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New Orienteering Club Year - 2009/2010

Hello everyone!

And welcome back for another year of the club.

Mailing List
Most of you will already be on the club mailing list, and have received our first mail about club training - but if you are not, please make sure to mail and let us know your e-mail address, and we will put you on the list.

Club activities this year start with
beginners week - a great opportunity for the new members to learn orienteering and meet the old crew. We will meet on Tuesday and Wedsday at 5pm in front of the Elements Cafe in the Science Building. We will meet each other and talk about orienteering. Than we'll go for a run (so dress running-friendly!) around campus. To be honest, It will be more of a walk as we will try to navigate, so don't worry if you are not super-fit (or if you are not fit at all!).

Signing Up

If you haven't signed up the club yet (it's 10euro - very important for the insurance), you'll get a change on Tuesday or Wednesday.
You can also mail us, or come along to events and sign up then.

Even if you have never orienteered before, UCDO is a very beginner friendly club. Nor do you have to be fit to participate when you arrive at the club for the first time. While there are a wide variety of athletic skills and technical orienteering abilities in the club, the orienteering season is just starting now, and this is an excellent time to either dust off your skills and get back into shape, or to start from scratch, and get faster and fitter as the season continues.

More on that to come - the first step if you are interested in the club is to come along to the meetup/training events and we'll take it from there!

The Club Committee 2009/2010