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UCD Visual Identity


Welcome to the UCD Visual Identity webpages. There is lots of information here for UCD staff about the new UCD crest and its usage. You will also find electronic stationery and Powerpoint presentation templates that you can use and templates for letter-heads, envelopes and invitations for your printers and designers.

It is not our intention in these pages to offer an authoritative interpretation of the Official Language Act. Advice on this Act may be obtained from the Corporate & Legal Affairs Office at tel: 716 1411


UCD Brand Identity

The new UCD crest in colour and monochrome versions for PC and Mac users, as well as the updated Brand Identity Guidelines and a Presentation on UCD’s new branding. Also included here are the findings of market research on UCD’s identity.


Electronic letterheads and fax templates that you can access from your PC and envelope and letterheads for your designers.


Presentation templates
We have developed 6 versions of UCD presentation templates for Powerpoint users. So choose the version you prefer! An example is given for the treatment of charts and tables. If using photos, please ensure that they take up the whole slide. A ‘Read-me’ document is provided that gives instructions on how to install these templates. You will require a log-in and password to access these files. Please contact UCD Communications at tel: 716 1584 for these.


We have developed a number of invitation templates for your use. These may only be opened by your printers and designers using Quark. There are colour and black/white versions of the invitations as well as two-sided and one-sided versions. These cater for different styles of events and budgets. We have also provided you with Pdf examples of the invitations to make it easier for you to choose your preferred option. You will require a log-in and password to access these files. Please contact UCD Communications at tel: 716 1584 for these.


UCD Web Template

UCD has developed two web templates which are available to staff developing university websites. The purpose of these templates is to ensure that a consistent look and feel is achieved across the domain. By providing a design template, website development is simplified and a large proportion of the effort, time and cost associated with development is eliminated. This maximises the resources available for the key activity in website development – content creation.

The two web templates available are referred to as ‘school/unit’ and ‘institute/unit’. In both cases the design allows enough flexibility to facilitate most requirements. Consistent use of either template helps build the UCD identity and improves usability of sites as users learn what to expect and where key navigation functions are located.

School/unit template
This template should be used for all College and School sites and ensures a consistent presentation of information across these key public facing sites. The template can also be adapted for use by support units.

School/Unit Template

Institute/unit template
This template should be used for all research institutes to ensure a consistent UCD look and feel. The template can also by other research or non-research related sites.

Institutes / Unit Template

For further information on developing a website please contact Peter McKiernan, Web Editor, IT Services

Questions and Answers
Many of your questions about the new UCD crest and about the usage of the crest are answered here. If your query is not covered here, please call UCD Communications at
tel: 716 1584


Contact Details:

Communications Office
Ph: 01 716 1584 or