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Fundraising on Campus

The purpose of this policy is to coordinate fundraising activity by students and staff on campus, promote best practice and provide a mechanism for dealing with requests to fundraise on the UCD campus.

All fundraising activity on campus must be organised under the auspices of a student society, club, the Students’ Union or group of UCD staff members. External organisations applying to fundraise on campus must do so via one of these bodies. A fundraising permit must be applied for in advance of any planned students fundraising activity. Staff are asked to complete a notification of fundraising form.

Students fundraising activity

All fundraising activities must be carried out in accordance with the relevant student society/student club/Students’ Union Code of Practice. The policy is implemented under the Office of the Vice-President for Students and permits should ordinarily be applied for from the relevant society or club governing body or Students’ Union by applying to:

  • Society – Societies Officer, Societies Council
  • Club – Secretary, Athletics Union Council
  • Students’ Union

In addition:

  • All Programme days must take place under the auspices of a student society.
  • As a general rule, dates for Programme Days and/or collecting activities will be allocated on a first come basis. Bookings should be made at minimum 2 months in advance; bookings not made in a timely manner may not be granted permission to proceed.
  • Money collection, counting & lodging procedures should be included as a separate appendix in the Event Management Plan for all Programme Days.

Staff fundraising activity

UCD staff planning fundraising activity on campus are asked to complete a Campus Fundraising Notification form which is available from UCD Campus Services or can be downloaded here (76kb, pdf). Best practice dictates that such activity should be jointly led by at least 2 members of staff and therefore two signatures are required on the notification form.

UCD Campus Fundraising Code of Practice

  • The purpose of all fundraising must be clearly communicated by the promotional material, teeshirts/buckets, sponsorship cards etc, used by all collectors and at all collection points.
  • Where such fundraising activity is in the name of a specific charitable organisation, permission to use the name and logo of that organisation must be sought and granted in advance.
  • All street collections off campus in a public space must be carried out under permit from An Garda Siochana, and in accordance with such stipulations and conditions as may be directed.
  • Where sponsorship cards are used, these must be returned with the funds and held by the organiser.
  • Where a bucket collection is taking place:
    • All collectors must operate at least in groups of two.
    • All collections must use only sealed and tamper proof buckets and containers. Each container should be numbered and should be signed out and signed in by the person to whom that number has been assigned.
    • All collection buckets must be returned to a central point for counting. Only authorised counting personnel will be allowed remain in the counting room. All monies must be counted and lodged to the main Society/Club/SU/ or specific event account on the same banking day. Where lodgement is not possible, remaining monies must be lodged, sealed and secured with university authorities. Monies should not be left under the personal control of any one individual