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The University College Dublin Veterinary Hospital is a referral clinic built and outfitted with state of the art equipment in 2002 to meet the increasing demand for specialised, integrated veterinary care. Within Large Animal Surgery (LAS) horses are the principle species treated but a variety of farm and occasional exotic animals are also evaluated. Within Equine Medicine (EM) a wide variety of neurologic, respiratory, ophthalmologic, gastrointestinal, muscular, infectious, haematologic, renal and endocrine disorders are investigated as well as poor performance evaluations (treadmill exams) in conjunction with LAS. A wide variety of surgical procedures (soft tissue surgery, fracture repair, arthroscopy, laparoscopy) are carried out in LAS as well as in-depth lameness evaluations. The primary goal of the externship is to give the student an in-depth exposure to the field of equine medicine and large animal surgery. Externs are required to assist the UVH Interns with treatment of hospital cases and to assist clinicians in diagnostic and therapeutic care of hospitalised cases, out-patients and emergency referrals.


Equine Medicine and Large Animal Surgery Externship Goals

  1. Development of handling and physical examination skills of horses including lameness evaluations
  2. Development of basic problem–solving and decision making skills
  3. Development of diagnostic and differential diagnosis skills
  4. Exposure to the management of a variety of medical and surgical cases including intensive care
  5. Exposure to basic surgical procedures and techniques
  6. Use of isolation facilities and bio-security principles
  7. Exposure to the reproductive examination of the broodmare

Students working within the Equine Medicine and Large Animal Surgery sections are encouraged to take responsibility for their own cases and should be involved in all aspects of case management.



The basic responsibilities of an extern is the same as a final year UCD veterinary student and consists of evaluating and treating hospitalised cases as well as assisting in the admission and evaluation of out-patient and emergency cases. Under the supervision of an Intern, the extern will be able to administer oral, intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications, draw blood for routine blood work, monitor intensive care cases, administer fluids and prepare patients for clinical procedures.

Morning and afternoon treatments consist of physical examinations and medication administration. Externs are scheduled for after-hours treatments and emergency service.

1. Active learning – get involved – ask questions – make the most of your externship

2. Patient care and case management:

3. Patient Admission

4. Hospital Rounds

5. Surgery


How to apply

Externships will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. To get the most out of your externship a minimum duration of two consecutive weeks is mandatory. A week’s Externship will run from 8am Monday morning to 8am on the following Monday which would cover on call duties. Please check the available dates below and submit your choice of dates via email. If available, the space will be reserved and you will receive a confirmation.

To qualify for the externship you must be a veterinary student in your 3rd year or higher (priority will be given to final or 4th year veterinary students). You must also have good fluency in both written and spoken English.

Graduated veterinarians cannot apply for the externship.

Please include a current curriculum vitae and a statement of pertinent experience in your email application. To apply please email

You will get confirmation of the clinical experience but no formal grades.

You will be expected to arrange travel and accommodation yourself and must ensure that you carry appropriate insurance.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call ++353 (0)1 716 6060 or email


Dates available 2014:


We look forward to working with you!


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