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The Student Experience Map

The Student Experience Map

The Student Perspective, which provides insight into how students see and navigate the UCD ecosystem, underpins the high-level Student Experience Map, illustrated above.

The Student Experience Map has four stages – the relatively linear ‘Arrival’ and ‘Progressing beyond students’ stages, and the ‘Living’/’Learning’ stages, which students navigate as their needs and choice determine, which make up the bulk of their experience of the University. Each stage consists of 17 components, which provide insight into how our students view the university and how they group the various roles, services and facilities the university makes available to them.

They key message from the map is that students connect the various components of their experience themselves and experiences can differ greatly - students on the same stage of the same programme having different experiences, with differences between programmes, difference across the years of a programme… differences on any axis you might care to use.

The work of UCD staff and faculty in part validated this stage/component model and the usefulness of the components identified in shaping how we look at our services and supports.

The Student Experience Map captures the common language which can now be used to support the conversations and analyses through which we improve how we make ourselves visible to students and how we, as a University, discuss our students’ experience of UCD.

In addition to the Student Experience Map, an illustration of the UCD ecosystem has been developed which lays out who students encounter in UCD against the stages and components of the Student Experience Map.

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