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Filming amd Photography

Formal approval from UCD University Relations must be received before any filming or photography can take place on campus. Depending on the scale of the activity, it can take several days for requests to be considered.


With over 138 hectares of landscaped grounds, incorporating several period estate houses with ornamental gardens, hundreds of acres of woodland, sculpture trails, a national hockey stadium, scientific and medical laboratories, engineering rooms, lecture halls, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, University College Dublin could provide a location for a multitude of film and television productions.

Location managers working for major motion-pictures, national TV channels, and independent production companies, regularly approach the university to use the campus as a location for filming.

UCD generally supports requests from productions that broadly promote education, research, teaching, learning and knowledge - or indeed Dublin and Ireland as a tourist location or a place to do business.

However, commercial productions with little connection to these general principles are seldom given permission to film on campus, as the disruption to the day-to-day activities on campus are not counter balanced by the outcomes of the productions.

All requests for filming on the UCD campus must in the first instance receive approval in principal from UCD University Relations. Final approval is dependent on further liaison and agreement with the UCD Health and Safety Office, and the relevant local units across the university to ensure that the logistics involved can be managed in order to limit any potential disruption to the normal day-to-day activities of staff, students, visitors, and neighbours of the university.



Dominic Martella
External Communications and Media Relations Manager
UCD University Relations
T: +353 +1 716 1681