Language Guidelines for WAC-6 Papers

The WAC Statutes state that the “languages of Congresses and their publications shall be any of the official languages of UNESCO which may be used in any of WAC's transactions and in the transactions of any of its constituent bodies”. Unfortunately, cost has traditionally prohibited languages other than English being used for most Congress presentations.

However, WAC-6 recognises the importance of facilitating both communication and inclusiveness at the Congress. Accordingly, we can accept proposals for contributions where the presentation will be given in the speaker's own language. If speakers take this option, we ask them to prepare a powerpoint presentation and / or handout in English. In addition, contributors who wish to give their presentation in English, but use another language for the text on their visual materials may do so (eg. PowerPoint).

We kindly ask contributors proposing non-English oral presentations to:

  1. Indicate this in the Comments box on their proposal form, stating the language to be used
  2. Provide a proposal abstract and title in English
  3. Provide visual material (preferably in PowerPoint) and / or handout with key points of the presentation in English
  4. Discuss their needs with their session organizers, including the identification of possible interpreters
Call for Interpreters

We would warmly welcome any colleagues who would be willing to volunteer their expertise as an interpreter during the Congress to contact, as we hope to collate a list of potential translators who will be attending the congress.