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UCD Cothrom na Féinne Scholarships 2022-23
Undergraduate Students

UCD recognises that the associated costs of attending third-level may present a barrier for some applicants in pursuing a degree. UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, with generous support from UCD Foundation, offers a range of scholarships for students who are underrepresented at UCD. 

The Cothrom na Féinne Undergraduate Scholarships are open to new entrants to UCD (First Years) who have accepted an offer to study in UCD. Applicants must be entering a full-time undergraduate programme of study. The scholarships are awarded to prospective students who demonstrate clear motivation to pursue higher education despite educational challenges faced and demonstrate leadership to others experiencing similar challenges to pursue third-level education. Applicants from low-income households are invited, and priority will be given to:

  • HEAR students
  • DARE students
  • Students with a disability
  • First-time mature students
  • Members of the Travelling community
  • Further education award holders
  • Lone parents who are in receipt of a means-tested social welfare payment
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Refugees, those with leave to remain, and international protection
  • Students who have successfully completed a UCD Access Programme

Applicants will be assessed based on:

  • Low household income (less than €50,840 a year)
  • Challenges faced in accessing higher education
  • Achievements in community, charity, sport and other interests
  • Rationale for seeking a scholarship
  • Motivation to study at higher education
  • Career plans
  • Financial Need

Applications are now open

There are over 100 Cothrom Na Féinne Scholarships with some course specific sponsored Cothrom Na Féinne Scholarships:

  • 10 Sutherland Opportunity Scholarships: There are 10 new Cothrom Na Féinne Scholarships each worth €3,000 per year for undergraduate law students starting in UCD in 2022-23. These are awarded as part of UCD Sutherland Opportunity supported by Mason Hayes & Curran.
  • Hayes Solicitors Cothrom na Féinne Scholarships in Law
  • Walkers Ireland Cothrom na Féinne Scholarship in Law
  • UCD School of Medicine Access Scholarship

All scholars will be invited to the UCD Entrance Awards to recieve their scholarship.

Undergraduate Students: How to Apply 

Watch our webinar on scholarships and on writing a strong application:

Scholarships are valued at €1,500 per annum for the normal duration of the scholar’s programme of study. Scholarships will be paid in two instalments each year at the end of September/early October and at the end of January. The scholarship package also includes:

  • Dedicated Welcome Programme
  • Programme of academic workshops and seminars
  • Dedicated personal support offered by a team of experts
  • The support of a peer mentoring network
  • Leadership training programmes, networking and development opportunities.

Information on completing the Income Declaration Form 2022

Category of Student:
  • A student dependent on parent(s)/legal guardian
  • Mature student dependent on parent(s)/legal guardian
  • Independent student
As an Independent Student you must be:

23 years of age or over on January 1st  2022.

You must have been living independently from your parents/legal guardians from October 2020 and will be required to provide evidence of this.

The required documentation accepted as evidence of independent residency must be 

  • dated from 2021, no later than October 2021

As an Independent Student, you will be assessed under your own and, if applicable, your spouse, civil partner or co-habitant’s income.

The documentation accepted as evidence of living independently is any of the following;

  • A letter confirming that the address is registered with Residential Tenancies Board (RTB);
  • A Local Authority lease agreement or a letter confirming your rental under the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) or any Government housing scheme/arrangement. Private housing lease agreements will not be accepted;
  • A letter on headed paper from a Rental Agency confirming your tenancy;
  • A letter confirming the receipt and period of Rent Allowance, Mortgage Interest Supplement or Housing Assistance Payment (HAP);
  • A utility bill in your own name, for example; landline telephone, fixed broadband, gas, electricity, cable/satellite television bill, home heating bills, waste bills, mortgage statements and/or property tax letters. We do not accept mobile telephone bills. If the utility bills in the household are in your spouse’s name, please provide your marriage certificate with the utility bill. If you are co-habiting, we will accept utility bills in your partner’s name covering the relevant period together with correspondence e.g. bank statement/Statement of Liability issued to the applicant at the same address and covering the relevant period; and/or
  • Official documentation posted to you at this address and relating to your residence there. For example, a letter from the Department of Social Protection confirming Rent Allowance at this address. Please Note: we do not accept bank statements alone for this purpose.

Documentation relating to an address that is merely a correspondence address is not sufficient. Documentation must be connected with your residence at that address.

If you cannot supply any of the above documents to confirm independent residency, you can, if you wish, cancel your application and apply as a dependent student.  

As a  Student dependent on parent(s)/legal guardian you may fall into either one of two categories;
  • Mature Dependent
    • Over 23 on January 1st 2022
  • Dependent
    • Under 23 on January 1st 2022

If you were over 23 on the 1st of January 2022, and still residing with your parents (or cannot supply any of the documentary evidence listed above to support independent residency) you will be classed as a Mature Dependent Student. You must supply your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) information as well as your own when filling out your application and  your own income (if applicable) and the income of your parents/legal guardian(s) will be used when assessing you for grant funding.

If you were under 23 on the 1st of January 2022, you are automatically classed as a Dependent Student. This means you must supply your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) information as well as your own when filling out your application and  your own income (if applicable) and the income of your parents/legal guardian(s) will be used when assessing you for grant funding. 

To apply you will need to:

  1. Watch our information webinar on our scholarships and on writing a strong application.  
  2. Complete an online application - Complete form on UCD SISWeb
  3. Complete and submit an Income Declaration Form 2022, as well as the required supporting documentation outlined below:
Indicator of Financial Need  Required Document
In receipt of SUSI Letter from SUSI confirming eligibility for current academic year
Entered UCD via HEAR pathway Letter/Email confirming HEAR eligibility
Other students

If you do not have a letter from SUSI or HEAR confirming your eligibility you must submit financial documentation for 2021 (full year). 

Appropriate documents are 

  • P21/Statement of Liability for 2021 or Chapter 4 Notice of Assessment for 2021 and/or
  • Statement from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection noting payments for 2021

For further information please contact us:

  • 01 716 7123
  • all@ucd.ie

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