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Summer Exams Opening Hours


During the Summer Exam period the UCard Bureau will have extended opening hours to faciliate Students' & Staff who may wish to receive a replacement UCard.


During revision week (30th April - 4th May) the UCard Bureau will be open as normal (10am - 5pm)


The  exam extended opening hours will run from Tuesday 8th May to Saturday 19th May 2018 inclusive.

          • Monday 10am - 6pm (CLOSED BANK HOLIDAY 7th MAY)
          • Tuesday 10am - 6pm
          • Wednesday 10am - 6pm
          • Thursday 10am - 6pm
          • Friday 10am - 6pm
          • Saturday 10am - 6pm
          • Sunday - CLOSED


In the event that you require a new UCard for exam purposes outside of opening hours and you have an early exam the next morning, please email ucard@ucd.ie and we will do our best to accommodate you outside of office hours.


To receive a new UCard, simply top up your UCard account online on SISweb by €20 before you come to the Bureau, to expidite the process.



If the plastic on the front of your UCard has worn away, or it is difficult to see the photo/student number, please bring it to the UCard Bureau where we can inspect and issue a new card if necessary.



To top up your UCard account click here


The UCard Bureau will revert to outside term opening hours from Monday 21st May 2018.