How to Apply


Applications for 2010 are now closed.


  • currently registered in an undergraduate science degree (BSc) - students should begin the final year of your undergraduate degree in September 2010
  • proficiency in English (written and spoken)
  • willingness to work hard, and ability to work independently
  • strong interest in the research of choice
  • career goals in organismal biology

Admission Procedures & Dates - 2010

Summer term: Monday 15 June - Friday 21 August

28 March 2010 Final application deadline. All application materials (including letter of reference) must be received by email to
April 2010 10 successful candidates and 2-3 wait-listed candidates will be informed of their selection by the committee
11 April 2010 All applicants will be informed of final admissions decisions
12-13 June 2010 Students arrive in Dublin
14 June 2010 The 10 UREKA students will begin their programme in Dublin
20 August 2010 UREKA 2010 term ends
21 August 2010 Students leave Dublin

Once admitted, students and mentors will immediately begin correspondence (by e-mail and telephone) about the project, including required readings the student will be expected to review in the short time before the term begins in Dublin.

Applications will be assessed by a steering committee of professional scientists and educators. Depending on interest levels in individual projects, the committee will select a small number of eligible candidates for each lab group. The applications of these students will be discussed with the mentor for each lab, to determine the suitability of an individual student to the specific lab. Where mentors and all committee members agree that an application represents an outstanding student who is well-suited to the lab's research and has clearly demonstrated their enthusiasm and an ability to complete the project, that student will be offered placement in the UREKA programme.


CoBiD/UREKA Applications - F.A.Q.

Am I eligible to apply for positions in CoBiD-UREKA at any stage of my degree programme?
To be eligible for CoBiD-UREKA 2010, you MUST be registered as an undergradute student in autumn 2010.  UREKA Sites are normally targeted towards undergraduate students approaching their final degree year.  However, undergraduate students earlier in their degree programme are also eligible. 
Undergraduate students who are in the final year of their degree programme are NOT eligible to apply

I have already completed my degree; can I still apply?
Students who have completed their first degree (BSc) qualification are NOT elegible to apply. However, there are a limited number of positions each summer for unpaid volunteer work-experience within the CoBiD programme.  If you are interested, please contact us with your CV and a letter of interest.

I in the first year of my degree; can I still apply?
Most UREKA students are accepted to the programme in the summer before the final year of their first degree. However, some students have been accepted from earlier in their degree programme, so it is worth applying!

Are students from outside Ireland eligible for positions in CoBiD-UREKA?
Yes, positions in UREKA Sites are open to Irish students and to international students from any country.  A standard allowance toward travel expenses for international students (outside the island of Ireland) will be provided.  This travel allowance is usually up to EUR 500 for students travelling from outside Europe.

From where I live, a plane ticket to Ireland costs €2000! I can’t afford that!
We are committed to encouraging and supporting the participation of students who are financially disadvantaged. This may be because you live in a country with a disadvantageous exchange rate (e.g. Latin American or African countries) and/or because of your personal background.  If you wish to apply for an extended travel allowance, please email a letter of application with an explanation of your circumstances when you submit your application: note that extended travel allowances are allocated based on financial needs, not on academic merit.  

Do I have to pick one specific research project that I want to work on?
Yes and no. The CoBiD-UREKA summer programme is targeted at students with clear research interests; we select students who are able to work independently. However, you may find several labs that are of interest. These should be ranked in order of preference on your application (maximum 2), and you should address what interests you about each one.

My university's exam period ends after the CoBiD-UREKA programme starts. Can I start late and stay for 10 weeks?
No. All participating students are required to attend for the full 10 weeks in the dates stated.

Can I apply for a project that is not listed, according to my own research interests?
No, all students must apply to work with the labs of the CoBiD-UREKA research mentors, whose research interests are listed. However, the specific project may be finalised later in the Spring, after final students are selected. You can contact the UREKA team for more information or guidance with your application.

If I apply early, do I have a better chance of getting a place?
No. Applying early does not increase (or decrease) your standing in competition for placement in the programme.

How do I get a student visa?
If you are from a country that requires a visa to enter Ireland, and you are accepted to the CoBiD-UREKA programme this summer, we will provide a letter of support for you to obtain a student visa. However, obtaining the necessary permission and visas to travel to and to enter Ireland are your own responsibility. You must make the application for a student visa, you are responsible for paying any necessary fees, and you are responsible for ensuring that you obtain the visa in good time to travel for the beginning of the programme.

Is it OK to contact mentor(s) directly about summer projects?
Because of high levels of interest in the CoBiD-UREKA program, please write only to the enquiries address: We are able to answer most questions that students have at the application stage, although we may refer your question to a UREKA mentor for detailed answers.

If you have any additional questions about completing your application, please email us:

Your Application - 2010

An application must include these two documents recieved as e-mail attachments in MS-Word format:
The application document (below) in an email recieved from the applicant, and a seperate letter of recommendation in an e-mail recieved directly from your reference.
Please use the file names as indicated, replacing "last name" with the applicant's surname.

1. Your application. Download this file in MS-Word, and the instructions below.
download application form: [lastname_app.doc]
download instructions: [application_faq.pdf]
file name: last name_app.doc

You cannot edit the text of the application document, or move your cursor through the text, except in the fields for you to fill in. Use the scroll bars on the side of the window to view pages for reading. The fields for you to enter are underlined spaces. Use the “tab” or arrow keys to move between fields, or use your mouse to click directly onto a field. 

Fill in all four pages of the application form carefully and completely. Try to include any information that explains how you fit our eligibility criteria (see above). When completed, send the application form as an attachment by email to
file name: last name_app.doc

2. Letter of Reference. We must received one (1) supporting email or letter of recommendation from a member of the academic staff in your department or another biosciences professional who is familiar with your abilities. This must be sent as an e-mail attachment, from your referee (letters of reference received from you, the applicant, are NOT valid).
file name: last name_ref.doc

3. Passport. If you will require a student visa to enter Ireland (most African, Asian, and South American countries), you must supply a copy of your passport picture page with your application. This can be sent as a JPG, or PDF file.
file name: last name_passport.jpg / pdf

All materials must be received by 28 March 2010.

Submit applications to: