IRT Analyses Using the Statistical Software R

This workshop will provide an introduction into the use of R, the R programming environment RStudio,and the TAM package, a powerful function package within R to conduct item response theory (IRT) analyses. Using these tools, we will go through all steps necessary to do an IRT analysis, and you will directly apply them either on language test data provided to all participants or on your own data set that you bring to the workshop.

       Workshop leader:

Steffen Brandt

Steffen currently works for the Goethe University Frankfurt teaching at the Center of Methods in Social Sciences and is a consultant in empirical educational research. He works on the support and implementation of projects on behalf of universities and public institutions and has worked on the implementation of workshops and advanced training on the topics of item response theory, data science and R at the universities of Bamberg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Magdeburg and Kiel.