29 APRIL 2019

Research and Postgraduate News

  Congratulations to Janne


Janne Schoening successfully defended her Doctor of Veterinary Medical Specialization (DVMS) thesis entitled “Investigations on Environmental Dust Inhalation and Mycobacterial Infection in the European Badger (Meles meles)”. She also completed her residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology. After recently passing her board exams, she is now a European Specialist in Veterinary Pathology. In her thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Alan Wolfe and Prof. Joe Cassidy, Jannes main research investigated whether siliceous dust inhalation is a risk factor for tuberculosis in badgers similar to silicosis, an occupational hazard e.g. in miners. (It is not.) Janne is currently working as a Clinical Fellow in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology at UCD.

Veterinary Ireland Journal (VIJ)

Nikki Walsh investigates the relationship between helminths, the host immunesystem and intestinal dysbiosis in horses in April’s VIJ edition.The full article is available in this pdf document Investigation: the relationship between helminths, the host immune system and intestinal dysbiosis in horses - Nikki Walshe - May 2019.

Morris Animal Foundation Call for Proposals

morris-animal-call-for-proposals- 2019

Farewell and thanks to Bernadeta Kieromin

Bernadeta will be leaving us shortly for a position in UCD Agile. A huge thanks to her for all of her wonderful work in support of the Research Committee, in particular in developing the regular e-zines. We wish her well in her new role.