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Women's Soccer Scholarship Programme

As a highly successful female soccer club, we are delighted to be able to offer soccer scholarships to talented young players who wish to further both their education and their soccer ambitions without having to leave this country.

UCD Sport make scholarships available to clubs that possess the necessary infrastructural components and compete at the highest level. To this end our club has worked very hard over the past few years to continually improve the standards set both on and off the pitch.

UCD Women’s Soccer Scholarships are intended to provide opportunities for the very best young female soccer talent to advance their careers in an ideal environment and with suitable competitive opportunities. Over the past couple of years we have been involved in the UEFA Women’s Cup three times (Norway, France and Croatia), and played friendly matches against the Northern Ireland Senior Women’s Team, Newtonabbey Strikers (NI), Faroe Islands and were invited over to Spain to play against Athletic Bilbao.

In 2011-2012 we were delighted to be included in the The UCD Elite Athlete Academy, which is a new scholarship programme specifically for students who wish to compete and succeed at the highest sporting levels while simultaneously attaining a degree in UCD.  The Elite Academy supports high calibre athletes striving for sporting and academic success to allow them to reach their maximum potential inside and outside the classroom.

UCD Women's Soccer Club Elite Athlete Scholarship recepients currently are Irish Internationals Dora Gorman and Ciara Grant

  Dora Gorman                                           Ciara Grant                       


Scholarship Information for 2012 - 2013

Criteria for Awarding Scholarships

There are several important criteria which must be met - academic qualification for a course must be achieved and the recipient of a scholarship must be prepared to commit herself to involvement in UCD Women’s Soccer Club. The scholarship student must represent UCD and only UCD in competition. A satisfactory level of academic and sporting progress is essential, if the scholarship is to be renewed on an annual basis.

Benefits of Sports Scholarships

The range of scholarship benefits may include tuition fees, if applicable, maintenance, books, equipment, treatment of injury, personal strength and conditioning programmes and travel to national and international competitions.

It is important to note that all applicants for sports scholarships must satisfy the academic criteria for entry to University College Dublin and must apply to the CAO in the usual manner. Please be advised that a sports scholarship award may be applicable to the Diploma in Sports Management Course.

Further Information

For further information please contact our club for further information by e-mail by clicking here.


How to apply for a Womens Soccer Scholarship . . .

Step 1
Closing Date for CAO application: 1st Feb 2012.

Step 2

Closing Date for Scholarship application: Friday April 27th 2012. Complete your Women's Soccer Scholarship Application form. Please note two references are required as part of this application i.e. Your Club/School Soccer Coach or School PE teacher or International Coach.

Step 3
Make yourself available to attend a trial when contacted by the Head Coach of UCD Women's Soccer Club (approx date for trial is end of May).

Step 4
Sit your Leaving Cert exams.

Step 5
You may be requested to attend an interview by the UCD Sport to finalise your application process.

Step 6
When offered a CAO place you must then notify the Club.

Step 7
You will be notified the outcome of your Women's Soccer Scholarship application.