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Volume IX 1998/99

Table of Contents

The Role of Women in Roman Britain, Renate Kurzmann
The Conical Headed Pin in Irish Neolithic Burial Context, Madeleine Murray
Farrenrory Tower-House: A Gentleman's Home..., Richard Clutterbuck
A Bronze Fibula from the Classics Department, U.C.D., Julia Crimmins and Clare Kealy
Possible Rock Art from Bray, Co. Wicklow, Daire Leahy
Report from the U.C.D. Archaeological Society
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Trowel also contains a list of completed theses of archaeological interest from Irish & Northern Irish universities

Editors' Foreword

This year's Trowel has its first all-undergraduate editorial team. The new blood intends to bring Trowel into the 21st century with style. Archaeology, after all, does change with the times, and in an effort to nudge Trowel into the next millennium, we're going online. You can surf the archaeological wave at soon, and e-mail us at .

We hope our leap to the forefront of communications technology will keep us in touch with Dublin University's new Archaeological Society across town in Trinity. We wish to extend a warm welcome to them.

Unfortunately, Trowel was not published last year. Volume IX, therefore, is the 1998/99 edition and there is no way we can take full credit for its production. We owe many thanks to the Department of Archaeology for their continued support and encouragement. In particular, we wish to thank Dr. Muiris O'Sullivan, Senior Treasurer, and Dave McGuinness and Madeleine Murray for proof-reading. Also, we would like to thank past editors Conor Brady, Teresa Bolger and Dave O'Connor. Finally, we are very grateful to Richard Clutterbuck, without whose guidance, time and effort, this publication would not have been possible. He'll get a free copy.

Unfortunately, not many complimentary copies can be given out. We tried to pay the printers with our friendship but they were having none of it. We think you'll find Volume IX worth the money, though. As a parting word, Trowel always welcomes contributions of articles and drawings. Volume X will be the biggest and best to kickstart the new millennium. Why not be a part of it.

Colin de Paor
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Bríd Ní Ghruagáin
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