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UCD University Relations

Caidreamh Ollscoile UCD

Information Sources for Staff

As a staff member there are many sources of information available to you. Some are detailed below which you may find of use. A number will require your UCD Connect username and password for access.


Staff Intranet

Accessed via the President’s Office page this site contains UMT summaries, archive of the President’s Bulletin and a document store for items that the President or Vice-Presidents wish to bring to the attention of UCD staff.


UCD Governing Authority website

The website publishes informal records of the Governing Authority meetings.


Report of the President

Accessed via the President’s Office page, reports from the academic year 2003-2004 on are available. If you require a hardcopy of the Report of the President please contact Mark Simpson.


Strategic Plan

UCD’s Strategic Plan to 2014 – Forming Global Minds can be accessed via the President’s Office page.


UCD Structures

This web page draws together the various structures of university governance and management, click here to view.


UCD News

An easy way to keep up to date with key developments within the UCD community that have national or international impact, click here for latest stories. There is also a fully searchable archive available.


UCD Notice Board

The UCD Information Bulletin, which was published periodically, has now been superseded by the UCD Notice Board which publishes dynamically online via UCD Connect, creating a central location to post information for all students and staff. Staff and students may publish notices under 7 categories by using the ‘submit a notice’ function on the UCD Notice Board (Connect username and password required). Click here for more details.


UCD Events Calendar

The UCD Events Calendar centrally publishes events organised by UCD Colleges, Schools, Units, Club or Societies or major event taking place on campus and of interest to the UCD community. All events published should be open to UCD students/staff or members of clubs/societies or the general public. To submit an event choose the submit an event tab on the events calendar (Connect username and password required).


Online Staff Directory
The Staff Directory works just like Google.  Simply type what you know about the person and the directory will try to find people that match what you type in.  You can search based on some or all of a person’s name, title, school/unit or building. To make life easier, the directory will automatically find Irish Language names which include fadas – whether you type it in or not.  Also, if you have recorded your maiden name with HR, then you can be found by searching for either your married or maiden name. You can sort the directory – by simply clicking the column which you want to sort. You can paste the results into Microsoft Excel – once you have found the people you want - simply click on the Copy button and then paste into Excel.  This is a very useful feature to create a quick list of people in a school/unit.  Note this feature is only available when the directory is accessed via UCD Connect and not on the UCD Website


Campus Information
To keep up to date with new facility developments, operational and safety issues visit the following websites:

Internal Communications