Writing Instructors

Writing Centre Instructors are either post-doctoral students or postgraduate students in the later stages of their PhD. They are experienced writers, tutors and lecturers, and they come from different disciplines.

Edwin Alblas is a PhD student in the UCD Sutherland School of Law. As part of the multidisciplinary (ERC funded) Effective Nature Laws project, his research seeks to find out how to make nature protection rules work better in practice. Edwin has a number of publications in international journals and has previously worked as Editor-in-Chief of the Tilburg Law Review (the Netherlands). In his work as editor he gained valuable experience in reviewing submitted articles and providing detailed feedback on structure, argumentation and writing in general. 

Anne Cormican is a fourth year PhD research student in the School of Art History and Cultural Policy. She completed her MA in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at the School of English, Drama and Film, UCD. Her interests are interdisciplinary. Working as a tutor at the School of Art History and Cultural Policy and correcting essays and examination scripts has greatly fuelled her interest in the process of academic writing. Anne is keen to encourage students to address areas of particular difficulty and to further develop their academic writing skills, thereby alleviating anxieties associated with the writing process.

Dr. Zeljka Doljanin is the Managing Director of the Writing Centre. She completed her PhD in 2012. She has tutored and lectured on a variety of courses in the School of English, UCD. Her interests lie in the areas of contemporary Irish literature, academic writing, language acquisition and translation. Zeljka enjoys working with students across different disciplines and from different backgrounds. She is interested in helping students learn how to develop, process and clarify ideas through writing, how to hone their critical writing skills, and how to articulate their meaning to others with clarity, precision and focus.

Dr. Scott Hamilton completed his PhD at UCD in 2013. He is an instructor of Academic Writing for the humanities and co-coordinator for the Academic Writing in Practice module. He is currently co-coordinating and delivering a writing module for Science postgraduate students. His research interests include Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien studies. He has publications in peer reviewed journals and is an external editor for UCD Press. Dr. Hamilton also provides peer review services for journals related to his research areas.

Conor Heffernan is a PhD student with the Department of History at UCD. His research interests concern health, medicine and gender within the Irish context. Conor has previously lectured on twentieth-century Irish history and tutored on other courses in the School of History. His writing experience includes academic journals, popular opinion pieces, funding reports, research reports and a variety of alternative media outlets. Additionally he has served as a peer reviewer for journals when called upon.

Niamh Kelly is a final year PhD student with the UCD School of Archaeology. She is experienced in many forms of writing and is familiar with essay and exam structures, having worked as a senior tutor, guest lecturer and academic instructor in universities both in Ireland and the UK. Niamh is an experienced report writer, has published work in peer reviewed journals and has served as an editor for Irish and European based publications. She has a particular interest in helping students with specific learning difficulties develop and improve their writing skills and is always happy to assist with any writing based tasks. 

Dr. Katie Mishler completed her PhD in the School of English, Drama & Film at UCD in 2018. She is a recipient of an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship and a resident of the Humanities Institute at UCD. She has tutored and lectured on the modules Irish Writing in English, Contemporary Irish Writing, Literature in Context 2, and Victorian to Modern. Her work as a tutor, which includes correcting essays, marking exam scripts and providing students with essay feedback sessions, has fueled her interest in helping students improve their writing skills. Katie is particularly eager to aid students in learning how to write critically, analytically and with acute precision.

Dr. David McKinney was awarded his PhD from University College Dublin in 2017. His research interests include the work of Samuel Beckett and the contemporary Irish novel. He teaches undergraduates across numerous courses in the School of English, Drama and Film. He is especially interested in helping students establish the differences between descriptive and academic writing, and is focused on helping students create strong thesis statements.

Dr. Audrey McNamara completed her PhD in 2013. Her research focused on George Bernard Shaw and her interests include Irish Studies and Drama studies. She is a lecturer in Academic Writing in Practice for the Humanities and is coordinator for College Writing for the Science study abroad programme. She is currently co-coordinating and delivering a writing module for Science postgraduate students. Audrey is the external examiner for Sligo IT's Research and Writing module.

Matthew O’Brien is a third year PhD student with UCD’s School of History and Clinton Institute of American Studies. His research focuses on Black Power grassroots activism in Chicago between 1968 and 1983, and he has previously tutored on the School of History’s Modern America module, with guest lecture spots on Ireland’s first Black Studies module, launched in January 2019. Matthew has been published in peer-review journals and also has a keen interest in oral histories, sitting on the steering committee for the Oral History Network of Ireland. He enjoys working with a broad range of interdisciplinary research and is committed to encourage students who feel uneasy with all forms of writing.

Dr. Leanne Waters completed her PhD in 2019 in the School of English, Drama and Film, UCD. Her research interests include the nineteenth-century novel, religious studies, Victorian melodrama, and illegitimate theatre more generally. She has four years' experience in the publishing industry, working in both fiction and non-fiction, and she published her own memoir in 2011. She has also worked extensively in Irish media, including print, radio and television. She is particularly interested in helping students improve their writing at the sentence level, and achieve greater clarity by understanding the importance of proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.