Summer 2011 Edition
Published: 25 March 2010
Clean sweep in rowing colours — Gannon stays at UCD

Clean sweep in rowing colours — Gannon stays at UCD

In the last fifteen years, the digitisation of photography and the exponential growth of images on the internet have had profound effects on this medium of expression. Questions regarding the nature of the photograph and visual information more generally span questions of economics, cultural change, technological developments and stylistic innovation.

The UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies' IRCHSS-funded Photography and International Conflict project hosted its final events in early May. A two-day seminar addressed photography in the digital era through a specific focus on documentary photography and photojournalistic representations of conflict.

Creators and users of lens-based media such as photographers, NGO personnel, photo editors and other media workers, academics and commentators heard keynote speakers including Professor Susie Linfield,Director of the Cultural Reporting and Criticism programme at New York University; Stephen Mayes, Managing Director of VI Photo agency and award-winning photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson. The seminar proceedings were video-recorded and will be available on the project's website –

Woman with soldiers

The seminar was followed by one-day workshops; one designed for NGO/development organisation personnel and one for photographers. The Photography and International Conflict project is lead by UCD Clinton Insitute Director Professor Liam Kennedy. Postdoctoral fellow Dr Caitlin Patrick organised the seminar/workshops.


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