Cothrom na Féinne - UCD Future You Mentoring Scholarship

Notes to complete the application form.

Future You Scholarships for entry to UCD in September 2020

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning is delighted to announce a number of scholarships to new entrants to UCD who participated in the Future You Mentoring Programme while at school. Scholarships are €1,500.00 per annum for the duration of your undergraduate degree programme.

Applicants to the UCD Future You Scholarship 2020 must complete this application form.

If you do not have a Google account, please complete this application form instead. If you complete this application form, all of your supporting documents must be emailed to in one email by June 26th 2020 at 5pm.

Before you complete the application form, please read the notes below. These notes are designed to help you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) complete your scholarship application.

If you have any questions about the application form or scholarship please contact

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  1. Please ensure you have completed all the relevant sections. The application form will be used to shortlist candidates, therefore it is important to provide as much relevant information as possible. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.
  2. All sections must be completed by the applicant unless otherwise stated. A Guidance Counsellor/Year Head/teacher from your school should complete and sign PART B: Guidance Counsellor Submission. Applicants are responsible for uploading the completed form (Part B) to their online application.
  3. Applicants who participated in earlier Cycles of Future You and have already completed their Leaving Certificate are also required to get a reference from their School Guidance Counsellor/Year Head/Teacher. Leaving Certificate results and other qualifications can be entered on Section 2: Educational History (Option 2).
  4. Applicants in care of TUSLA do not have to complete Section 4 A. Section 4 B refers only to applicants in care of TUSLA. If you are in care of TUSLA, please read this page carefully to understand the information/documentation required from you.
  5. Please note that there are multiple scholarships available; there is no limit to the number of scholarships that may be awarded per school/class/area etc. Therefore if you intend on including a UCD course on your CAO, we strongly advise you to apply for a scholarship also.
  6. You can make edits to your application form until Friday 26th June 2020. Your completed application form (including all documents) must be submitted by 5pm on Friday, 26th June 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.
  7. Applicants must be available to attend for interview on either Friday 10th July OR Monday 13th July 2020 in UCD or by video conference (Zoom). We will confirm the time of your interview by Thursday 2nd July 2020.

Please ensure that all information included, in particular your CAO number, is correct.

If you were due to sit your Leaving Certificate in 2020 you will complete Educational History (Option 1). Here, you will provide the name of the school you attend; indicate that you have applied for HEAR and/or DARE; list your Junior Cert. subjects, levels and grades and your Leaving Cert. predicted subjects, levels and grades.

If you did not complete your Junior Cert. because you were not living in Ireland at the time please note this inside of listing subjects, etc.

If you sat your Leaving Certificate before 2020 you will complete Educational History (Option 2). Here, you will note the year that you completed your Leaving Cert., provide the name of the secondary school you attended, indicate that you have applied for HEAR and or/DARE, list your Leaving Cert. subject and grades.

Additionally, if you are currently enrolled in, or have completed, further study you will be invited to include this information and to upload relevant transcripts.


Please write a supporting statement as to why you are seeking a Future You Scholarship and how receiving it would benefit you.  Include any details not previously mentioned that you believe will support your application. (250-500 words)

We suggest that your statement should include some or all of the following

  1. The reasons why you wish to study at UCD. 
  2. The obstacles that you have faced to date in your educational career and how you have overcome them.
  3. Your personal strengths and experiences you believe will help you to enjoy and succeed at university.
  4. Details about the support and assistance you think you may need while studying at UCD.
  5. Details of achievements and responsibilities you have e.g. involvement in clubs and societies, voluntary organisations, sport, academic pursuits etc.
  6. Your social, sporting and other interests and activities.

This section should be completed with your parent(s)/guardian(s).
Applicants who are in the care of the state/TUSLA can skip this section and complete section 4 B only.

Section 4 A:

4.1 Family Dependents

Here you are asked to provide details of dependent children in your family.
A dependant is anyone in your family who is:

  • a sibling under the age of 16 years on 1 October 2019.
  • a sibling over the age of 16 years on 1 October 2019 who is either:
    • attending post primary education.
    • attending a full time course in FET or higher education.
    • medically certified as permanently unfit for work.
  •  a parent attending a full time course in FET or higher education.

4.2 Place of Residence

Please note your place of residence

4.3 Particulars of Income

Here your parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to note their employment status.

If your parents are on a Community Employment scheme and received a Statement of Liability from Revenue (formerly P21 statement) they can indicate they are ‘working for payment/profit’.

Financial documentation required in support of application:

The following financial documents relating to income must be submitted with your application form:

  • Dependent applicants must upload their parent(s)/guardian(s) financial documents.

Please apply early for the relevant documents as it can take a number of weeks to receive them.

A. Income from employment

Copy of Form Statement of Liability, (previously known as P21) for the year ended 31st December 2018 (from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners) or a copy of P45 if employment has ceased

B. Self-employed*

Copy of Notice of Assessment in respect of the year ended 31st December 2018

AND, if applicable

If exempt from filing a Return of Income for the year ended 31st December 2018, it will be necessary to submit current letter from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners confirming same

C. Social Welfare recipient*

A statement of payment(s) from your local Social Welfare office showing the total amounts received for the year ended 31st December 2018

AND, if applicable 

Copy of Form Statement of Liability, (previously known as P21) for the year ended 31st December 2018(available from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners).


Please submit any other financial documentation which you believe will assist in determining your eligibility for a Future You Scholarship

*PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. The PAYE system is a method of tax deduction under which a person’s employer calculates the tax due and deducts it each time a payment of wages, salary, etc. is made to an employee. Please see for more details.

*Self-employed people are those who are in receipt of income from sources which are not chargeable to tax under the PAYE system, or where some, but not all of their tax on these sources of income is paid under PAYE. Please see for more details.

*Social welfare recipients are those who receive financial assistance from government sources.

This section is for the attention of applicants who are in Care of the State/ HSE/ TUSLA only.

If you are a foster/separated child or in the care of the HSE / TUSLA (the Child and Family Agency) you must:
Supply a letter from TUSLA detailing the date you were taken into the care of TUSLA / the HSE. A sample letter is below:



UCD Access & Lifelong Learning Centre

Future You Scholarships

Level 1, JJL Building

UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4


1st June 2020


To Whom It May Concern:


__________________________ (name of Scholarship applicant) is currently or was previously in the care of TUSLA /HSE. 

He/She was taken into care from ______________ (month/year).

Kind regards,


Name of Social Worker/Project Worker

Position in TUSLA/HSE

Contact Telephone number

Contact e-mail address


Important Instructions:

  • You can get this letter from your Social Worker or Project Worker. 
  • A separated child is any child under 18 years of age who is outside his/her country of origin and separated from both parents or his/ her legal/ customary primary caregiver. A foster child is any child who is looked after by someone else other than the parents, by an order of the court or the Health Service Executive/TUSLA without a formal adoption of the child by the person. 
  • See or contact 01 771 850

Here you will be asked to provide information on:

  • other financial barriers (family or personal circumstances) (section 5.1);
  • disability or accessibility requirements with a financial impact on your education (section 5.2);
  • details of any other scholarships or grants for which you have applied (section 5.3).

The applicant must download this form and send it to their Guidance Counsellor/Year Head/Teacher for completion. 

The completed form should be uploaded to the Google application form. 

We advise applicants to contact their Guidance Counsellor/Year Head/Teacher as soon as possible to ensure that it is complete by the closing date of June 26th 2020.


We will shortlist scholarship applicants and invite you to attend an interview with three members of UCD staff to discuss your application and your educational goals. Interviews will take place in UCD or by video conference (Zoom) on Friday 10th July and Monday 13th July 2020. Please indicate if you are available on both or one of these days and we will confirm your interview time on Thursday 2nd July.

Before submitting you must confirm that the information you have supplied is correct and complete* and that you have answered all sections honestly and in good faith, and that the information provided in the application was written by you, the applicant, and my parent/guardian.

*You will be able to edit your responses until 5pm on Friday June 26th 2020.

If you have any questions about the application form or scholarship please contact

Conditional scholarship offers will be made by Friday 17th July 2020. The offer will be conditional on you accepting a place on a full-time UCD degree programme.

If you accept the scholarship you should be prepared to attend the ALL Welcome Programme which takes place from 24th - 26th August 2020.

If you decide to defer your CAO offer for 2020 please contact us.