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 Academic English Summer courses

Academic English Summer Term is a 10-week programme which offers the opportunity to develop the language skills required to engage in a 21st century society. The programme aims to do this by introducing English language learners to global issues, a range of general and academic skills, as well as university life in an English-speaking context.

Summer EAS develops the ability to express critical thinking in English. The course provides a mix of authentic and graded material as a starting resource, and encourages learner collaboration through group projects, seminar discussions and short presentations.


The Applied Language Centre in UCD offers the opportunity to study in Ireland’s most established IELTS test centre, where academic research into IELTS has been carried out by ALC senior teaching fellows.Students on the intensive IELTS preparation summer programme will study 20 hours of IELTS-based classes per week.All our tutors are highly qualified and experienced IELTS specialists.Every week, topic-based lessons will focus on each component of Reading , Writing, Listening and Speaking.This course not only develops your skills and strategies for maximising band scores, but also develops your English language skills with relevant vocabulary and grammar alongside test skills.The ALC offers a full summer social programme with a range of activities every afternoon and weekend.

Start dates

  • Summer Term 17 Jun 2019 – 23 Aug 2019 10 weeks
  • Academic English Summer
  • IELTS Intensive

Start any Monday! – Rolling Enrolment


Number of WeeksPrice per week
1-3 weeks €255
4-5 weeks €250
6-7 weeks €245
8-9 weeks €240
10 weeks €235
Registration tuition fee €75


20 Hours of high -quality English teaching every week – plus our fantastic ALC social programme which includes:
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  • Trips to Dublin’s best museums and galleries
  • Exploring Irish culture - music and dance workshops here in the ALC
  • Visits to Dublin’s stunning coastal towns
  • Weekend day trips around Ireland
  • Sports on campus
  • Career workshops
  • Conversation and Culture Club