Undergraduate Admissions Criteria – UCD Veterinary Medicine DN300

From 2017, the School of Veterinary Medicine at UCD is introducing a new requirement for undergraduate applicants to the Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine (DN300).

Students applying through the CAO system will be required to demonstrate that they have at least two weeks or 60 hours practical experience of animal handling, husbandry or veterinary practice, covering at least two of four species areas: pets (dogs and cats), horses, farm animals and wildlife/zoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This requirement is to help prospective students decide on a career in Veterinary Medicine and to provide additional knowledge of the career and the profession and what daily life as a vet entails. It is also to provide prospective students with some animal handling and husbandry knowledge and skills that will prepare them for their veterinary studies.

The requirement is for 2 weeks (or 60 hours) animal or veterinary experience. This experience should cover at least two of the following four species areas: 1. Pets (Dogs and cats); 2. Horses; 3. Farm animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats); 4. Wildlife/zoo.

No. The experience can be made up of shorter periods, but the entire experience should amount to 60 hours or 2 weeks.

All EU applicants must apply via CAO for Veterinary Medicine DN300. From 2017, this will be a restricted course which means that the CAO application for DN300 needs to be submitted by 1 February. You will receive an email from UCD in January/February (depending on when you apply) advising you of how to submit the information about your Practical Experience. This will be an online form. The closing date for submitting the details of your animal/veterinary experience will be 18 March in the year of application.

The only details you will need to provide are the name of the premises, the number of hours experience, the species area, and contact details for the responsible person who will verify your experience.

Applicants can only be assessed on the information submitted at 18 March. No further submission or late submissions will be considered.

The responsible person who can verify your experience will be the owner or manager of the animal premises or the veterinary practitioner with whom you worked. The responsible person cannot be a parent/guardian.

A sub-committee of the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine admissions committee will review the forms and decide whether the application passes or fails to meet the criteria.

Applicants will need to provide the name, telephone number and email address of the responsible person on the premises where they are undertaking the experience and checks will be done on all applications to verify the accuracy of the details recorded.

The UCD School of Veterinary Medicine will verify each application by contacting the persons listed on the application form. Experience that cannot be verified will not be accepted.

Experience gained from the 1 Feb three years prior to application will qualify; e.g. applicants for 2017 can include experience from 1 February 2014. Applicants will require experience with 2 of the 4 species categories: 1. Pets (Dogs and cats); 2. Horses; 3. Farm animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats); 4. Wildlife/zoo.

Applicants will require experience with 2 of the 3 species categories: 1. Pets (Dogs and cats); 2. Horses; and 3. Farm animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, goats)

Yes, as long as it can be verified, see numbers 9 and 10 above.

No. It will be a simple pass or fail to meet the requirements

The School will host a Summer School for a small group of prospective applicants, which will be piloted in Summer 2016 and will cover 30 hours of the requirements across three animal types.

Completing the Summer School will count for 30 hours of the required experience, but will not confer any higher ranking on applicants, nor secure them a place on the Veterinary Medicine programme. Applicants will still be required to complete another 30 hours of experience to meet the requirements for entry.

Yes, but it must be signed off by the appropriate module coordinator and cover the handling, husbandry or veterinary practice requirements.

The UCD Admissions Office or the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine Programme Office.

There will be an automatic notification of receipt

No. Forms will only be reviewed once.

You will receive notification before 30 June in the year of application.

No. There must be some external supervision.