Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Full Time

Dear Student

I am very happy to welcome you to UCD’s BA programmes. If you want to understand and explain the worlds around you, if you are interested in evaluating evidence, in weighing up arguments, in being creative, in acquiring new skills, new languages, new methodologies, then you are in the right place. Our world-class teachers and researchers attract students from more than 120 countries, and, with our dedicated tutors and student support staff, will work to help you to get the very most out of your time in UCD. Our Schools provide a vibrant and dynamic environment where critical, creative, and analytical thinking are developed and promoted. Our BA degrees cultivate deep understandings of people, societies, systems and cultures, past and present. We challenge you to consider new perspectives and new ways of approaching problems and ideas, and to grow as an independent learner. We are proud that our graduates are equipped with transferable skills for employment in diverse fields, and are recognised in particular for their achievements in business, the media, education, administration, public service and the arts.

The University offers a phenomenal range of activities, societies and sports facilities for you to explore alongside the multi-faceted intellectual life we facilitate and encourage. You are part of our BA community now. We are all conscious of the privileges, responsibilities and the demands of being part of any community, but especially when joining a new one. It’s not always going to be straightforward. But please do know that we are here to help you as you embrace the opportunities, the challenges and the pleasures ahead. I wish you a positive, enriching time over the next few years.

Dr Fionnuala Dillane - Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities