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Internal Communications Channels


UCD website

The UCD website is primarily an outward facing communications channel designed to engage specific external stakeholders (government, funding agencies, partner universities, public, prospective students etc) both within Ireland and oversees. In general, specific operational information for staff and students should be placed on internal facing areas (intranet) such as UCD Connect, Blackboard, Student Information System (SIS) or specific intranet pages. If you have news you want to be considered for the homepage please click here.


President’s Bulletin

Issued by the President weekly, the bulletin aims to keep staff of the university up to date with strategic initiatives and key management decisions. An archive of the President’s Bulletins is available on the Staff Intranet (UCD Connect username and password required).

UCD Staff E-zine

The UCD Staff E-zine is designed to provide staff with a concise, periodic e-zine that collates operational information from units and provides it in a clear and quickly read format.

The e-zine, issued monthly (first Wednesday of the month) during the academic year, contains descriptive headlines, short explanations and links to further detail. The aim is to provide information that can be quickly scanned, with the reader then clicking on to the relevant unit's site to gain more details. Units will post information to their own website and provide a summary for the e-zine (to a given word count).

Submission: via email to containing a descriptive headline, body text (40 words max) and link to item on unit’s website (this does not have to be on a dedicated news section). 

For an archive of Staff E-zines click here.


UCD Student E-zine

Produced fortnightly during each semester, the UCD Student E-zine aims to provide students with a concise, periodic e-zine that collates university driven/supported initiatives, events, opportunities and welfare information from across UCD in a clear and quickly read format. In addition, the e-zine aims to reduce the volume of single subject email issued to all students and help maintain engagement levels with the official UCD email channel.

For information on submissions contact Mark Simpson, Internal Communications Manager, UCD University Relations Office, ext 1519 or email

For an archive of Student E-zines click here.


UCD Noticeboard

The UCD Notice Board publishes dynamically online via UCD Connect, creating a central location to post information for all students and staff. Staff and students may publish notices under 6 categories by using the submit a notice function on the UCD Notice Board (connect username and password required). Click here for more details.

The Notice Board accepts a limited number of accommodation notices from non-UCD staff and students. Click here for more details.


UCD Events Calendar

The UCD Events Calendar centrally publishes events organised by UCD Colleges, Schools, Units, Club or Societies or major event taking place on campus and of interest to the UCD community. All events published should be open to UCD students/staff or members of clubs/societies or the general public. To submit an event choose the ‘submit an event’ tab on the events calendar (Connect username and password required).


Community Screens

Currently there are 9 electronic information screens linked centrally (2 Newman Building, 2 Tierney Building and 1 Daedalus Building, 1 UCD Research Building, 2 UCD O’Brien Centre for Science, 1 UCD Student Centre). The purpose of the screens is to carry notices of interest to the community as well as to give building specific information. If you wish to have a notice considered for display please contact Mark Simpson, Internal Communications Manager, UCD University Relations Office, ext 1519 or email


Broadcast email

The use of all staff/student broadcast emails is restricted so as to maintain the value of this communications channel and is normally issued at the request of President/Vice-Presidents. Routine UCD Staff and Student E-zines are now the preferred channel for issuing operational information, notices and events to staff and students.


Students’ Union Fortnightly Email

The UCD Students’ Union are facilitated by the University Relations Office to issue a fortnightly email to all students during each semester. Please contact the UCD Students’ Union

Internal Communications