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Professor Siniša Malešević is a Professor and Head of School of Sociology at the University College Dublin. He is also Member of the Royal Irish Academy. Previously he was a research fellow in the Institute for International Relations (Zagreb), the Centre for the Study of Nationalism (Prague) and senior lecturer at National University of Ireland, Galway. He also held visiting research fellowships in the Institute for Human Sciences (Vienna) and the London School of Economics.

His research interests include comparative-historical and theoretical study of war, organized violence, ethnicity, nationalism, and ideology. His recent books include The Sociology of War and Violence (Cambridge University Press, 2010), Identity as Ideology: Understanding Ethnicity and Nationalism, (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2006), The Sociology of Ethnicity (Sage, 2004), Ideology, Legitimacy and the New State (Routledge 2002; reprinted in 2008) and co-edited volume Ernest Gellner and Contemporary Social Thought (Cambridge University Press, 2007). 


Phone: +353 1 (0) 716 8561

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