WAC Student Paper Prize

The WAC Student Paper Prize recognizes the best paper presented by a student at each World Archaeological Congress (every 4 years). The prize is intended to showcase original student research as an integral part of WAC and the future of the discipline of archaeology. All student members of WAC who plan on presenting a paper at WAC-6 are eligible to submit their paper for consideration. The papers will be evaluated anonymously by members of the WAC Student Committee (WACSC) based on the following criteria: the quality and depth of scholarship and arguments presented, the significance of contribution to understanding of a particular topic in archaeology, the relevance to the larger goals and interests of WAC, and the effectiveness of presentation (including clarity and adherence to format).

The winner of the WAC Student Paper Prize will receive a citation from the WAC Executive and the WACSC (to be officially presented at WAC-6 in Dublin), a 4-year membership to WAC, and guarantee of review for publication of the paper in a future edition of Archaeologies.

Student applicants must be the single author of the paper and must be present at the 2008 WAC-6 meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Only previously unpublished papers that are presented at WAC-6 are eligible. A digital copy of the conference paper, including references cited and relevant figures, must be submitted to the address below (do not include any figures that are not part of your official presentation). Although the WACSC recognizes that there are various presentation formats in WAC sessions, to maintain consistency, we ask that the paper be in English, double-spaced, with standard 1” margins, 12-point font, and be approximately 10-12 pages in length (not including references cited and figures).

Applicants must be registered as student-members of WAC to be eligible.

Deadline for Nomination
May 30, 2008
NOTE: Only the first 30 papers received before May 30, 2008 will be considered. So, submit early to ensure your nomination! Only one paper submission per student is allowed.

Submission Information
Due to the international composition of WAC and the WAC Student Committee, all papers must be submitted in English. Please submit a digital copy of your paper (with no identifying information in the paper to maintain anonymity amongst reviewers) along with a cover sheet containing the following information:
-Your name
-WAC membership number (indicated on a receipt of the payment of membership)
-Rank/position and institution
-Title of the paper
-Postal mail and email address

to the following address: