Featured Researcher: Professor Lorraine Brennan

Featured Researcher: Lorraine Brennan

Making the link between diet, metabolism and health

What we eat can influence our health, but how does that happen at a biochemical level? Professor Lorraine Brennan is looking at the links between diet and the metabolic pathways that make our bodies work. 

Using an approach called metabolomics, Professor Brennan analyses how levels of small molecules called metabolites in the body change under different conditions.

She is leading a large ERC funded programme in the area and hopes to develop new biomarkers to track what we eat and make the link with health. This work will form an important development for the delivery of personalised nutrition advice.

She is actively involved in EU projects such as FoodBall, NutriTech and Food4me. Through these projects she works on various aspects of linking nutrition to health.

In the longer term, Professor Brennan’s work will inform how to delivery dietary advice as a personal level- personalisation of dietary advice taking into account dietary intake but also the persons response to foods.

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