mirror that lights up
GGGGGGG::3.02.2004, 10:06
A three legged mule, grass to feed aforementioned mule, a rope to lead said mule, a book to read that mule, a whip to enspeed the mule and a few spare hair ties.
DC. I wish I had ADHD. It sounds so cool.::2.02.2004, 21:49
1 small sandwich, 2 round blankets, fish, spice (old), a spare, a Rambo DVD box-set, and 9 carpet tacks.
Joanne::2.02.2004, 19:35
heya just checkin out the link for our hostel, looks deadly, well done on organising that guys! will some one make up a 'stuff we need to bring to scotland list' for me, cos i always need someone to tell me what i need to bring!
Michael::2.02.2004, 13:27
Whats with Hawaii, dont you love the weather in Ireland. Looking out window now not a blue spot in the sky.
Darronic::2.02.2004, 02:25
This place aint like the old forum. Its haunted by the ghost of Cristmas Crappy Forum with no Spaces or Paragraph breaks! Hahaha. No Mike, Im only messing. I still love you.
DC::31.01.2004, 19:00
Thats crazeeee! Bring me back a snowman!
Freezing Hawaii Girl::31.01.2004, 03:44
So now that I'm back in Minnesota, I just have to bitch because it's so cold right now. You know how cold? -25. C. I promise. (I had to use a converter, so I know it's correct.) And it's supposed to stay like this for weeks. I got so sick of it that I have booked my ticket to Hawaii for spring break in March.
DCoachking::31.01.2004, 02:26
Everybody knows theres NO TRAINING ON TODAY - SATURDAY! Theres a Volleyball Blitz on and they borrowed our hall time. Just making sure.
DCoaching::30.01.2004, 13:44
TRAINING TIMES FOR NEXT WEEK: Monday: 11am-1pm... Tuesday: 3-5pm, 8-10pm... Wednesday: 10am-12pm. And Thursday we all leave for Scotland. Rock 'N Roll.
DC::30.01.2004, 13:39
On Sky channels or E4 during primetime hours apparently!
Kathrin::30.01.2004, 11:26
Where can I find the fighting nuns?
Ninja Nunnonic::30.01.2004, 01:11
YUS! I saw the ads! They rock. Autographes for all!
Cronic Darronic::29.01.2004, 11:24
Dammit, I havent seen any of them yet! Stoopit ads...
The Wonderful Ruthie!::29.01.2004, 09:51
i saw the squirel!!!!! making coffee 2!!!!c y'all later!
ju::27.01.2004, 12:02
have seen some roman bouncers and coffee making squirrels..(or somethin along those lines..)but no fighting nuns.... will keep an eye out!! well done on the forum too michael!!
The Super Fabulous Ruthie*** ::27.01.2004, 00:29
Hello all. finally forum's up well done michael!!n more training times!!! is all good!!the add is out?? Why havn't i seen it??Will c u all 2moro i hope!
Eugene::26.01.2004, 19:54
Oops, sorry, no training on Sat! Voleyball thingy on!
Eugene::26.01.2004, 19:46
Darron informs us that training this week will be TUE 8-10pm; WED 11am-1pm; THU 3-7pm; SAT 1-4.30pm Thank you please.
Darronic::26.01.2004, 13:28
Thanks Andrew. A few people have seen it now, but not me yet. Will do Nu, I think I'll be able to at least get an extra hour or two on Thursday, but again, I have to talk to one of the bosses in the sports center later on. Oh the red tape...
Andrew::26.01.2004, 10:41
Cool new Forum, well done Michael. So i was sittin back watchin the tv over the weekend when these two nuns started fighting in a car-park!! Looks deadly guys well done!!
Nuala::26.01.2004, 09:47
Hey Darron!Try to get extended time on the normal trampoline sessions! please! Cause it's kinda of difficult to make the morning sessions cause my timetable is so rubbish.
DC::25.01.2004, 21:55
And to clarify: Normal training times remain the same. Honestly, do I have to spll it ot?
Sub-Com DC::25.01.2004, 20:10
Ok, went down to UCD today. They are super heavily booked this week. So NO TRAINING TOMORROW (MONDAY). Acutally no extra training at all is booked yet. Only who wasnt in today can authorise it; I'll talk to them tomorrow and have more news then. So to recap: NO EXTRA TRAINING THIS WEEK (yet).
clare::25.01.2004, 17:56
wow!! michael the new fourm is so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye... thank you! the great distraction for when we hav2 do college wrk on the comps is back!! was tough going there 4 a while!! also im well up for more training. yay!
Michael::25.01.2004, 16:07
Hey Pegge, Good to hear from you. How was your travelling We had to replace the old forum with all its wackiness cos the whole thing broke down. Crazyness will be here soon!
Sub-Commander Darron Cheknikhov::25.01.2004, 15:52
Ok, this forum is different. Its based on old pre-cold war Russian technology, and so takes time to familiarise with. As such, ignore the last message; its just an echo.
Darron, continuing...::25.01.2004, 15:37
want to be ready. So heres the provisional as of yet UNBOOKED times. Monday: 12-3, Tuesday: 12-3, Wednesday: 10-12 (-maybe), Thursday 4-7, Friday: 12-3
Your Modern Messiah - Darron::25.01.2004, 15:30
Spooky forum... Hey who wants more bouncing time this week? Im going to put a few more sessions on for the next 2 weeks, like there was for the week leading into Colours. This is because Scotland is on in 2 weeks! Not much time left, and Im sure people want to be ready. So! Im going down now to try and book as many of these times as they'll give me: Monday: 12 - 3 Tuesday: 12 - 3, 8 - 10 Wednesday: 10 - 12 Thursday: 4 - 7 Friday: 12 - 3 Saturday: 1 - 4.30 CHECK BACK HERE FIRST TO SEE THAT THEY ACTUALLY GAVE ME THESE SESSIONS! As of now they aint booked and therefore aint deffinate. I'll know in a few hours. So everybody just Chill...
Pegge::25.01.2004, 01:13
Hey, this is boring . . . where are all the crazy people?
Michael::24.01.2004, 21:59
Hey all this is the new forum. Now officially open for business...