A Summer in Dublin

Past students

CoBiD-UREKA alumni in the news - Summer research published by undergraduate students [link]

Listen to CoBiD-UREKA students explain their projects on Irish national radio [Real Audio]
15 minutes, starts at 0:30

Broadcast 20 August 2006, RTE Radio 1 'Chopped, Pickled, and Stuffed' [link to show]

Programme Facilities

Student Life

UREKA Accomodation - 2010

Accomodation (bed and light breakfast) will provided for the ten UREKA students in the 2010 programme in addition to a weekly stipend. This accomodation is in dormitory-style rooms in student accommodation on campus at UCD.

Students will be responsible for their own daily transportation from the university to facilities in the Museum and the National Botanic Gardens, which are well linked by city bus, or by bicycle. More help and detailed information on transport will be provided to students accepted to the programme.

For the locations of facilities in the CoBiD-UREKA programme, please see this link to Google Maps (A, University College Dublin; B, Natural History Museum; C, National Botanic Gardens).

Link to Google Maps - View larger version of this map


Dublin is a vibrant European capital, with a rich literary and political history, and Dublin especially comes alive during the summer. For extensive information, please have a look at some of the many Dublin tourism websites, particularly

Information for foreign students

If you are offered a place in the CoBiD-UREKA programme, that offer is contingent on proof that you will have a valid passport in June.

Students from visa waiver countries - For students from visa waiver countries (e.g. America, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, as well as other European Union states) require a passport to enter Ireland, but no visa is needed for a stay of up to three months. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you enter Ireland (it must expire in December or later).

Students from NON-visa waiver countries - You must supply a copy of your passport with your application. If you require a visa to visit Ireland, you will need to make your visa application immediately after you are accepted into the programme. You are responsible for obtaining the correct student visa to enter Ireland. If you are accepted, we will supply you with the necessary documentation after your placement has been confirmed.

For more information (including full list of visa-waiver countries), see the Irish Government websites:

Studying in Ireland

Do I need a visa?