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Distributed Office - 'DO' - Training

Distributed Office - 'DO' - Training

The Distributed Office is a term we have been using to describe where out working lives have been taking place since March 2020.  With returns to campus and the emergence of hybrid working, change continues.  For many of us, 'the office' no longer holds the same meaning as in pre-pandemic times.  

How do we do what we do when where we do it has so significantly changed?  How do we develop how we work, making the most of new circumstances and patterns?  How do we help and learn from one another as we work in our distributed offices?

In the early summer of 2020, Agile and the USM Rollout team started to look at re-inventing what ‘the office’ meant in this new environment – what we do in it, the things we need (material, space, equipment, systems), the people we work with, the experiences shaped and created, and the ability to access and use the help we need in doing all of this. 

Out of this we devised, and continued to build on, a series of short (1 hour) training offerings which aimed to meet some of these needs.  For more details on these sessions, check Work Smarter Together.   

This list is a 'work in progress' and will always be - we add more sessions as needs are identified and opportunities call. Dates of sessions are advertised in the InfoHub Booking Centre  and flagged in the regular UCD staff eZine. 

We look forward to seeing you at a session soon.