Research Pathology

Pathology Consultancy Service

We offer:

Histopathology Assessments to support research in:

  • Translational medicine (in-vitro observations extended to in vivo studies)
  • Disease Pathogenesis investigations (infectious, degenerative, neoplastic conditions)
  • Toxicopathology (validation of drugs & medical devices)
  • Phenotyping of genetically engineered animals


  • Team of accredited & experienced veterinary diagnostic and research pathologists
  • Designated team of trained histology and post-mortem technicians
  • State-of-the-art laboratories with quality histopathology, post-mortem and audiovisual services
  • Tailored training in immunohistochemistry

Contact Us

Members of the team can help at many levels from official collaborations to the delivery of defined activities, training and advice. To maximize return, it is advisable to make contact at project design stage.

For informal enquires, tours, samples of work, costings, training in immunohistochemistry etc, please contact:

Why Pathology?

Gross and histopathology assessments are crucial to the advancement of many research projects.

In particular, they are pivotal in providing a framework in which to understand data generated from “omics” technologies and immunohistochemical studies, where multiple pathological processes can occur simultaneously following biological and pharmacological insults to tissues.

Pathological assessments are also critical in studies of animal models of disease processes and in assessments of responses to therapies, toxic agents and in the phenotyping of genetically engineered laboratory animals.

Collaborations Past and Present

The team at the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine have contributed to research projects within University College Dublin, as well as projects involving Trinity College, NUI Maynooth, Irish medical devices companies, the Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen and to a number of pan-European research projects involving Universities, Pharma and SMEs. These collaborations have significantly contributed to the advancement of the research and to the delivery of high-impact peer reviewed publications (up to and including Nature)


Qualifications and Expertise

  • Pathologists are board-certified as Fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists and/or Diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists
  • Pathologists have research PhDs and many years experience of working in research and diagnostic pathology of all animal species
  • Pathologists hold/have held research grants as principal investigators awarded by national and international organisations
  • Technicians have been formally trained in histopathology and hold a range of research and health and safety qualifications